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Spark on CBC Radio One Nora Young helps you navigate your digital life by connecting you to fresh ideas in surprising ways.


325: Connected bikes, playground design and more  

The latest in connected bikes. Playing with playground design. The messaging app boom. And, experimenting with guaranteed basic income.

324: Tracking tears, Zero Rating and more...  

Adding tears to the quantified self movement. Finding names for every place. Understanding a big tech purchase. The problem with data-free content. And why the simplest brains are sometimes the best.

323: Video visitations, busting bad behaviour and more  

The impact of video visitation replacing in-person visits at jails and prisons. Fighting sexism in the tech industry. The AI that remade Blade Runner. And, falling in love with a little help from Google Translate.

322: Web Brutalism, millennial interests and more  

Why Brutalism is the hot new trend in web design. What are millennials interested in? And, how to prepare for the inevitable.

321: Life-saving fonts, ransomware cars and more  

The right typeface can be a matter of life and death. How connected cars can be held for ransom. The origins of authority. Reading by ear. And, your phone's secret FM radio.

320: Wake up the brain with sound and more  

Waking up the brain with sound, designing consent into social networks, distracted parenting, and what's the big deal about blockchain?

319: Make better decisions with math and more  

How an algorithm can help you make decisions, the new movie only you will see, dancing with AI, and virtual reality documentary.

318: Embracing boredom, digital hoarding, quantum computing and more  

The value of being bored. Explaining quantum computing. Clearing out our digital basements. Using DNA to store data. A literary use for the Dark Web.

317: inspiration overload, chatbot mania and more  

Why should we care about chatbots? Flushing data down the toilet. Inspiration and aspiration overload. Following mail to understand economics. Fighting patent trolls with nonsense.

316: Autonomous intersections, the Animal Internet and more  

Running with the Grand Theft Auto deer. Autonomous intersections. How we're driven to distraction. Computerized vulture eggs. Animal privacy rights and the animal internet.

315: Social algorithms, healthcare design and more  

Instagram, algorithms and the little guy. Waiting rooms designed with the patient in mind. Raising digital and robotic natives. Bursting the on-demand economy bubble.

314: Viruses, artificial intelligence and more  

A history of viruses, how we present ourselves on social media, and teaching AI through video games and fiction.

313: Virtual reality, actual loneliness and more  

Technology that connects and isolates, the intricacies and unexpected outcomes of robot law, finding high art and compassion in virtual reality, and the "Godmother of VR" on the state of her industry.

312: Growth and the start-up economy, Twitter bot art and more  

Douglas Rushkoff on the failures of the start-up economy, using business tools to run your family, bots that fill your feed with art, owning your own medical data, and our tendency to trust robots.

311: Unscrambling encryption, history in 3D and more  

Why encryption matters, preserving historical sites and artifacts in 3D, mapping the sound of Byzantine churches, and how to ethically share data.

310: The changing entertainment media landscape, the psychology of risk, and more  

How our media consumption is changing and the challenges for Canadian programming, a look at how artists and opportunists are gaming Spotify to make a few dollars, and how the safety of modern vehicles may actually make us riskier.

309: Connected meds, futuristic camping and more  

Designs that challenge traditional camping, modern survival guides in a fire-powered rock, the digitization of medicine, a punctured eardrum simulator and punctuation art.

308: Designing for focus, understanding sarcasm, and more  

An algorithm that detects sarcasm, certifications for time well spent, what distinguishes an accessory from an assistive technology, how sex workers use technology to stay safe, and the tech refugees use on their journey.

307: Snitching, stealing, exclusions and more  

This time around, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. What data reveals and conceals.

306: Dumpling emoji, data anxiety, daydreaming and more  

The evolution of the emoji, the art of creativity, anxiety in the age of the quantified self, and who pays for the free internet?

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