Jed & Daniela get Back To Reality with the final episode of Series V.

Will Jed convince Daniela that this is truly the best episode of Red Dwarf ever? Will she try to put it below Quarantine on the Smegheads chart? Will Queeg be knocked out of the Top 10? Will Daniela sing on this final podcast and get us chucked off iTunes? 


Most importantly, will Tom Stabb be rescued from that damn black hole? Find out in the final episode of Smegheads! (Until Series VI!)



jed & daniela

SMEGHEADS // SERIES V EPISODE 5 'Demons and Angels'  

Jed & Daniela discuss what is oft considered the worst episode of Series V.


Will they find any redeeming features in it? Will Rimmer is a basque haunt your dreams forever? Will Jed offend Daniela more than 3 times in one episode? All the answers can be found within!





Jed & Daniela discuss 'Quarantine' and Daniela tries her best to get it to the top of the Smegheads Charts. Should Mr Flibble do a Dibbley and appear in more than one episode, just because he is a fan favourite? would would you do with a Luck Virus?

Do you want a 10 minute conversation about Daniela singing? Join us for episode 4 of Series V on SMEGHEADS!


Jed & Daniela discuss the worst episode of Series V. It's certainly not the worst episode in the Red Dwarf canon, but for a series that is considered the finest example of a sci-fi comedy sitcom, it's as weak as the orange squash you used to get jumble sales (just me then?).

We also check back in (briefly) with Tom Stabb who is still lost in his black hole. Will he ever escape?


SMEGHEADS is back! Its Series V - aka the greatest Red Dwarf series ever - and we start with a much maligned episode, 'Holoship'.

Join Jed & Daniela as they argue over whether lovey-dovey namby-pamby kissy-kissy episodes are any good? Have their opinions changed now they are adults (well in Daniela's case anyway).

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Jed & Daniela discuss one of the best loved episodes of Red Dwarf, 'The Inquisitor'! Also guest Tom Stabb from 'Monkey Tennis' is still stuck in a black hole (for some reason), find out what happens to him! Is Daniela to blame? Also hear what the guys on the Red Dwarf forum think of this episode. Will they agree with the hosts?


Finally. Daniela's parents finally came into POST/POP and on SMEGHEADS! Unfortunately they didn't have too many stories about Daniela getting up to mischief when she was little. I don't believe for a second that she was as angelic as they made her out to be! For some reason their mics were really low, so imagine they are saying something scandalous about her instead! They got us Smegheads cups and they both wore Smegheads tshirts they got made themselves. How bloody amazing!

I mean, this episode is a lot better than I remember it, but it certainly isn't a classic. This meant that I knew for certain Daniela would like it, because of course she would! I do think it is a good thing that we have completely different opinions about absolutely everything, but maaaaaaaan! We all agreed the below "winnie the pooh" scene was a show stealer though. 

It's another episode that reveals Rimmer's utter selfishness that dictates everything he attempts to do turns to SMEG. Was he really trying to help these people, or was he just living out his boyhood fantasy at the cost of everyone's lives? To be fair, his "pawn sacrifice" tactic DID work... but at what cost?

This episode also had one of my favourite closing themes ever though, and is almost worth the rewatch in itself!



Yes, I am testing out the Netflix model and giving you everything all at once. People moaned about Netlfix doing this very thing at first, but now we are accustomed to it, and expect it. this way, you can choose your own pace. You can binge on Smegheads in one beautiful weekend, or save it until you really need it, on a long plane journey somewhere or a rather difficult time on the loo. Either way, you're grown ups and so are we (barely) so the choice is yours.

We are going to record every episode of Series 5 on one very long day, piling guests into POST/POP and jumping on mics during relevant episodes. As I will have total editing powers and can see the whole series at a glance, I am going to use this opportunity to tweak it, introduce new feature theme songs, new segments, secret stuff and generally mess around with the format you know and love. What could possibly go wrong?

So there will be perhaps a good few weeks break before Series 5 so why not go back and listen to everything again yeah? I will do some teasers leading up to Series 5 which will appear as 3 min long episodes on your phone/computer which will update you with guests or if there is any new Red Dwarf news we think you should know.

Thanks once again for supporting us across 4 seasons so far, and we have many more to come. I reckon thats about 80 hours of listening to our voices, and you probably know us better than we know ourselves now, so spread the word if you know any Red Dwarf fans, and we will respond in kind by making the show as awesome as possible.


