Soundproof - ABC Radio National

Soundproof - ABC Radio National


Bend the rules with Soundproof – art for your ears.



So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu.

A constellation of our kind of musics  

The line between words and music is hard to draw, so is the line between the everyday sounds around you and music. In fact, we'd say there's no line at all.

Under the skin  

We peel back a layer and get under the skin of scientists, unusual love stories, a new city rising up from the dust... and Arthur Boyd's paintings.

Sound preservation exploration  

In Prototype Days: sounds and stories from the Sound Preservation Association of Tasmania.

Soundproof Summer  

Soundproof kicks off its first summer episode with something old and something new.

Foxes and forests  

We rustle through the underbrush stealthily stalking foxes and surveying sound parks of the world.

An obsolete symphony  

Maudslay Engine. The Cat Piano . Berlioz's Euphonia . Sonic Rupture: Elemental Shapings. Khlebnikov's Radio of The Future .

Soundproof sea shanties  

A gifted fisherman who could see through the waves to the creatures beneath, and the moment just before a tsunami when the earth holds its breath, and the sea comes roaring back.

As sweet as Soundproof  

 Choccies, biccies and lollies at the ready. It's time to snack on Soundproof.

Sound through space and time  

Eyes and ears up, down, looking forward and back.

All ears on Aurora Australis  

Follow the light, find darkness and explore the spaces between.

Turkish starlight  

Ear Drops: Sonic Boundaries. Stagazing for Beginners: Navigation. Return.

Young at heart  

Dancing with butterflies, gazing at the moon and strolling through virtual parks

Sky high  

The sound of the stars, stormy skies and high art.

Radio Yak: Magz Hall  

Magz Hall's work begins where airwaves end. She shares her Radio Yak picks and her vision for the future of radio.

Measuring time in sound  

Timekeeping by insects, the sound of capitalism and biological energy harvesting.

Translations of a different kind  

Human sensations that are impossible to communicate and when Roald Dahl turns up nature to full volume.

Sounding the future, the real life and the imaginary  

Imaginary instruments from literature, life after an illegal border crossing and a cybernoir story with a dangerous choice to be made.

Sound walks  

Sound walks around ancient Cretan city of Hania and a guided tour around the Museum of Imaginary Instruments.

What rubbish!  

An Italian falls completely in love with the words of a South Korean, and composes a serenade using her syllables, diphthongs, plosives and phonemes.

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