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Farnoosh Torabi is an award winning financial expert, best selling author and TV personality. So Money is her daily 30 minute podcast that brings financial wisdom and inspiration from the world's leading business minds, authors & influencers. What was their financial journey and how do they master their money today? Hear from Tony Robbins, David Bach, Robert Kiyosaki, Jean Chatzky, James Altucher, and many more. Learn about their financial wins, failures and philosophies. Plus, their secret guilty pleasures and what they wish they'd known about money growing up. On weekends, Farnoosh answers your biggest financial questions. Head to to submit your question today.


537: Ted Gonder, Co-Founding CEO of Moneythink  

I'm a big believer in never underestimating a child's ability to learn about money at an early age.  Researchers at Cambridge University discovered that kids can learn and take on good money habits by the age of 7. Meantime, a new study by Acorns, the micro-investing app, found that nearly two out of every five millennials say they feel anxious when thinking about daily expenses, especially debt. And more than half surveyed felt their formal schooling left them ill-prepared for success. Today's guest is working to give young adults a better chance at managing their money well. Ted Gonder is the co-founding CEO of Moneythink, a national technology non-profit that helps young adults - particularly first-generation college students - build financial health through mentorship programs and mobile apps.

It first launched in 2009 and since then has trained over 1,500 college leaders to serve as financial mentors and role models to over 12,000 teens across 17 states. In 2015, Ted was recognized for his work by being named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 list as the youngest in the finance category. He also served as the youngest appointee on the U.S. President's Council for Financial Capability for Young Americans under Obama.

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536: Ask Farnoosh, Will a credit card debt consolidation loan affect my credit?  

Will a credit consolidation loan affect your credit score? Should you try investing in index funds if you're already investing in mutual funds?  Or should you build up an emergency fund or pay down student loans? I answer these questions and more on this week's Ask Farnoosh.

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535: Lisen Stromberg, Author of "Work Pause Thrive"  

I'm the worst self-employer. I'm only giving myself like 4 weeks of maternity leave. And the only way I'm affording this is working my butt off in the months before and the months after. But honestly, I am also extremely lucky. I get to decide what works for me, as an entrepreneur. I can afford to hire the support I need to help my family and to help my business. I'm very fortunate, too, in that I have a husband who values his family and prioritizes it over his work. His company provides four weeks of paid maternity leave, too, for dads. Not bad.

The issue of opting out and "family leave" is a topic I am deeply interested in and when I heard that our next guest had a book coming out on this issue, I jumped at the chance to invite her on the show.  LisenStromberg is here and she's the author of the new book Work Pause Thrive: How to Pause for Parenthood Without Killing Your Career. Lisen took time off after having her second child but then pivoted to another career shortly thereafter. In her research, she interviewed 186 women and surveyed 1,500 women to detail how other successful mothers leveraged their time off from work to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Opting out comes at a cost, of course. And Lisen breaks down the financial trade-offs families need to consider when making the decision to leave a job temporarily. we also discuss the good pressure Millennials are placing on workplace norms to give workers more flexibility and family support. And the $1.6 million she walked away from to opt out of the workforce.

More about Lisen: She is also the CEO and Founder of PrismWork where she and her team work with companies, leaders and advocates to ensure women and Millennials thrive in the workplace. She is also the COO of the 3% Movement, which is committed to changing the ratio of women in leadership in the advertising industry. Lisen was once a marketing and advertising executive herself.

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534: Erica Keswin, The Spaghetti Project Founder  

How involved are you within your company? Do you like the culture there? Do you connect with your coworkers or do you feel like you're just going in every day, sitting down at your desk and getting straight to work? I ask because our guest today is Erica Keswin and she's all about understanding the dynamics and relationships of people and technology in the workplace.

This past fall she founded The Spaghetti Project in her living room with a group of fifty people. She got the idea to start the company after reading a 2015 Cornell Study that found that eating meals together improved firemen's performance. Intrigued by this idea she wondered how it was possible to get people to connect more with friends and colleagues in the workplace. So she started her research company to identify how smart companies are making this connection.

But I think what really makes this interview worth listening to is the story of Erica's past... as a child, money was tight. Her mom, especially had a hard time, getting stopped at a store for shoplifting. It was a turning point for her. Listen to how it's impacted her financial life today.

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533: Ask Farnoosh, "My employer retirement accounts have high expense ratios. What are my other options?"  

In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about what your other retirement account options are if your employer's have high fees, where to park the money you're saving for a downpayment in the meantime and more.

