Soundproof - ABC Radio National

Soundproof - ABC Radio National


Bend the rules with Soundproof – art for your ears.


Ancient voices in mind  

A small monastery of friars learn to sing ancient Dominican chanting and an audio exercise that taps into your autonomic nervous system.

We still love you Descartes  

Sometimes no fixed position is better. A radio instructional that uses images created by your mind to connect with your body and Aboriginal ghost spirits brought into the light.

Sorry, no bear today...  

No translation. No voice over. Navigate Europe's highest peaks with a sound journey.

Radio Yak: Vicki Bennett  

Collage artist, Vicki Bennett and/or People Like Us curates music, film and radio from the sublime to the irresistibly ridiculous

Remix the Senate  

Politics in and on the playground

Phantom Opera  

Sydney's big icon makes some small sounds, and if you listen closely you might even hear a ghost or two.

Murderess in the clink  

Settle in for the ghoulish tale of the Brunswick baby farming murderess, Frances Knorr.

Medical drama  

What happens in the operating theatre after you're put to sleep?


Let's get our ears dirty.

Ear's a thought...  

So ear, have you ever thought about what it sounds like inside that head you're attached to?

From the womb to Waitangi  

Life after Life. From Riga with Love. Yidaki by the Yarra. From The Vault: A Haka for Waitangi.

Distilled sound  

You can hear what it's made of. Noise is Power: Carillon Request Line. From The Vault: Containers. Finke 2006.

Ghosts of the streets  

City streets haunted by ghosts, some we see and some we don't.

A cloud is never just a cloud  

Clouds in the sky shapeshift into wombats, fish or ponies, bush flies transform into helicopters and a Babylonian King falls from grace and is captured in paint, then sound.

Radio Yak: Kenneth Goldsmith  

We use and misuse language with Kenneth Goldsmith, the man behind the largest online database of avant-garde works. From Samuel Beckett's radio plays to Hollis Frampton's films, if it's art on the peripheries, it'll be on UbuWeb.

Breathing through the noise  

Breathing to Sleep. Noise is Power: The Psychic Driver. From The Vault: Body, Space and Void .

Songs of wetlands  

Inside Outside. From the Vault: Reptiles and Wildfire.

The Madness of Things  

The Madness of the Documentarist. From the Vault: Things Change, Things Remain The Same.

Moving homes and portable toilets  

Moving Homes. Portaloo Symphony.

Sound portraits of home  

Home Is Where the Heart Is. From The Vault: Sound Portraits.

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