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The podcast is the most listened to show in the Government category on iTunes. The show is hosted by former Navy SEAL Sniper Instructor Brandon Webb, and Army Ranger/Green Beret Jack Murphy, alongside host and producer Ian Scotto. Welcome to uncensored, and politically incorrect "throat punch" content. Join us as we discuss anything from drones, foreign policy, modern warfare, terrorism, politics, and more. The show features guests from the Military, Intelligence, and Special Operations communities. We record weekly.


Ep. 266 - Bill Lunn & Rusty Firmin (SAS)  

We have two very special guests this episode, the first of which is Bill Lunn. Bill is an Emmy award-winning news anchor for KSTP in Minnesota. He reports on a lot of military-related issues, but in 2009 he reported a piece that deeply impacted him; that being the story of Cpl. Ben Kopp, an Army Ranger who died in combat at only 21 years of age in 2009. What he reported on was that Judy Meikle, a woman in need of a heart transplant survived thanks to an organ donation by Kopp. Many others also received organs from Kopp, who not only saved lives during his service for the Army (including Nick Irving, who credits Kopp with saving his life) but now also in death. The story stuck with Bill in the years that followed, and he began contemplating writing a book on the life of Cpl. Ben Kopp, though he first wanted to make sure that he had the blessing of Jill Stephenson, the mother of Ben Kopp who Lunn originally met reporting on him. Not only did she approve, but told Lunn that she’d been praying for months that someone would write a book on the life of Ben. Through hours of interviews with family, friends, and Rangers that served with Ben, what resulted is the new book, “Heart of a Ranger: The True Story of Cpl. Ben Kopp, American Hero in Life and Death.” Bill tells us all about the process of writing this great book, and what he has been up to since. Switching gears from there, we bring on Rusty Firmin, a member of the British SAS Blue Team, most known as the back door Assault Team Leader during the Iranian Embassy Siege. He co-wrote a book detailing the amazing story behind this called, “Go! Go! Go! The Iranian Embassy Siege. The True Story.” That story will also be told on the big screen in the upcoming feature full-length film “6 Days” debuting in the UK next month starring Jamie Bell who will be playing the part of Rusty. Rusty tells us about working with Jamie hands on, and teaching him his own shooting techniques and more. More recently, Rusty wrote the book “The Regiment: 15 Years in the SAS.” We also get into the breaking news of Navy SEAL Admiral Joe Kernan being picked by The White House for Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. So, we cover a lot of different ground here, and you’ll learn a lot all in this one episode of SOFREP Radio. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 265 - Jim West  

Green Beret and martial arts expert James “Smokey” West is no doubt a favorite of the show, and when we have him in studio with Jack Murphy, it’s always a real treat. There’s no shortage of things we get into during this discussion that extends over an hour, and we start where left off last episode talking secretive Special Forces groups Det A and Det K. Jim West has some history in his own family with these practically unknown groups that he gets into. From there the conversation takes a turn into the cult of Jim Jones and the highly speculated upon role of Green Berets in the area at the time. The guys discuss and debate some of the criticism of President Trump and speculated collusion with Russia, the motives of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, and of course, how could we not get Jim West to comment on the major happenings in the world of mixed martial arts and boxing right now? You’ll hear his take on the upcoming fights of Floyd Mayweather VS Conor McGregor, and the rematch of Jon Jones VS Daniel Cormier. We also talk some martial arts history as we often do with Jim. You’ll hear an update of Jim West in his own training as well. You don’t want to miss it. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 264 - Bob Charest, Detachment A  

It’s often said on this podcast that we try to strike a balance between having on A-list guests with major names in the community, and bringing on guys with incredible stories that we’ve tracked down and that you’ve almost certainly never heard from before. Bob Charest most definitely fits that second category, and his time in Detachment A is fascinating. Up until very recently, there was nearly no information to be found on the Special Forces unit in Cold War Germany comprised of American soldiers, and indigenous people in the area even including ex-Nazis. Some of this can be attributed to these men believing in the “silent professional” mantra that is often referred to, but lucky for us, Jack Murphy has a real gift at getting these guys to open up; and with many of them getting older, they feel it’s time to tell their story. Jack has written some fascinating articles on Det A over the span of the past year, and now we get to hear from one of these men first hand on the podcast. We answer your e-mails sent to, keep those coming. Jack also is still pumping out in-depth articles on The Philippines since going to the region, and his latest is “Flashpoint: Marawi and the tug of war between American and Chinese influence in the Philippines.” He tells us all about that article and some of the attitudes he saw in the region toward President Rodrigo Duterte, and the camraderie of American and Filipino military personnel. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 263 - John Stryker Meyer  

