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Connecting people through true stories. Listen to stories taken from Spark's storytelling nights across the UK, incorporating our regular nights in London, Preston, Bristol, collaborations and specials. Like what you hear? Come to an event for the full experience - full details at


Surprises - Beth, Joe & Joe  

Three true stories told live in the UK, this time at our most recent open mic at the Brixton Ritzy. Remember that surprise party you planned, where the guest of honour never showed up? Or perhaps you realised at the worst imaginable time that you were going to be a parent: surprise!? Beth, Joe and Joe bring their own tales to the stage. Thanks to Meabh for the recording and to Charley for hosting. The live producer was Christina Friis and the podcast producer is Matt Hill of Rethink Audio.

Stuck - Krishan & Raphael  

Two more true stories of the kindness of strangers. Krishan discovers his mother unconscious, locked in the car. But who will help a fifteen year old in a hoodie break in? Then, Raphael is trapped in an elevator following an earthquake, with only the emergency operator for company. Thanks for Humans of Greater London for choosing this month's theme and to the huge team of volunteers that make Spark happen every week. Check out our latest shows at

The Kindness of Strangers - Naqi  

True stories told live in venues across the UK. Naqi is visually impaired, which leads him to encounter all sorts of strangers as he navigates the London Underground network. Thanks to Humans of London for co-hosting this night at the Exmouth Market Theatre, and to Charley Harrison, Meabh Ritchie and Joanna Yates for supporting our storytellers. Spark - True Stories is produced by Matt Hill for Rethink Audio. Subscribe and never miss another episode:

Intelligent Design - David  

Connecting people through true stories. David told this story at our open mic at the Ritzy in Brixton, when the theme was 'Strangers.' Thanks to Christina Friis who produced this night and to Meabh Ritchie for recording the stories. For more episodes, and to attend a live night, be sure to check out our website:

Parting - Catherine & Alison  

True stories, as told live on stages across the UK. To say goodbye to something familiar can be heartbreaking, difficult and scary. Most of the times however, something new tends to happen, and we realise that the parting wasn’t a goodbye, but a hello to something new. The question is: what happened next?

More First Dates - Anna & Michael  

True stories told across the UK. Two more stories of 'First Dates' taken from the open mic we held in January 2016. In the first story, Anna is accused of discreetly shooting a porn movie. Then, Michael has an idea that involves cherries. If you like our show, help spread the word: go to and leave us a review. Thanks for listening!

Unbecoming - Lachlan & Marie  

WARNING: contains strong sex references Two true stories from our new night in Glasgow, where the theme was Unbecoming. Lachlan is MCing a charity event, but gets sidetracked by an unwelcome tweet. Then, Marie is looking forward to her boyfriend's birthday treat.

Short But Sweet - Layla  

Connecting people through true stories. Layla is about to go on her first lesbian date - but is she thoroughly prepared? From March 2016.

REBROADCAST: Balls - Vanessa  

True stories told live in the UK. Vanessa is not your typical electrician – as she is constantly reminded in this tale from June 2010, where the theme was Animal Magnetism. Thanks to the Blue Elephant Theatre in Camberwell, who hosted us for a week to tell lots of stories. Check them out in our back catalogue...

More First Dates - Anna & Michael  

True stories told across the UK. Two more stories of 'First Dates', taken from the open mic we held in January 2016. In the first story, Anna is accused of discreetly shooting a porn movie. Then, Michael has an idea that involves cherries. If you like our show, help spread the word - go to and leave us a review. Thanks for listening!

REBROADCAST: On The Dole - Sarah  

True stories told live across the UK. We found this story in our London archives, and felt the need to share it with you again. Back in 2011, Sarah found herself in the local job centre, facing down her support worker, Miss Hurst...