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532: Sallie Krawcheck, Author of "Own It"  

I'm so excited to bring back our guest today. She's talking about a new era of feminism. That's been a big topic of conversation since the Women's March a few weeks ago. And we have to keep the momentum going. Sallie Krawcheck is back and she's out with a new book, Own It: The Power of Women At Work. It's her first book and in it she discusses the ways in which women can effect change, especially in business. She brings advice stemming from her life as an entrepreneur, as well as the former CEO of Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, and the CFO of Citigroup.
Sallie's been on So Money before... go back and listen to EP 349 if you missed it. It was right before Ellevest, her investment platform had launched, so we'll talk a bit more about how the company's doing, as well as the biggest financial mistake women are making. 
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531: Grace Bonney, Founder of Design*Sponge  

I received a book shortly after the election results that put a big smile on my face...I really needed it. The book is In the Company of Women. You have to read this and it's a great gift. The author GraceBonney profiles 100 female entrepreneurs of all ages, races, backgrounds and industries to share their practical and inspirational advice. It's a gorgeous book with outstanding photography, a book that you'll want to proudly display in your home. 
Grace is a small business owner, herself. She's the founder of Design*Sponge, a daily website for the creative community that she launched back when she was only 23 years old. Today, it reaches nearly 2 million people per day and has been dubbed "Martha Stewart Living for millennials."

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530: Ask Farnoosh, What's the best way to find stocks on sale?  

In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about how to find stocks on sale, what to do with the extra income you're earning from a freelance job and more.

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529: Rachel Blumenthal, Rockets of Awesome Founder  

Rachel Blumenthal is the founder of Rockets of Awesome, which is this really smart company that I’ve actually engaged with. How it works is if you’re a parent or someone who wants to gift clothing to children, you can go on the website, sign up for a membership. They ask you a series of questions about your child; age, measurements, but also the taste of your kid. What kind of a kid do you have? Is he or she active? They gather all that information, all that intel and send you a personal box to your door with about 12 items for your child. It’s really functional, really affordable, and the clothing is very unique. I have to say, as someone who’s now been buying clothes for little people for the past two, three years. It gets very redundant. When you go on the playground, a lot of the kids are wearing the same things. It’s nice to find a resource, like Rockets of Awesome, that kind of does a lot of the work for you, brings the clothing to your house, catered to your family, and for very affordable price points.

Prior to starting this company, she was the CEO of Cricket’s Circle, a trusted resource and editorial engine for everything baby and toddler. Her insights from Cricket’s Circle led her to the birth of Rockets of Awesome.

Another fun fact about Rachel; she is the partner of Neil Blumenthal. Of course, if you watched Follow the Leader on CNBC, you remember Neil. He is the co-founder of Warby Parker along with Dave Gilboa. Of course, Warby Parker is, as they say in the tech world, in the entrepreneur world, a unicorn valued at over a billion dollars. They know how to run businesses and so does Rachel.

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528: Kristy Shen, Canada's Youngest Retiree  

We are obsessed with young retirees on So Money. And when I read about today's guest, I booked her immediately. Kristy Shen believes to be Canada's youngest retiree, calling it quits from her 9 to 5, along with her husband Bryce, at 31 years old. Today, they're traveling the world with $1 million in the bank (earning interest).

Learn the inner financial workings of their early retirement strategy: how much they saved, how they invested their money and how much they're living of of now...and why they have no plans to ever make more money.

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527: Ask Farnoosh, Should I purchase a car out-of-state to avoid paying higher taxes?  

In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about whether it's worth it to purchase a car out of state to avoid paying higher taxes, how to stop the feeling of anxiety when pulling from your emergency fund and more.

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526: Amanda Kludt, Editor-in-Chief of Eater  

Today we're talking about reverse-engineering your career and other opportunities. If you've ever caught yourself saying, "Someday that'll be me," or "Someday I'd love to do this..." Well, let today be the day you finally map out the plan. There's something to be said and taught about FIRST figuring out who you ultimately want to be or what you want to do...analyzing how to get there, the mechanics, connecting the dots and then creating that experience for yourself.
Our guest today Amanda Kludt has her own experience with this. She landed her current role as the Editor-in-Chief of Eater by keeping her eye on the prize and implementing great strategy.

Eatery, for those who may not know, is a popular guide to dining and drinking in the world's best food cities. Since becoming the site's Editor-in-Chief Amanda's expanded their reviews, investigative journalism and even targeted topics like why aren't there more women in the restaurant business? She's also responsible for helping the website score four James Beard Awards, it's the highest honor in food journalism. The New York Daily News calls her one of the 50 most powerful women in New York.
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525: Jessica Mah, Founder & CEO of inDinero  

Today's guest was coding by 8 years old, starting her first business at 12, dropping out of high school at 15 and then launching her primary business, at 19.