Jack Murphy is back in studio, and it’s been nearly a hundred episodes since we’ve heard from our MACV-SOG writer John Stryker Meyer. There is no shortage of things to talk about with John. For one, he has an article out detailing how the current administration has completely ignored the POW/MIA issue and in particular is yet to name a director for the DPAA (Defense Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Accounting Agency) after a year. There are still 1,607 unaccounted for POW/MIAs from the Vietnam War which include 50 Green Berets in Laos. This is an issue that is near and dear to John of course, and he speaks passionately on it. We also talk Operation Tailwind, a 1970 mission in Laos, and the story behind Green Beret Mike Rose‘s heroism in the mission which he is slated to receive the Medal of Honor for. From there we delve into topics of mainstream media dishonesty and its lack of fact checking, as well as a possible future role of women in special operations. We get a voice memo from the great Gene Farnsworth that we play, sent to, talk some breaking news, and even get into the subjects of gun control and the extent as to which the Supreme Court has an impact on the U.S. at large. Let us know where you stand on that. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @SOFREPRadio, we love being interactive with the listeners of the show. Also, make sure to check out both of John’s books, “Across the Fence” and “On the Ground.” He has a third one in the works as well that he lets us know all about. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 262 - Best of Inside the Team Room  

This show, we decided to switch it up, and with all of the great archived audio from Inside the Team Room, I put together a best of with some of your favorite guests to the show, as well as guys we’ve never had on SOFREP Radio. I even threw in a clip of the legendary Chris Kyle from the first ever Inside the Team Room which is no longer available anywhere. Included in here are clips of each of the Inside the Team Rooms which includes Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, SF, and more. Some of the big names you’ll hear on these include Nick Irving, Drago, Mike Ritland, Jason Delgado, Jim West, and so many more. Sirius XM host Andrew Wilkow even made an appearance as he hosted Inside the Team Room: Green Berets. You can hear the rest of this content on our separate Apple Podcasts feed for Inside the Team Rooms. If you want the video footage of this, we have that as well for SOFREP TV subscribers, and its many hours of kick ass content you’re going to love. So, subscribe to that feed on Apple Podcasts, and be sure to leave a review. We’ll be back next episode with our usual content and have a lineup of great guests coming on as Jack Murphy hosts for the month of July. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 261 - Frumentarius  

SOFREP writer and Navy SEAL Frumentarius is back on with me this episode. We start off with some Q&A from the readers, and then get into some of Fru’s background in the Navy and the CIA, including his family having four former SEALs. We hear about when and where he served as well. We also talk about some of his latest articles including his piece on Navy SEALs facing combat saturation, and his article on the shooting that happened in Alexandria, VA during the GOP’s practice for the Congressional baseball game. He has an interesting take on how personnel should be prepared in these scenarios as former mil, and also as a career firefighter. We know he’s a favorite to the show, so be sure to follow him on Twitter, and to also keep your e-mails coming to Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 260 - Brad Thor  

We have a very special in-studio guest this episode, none other than New York Times best-selling military thriller writer Brad Thor. He has a new book that just came out, “Use of Force,” the latest in the Scot Harvath series. It’s the 16th installment in the series based on the fictitious Navy SEAL character. Brandon Webb praises the book for its attention to detail and highly recommends that you pick it up. We get into the book with Brad, along with how he began his career as a writer, and his feelings on the current happenings under the Presidency of Donald Trump. Thor was an outspoken conservative critic of Trump during the campaign, so we’ll get into if his position has shifted in any way with the election’s outcome. We also talk about the record-breaking kill of an ISIS terrorist made by a Canadian sniper at 2.2. miles out, three of the five longest kill shots pulled off by snipers are currently held by Canadian military members. We get into the latest undercover video from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas which is footage of CNN Supervising Producer John Bonifield admitting that the ties of President Trump to Russia are “mostly bullshit.” We talk about finding inspiration during times of adversity, and with that, also give out a Throat Punch of the Week. Enjoy! Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 259 - Alex Hollings & Derek Gannon  

A lot of you seemed to enjoy SOFREP writer and Marine Alex Hollings’ first appearance on the show, so we decided to bring him back. First order of business though, Derek Gannon hops on, Green Beret and our go-to expert on Africa for an important update on the deadly car bombing that took place outside of a police station in Mogadishu. Derek gets in-depth with what’s happening in the region as always, getting into the details that the mainstream media won’t tell you. Alex covers some other major news including the continued unstable relations between the U.S. and Russia, as well as Oliver Stone‘s nauseating praise of Vladimir Putin as he promotes his four-hour documentary. We also talk about the current and more scary combat techniques of ISIS. Alex is writing great material for the site every day, so keep an eye out for his work, and be sure to follow his Facebook page for his latest updates. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 258 - Clint Emerson & Jason Delgado  

