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Ep. 280 - Benedetta Argentieri  

Back on SOFREP Radio is journalist/filmmaker (and as many of you may know, fiancé of Jack Murphy) Benedetta “Benni” Argentieri. Benni has contributed her work to some of the most well-known news agencies and publications ranging from Reuters to Al Jazeera, and most recently wrote a piece on female soldiers in Iraq and Syria for The Telegraph (titled "Meet the female soldiers in Syria and Iraq fighting for gender equality as much as freedom.") It’s always a kick having Jack and Benni in studio, because face it, how many couples do you know with in-depth knowledge and on-the-ground experience as journalists in combat zones? We get into subjects ranging from the heated rhetoric regarding nuclear war coming out of North Korea and the Trump administration, self-described “anarchist” protesters and warfighters and volunteer fighters for groups like the YPG in Syria (something Benni covered in-depth in her film “Our War,” which we hope to have a wider release in the near future.) Be sure to follow Benni on Twitter @BenArgentieri and keep up with her work on her website at Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 279 - Q&A w/ editor-in-chief Jack Murphy  

With our growing audience as we stream live on Facebook and YouTube for select in studio episodes, Jack Murphy and I decided to give you the listeners a chance to interact with us, and ask any questions you had for the editor-in-chief on the spot. We also get into the guilty verdict on a very disturbing case involving VA physician’s assistant Mark Wisner, who was accused of sexual molestation by male veterans using the Dwight D. Eisenhower VA Medical Facility in Leavenworth, Kansas. Jack previously wrote about this in his article “Former Ranger: Mark Wisner was ‘the Jerry Sandusky of Veterans Affairs.” We intend to bring on the source of that article in the near future when he’s legally advised that it’s okay to do so at that time. We’re hoping to do more of these soon, so be on the lookout on our Facebook and YouTube pages. You can always ask questions when we're not livestreaming as well at Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 278 - Jim West recaps Mayweather VS McGregor  

Many of us enjoyed watching Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Conor McGregor, the competitiveness was a surprise to a lot of the viewing audience, and who better to give a recap of what went down than Special Forces decorated veteran Jim West? After all, Jim has trained boxers and some of the early UFC fighters like Steven “3D” Graham. As a student of boxing and MMA, Jim gives his take as we sit down with Jason Delgado, and Jim tells us why he wasn’t at all surprised by the result. We get into the news with North Korea’s missile launch over Japan, as well as domestic news with protests by groups like Antifa. Jim gives some words of inspiration that you can use, and Jason Delgado also lets you know that if you’re in the area of Hondo, TX, he’ll be around September 23-24 teaching a long-range precision rifle course. So if you ever wanted to get a lesson from a combat tested Marine Scout Sniper and MARSOC instructor, now is your chance, so don’t miss out on it. You can see the details of that at Last, we send our thoughts and prayers to another area of Texas, and that’s Houston, currently dealing with the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. We know there are many patriots out there, and whether you can donate your money, or even do some on the ground volunteer work in the area, we think that’d be a great thing to do for this area in dire need. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 277 - Chris Fussell  

One thing that can be learned working with someone as well-respected as General Stanley McChrystal would without question be great leadership ability. That’s something that Chris Fussell has learned as a partner of The McChrystal Group, heading their Leadership Institute, as well as from his experience prior to that as a Navy SEAL with 15 years of service under his belt. It was an honor having Chris join Jason Delgado and myself in studio for this episode as we discuss his time in the teams, and crucial leadership attributes. His latest book, “One Mission: How Leaders Build a Team of Teams” gets into all of this at length. We even get to hear from someone who knows General McChrystal closely enough to find out if his daily regimen is as badass as we often hear. Jason also answers your questions sent to Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 276 - Anderson Harp  

