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Snap Judgment

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Dramatic tales, killer beats and the edgiest new talent in storytelling come together for a weekly radio hour hosted by Glynn Washington.


Snap #623 - Man On A Mission  

On the next Snap Judgment... "Man on a Mission." Lead, follow or get out of the way. It's amazing stories that will not be denied.

Snap #801 - Backstory  

On the next all-NEW Snap..."Backstory." Before you can begin to understand the story, you gotta hear the backstory.

Snap #619 - Sex, Lies and Audiotape  

We think we're slick...that nobody knows the difference between the private us and public us. On the next Snap, it's all exposed on "Sex, Lies and Audiotape."

Snap Presents "The Truth" by Jonathan Mitchell  

Snap presents a special audio fiction episode featuring Jonathan Mitchell's "The Truth."

Can You Help Me Find My Mom?

A girl is lost and can't find her mom. Why won't anyone help her?

Written by Diana McCorry
Produced by Jonathan Mitchell

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A blind man gets a Seeing Eye App.

Written by Louis Kornfeld
with help from Diana McCorry
Produced by Jonathan Mitchell

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Snap Presents Shannon Cason's "Homemade Stories: The Struggle is Real"  

In this one-hour special, "Homemade Stories: The Struggle is Real," award-winning storyteller Shannon Cason takes us on a journey that finds hope in struggle. From navigating Detroit’s overwhelmed criminal justice system, to searching for work and finding closed doors, to being a father after failing in marriage, to finding anchors in a sea of uncertainty, Shannon's stories are heartfelt, heartbreaking and hilarious all at once.

Snap #732 - Snap 2016 Look Back Special  

Go, go, go. Push, push, push. That's all well and good, but every once in a while it's time to kick back and look at what you already did.  The Snap Judgment 2016 Look Back Special.

Snap #731 - Mettle  

It's an all-new Snap…"Mettle." Luck is nice, good fortune fantastic, but sometimes you have to show what you are made of.

Snap #625 - Cross To Bear  

On the next Snap, "Cross To Bear." You don't want it, you didn't create it, but it's all yours.

Snap Mix - Bells Atlas Special Mixtape  

Bells Atlas, the sultry, soulful, funky Oakland band performing with Snap Live! has put together a mixtape that we know you are gonna dig.  It's an early gift for you, from Snap. 

Snap #730 - Rivals  

On the next all-NEW Snap..."Rivals." It's always that person you can't stand who pushes you to be better.

Snap #625 - Rose Colored Glasses  

Some people go through life with a smile on their they know something we don't? On the next Snap, "Rose Colored Glasses."

Snap Special - Gratitude 2015  

It's an extra helping of stuffing..."Gratitude 2015" encore presentation. Even now, Snap still has a whole lot to be thankful for.  So pass the gravy, and thanks for listening. 


Snap #725 - Gratitude 2016  

On the next Snap Judgment, "Gratitude 2016." Even after the rain, there are still rainbows.

Snap #729 - Inside Scoop  

On the next all-NEW Snap..."Inside Scoop." The secret handshake, the password, the hidden deals, they can all be elusive...but on the next Snap Judgment we let you in the inner circle.

Snap #626 - The Proxy  

On the next Snap ..."The Proxy." What if you could be you without all of the responsibility, the guilt, and the self-loathing? Too good to be true? ...Maybe not.

Snap #728 - Spooked VII: Pitch Black  

On an all-NEW Snap..."Spooked VII: Pitch Black." There is the dark of night...and then there is darkness so deep you can barely hear yourself scream. The hair-raising finale of Snap's terrifying "Spooked Week" of haunting, true-life stories. Be afraid . . .

Snap Spooked Special - Sight Unseen  

On the next Snap Spooked Special..."Sight Unseen." When the lights go can you be sure you're alone?  Part of Snap's terrifying "Spooked Week" of haunting, true-life stories. Be afraid . . .

Snap Spooked Special - Hounds Of Hell  

On the next Snap Spooked Special... "Hounds of Hell." What happens when man's best friend...turns into your worst enemy? Part of Snap's terrifying "Spooked Week" of haunting, true-life stories. Be afraid . . .

Snap Spooked Special -  Welcome To The Dollhouse  

On the next Snap Spooked Special...."Welcome To The Dollhouse." Sometimes the most innocent things...are the scariest. Part of Snap's terrifying "Spooked Week" of haunting, true-life stories. Be afraid . . .

Snap #727 - Campfire Tales III  

When the fire crackles and the shadows dance -- get ready for Snap Judgment's "Campfire Tales." Part of Snap's terrifying "Spooked Week" of haunting, true-life stories. Be afraid . . .

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