Escape II - A Refuaid Special  

Part two of our special in aid of the charity Refugee Aid (Refuaid). Today, Spark regular Julie, herself a refugee from two countries, tells how she escaped Hungary and then Romania during the twentieth century. Later, aid worker Pru tells us what life is like for refugees today, as she experienced working in the Calais camp known as 'The Jungle.' If you can spare a fiver, a tenner, to help our chosen charity, please pledge at Thank you. We'll be taking a short break over Easter - stay subscribed to get new episodes as soon as they're launched!

Escape - a Refuaid special - true stories live  

London's longest running true story night has gathered stories connected with the current refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe. From refugees recently arrived in London to aid workers working in camps from Calais to Lesvos, you'll hear unflinchingly honest accounts of being on the front line of this unfolding humanitarian disaster. This show raised money for Refuaid. To donate as a Spark listener, please go to

Lost at Sea - Cathy & Chaylene  

Two stories from two recent separate events, with different themes... but still managed to be about the dangers of the coastline. In the first story, Cathy's walk across the clifftop ends in disaster. Then, Chaylene has trouble off the shore of Cameroon. Thanks to the producers and presenters of our Exmouth Market and Brixton Ritzy nights, without whom these recordings wouldn't be possible: Hannah Ratcliffe, Charley Harrison and Christina Friis. Spark - True Stories is a Rethink Audio production. For more episodes, go to

Centre of Attention - Alfie, Dara & Richard - Spark True Stories Live  

We’ve all known the feeling: being the centre of attention can feel great – or it can make you want to curl up and disappear. Are you the kind of person who must be the centre of attention at all times? Or do you hate it when all eyes are on you? This week we celebrate all of the above, with three true stories told at our most recent night in Hackney.

First Dates - a Spark Encore / Romantic Misadventures special  

CONTENT WARNING: strong sex references. For all the single ladies and gentlemen out there, here's our antidote to the mushiest time of year: four stories of terrible first dates, courtesy of the wonderful night we hosted recently with Romantic Misadventures. Charley Harrison is joined by Kit Lovelace to regale you with horrific tales of finding love or a one night stand. Thanks to Nell, Brie, and Duncan for sharing their stories, as well as the fantastic audience at the Exmouth Market Theatre. Romantic Misadventures is a monthly night in Dalston, east London, which you should really check out. Details here: Spark - True Stories is produced by Matt Hill for Rethink Audio, with an incredible bunch of volunteers at Spark nights across the UK. To find out more, or to set up your own Spark night in your town, head to

Life in Leros - Kirby  

We don't make a habit of bringing you stories from the same people, but on this occasion we've made an exception: this is Kirby (who we featured last year) on her most recent trip to support a refugee camp on the Greek island of Leros. We'll be hosting a night of stories from those connected to the refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe on the 25th February, with stories from both aid workers and refugees now living in London. Please join us - all proceeds to two refugee charities - full details at

Resolutions - TJ & Richard  

Ever made a promise you couldn’t keep? The turning of the calendar invites refreshed perspectives and hopeful dreams; it calls for something different and the anticipation of a new beginning. But how do we make sure we keep the promises to ourselves we swore to honor, and what can we expect from this turning of time? On today's podcast, we present two stories from our open mic in Hackney, where this month we told tales of 'Resolutions.'

Spark’s Eighth Birthday Spectacular (Pt. 2)  

Sofie Hagen was our guest of honour at our birthday celebrations last month - here she tells her first true story for Spark. Then, audience member Andre steps onto the stage to share his story 'sparked' by what he's heard that evening. For more stories from this night, check out our podcast feed - where you can also find over 180 other true stories. Thanks to Charley Harrison for hosting our special night - and to you for listening.

Spark's Eighth Birthday Spectacular (Pt. 1)  

Since December 2007, Spark has hosted hundreds of nights, featuring thousands of true stories, podcasting to hundreds of thousands of listeners - all from regular people like you. At our recent birthday spectacular THERE WAS NO THEME and no running order; every story was 'sparked' by something we've just heard, in some sort of open-mic verbal relay race. Confused? So were we. Did it work? Have a listen to part one and find out...

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