Jason Delgado is with me, and in studio this episode we have 30-year Marine Corps veteran and military fiction author Anderson Harp. Kicking off this episode however, we get an update from Derek Gannon who attended the recent protests in Dallas to cover the situation involving Antifa, BLM, as well as pro-Trump supporters. There was a surprising clash that went down between what many would think would be ally groups, and you can read about that in the article, “ANTIFA, unwelcome by Solidarity Movement, clashes with Black Lives Matter in Dallas.” Anderson joins us to talk about his novel, “Northern Thunder” from his Will Parker series, and although it’s the 2017 book he’s out promoting, it’s actually the first of the series. To explain that a bit, Anderson wrote “Northern Thunder” over a decade ago which was followed by “Retribution” and “Born of War.” Since that time our friends at Kensington Publishing picked up Harp as an author, and made some updates to the first novel which was then reissued. “Northern Thunder” which was actually banned in China, is just as relevant today as when Anderson wrote the book, if not more, as it deals with the threat of a nuclear North Korea. Harp’s books have been praised by the likes of Brad Meltzer, and we expect the SOFREP audience to really dig his work. Anderson and Jason also talk about the differences they’ve seen in South Korean and Japanese culture from their time in Asia, as well as share some tales from both of their time at the Bridgeport, California Marine Corps base. Anderson has since obtained his Masters degree, and regularly runs marathons, proving some of the awesome things that one can achieve later on in life after an already distinguished military career. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 275 - Ami Toben  

Joining Jason Delgado and myself in studio is Ami Toben, author of “Surveillance Zone: The Hidden World of Corporate Surveillance Detection & Covert Special Operations.” Ami grew up on a kibbutz in Israel, and got conscripted into the IDF. He moved on from there he has been working in private sector security, in particular for the tech industry in the Silicon Valley region. He currently does security work for his company HighCom Security Services. Ami’s line of work is considerably different than many of the security personnel we’ve had on in the past, in that he normally works unarmed. We get into why it’s important when working to protect tech gurus in that region to blend in with the public, and the crucial importance of situational awareness. Ami also talks about where his martial arts background in Aikido comes into play. We also discuss the Barcelona terrorist attack as the news broke on this while we were recording, and also get into some of the history with Israeli leadership. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 274 - Kristin Beck  

Clocking in at well over two hours of unfiltered talk, this very well may be the longest episode of SOFREP Radio ever recorded (any members care to fact-check me on that?) Well, with the horrifying events that took place in Charlottesville this past weekend, having Kristin Beck back on the show for the first time in years, and Jason Delgado making an unplanned in studio appearance, the time really flew by. Derek Gannon hosts this episode, and we start off with Frumentarius to react to what went down in Charlottesville, Virginia. From there, we get into Derek’s latest piece “Disavowed: White Nationalist and ex-Green Beret part of Charlottesville violence.” We also get a listener’s reaction to the chaos and highly criticized response from President Trump after the rally, sent to Former SEAL Kristin Beck joins us as our special guest this episode as we continue the discussion. We then get into several topics with Kristin including alternative treatment for veterans with combat related traumatic brain injury (something that Kristin has experienced,) Kristin’s work leading up to the raid on Bin Laden, getting more combat veterans involved in politics, and the issue of those who identify as transgender in the military. A lot of ground covered on this one! Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 273 - CJ Ramone (USMC)  

CJ Ramone of the Ramones comes on this episode, former Marine (yes, the bassist for arguably the most iconic punk band who was with them since 1989 was in fact a Marine.) CJ talks about touring the globe the past few years, hitting countries like Cuba and Argentina in support of his solo work (his latest of which is the “American Beauty” album that came out earlier this year, go pick it up!) Then him and Brandon get into some of the political polarization going on in the punk rock community since Trump taking office, which includes both of their run-ins with Fat Mike of NOFX who’s staunchly left wing. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 272 - Lou Moreira  

