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Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock team up for the Speak For Yourself podcast, featuring the best discussions from their television show (weekdays at 6pm ET on FS1) with original commentary and opinion from Jason McIntyre.


12/8/16 - Can the Raiders win in Kansas City & OBJ overreacting?  

Lombardi calls out the New York Giants for letting Odell Beckham Jr. have too big of influence on decision making within the organization. Whitlock strongly believes Lane Kiffin should have more head coaching jobs besides Houston. Michael and Jason debate if Tom Brady will have extra motivation Monday against the Ravens. Whitlock goes one-on-one with Fox Sports Soccer Analyst Alexi Lalas to preview the MLS Cup. Also, NBA Analyst Chris Broussard comes to the studio to talk LeBron's performance at Madison Square Garden and the internal problems with the Clippers.

12/7/16 -Dak & Ezekiel step out + LeBron vs. Phil Jackson + Dana White on Conor McGregor  

The fellas debate whether Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott made a mistake with their actions off the field. Meanwhile, Whitlock makes the case that Cam Newton is disrespecting his teammates. The LeBron vs. Phil Jackson controversy continues, while UFC President Dana White talks Ronda Rousey how 50 Cent could help make Mayweather vs McGregor actually happen.

12/6/16 - Problem with Cam Newton + Russell Westbrook's historic season  

Whitlock makes the case that Cam Newton does not love football the way Nick Saban and Tom Brady do. The fellas discuss why the Cowboys could start Tony Romo if they clinch home field advantage. Plus, former head coach Eric Mangini stops by to talk about the effort last night displayed by the New York Jets. Finally, Fox Sports NBA Analyst Chris Broussard jumps in the debate to put Russell Westbrook's season in perspective.

12/5/16 - What the CFP Selection Committee got wrong + Cam gets benched  

Whitlock suggests after looking at their defense, the Chiefs are the scariest team in the AFC. Colin tells you why the Rams may have made a mistake by coming to Los Angeles. Also, the guys weigh in on the College Football Playoff and don’t see eye to eye which teams deserved selection. Whitlock sits down with 4-time Pro Bowl cornerback Antonio Cromartie to discuss his football career and some of the misconceptions about his private life. Also, former NFL GM Michael Lombardi drops by to discuss the wild AFC - including the top-seeded Raiders - and explains how the Patriots are prepping for the playoffs in New England.

12/2/16 - Lombardi talks Gronk injury + Tiger goes low + Eric Dickerson on Jeff Fisher  

Michael Lombardi tells you what Bill Belichick will do without Gronkowski, while Colin has some harsh words for Cam Newton. The guys also debate Alabama being at least a touchdown favorite over every other top-4 College Football Playoff team. Plus, ahead of tonight's Pac-12 Championship, Colin talks to Heisman trophy winner Matt Leinart. Also, Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson is in studio to address his controversy with Rams head coach Jeff Fisher, giving a behind the scenes meeting he had with a Rams executive about the future of the team.

12/1/16 - McGregor vs. Mayweather + Patriots still AFC favorites without Gronk?  

Whitlock predicts Dak Prescott and the Cowboys will roll tonight in Minnesota and it will be over before the 4th quarter. Colin shakes off the Rob Gronkowski injury and says the Patriots should still be the AFC favorite, while Jason is betting on the Chiefs. The guys react to the news of UFC star Conor McGregor acquiring a boxing license and Tiger Woods’ up and down return to competitive golf. Plus, Whitlock sits down with Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon for his take on Dak Prescott, and Ray Lewis is here to talk Clay Matthews, Darrelle Revis, and Michael Irvin’s comments about the Cowboys.

11/30/16 - Clippers lost due to Doc Rivers + Ray Lewis talks about Joe Flacco  

Colin isn't entertained by Russell Westbrook. Whitlock says college football teams should be required to win their conference to make playoffs. Chris Broussard blames the Clippers loss to the Nets on Doc Rivers. Ray Lewis joins the show to talk about his relationship with Joe Flacco. Plus should the Rams keep Jeff Fisher?

11/29/16 - Is Aaron Rodgers back to being himself and is Ohio State a lock for College Football Playoff?  

Colin turns to politics to make his case in the Dak vs Wentz debate. Jason doubles down on his firm belief that the College Football Playoff has done more harm than good for the sport. The guys are joined by Super Bowl champion John Lynch to discuss the issues with the Arizona Cardinals and the Tony Romo to Denver rumors. Also, Whitlock goes one-on-one with former Buckeye and College Footall Hall of Famer Chris Spielman to discuss the officiating in the Ohio State - Michigan game.

11/28/16 – Michigan, OSU Aftermath: Who is to blame, Jim Harbaugh or the officials?  

Jim Harbaugh slams the officiating following Michigan’s loss to Ohio State. LSU makes a head-scratching coaching decision hiring Ed Orgeron as head coach. Cam Newton's brutal season continued Sunday in Oakland. The Raiders overcame injury and a late Panther’s rally to get the win, are they the best team in the AFC West? Tom Brady led the Patriots to a comeback win vs the Jets, should they still be the Super Bowl favorite? Plus, former NFL GM Michael Lombardi and FOX Sports football expert Mike Pereira are here.

11/23/16 – Redskins vs. Cowboys + Ohio State vs. Michigan  

Colin and Jason weigh in on the reignited rivalry between the Redskins and the Cowboys. Also, why would a win over the Buckeyes be extra special for Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, and Colin tells you why USC should be in the College Football Playoff. Plus, NFL on FOX star Jimmy Johnson sits down with Whitlock to compare these Dallas Cowboys to his championship teams. Finally, former NFL head coach Eric Mangini comes to the studio to predict if the Steelers might be looking at a letdown and former NFL GM Michael Lombardi tells us if Matthew Stafford is a good bet against the Vikings.