Everyone loves hearing from Jason Delgado, and he’s back in studio to co-host Episode 258. We talk about his upcoming book “Bounty Hunter 4/3: My Life in Combat from Marine Scout Sniper to MARSOC” which many in our audience are patiently awaiting. He also talks about his beef with Hot 97 in New York City when they get political, and the negative impact that he sees it having. Our guest is Navy SEAL Clint Emerson, author of “100 Deadly Skills,” and we talk about foreign policy, including what retaliatory measures can be taken against Kim Jong-un’s North Korea, in light of the death of Otto Warmbier. We also talk about U.S. relations with Saudi Arabia, something Clint is very familiar with from growing up in the region. And of course, we also get into Clint’s specialty, staying safe in an emergency situation; he always has some valuable straight talk and tips. Members of Crate Club, you’ll also be excited to hear that a limited edition signed print with some of the artwork from “100 Deadly Skills” will be included in a future crate. These look BADASS, and will definitely be something you’ll want to frame and put up on your wall, be it your room, man cave, or office. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 257 - U.S. Marines Alex Hollings & Drew Dwyer  

I figured no better way to kick off this episode than with C.J. Ramone‘s “Grunt” when you have Drew Dwyer hosting this show with fellow Devil Dog and SOFREP writer Alex Hollings as our guest. We start off this episode with what Drew’s been working on for Crate Club, then get into the insanity that took place at the Congressional baseball practice for the Republicans, resulting in the shooting of Representative Steve Scalise. We go on to cover the release of University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier from North Korea back to the U.S. in a coma, and how this is all going on while Dennis Rodman is in the region cozying up to dictator Kim Jong Un. Alex and Drew get into their time in the Marines, and what has changed in the nearly ten-year gap from when Drew left to when Alex joined. With Alex’s interest and personal history in combat sports, we also talk the upcoming Conor McGregor VS Floyd Mayweather boxing match. Alex wraps up with some work he’s been doing on how pop culture has influenced America’s perception and policy over the past several decades. Make sure to keep an eye on Alex’s work. We enjoyed having him on, we’ll have him back soon, and every day he is pumping out stellar articles for the site. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 256 - Robert O'Neill, SEAL Team 6 UBL shooter  

For the first time ever, Robert O’Neill, best known for Operation Neptune Spear, the raid which resulted in the killing of Osama Bin Laden sits down with fellow SEAL Brandon Webb for an exclusive in studio interview. We get into everything with Rob from his wanting to join the Marines and being swayed by a recruiter to join the SEALs despite a lack of any background in swimming, to his involvement in Operation Red Wings which helped to save Marcus Luttrell as told in “Lone Survivor.” Of course we also hear the details of what went through Rob’s head before, during, and after the Bin Laden raid, and some of the zen warrior focus one must have in these moments of extreme tension. Rob’s memoir which details all this is out now, it’s titled “The Operator: Firing the Shots that Killed Osama bin Laden and My Years as a SEAL Team Warrior.” It’s a great book, we highly encourage you to pick it up, and it’s getting stellar reviews as well as being a New York Times best seller. Rob also co-founded a charity called Your Grateful Nation which helps veterans to transition out of the military and into corporate America. It was a real honor sitting down with Rob for this, and we really enjoyed getting to know him and what drives him to keep doing great work. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 255 - Japanese adventures with The Odyssean  

We pack a lot into this members show hosted by Brandon Webb. Starting off, Jason Delgado hops back on to recap his experience flying over New York City with Brandon Webb behind the controls. Then, a favorite of the show, Navy SEAL Mike Ritland lets loose about the recent Comey testimony, and how he’d handle things if he were in Congress. Most importantly, we bring back on a favorite of the show, The Odyssean and talk everything from Asian territorial disputes to traditional Japanese cuisine. Brandon has T.O. tell the story behind a favorite article written by him from years back, “Behind the Japanese Mafia: Dinner with a Yakuza Mob Boss.” This, you do not want to miss. Last, we talk about an upcoming feature on the site, movie reviews from a veteran perspective where we’ll have our writers give their take on Hollywood war films. Where they got it right, where they went wrong, and specifically which parts of the film from dialogue to action sequences were either realistic or unrealistic. You’ll hear which war movies Brandon and T.O. thought hit the mark, and which missed the target. We are now on Instagram as well, so be sure to give us a follow @SOFREPRadio. You’ll see all the great behind the scenes photos and video of what goes on inside the studio. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 254 - U.K. terrorism and liberal Trump hysteria  