Very special guest this episode, Lou Moreira joins us, who is training to be on the 2018 U.S. Olympic bobsled team. Lou has a very interesting background, not only serving as a combat vet with the 82nd Airborne, but he was also an All-American hurdler and NPC‘s 2014 Mr. Texas, so to call Lou a versatile athlete is an understatement. We get into different techniques that helped Lou to reach his potential as an athlete, his training regimen, diet, and more. Lou pursuing this goal has been a giant sacrifice for his family as he tries to make this happen while putting his career outside of athletics on hold, so he has a GoFundMe up and can really use your support. Brandon Webb and I also cover a lot of ground including the lawsuit against two psychologists who helped develop the post-9/11 enhanced interrogation program. From there we discuss Guantanamo Bay, as well as government waste. We also send our condolences to friend of the show Marty Skovlund Jr., after learning about the passing of his father from ALS. Marty’s dad was a veteran, and Marty’s helped us in pushing out some excellent content over the years, we are wishing the best for him and his family during this very hard time. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 271 - BK, Air Force PJ  

Between BK‘s weekly News Roundup articles and his own News Roundup podcasts, it’s safe to say he’s grown a cult following of readers and listeners who enjoy his no-holds barred take on the news that doesn’t ever cater to the culture of political correctness. This appearance on SOFREP Radio is no different as we get into everything from healthcare to the transgender issue, as well as some of the pop culture related news of the week. B.K. also touches on some of the training needed to become an Air Force PJ, and what he’s been up to in San Diego. We have some good laughs that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Also, we check the inbox at and urge you to keep the emails and voice memos coming! Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 270 - Coriolanus attends DEFCON  

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our favorite hacker and all-source intelligence analyst. Since the people demanded, we have some more Coriolanus! Well, no better time to bring him on after him attending DEFCON and Black Hat in Las Vegas this past weekend. You’ll hear all about what it’s like to be a part of a conference attended by some world-famous hackers, and although what got the most media attention from the weekend was the voting machine hacks that took place, there was a lot more to be seen including some GPS spoofing, which really intrigued Coriolanus. He breaks all of that down for us. We also read your e-mails sent to which takes us into some foreign policy, and talk the recent take-down of AlphaBay from the dark web. We hear why Coriolanus once turned down a job working for Roger Stone, and where he draws the line with his work. Also, being a new father, he tells us how that experience is going. We’re looking forward to more brilliant articles from Coriolanus soon here at SOFREP. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 269 - Danielle Bizier  

Danielle Bizier is a former intelligence specialist and instructor who’s worked in the Defense Intelligence Agency, and she joins us in studio as Jack Murphy hosts this informative, entertaining, and at times laugh-out-loud hilarious episode of SOFREP Radio. Danielle personally worked in intelligence with Edward Snowden, which she wrote an article for us at on. She even made a recommendation for him long before any of us heard that name. Find out what her experience was working with Snowden, and her immediate reaction to learning that her former colleague had leaked massive amounts of classified NSA documents. With Snowden’s working with the Chinese of course, we then get into the subject of China, which Danielle has vast knowledge and stories on. Danielle currently works as a consultant on the private side for Black Site International, and we hope to have her back on. You can check out some behind the scenes pictures from this episode in studio on our Instagram @SOFREPRadio. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 268 - Colonel Mark Boyatt  

Joining us for the first time on the program is Colonel Mark Boyatt, the highly respected former Commander of 3rd Special Forces Group. Mark is the author of “Special Forces: A Unique Asset,” a book that Jack Murphy reviewed last year and was extremely impressed by. You’ll see why that is once you hear Colonel Boyatt’s strategies for fighting terrorism, and also nation building. He makes a great case as he lays out failed strategies of the past, criticizes the U.S.’s history of arming the wrong groups, and gives effective ideas of what needs to change going forward in relation to the U.S. and how it should operate on a global scale. We also of course touch on the latest controversy with mention of the ban on transgender people in the military issued by President Trump, and check out e-mail sent to Be sure to keep up with what we’re up to as well on both Twitter and Instagram @SOFREPRadio which we update on a daily basis. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 267 - The Power of Thought: James Altucher  