11/22/16 - Trouble at Notre Dame + How far can the Raiders go?  

Jason Whitlock argues why Kirk Cousins is having a better year than Dak Prescott. The guys take different sides on Andrew Luck’s value to the Colts and the future for Notre Dame and Texas. Plus, Jason sits down with newly appointed U.S. Men’s National Team head coach Bruce Arena to discuss his plans about how to get the U.S. to the next level. Finally, FS1 College Football Analyst Joel Klatt drops by to preview Michigan vs. Ohio State and the road to the Pac-12 Championship game.

11/21/16 – Cowboys vs. Seahawks + the problem with the Packers  

The fellas debate who is the best team in the NFC, the Cowboys or the Seahawks? Also, the guys break down how much money Kirk Cousins is worth and former NFL GM Michael Lombardi is in the studio to diagnose Green Bay's problems. Also, NFL Rules Expert Mike Pereira stops by to discuss the impact of unreliable kickers in the NFL. Finally, Whitlock weighs in on why he was surprised by the dismissal of Charlie Strong at Texas.

11/18/16 - Cam Newton's struggles continue + Joe Flacco vs Ray Lewis  

Colin argues that UConn women’s basketball is the only guarantee in sports, and gives an interesting take on the Dallas Cowboys QB situation. Whitlock proclaims Louisville's stumble to Houston made college football a little less interesting. The guys react to the back and forth between Ray Lewis and Joe Flacco & former NFL GM Michael Lombardi drops by to give his expert analysis on Belichick's comments on Tom Brady. Plus, Curt Menefee sits down with Whitlock to discuss his new book "Losing Isn't Everything".

11/17/16 -  Did Tony Romo and Russell Westbrook do the right thing?  

Colin suggest things are worse than we think for the Green Bay Packers. The guys have a passionate debate about if Tony Romo was right or wrong to ask for a chance to win his job back. Whitlock claims Dr. James Andrews is pandering to the anti-football crowd with this recent critique of the game. Ray Lewis drops by to talk Romo, Cowboys, Ravens and the problems Cam Newton is having. Also, Fox Sports NBA Analyst Chris Broussard is here to break down the unique tweet from Phil Jackson possibly aimed at LeBron James. Finally, Russell Westbrook chooses poker over game film.

11/16/16 - Who feels bad for Tony Romo?  

Should Floyd Mayweather be afraid to fight Conor McGregor? Is Carmelo Anthony wrong for calling out Phil Jackson? Does anyone feel bad for Tony Romo? Plus Ray Lewis sits down with Jason Whitlock to talk LeBron James and the Cowboys. Joel Klatt joins the show to discuss college football playoff rankings.

11/15/16 - Romo steps to the side & Phil Jackson vs LeBron  

After 4 straight wins, Colin and Jason discuss how far the New York Giants can go this year. Also, based off his recent comments, Colin believes we will see a Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight. In addition, Jason Whitlock sits down with Fox Sports NBA Analyst Chris Broussard to get his thoughts on the recent war of words between Phil Jackson and LeBron's camp. Finally, former New England Patriots star Ty Law is here to talk Patriots, Brady, and the New York Jets.

11/14/16 – Cowboys Super Bowl chances & is McGregor vs Mayweather possible?  

Whitlock admits after UFC 205 that he would like to see McGregor vs Mayweather. The guys debate if Jerry Jones is handling the Dallas QB situation correctly. Plus, Fox Sports NFL Rules Expert Mike Pereira goes one on one with Jason Whitlock to break down all the questionable calls from the past weekend in football. Finally, former NFL GM Michael Lombardi is here to tell us what’s wrong with the New England defense.

11/11/16 - UFC 205 expectations + is Tom Brady the MVP ?  

The guys debate if it is a good policy for Alabama to use former players in their practice and if Tony Romo should be activated this week against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Whitlock lends us a spirited explanation of why Tom Brady is more valuable to his team than Russell Wilson is to the Seattle Seahawks. In addition, Whitlock interviews Fox Sports Soccer Analyst Alexi Lalas ahead of the much anticipated USA vs. Mexico showdown. Also, Fox Sports NBA Analyst Chris Broussard is in studio to shed an inside look at the Dwyane Wade divorce from the Miami Heat.

11/10/16 -Conor McGregor & Eddie Alvarez join the show + the reason why Jerry Jones will pick Tony Romo  

Colin Cowherd believes that Jerry Jones loves all the attention the quarterback controversy is getting. The fellas discuss the latest with Richard Sherman and how much money NFL teams should give Jim Harbaugh. Before their big fight Saturday night, Whitlock talks with UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor and UFC Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez. Plus, FS1 NBA Analyst Chris Broussard speaks the truth on James Harden and if it is fair for Andrew Bogut to criticize the Warriors front office.

11/9/16 - LeBron speaks out and Jerry Jones on Dak vs. Romo  

Jason confirms that Dak Prescott will be motivated to perform at higher level now that Tony Romo has been medically cleared to play. Cowherd and Whitlock take different sides in debating who has a better culture the Seattle Seahawks or the New England Patriots. Are LeBron and Kaepernick hurting themselves? Plus, FS1 College Football Analyst Joel Klatt disagrees with Colin's take on Ohio State being a top four team. Also, former Super Bowl Champion Bernard Pollard is back for a Tuesday edition of Read Between the Lines.

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