So I'll leave you with an awful Red Dwarf theme song cover. This video has 30 views and the guy is singing it to impress an unseen lady. He sorta makes up the words as he goes along and I want him to be hit by a comet. See you next series Smegheads. 



jed & daniela

aka @jedshepherd & @danielaphillips


Sometimes planets align and a guest comes along for an epsisode of SMEGHEADS that makes perfect sense. Jo Sharples is one of them. Not only is this the "Dimension Jump" episode of the podcast and Jo is a Red Dwarf expert... but she also organises the Red Dwarf Convention called "Dimension Jump"! Add to that, the fact she also helps run the Red Dwarf Fan Club, she is more than qualified to join this discussion (and we might actually learn something for once!)

Almost everyones loves this episode of Red Dwarf so it was easy to wax lyrical about it and that doesn't necessarily make a podcast, so we spent a lot of this episode discussing the fan convention and what happens there. I've been in a Red Dwarf fan for most of my life but never been to Dimension Jump! Though I'm also a fan of Star Wars and I've never been to space so perhaps it's not so unusual. To illustrate how awesome it is, here is Red Dwarf co-creator and current showrunner announcing the TWO new Series of Red Dwarf at the last DJ.



This episode has firmly put Dimension Jump (the convention) at the forefront of my mind and Daniela and I will definitely turn up next year (Series XI will have aired by then!) but not sure if we will take part in the cosplay part of it. My idea of going as Queeg may get me some strange looks...

I'll leave you with this mini documentary about the making of the Dimension Jump (the episode) and want to say thank you very much to Jo for coming to the studio and being informative and funny and awesome. Hopefully she will come back on for a later Series. I know she loves Series 8 :) Find out more about Jo, Dimension Jump and the Fan Club in these places:


See you guys next week for the Series finale.. Meltdown!


jed & daniela




The more we do this podcast, the more I realise how Daniela and I have extremely different tastes. I like good stuff, and she likes rubbish stuff. I like the good Red Dwarf episodes, and she celebrates all that is awful. What is most alarming is that a lot of you agree with her opinions over mine. What is going out there on planet earth guys? This episode we discuss an episode of Red Dwarf that most sane people love, BUT some of you seem to dislike since it first aired. Im basing this on the comments on the Red Dwarf forum which I read out in the episode. You guys are living on the edge of upside-down world.

Listening back during the edit, I realise we segued quite a lot during this episode, so I guess you'll learn more about us and hopefully that will enrich your listening experience. 

The scene below, is not only one of the best scenes in Red Dwarf history, its one of the best in British TV History in my opinion. Of course, Daniela hates it. She thinks its annoying. THAT'S THE POINT DANIELA WITH ONE L PHILLIPS, THATS THE POINT.

So thanks once again for listening and subscribing and telling your friends, the podcast is growing and growing and has become something beautiful and so much fun to do. We have been told by numerous people that they like it more now that "its funny". We haven't changed anything recently, so maybe you've just got used to our humour? If this is the case, the next time you see someone fall over, please let me know your reaction. If it's anything like mine, it's an explosion of laughter, both inappropriate and dickhead-ish.

So I will leave you with the video below, which is my favourite scene from the episode. Happy Valentines Day Smegheads, be good to each other yeah?




jed & daniela



Hi Smegheads, Jed here.

We have had about 50 Kryten-centric episodes in a row and finally we have a little respite with a killer episode of Red Dwarf. 'Justice' is the type of episode you give to people to make them like Red Dwarf. I've discussed - on the official site - the merits of this episode and how it encapsulates everything that makes this show work. It has the comedy, the high sci-fi concepts, slapstick, drama and most of all, something really really disgusting (see photo below).

This episode, myself and Daniela are joined by the BBC's Rob Jelly whose breakfast show is on at 5am, so get up early and give it a listen! Or check it out on iPlayer because he has promised to play the Red Dwarf theme song, every day for the next year. If not, then we should demand our license fees back! He brought us so many biscuits so he can come back whenever he wants. 

As usual, we don't only speak about the tiny rojo one, we cram in every pop-culture reference that slips out of our brains, and we sorta do a mash-up with Rob Jelly's podcast where we steal their show ending. Essentially we sing again. I know you guys love that. By the way, if you like the a capella theme song we've done, then let us know on twitter @jedshepherd @danielaphillips and perhaps I'll make it available as a HQ download!