This episode we’re switching things up, and doing something a little different than usual. If you’re wondering how so, you may have heard Brandon Webb in recent weeks talk about launching an all new podcast called “The Power of Thought,” and may have even seen the livestream we did Thursday on Facebook and YouTube with entrepreneur and best-selling author James Altucher. Well, this is that show in its entirety to give you a feel for what will be over on that channel which will include new imaging and a much different array of big name guests. Have no worries, Brandon and crew will still be giving you great content twice a week on SOFREP Radio, this is an all new venture that we hope to have you join us for. James Altucher is a man of many titles who’s worked as hedge fund manager, website developer, and his latest project is jumping into the world of standup comedy. He’s written several best-selling books, the biggest being “Choose Yourself” and the most recent “Reinvent Yourself” which came out earlier this year. In this podcast he talks about both gaining and losing tremendous amounts of wealth, working for HBO with a client base that included some of the biggest major name record labels, and going on to success with his own podcast, “The James Altucher Show.” We also send our best wishes to Senator John McCain, and shortly after taping this learned of the passing of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington. Chester was a supporter of the troops, and would sometimes invite military personnel backstage at shows which even included our own Drew Dwyer and his wife. So in remembrance, we use some classic Linkin Park on this one. Crank it up. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 266 - Bill Lunn & Rusty Firmin (SAS)  

We have two very special guests this episode, the first of which is Bill Lunn. Bill is an Emmy award-winning news anchor for KSTP in Minnesota. He reports on a lot of military-related issues, but in 2009 he reported a piece that deeply impacted him; that being the story of Cpl. Ben Kopp, an Army Ranger who died in combat at only 21 years of age in 2009. What he reported on was that Judy Meikle, a woman in need of a heart transplant survived thanks to an organ donation by Kopp. Many others also received organs from Kopp, who not only saved lives during his service for the Army (including Nick Irving, who credits Kopp with saving his life) but now also in death. The story stuck with Bill in the years that followed, and he began contemplating writing a book on the life of Cpl. Ben Kopp, though he first wanted to make sure that he had the blessing of Jill Stephenson, the mother of Ben Kopp who Lunn originally met reporting on him. Not only did she approve, but told Lunn that she’d been praying for months that someone would write a book on the life of Ben. Through hours of interviews with family, friends, and Rangers that served with Ben, what resulted is the new book, “Heart of a Ranger: The True Story of Cpl. Ben Kopp, American Hero in Life and Death.” Bill tells us all about the process of writing this great book, and what he has been up to since. Switching gears from there, we bring on Rusty Firmin, a member of the British SAS Blue Team, most known as the back door Assault Team Leader during the Iranian Embassy Siege. He co-wrote a book detailing the amazing story behind this called, “Go! Go! Go! The Iranian Embassy Siege. The True Story.” That story will also be told on the big screen in the upcoming feature full-length film “6 Days” debuting in the UK next month starring Jamie Bell who will be playing the part of Rusty. Rusty tells us about working with Jamie hands on, and teaching him his own shooting techniques and more. More recently, Rusty wrote the book “The Regiment: 15 Years in the SAS.” We also get into the breaking news of Navy SEAL Admiral Joe Kernan being picked by The White House for Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. So, we cover a lot of different ground here, and you’ll learn a lot all in this one episode of SOFREP Radio. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 264 - Bob Charest, Detachment A  

It’s often said on this podcast that we try to strike a balance between having on A-list guests with major names in the community, and bringing on guys with incredible stories that we’ve tracked down and that you’ve almost certainly never heard from before. Bob Charest most definitely fits that second category, and his time in Detachment A is fascinating. Up until very recently, there was nearly no information to be found on the Special Forces unit in Cold War Germany comprised of American soldiers, and indigenous people in the area even including ex-Nazis. Some of this can be attributed to these men believing in the “silent professional” mantra that is often referred to, but lucky for us, Jack Murphy has a real gift at getting these guys to open up; and with many of them getting older, they feel it’s time to tell their story. Jack has written some fascinating articles on Det A over the span of the past year, and now we get to hear from one of these men first hand on the podcast. We answer your e-mails sent to, keep those coming. Jack also is still pumping out in-depth articles on The Philippines since going to the region, and his latest is “Flashpoint: Marawi and the tug of war between American and Chinese influence in the Philippines.” He tells us all about that article and some of the attitudes he saw in the region toward President Rodrigo Duterte, and the camraderie of American and Filipino military personnel. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 263 - John Stryker Meyer  