A favorite of the show, Marine Scout Sniper Jason Delgado joins Brandon Webb in studio, and although we have a lot of fun, we touch on some very important subjects. These include tips on staying safe after the events in the U.K. from Manchester to London Bridge, more classified leaks being released, and some of the liberal hysteria over every move made by the Trump administration. We answer your e-mails sent to, and we’ve been receiving some great questions thanks to you all. Delgado’s new book is “Bounty Hunter 4/3: My Life in Combat from Marine Scout Sniper to MARSOC” and it comes out October 3rd. We urge you all to pre-order though, as Jason has been someone we’ve been behind for a few years now and want to see him have continued success. We hear a story from the book that you’ll love, and have another great Throat Punch of the Week to hand out. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 253 - Brigadier General A.J. Tata  

For the first time, we're giving all of you listening to the show on Apple Podcasts and elsewhere, a sample of the second show members are getting each week. We hope that you come on board at where you'll get two shows a week in their entirety ad free before everyone else listening, plus full access to our archive. That includes great guests from the past like Buzz Aldrin, Oliver North, Dana Perino, and many more. With that out of the way, Brandon and I really enjoyed having military fiction author and Brigadier General A.J. Tata, who goes by Tony, in studio with us. His latest book is “Besieged” and it’s the third book in the Jake Mahegan series. It’s out now, and Tony gives us the inspiration behind the book and Mahegan, the protagonist of the series, who is a Delta Force operator. We also get the General’s perspective on combating Islamic terror after the recent attack on Manchester in the U.K. Kathy Griffin gets our weekly throat punch, and Brandon reacts to the Tiger Woods arrest. It’s all on this edition of SOFREP Radio.

Ep. 252 - Scott Mann, Erwin Stran  

Two great guests join us in this show as Jack Murphy hosts with me, Scott Mann and Erwin Stran. We start off however with some news, a Gene Farnsworth voice memo sent to, and some reflection on the importance of Memorial Day and our fallen heroes. You’ll hear us pay respects to some warriors you may know and may even remember. Our first guest, Scott Mann, is a former Green Beret Lieutenant Colonel, and his latest book is “Mission America: Straight Talk About Military Transition.” He actually joined Brandon and me way back on Episode 163 if you want to check out our members’ archive, so it’s definitely been a while since we heard from Scott. This time we get into the topics of military members transitioning to the civilian world (the topic of his book) and some of the tactics that Green Berets have employed over many years that have been proven effective. After that is Erwin Stran, a veteran of the Army who went on to volunteer with the Kurds in the fight against ISIS. He is currently in the final stages of self-publishing his book “CAB Hunter” which will be out in the next few days, (C.A.B. is an acronym for Combat Action Badge.) We get his on the ground perspective in the fight against ISIS based on his real world experience. Last year, SOFREP author Kurt T got to interview Erwin for the piece “American in the Peshmerga recounts firefights with ISIS” if you want to check that out as well. Get all new shows in their entirety ad free, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts, only at

Ep. 251 - Kris Paronto, Army Ranger & Benghazi survivor  

First thing we start Episode 251 off with is the terrorist attack in Manchester, U.K. at Ariana Grande’s concert on May 22nd. Jack Murphy asks, who exactly is ISIS? The question may seem peculiar, but with the number of terrorists claiming allegiance to the group and the lack of organization in some aspects, it’s something that needs to be addressed. The conversation then goes into the U.S. and global strategies of counter-terrorism, and some of the hypocrisies with who Western nations form alliances with in the Middle East. We also see what new e-mails are being sent to, so please keep the questions and voice memos coming. Our in-studio guest this show is Kris Paronto, you may know him as “Tanto” if you watched or read “13 Hours.” His latest book, “The Ranger Way: Living the Code On and Off the Battlefield” is deeply honest and personal, and gets into the darker aspects of Kris’s life including his failures in the army, his struggles with post traumatic stress, suicidal thoughts, and of course what he experienced in Benghazi, Libya. However, Kris does see the light at the end of the tunnel through his Christian faith, passion for fitness, and fellow Rangers, he now is living with a much more positive mind state and is having great success. We strongly suggest you pick up the book, and also check out the accompanying video he put out through Panteao Productions. As always, we ask you to leave us a review on Apple Podcasts whether you listen through there or are already a member, support our amazing sponsors, and also follow our brand new Instagram account @SOFREPRadio. Get bonus shows, early access to episodes, and our full archive of podcasts ad free, only at