Thanks so much for continuing to listen, and hope you are as excited for Series XI & XII of Red Dwarf as us. When we are done with Series IV, we are going to try something new with Series V. We will explain during an upcoming podcast. If you like the show, let us know on twitter or itunes and I'll leave you now with a video I first posted months ago, but still makes me laugh. I know I shouldn't but I'm only human.


See you later Smegeheads!


Jed & Daniela



Hey Smegheads, Jed here. How are you?

This podcast episode is dedicated to the episode of Red Dwarf some people call 'DNA'... Daniela calls it her "favourite episode". Yes, this is Daniela (with one L) Phillips favourite episode of Red Dwarf so far. Yes, I know. You can hear my astonishment in the podcast and I never really recover.

I get it. Its funny, but is it as funny as Daniela makes it out to be? Hmmmm....


Yes its a good episode, but its buoyed by the fact its in Series 4 which is strong as hell and pulls DNA a little above where it should be imo. This is the third Kryten-centric episode in a row and frankly I'm a little Krytened out. Space them out and I might have appreciated it a little more.

Daniela and I also talk a little bit about our new X-Files podcast "X-Rated: The X-Files Podcast" which is very similar to Smegheads, but we don't talk about the small rouge one. Some of you may say "but Jed, you barely talk about Red Dwarf in your Red Dwarf podcast!" and to you sir, I say GOOD DAY!


Thank you as always for downloading/listening/subscribing Smegheads, and if you feel adventurous, have a look at our X-Files one on itunes and say hello!

I'll leave you with this video of the Red Dwarf theme being shitted on from a great height. Rob Jelly is the guest next week. See you later Smegheads!

Jed & Daniela,




Isn't time weird? It feels like just yesterday when myself and podcast co-presenter Daniela "One L" Phillips decided to do a Red Dwarf podcast, and here we are, starting Series 4 like god damned pros. 'Camille' isn't an episode I particularly cared for while growing up, and I'd find myself inevitably skipping it on my treasured VHS, but this time around I was excited. As an adult I have a new perspective when viewing Red Dwarf. Episodes that felt flat as a kid now have more meaning. The "talky" episodes have now become a favourite. Have I matured? I doubt it, but I guess I've experienced more of the life moments that the "talky" episodes refer to.

In this podcast we have special guest Nick Alder and returning guest Tom Stabb! Yes that Tom Stabb of "Tongue Tied stats" fame. So not only do we get the points of view from these two, we also get an update on how Tongue Tied has done since we asked people to listen to it more. Has it gone up or down? Has the Smegheads effect worked?


I found this bit disturbing. Lister is just full on sex pest!

We also discuss who we would see if we got to meet a Pleasure GELF. The answers may be surprising to some. (I LOVE YOU 80S ERA PHOEBE CATES)

There is also a quiz involving the smoke machine again, so you also have that to look forward to. Thanks for downloading, listening and subscribing and we appreciate your support! Tell your mates and spread the word and we will keep making the podcast as awesome as possible!

We will leave you with this video I found on Youtube where someone has used to music from the end of 'Camille' to soundtrack a meeting of their teddybears. Makes perfect sense.

Next episode is 'DNA' and I think we have the BBC's Rob Jelly on. Should be tickety boo!


See you next week Smegheads!


jed & daniela



I am both scared and amazed by this. What is going on?


I'm keeping this brief as its XMAS and you should be so lucky getting a new podcast episode today! As it is Xmas, we decided to go off-book (again) and do the ill-fated Red Dwarf USA Pilot. You most likely know its the visual equivalent of eating a bag of sick, so I won't go into too much details now, just listen to it! You also get a BRAND NEW SMEGHEADS THEME SONG! Its A Capella (because thats what the kids like right now I'm told) and you get to hear the dulcet tones of myself and Daniela as well as a POST/POP cavalcade of stars from various bands. Its kinda special so that's why we debuted it here. Oh if you listen all the way to the end you also get Daniela and I singing an inappropriate Xmas song. Enjoy, and see you in the New Year for Red Dwarf IV!   Thanks as always for supporting SMEGHEADS and don't forget to tell your friends!


