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Sound Motives

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Sound Motives is an interview project about musical discovery and creativity. Musicians and producers discuss what has influenced and inspired them, and what continues to push them to create and refine their craft. Sound Motives is where music meets culture.


Sound Motives 3. Mala  

Earlier this summer, I had the chance to speak with Mala, a DJ, producer, promotor and record label owner from south London, who over the last decade, has played a central role in the development of the dubstep scene. Both his own productions as Mala, and those as Digital Mystikz alongside Coki, are sited as some of the key releases that defined those early days of the genre, and his record label, Deep Medi, has catalogued releases from many of the scene's innovators over the past 11 years. His now legendary club night, DMZ, alongside FWD, has played a seminal role in incubating the genre from it's early form through to today. Despite dubstep's ever-morphing progression and partial shift into the mainstream through EDM, Mala has remained true to his own personal vision. He's expanded his horizons, and developed both as an artist and a person through his solo album projects which explore the musical and cultural traditions of other countries, firstly Cuba in 2011, and now Peru, fusing them with his south London sound system-focused productions. In this episode of Sound Motives, we explore Mala's early influences from jungle to Augustus Pablo, his perspectives on the emergence of dubstep, his relationship with the dance floor and club culture, and how the future looks.

Sound Motives 2. Kenton Slash Demon (WAA Industry/Future Classic/Tartelet)  

In June, I had the opportunity to speak with Silas Moldenhawer, better known as one half of Danish electronic production duo, Kenton Slash Demon. Having first discovered them back in 2010 through their Tartelet Records releases, and later, as part of When Saints Go Machine, these Copenhagen producers were at the top of my wish list for the Sound Motives project right from the beginning. In episode 2, Silas discusses how the group came about, their early musical influences, and the artists that used sampling in ways that have inspired their work... whilst also touching on the Compenhagen scene, the pressures of expectation, and how he feels about having his work remixed. Along the way, there are some fascinating 'Sound Sources' including Steve Reich, Axel Boman, the Dubsided label and art collective Dark Matters. Sky Dancer is out now on Future Classic Waa Industry, with more releases coming soon. Enjoy!

Sound Motives 1. Shigeto (Ghostly International)  

On episode one of Sound Motives, drummer, producer, and Ghostly International recording artist, Zac 'Shigeto' Saginaw talks about what influences have shaped his sound, discussing his hometown of Ann Arbor, and his experiences growing up near Detroit. He talks about his musical beginnings, the challenges involved in performing live as an electronic artist, and the dangers of getting sick of your own work. These discussions are framed around 'Sound Sources' from Shigeto's upbringing; tracks and influences which have shaped his musical journey so far, alongside productions of his own.

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