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Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock team up for the Speak For Yourself podcast, featuring the best discussions from their television show (weekdays at 6pm ET on FS1) with original commentary and opinion from Jason McIntyre.


4/21/17 - LeBron makes history & Westbrook's leadership  

LeBron's big night, the Cavs' route to the NBA Finals, the Cowboys' schedule, Russell Westbrook's leadership, and the Celtics' playoff chances headline today's show. Colin, Doug Gottlieb, Eddie House, and Chris Broussard all debate the day in sports.

4/20/17 - Westbrook's big loss & LeBron and the Cavs  

Russell Westbrook's 4th quarter, Kevin Durant, L.A. Lakers, LeBron and the Cavs, and Lane Kiffin headline today's show. Jason, Chris Broussard, and Doug Gottlieb all debate the day in sports.

4/19/17 - Aaron Hernandez's death & Brady's absence from The White House  

Aaron Hernandez's death, the Celtics' failures, Brady's absence from The White House, Russell Westbrook's leadership, and Christian McCaffrey vs. Leonard Fournette headline today's show. Colin, Jason, Joel Klatt, and Chris Broussard debate the day in sports.

4/18/17 - LeBron vs. Paul George & Eli Manning's scandal  

Paul George's leadership, the Clippers' future, NCAA athletes, LeBron's playoff performances, and Eli Manning's possible punishment headline the show. Colin, Jason, Doug Gottlieb, and Cris Carter debate the day in sports.

4/17/17 - LeBron & Cavs survive & Westbrook vs. Harden  

LeBron's close call, Draymond Green's big game, Harden vs. Westbrook, Isaiah Thomas' decision, and the Clippers future headline the show. Colin, Jason, Doug Gottlieb, Cris Carter, and Kenyon Martin debate the day in sports.

4/14/17 - LeBron vs. Jordan + Eli's scandal + Carmelo vs. Phil  

LeBron vs. Jordan, the Warriors' title hopes, Ben Roethlisberger's legacy, and the New York Knicks' future dominate today's show. Jason, Chris Broussard and Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier headline the show.

4/13/17 - Westbrook's MVP endorsement & Kobe's final game  

LeBron & the Cavs playoff chances, Kobe’s “embarrassing” final game, Marshawn Lynch’s future and Michael Jordan’s endorsement of Russell Westbrook headline the show. Chris Broussard also joins the show to discuss who is a bigger problem for the Knicks – Phil Jackson or Carmelo Anthony?

4/12/17 - Tony Romo becomes a Maverick & Melo to the Hall of Fame?  

Colin and Jason discuss Tony Romo's night as a Dallas Maverick and Richard Sherman's future in Seattle. Fox Sports NBA Analyst Chris Broussard joins the show to make the Hall of Fame case for Carmelo Anthony and if the NBA season is too long.

4/11/17 - Steph Curry vs. LeBron & Dez Bryant on Instagram  

LeBron losing three straight games is the news of the day as Whitlock predicts trouble for the Cavs. Fox Sports NBA Analyst Chris Broussard joins the show to talk about Kevin Durant, the expectations for the NBA Finals and the disdain for Steph Curry. Plus, the panel discusses the controversial Instagram post from Dez Bryant.

4/10/17 - Westbrook for MVP & Cavs to sit their stars  

Russell Westbrook’s MVP bid dominates the show. Fox Sports NBA Analyst Chris Broussard explains why the Cavs could be giving up the 1 seed. Plus, the fellas debate Sergio Garcia's win and what it means for golf and why Tony Romo may not stay retired.

4/06/17 - LeBron vs. Jordan & Cavs vs. Warrriors  

Colin and Jason discuss what last night's Cavs victory means for the NBA playoffs and former NBA champ Eddie House joins to discuss LeBron vs. Jordan. Plus, Hall of Famer Cris Carter talks Richard Sherman trade rumors and the Raiders.

4/05/17 - Westbrook vs. Harden + Tony Romo the broadcaster  

Colin and Jason discuss the length of the NBA season and if LeBron should take a stance for his fellow players. Fox NBA Analyst Chris Broussard joins to discuss Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook's MVP chances. Plus, Tony Romo’s transition to the broadcasting world and Richard Sherman trade rumors.

4/04/17 - Romo to retire + Roy Williams cements his legacy  

Tony Romo's retirement is the biggest topic of the day and Colin tells you why he made the right call. The fellas dive into whether Romo will be more successful in the booth than on the field, Jerry Jones’ role in this decision and how this impacts the NFC. Finally, the guys discuss UNC’s latest title and what it means for Roy Williams.

4/03/17 - UNC vs. Gongzaga & LeBron's latest drama  

LeBron's public feud with Tristan Thompson and the latest controversy surrounding Steph Curry and the Warriors headline today’s show. The fellas also discuss how Patrick Ewing can be successful at Georgetown and why UNC has the edge against Gonzaga. Finally, Cris Carter tells you what Jerry Jones’ latest move means for Tony Romo.

3/31/17 - LeBron loses again + Kirk Cousins future + Roy Williams vs. Coach K  

LeBron and the Cavs lose again but Colin & Chris Broussard are not worried. Whitlock argues Roy Williams is inching closer to Coach K and Pro Football Hall of Famer Cris Carter shares a personal free agency story to explain the Kirk Cousin situation in Washington.

3/30/17 - Westbrook drops 57 & Richard Sherman drama  

Steph Curry & the Warriors crush the Spurs and Colin wants back in the Curry Fan Club. Meanwhile Russell Westbrook's record-breaking performance splits the panel on who's the NBA MVP. Former Super Bowl Champion Eric Davis shares a personal Pete Carroll story and Hall of Famer Cris Carter believes the LeBron James criticism is accurate.

3/29/17 - Tony Romo's future + Lonzo and LaVar Ball  

Jerry Jones offers a timetable for Tony Romo and Whitlock believes this is a great move for the Cowboys. Meanwhile, Colin suggests the Kevin Durant injury will hurt the Warriors down the road. Finally, Hall of Famer Cris Carter defends John Calipari and the fellas discuss LaVar's impact on Lonzo Ball.

3/28/17 - LeBron & Cavs struggle + Romo upset with Cowboys  

LeBron and the Cavs get blown out by the Spurs but Colin reminds us not to bet against King James. Jim Jackson is here to discuss what motivates Russell Westbrook. Finally, Whitlock warns the Raiders about their move to Las Vegas and Cris Carter offers some “tough talk” about Tony Romo & the Cowboys.

3/27/17 - Raiders to Vegas & UNC and Kentucky breakdown  

College basketball dominates the show as Colin offers a unique theory about the NCAA Tournament television ratings. The Raiders get the NFL owners approval for a Las Vegas relocation and Whitlock suggests it will improve their brand. Former NBA All-Star Kenyon Martin believes "one and dones" are not good for the NCAA or the NBA, but Hall of Famer Cris Carter defends John Calipari and Kentucky. Plus, LeBron goes to Twitter to send a powerful message.

3/23/17 - College Basketball heats up + LeBron speaks up and LaVar speaks out  

Whitlock thinks LeBron needs to adjust his mindset for the playoffs. Gus Johnson says the word on the street is that we don't know if LaVar's other kids will live up to Lonzo. Colin thinks Calipari is missing something and he'll tell us what. Plus Manziel could be making his worst decision yet. Speaking of bad decisions, keep listening to hear what Georgetown just did.

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