If you listened to our Red Dwarf XI preview/adventure episode last week, you will know it's a Kryten-centric episode which funnily enough is the spiritual successor to 'The Last Day'. The parallels are uncanny, from the opening scene to the... [SPOILERS]. Its weird how an episode you used to skip when you were a kid, is the same episode you look forward to now you are an adult. Some people told me before re-watching this, that this was their fave episode of Series III. In the cold light of 2015, its definitely up there. Here we get an episode where Kryten finally breaks his programming (which is properly explored in Series IV) and realises that human characteristics are worth fighting everything he believes in to achieve.

SMEGHEADS Special // "Jed & Daniela Go To Red Dwarf XI"  

This is us at the WRONG station to go to Pinewood. We only realised when it was almost too late.

This is a SMEGHEADS SPECIAL episode and it follows Daniela and I as we traverse london to get to Pinewood Studios to see Red Dwarf XI being filmed. Everything you need to know you will learn from listening to it and its a short one! In 28 mins you will get us talking about our expectations while in trains, taxis and platforms... and then you will get our conclusions and spoiler free report on the train coming back to london.

I hope you enjoy this, as it was a dream come true for me to go to see Red Dwarf live. I think you will get the idea when you listen to the intro (which was meant to be 20 seconds long!).

Inbetween some of the updates I have included snippets of tracks from POST/POP including Treasureseason, PEPA KNIGHT and HETTIE. If you want to hear those full songs, then just go to postpoprecords.com and there they are!

It was also great to meet some of you at the recording too and I apologise for looking like a kid in a candy shop. See you next week where we pick up from where we were and discuss "The Last Day" which could easily be a companion piece to the episode we saw recorded.


Jed & Daniela


Drinking the hottest coffee of all time at Pinewood, seconds before being told to throw it away as we entered Pinewood studios.


'Timeslides' is an episode that filled  me with so much joy as a child. Here was a method to go inside any photo or film and change world history, More importantly it was a way to change your own personal history. The wish fulfilment quota in this episode is high and in the podcast, Daniela and I ask ourselves the question "Where would you go if you could travel back anywhere through time?" I of course wouldn't bother too much about important historical events; instead I would travel back to all the concerts of all my favourite now defunct/dead bands. Watching the Beatles and Hendrix and Elvis and ABBA at the height of their powers would be incredible. Seeing them play their first ever gigs, even more so. Daniela would probably go back and visit the set of Murder She Wrote and try to sneak into classic scenes (the episodes with Tom Bosley were my fave). Series III is forever considered the best Red Dwarf can be, what with its exploration of life outside the confines of the small rough one, the best comedy moments, the best sci-fi concepts and the best action! This is likely all true, but for me, the thing it lacks the most is the subtlety that made Series 1 & 2 so memorable, particularly 2. 'Marooned' is the only episode where the relationship between Lister and Rimmer (the best part of Red Dwarf) is examined and expanded upon, so thats why I prefer Series 5 or 2. This is a GREAT episode though, but you already know that as you're a Red Dwarf fan! The next episode is 'The Last Day' and the season finale BUT before that we may drop our exciting "Jed & Daniela goes to Red Dwarf XI" episode! As Im writing this, the filming is tomorrow and I will record us on the way to Pinewood and back again. The sound is gonna be terrible, but hey its an adventure and I want you guys to experience it with us! So thanks again for listening, subscribing, being awesome and we will see you again next week Smegheads!  


Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Oh Man, do you guys have to do Bodyswap? That's my least fave of Series III..." and I had the same level of trepidation as you, trust me, but I watched it again and remembered how satisfying it is to see a grown man shove his face into a plate of food. VERY. This podcast episode, Lady D and I literally swapped bodies in keeping with the theme of the show. The only problem is, we couldn't reverse the process... 

I've got to admit, this episode is alot better than I remembered with some truly funny set pieces. The self-destruct sequence/food machine stuff is up there with anything in Series III. The bit where Lister's mind-tape is dropped in Cat's conveniently placed tea that he was drinking an inch away from Lister's medical procedure, is MAGIC.

The main problem with this episode is the problems with the audio/dubbing/lip sync. It's bad to the point of distraction, but that's us being very picky. Here is what it would have sounded if they just relied on Chris Barrie & Craig Charles actual impressions of each other...