Jessica Mah the CEO of inDinero is joining us today. The Y Combinator seed accelerator called her the "closest thing they have to a female Mark Zuckerberg" after graduating with $1.2M in funding from them and she's also been featured on Forbes 30 Under 30. inDinero provides accounting and tax services for small businesses and while it's on a streak now, the company went through some growing pains after it first launched. In 2012, Mah fired all of her staff and started over. But by 2015, she was on the cover of Inc. for skillfully rebuilding inDinero to over 200 employees with an even better business model.

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524: Ask Farnoosh, Do I have to list that I'm a temp on my resume?  

In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh, I answer your biggest questions about if you should put that your position is a temp position on your resume when looking for a new job, my opinions on rent-to-own options, getting out of debt and more.

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523: Barbara Reich, Professional Organizer + Founder of Resourceful Consultants  

How organized are you? I could spend hours at The Container Store. I love creating a place and space for everything...My mind works best when the space I'm in is calm and organized...Sometimes it keeps me up late. But it's just who I am.
And as we head into the new year with the goal to make our lives more streamlined and functional, I've invited BarbaraReich, The Queen of Clean on the show, she is the founder of a firm that specializes in the organization of people, their lives and physical space. Her company is called Resourceful Consultants. Whether you're a powerful executive or a busy parents her advice can help us find more harmony in our spaces, our homes, offices even our PHONES (my iPhone could use some decluttering)...and along the way her tips can help us improve time management. 

Some more about Barbara... in 2014 she co-founded Never Caught Up, LLC which focuses on work-life integration, women empowerment and wellness. She is also the author of Secrets of an Organized Mom.
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522: Tanya Van Court, Founder & CEO of iSow  

I love celebrating birthdays and the holidays but no matter how much I try to insist that family and friends DO NOT buy gifts for Evan we still end up with so many toys. People want to give and I love them for it...But what if there was a better way to channel that good will into something more meaningful for your children...? Today's guest is working on a solution. Tanya Van Court recently launched, a site that helps our kids and the younger generation understand the true value of money, where young people can choose "goals" instead of goods in 3 key categories: saving towards the future, sharing with those who are less fortunate and spending wisely on things that matter. Then iSow creates a link that you can share with friends and family that are wondering what to gift you for the next occasion. The site is still in its infancy but has received over 1,000 members.

More about Tanya... before starting iSow, Tanya served as the Vice President of Partner Marketing at Discovery Education. She also worked at Nickelodeon as the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Preschool and Parenting digital products.

She's dedicated her career to the well-being of kids and is a mom, herself.

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521: Ask Farnoosh, I want to take leave from work for a few do I budget for this?  

In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about how long after you declare bankruptcy can you apply for a home loan, budgeting money separately from an emergency fund to take time off from work and more.

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520: Kyle Taylor, Creator of  

Our guest today went from $50,000 in debt and blogging about it ,in just six short years, earning $20 million in revenue with said blog that has become a full-fledged media company.

And many of you, I'm willing to bet, are familiar with the website since it has over five million subscribers:

Our guest today is the founder and CEO Kyle Taylor.

Back in 2010 Kyle was saddled with massive student loan and credit card debt. He began blogging about his adventures of becoming debt free, making and saving money which led to the launch of the website. And under his leadership, the blog has grown from something that was mainly personal to one of the largest publications on the web with millions of readers a month.

More about Kyle...  He was recently named on Business Observer's 40 Under 40 list. And fun fact: In his past life he spent about 6 years working in politics, on a campaign trail in charge of crafting media strategy, raising money and directing field workers. Makes sense why he's now able to be a CEO, right?

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519: Cindy Whitehead, CEO of The Pink Ceiling  

After the election, I made a vow to continue to promote successful women on the show and today is no different. Cindy Whitehead is a trailblazer for future female business owners. She invented the first ever FDA-approved "female viagra" drug called Addyi.  The day after getting FDA approval Cindy sold the company for a whopping $1 billion.

Now she's running The Pink Ceiling, a strategy and investment firm launched in 2016 that's dedicated to finding and funding innovations for women. She's calling 2017 the year of the Pink-cubator and dedicating her all to promoting female start-ups - especially in the male-dominant STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.)

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518: Ask Farnoosh, I want to get my child set up with a credit!  

In this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh I answer your biggest questions about getting your children set up with a credit card, the best apps for people looking to get a handle on their money in the New Year and more.

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