Jack Murphy is back in studio, and it’s been nearly a hundred episodes since we’ve heard from our MACV-SOG writer John Stryker Meyer. There is no shortage of things to talk about with John. For one, he has an article out detailing how the current administration has completely ignored the POW/MIA issue and in particular is yet to name a director for the DPAA (Defense Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Accounting Agency) after a year. There are still 1,607 unaccounted for POW/MIAs from the Vietnam War which include 50 Green Berets in Laos. This is an issue that is near and dear to John of course, and he speaks passionately on it. We also talk Operation Tailwind, a 1970 mission in Laos, and the story behind Green Beret Mike Rose‘s heroism in the mission which he is slated to receive the Medal of Honor for. From there we delve into topics of mainstream media dishonesty and its lack of fact checking, as well as a possible future role of women in special operations. We get a voice memo from the great Gene Farnsworth that we play, sent to, talk some breaking news, and even get into the subjects of gun control and the extent as to which the Supreme Court has an impact on the U.S. at large. Let us know where you stand on that. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @SOFREPRadio, we love being interactive with the listeners of the show. Also, make sure to check out both of John’s books, “Across the Fence” and “On the Ground.” He has a third one in the works as well that he lets us know all about. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 262 - Best of Inside the Team Room  

This show, we decided to switch it up, and with all of the great archived audio from Inside the Team Room, I put together a best of with some of your favorite guests to the show, as well as guys we’ve never had on SOFREP Radio. I even threw in a clip of the legendary Chris Kyle from the first ever Inside the Team Room which is no longer available anywhere. Included in here are clips of each of the Inside the Team Rooms which includes Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, SF, and more. Some of the big names you’ll hear on these include Nick Irving, Drago, Mike Ritland, Jason Delgado, Jim West, and so many more. Sirius XM host Andrew Wilkow even made an appearance as he hosted Inside the Team Room: Green Berets. You can hear the rest of this content on our separate Apple Podcasts feed for Inside the Team Rooms. If you want the video footage of this, we have that as well for SOFREP TV subscribers, and its many hours of kick ass content you’re going to love. So, subscribe to that feed on Apple Podcasts, and be sure to leave a review. We’ll be back next episode with our usual content and have a lineup of great guests coming on as Jack Murphy hosts for the month of July. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 261 - Frumentarius  

SOFREP writer and Navy SEAL Frumentarius is back on with me this episode. We start off with some Q&A from the readers, and then get into some of Fru’s background in the Navy and the CIA, including his family having four former SEALs. We hear about when and where he served as well. We also talk about some of his latest articles including his piece on Navy SEALs facing combat saturation, and his article on the shooting that happened in Alexandria, VA during the GOP’s practice for the Congressional baseball game. He has an interesting take on how personnel should be prepared in these scenarios as former mil, and also as a career firefighter. We know he’s a favorite to the show, so be sure to follow him on Twitter, and to also keep your e-mails coming to Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 260 - Brad Thor  

We have a very special in-studio guest this episode, none other than New York Times best-selling military thriller writer Brad Thor. He has a new book that just came out, “Use of Force,” the latest in the Scot Harvath series. It’s the 16th installment in the series based on the fictitious Navy SEAL character. Brandon Webb praises the book for its attention to detail and highly recommends that you pick it up. We get into the book with Brad, along with how he began his career as a writer, and his feelings on the current happenings under the Presidency of Donald Trump. Thor was an outspoken conservative critic of Trump during the campaign, so we’ll get into if his position has shifted in any way with the election’s outcome. We also talk about the record-breaking kill of an ISIS terrorist made by a Canadian sniper at 2.2. miles out, three of the five longest kill shots pulled off by snipers are currently held by Canadian military members. We get into the latest undercover video from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas which is footage of CNN Supervising Producer John Bonifield admitting that the ties of President Trump to Russia are “mostly bullshit.” We talk about finding inspiration during times of adversity, and with that, also give out a Throat Punch of the Week. Enjoy! Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

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