Ep. 250 - Nick "The Reaper" Irving, Army Ranger sniper  

Nick Irving is a New York Times best-selling author, a star on network television shows like “American Grit,” an entrepreneur, and considered a legend by many in the Special Operations community for his remarkable service as an Army Ranger. It didn’t come easy though, and the success came through a lot of trial and error, including some major missteps early on. For the first time on SOFREP Radio, Nick gets into the story behind all of this with Jack Murphy, and the formula he used to keep moving forward to where he is now, while still remaining the down to earth guy that his fellow Rangers remember him to be. We talk about the movie “The Wall” he got to take part in with his friend John Cena, his latest book “Way of the Reaper: My Greatest Untold Missions and the Art of Being a Sniper,” updates on his Jay-Z produced show for NBC “The Reaper,” and all the other projects he is working on. We also cover some news, and Jack Murphy gives his take on evidence of Assad’s war crimes in Syria. We get into the latest with Russia and North Korea as well. Your e-mails sent to are answered, including an anticipated new voice memo from our friend Gene Farnsworth. Don’t miss it, and whether you’re a member to or not, we want to see more reviews coming from you the listeners on Apple Podcasts, that’s an order! Get bonus episodes, early access to all new episodes, as well as our full archive only at

Ep. 249 - Matt Larsen & Jim West  

While Jack Murphy is on his way back from South Korea, two favorites of the show are back for a part two of their talk, Matt Larsen and Jim West dig deep into their expertise in martial arts. For those who haven’t checked out their previous episode or aren’t familiar with their backgrounds, Jim is former Special Forces, Matt who owns Matt Larsen’s Combat Fitness Center in Springfield, Virginia is a former Marine and Army Ranger, and these men have decades of experience in the martial arts field. You’ll hear stories of bar room brawls, what makes a good martial arts training school, and what they’d suggest for beginners looking into self-defense. We get an update from Jim on the girl he was training, as well as an update on his defense multi-tool The Badger, and also get into e-mail sent to from the listeners. There’s also some tragic news we let you know about regarding recent combat related deaths of American special operators overseas. We hope you guys are digging how these shows are sounding from the new studio in Chelsea, New York. As a direct result, we’ve upped our game on the consistent sound quality! Get bonus episodes, early access to all new episodes, as well as our full archive only at

Ep. 248 - Former CIA operative talks Wikileaks  

We are recording for the first time this episode in our new SOFREP studio location in Chelsea, New York City, and former CIA operative and Marine Drew Dwyer is in the building! We answer your emails sent to, and Drew gets into some of his own combat stories and talks Wikileaks from an inside CIA perspective. Also, being a gear guy (as Crate Club subscribers well know), Drew gives us some recommendations. We check out the latest All That Remains video for “Madness” featuring our friend Kris Paronto, and Drew tells us why “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” was a film that he had a strong positive reaction to. Also, you asked and we delivered: this month, for members only, we started doing two SOFREP Radio episodes a week! Get bonus episodes, early access to all new episodes, as well as our full archive only at

Ep. 247 - Jason Delgado & Kris "Tanto" Paronto  

A lot of people have been writing us for some time now wondering where Marine Scout Sniper and favorite of the show Jason Delgado has been. Well, he’s been doing some contracting, but he’s back in New York getting his book out there, it’s called “Bounty Hunter 4/3: My Life in Combat from Marine Scout Sniper to MARSOC” and it comes out October 3rd. He’s really excited for the SOFREP audience to get their hands on it, and hear some action packed stories that will be told in true Jason Delgado fashion as you can all expect. He’s also tattooing again, so if you’re in the New York metro area and want to get tatted up by a true warrior and great artist, hit him up on Instagram @JDelgadoArte, and he’ll take care of you. In fact, we gave away a Resco watch to our friend and brewery owner Dan Kulick a while back for getting a grenade logo done by Jason, and Brandon says he’ll get the next person to do a piece of SOFREP ink by Jason something on that level. Also back on is another favorite of ours, Kris “Tanto” Paronto and his book is out next month, so make sure to pre-order “The Ranger Way: Living the Code on and Off the Battlefield.” Other topics covered in this episode include watches, transitioning to civilian life, and also as Jason puts it…haterade. We give out a very worthy Throat Punch of the Week that you do not want to miss as well. Starting next week, we’ll be doing two shows a week which has been in high demand for several years now, and that’s an exclusive for members only! We thank you for your continued support. Get early access to all new episodes, as well as full access to our archives of raw, uncut interviews and straight talk with guys from the Special Operations community at

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