Here is my favourite ever classic American local public access channel presenter, doing the job for 'Bodyswap' back in the 90s. THIS IS HOW I WANT SMEGHEADS THE TV SHOW TO BE. Daniela, I have a greenscreen, I just need a suit and you need a beard and we are set!

Thanks so much for listening to SMEGHEADS: THE RED DWARF PODCAST, myself and Daniela will see you next week. We are doing 'Timeslides' but we are also doing an extra special episode. We are doing an outside broadcast as we take a recorder into the streets and document our journey to THE FILMING OF RED DWARF XI!!!!!!!!!! Yes we are going to see Red Dwarf being filmed and you will come with us every step of the way. This is going to be a truly memorable podcast for MANY reasons, so spread the word and see you next time Smegheads!




Jed & Daniela (with minds swapped around)



Red Dwarf Series III is all KILLER no FILLER, so once again, this is an episode that is considered one of the best. Not just for Red Dwarf, but for British TV Comedy in general. Its hard to disagree but just so we have a second opinion, we have recruited the wonderful BILLY LUNN from the awesome band THE SUBWAYS, and look he even turned up in a SMEG HEAD tshirt! Did I mention that the episode in question is... POLYMORPH? No? It's POLYMORPH!


'Marooned' is one of my favourite ever Red Dwarf episodes. You can keep your all-action sci-fi monster episodes, I'm the kinda guy that loves the bottle episodes where its just REAL TALK and REAL EMOTIONS whereas my co-host Daniela is the type of girl who wants to shoot and ask questions later. So you see, she was never going to like this episode as much as me, with its subtlety and nuances and guys telling other guys how they feel...


Where will this reach on the SMEGHEADS chart? Chances are pretty pretty high.

I'm sitting here writing this with the new knowledge that this little podcast, which we never really thought anyone would ever listen to besides our mates, is now the 5th most popular Film/TV podcast on iTunes. So just wanted to start this off by saying thank you so much for subscribing and listening and spreading the word. Word of Mouth is a powerful thing and you guys must have said some nice ones, because this is crazy. Daniela and I are very humbled, and will try our best to make every episode better than the last. This podcast doesn't belong to Daniela and I, it belongs to all the SMEGHEADS out there. Sweetabix.

Nick & Daniela dressed like Ghostbusters for this Halloween episode. I dressed like Janine Melnitz as she's the one that does all the admin!

This episode we speak about Series 3 opener 'Backwards' and our special guest is Nick De Semlyen from EMPIRE magazine; the greatest film magazine in the world. Hot off his cover feature on Suicide Squad (where he got the world exclusive interviews with all the cast) he brings his experience with Red Dwarf and also the scariest story you have heard in your life... about a pie. #GHOSTPIE.

YES this is also a HALLOWEEN special, so at any opportune moment we try to segue into something remotely supernatural (listeners to my radio show - RIP - will know this skill well) so its a real bumper show! At 2 hours and 7 minutes long, you are really getting your iPhone battery's worth here! Nick tests us with a "BACKWARDS QUIZ" and then I test them both back with a SMEGHEADS vs EMPIRE Quiz on the episode which is a real treat (or trick?!). We will continue this quiz when more Empire Magazine people are on the show in a few weeks. Who will win? Whose knowledge of Red Dwarf is stronger?

From the 4th Red Dwarf DVD set. Howard plays the theme song backwards, but on the DVD, they didn't play it backwards to show that he did it! So here's what that sounds like.

Above is Howard Goodall (a living genius) playing the Red Dwarf theme backwards and below is a video of all the backwards stuff, forwards! You can see that alot of it doesn't make any sense whatsoever, but thats not the point. Its FUN!

Once you have listened to the podcast you might want to see some of the things we discussed such as Robert the Posessed Doll (who I believe is the subject of the next Annabelle film):

The haunted polar bear painting at Daniela's University that made one student poke his own eyes out with 2 pencils (if easily disturbed please scroll past this quickly as I don't want to be partially blamed for an unsightly accident):

and this is an unconfirmed (and rare) sighting of a Ghost Pie:

So thanks very very much for listening once again, and if you liked it enough to say something nice on iTunes, we would love you forever! Thanks again to Nick De Semlyen for coming into SMEGHEADS and you should really buy a copy of the new Empire Magazine because as you can see from this photo, it's great! See you next week SMEGHEADS!


Jed & Daniela


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