Speaking of Stories

Speaking of Stories

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In Speaking of Stories two writers meet to talk about not only their writing, but even more so about current events, society and culture. Starting from one thing they have in common, the discussion evolves to speaking about a whole bunch of stories. Each episode will feature two writers, one from Sweden, the other one just passing by Sweden, but leaving the podcast behind.


#6 Kakan Hermansson and Roxane Gay - Speaking of Stories  

Roxane Gay and Kakan Hermansson on hunger, what it really means to be a bad feminist, men who hate women, and why people can’t stop obsessing about other people’s bodies.

#5 Lucy Dillon and Katarina Bivald - Speaking of Stories  

Authors Lucy Dillon, from England, and Katarina Bivald, from Sweden, talk about big dogs who seem to think they are tiny, steeling your mother's books and pretending to write science fiction when you realize the reality is just too much to handle.

#4 Jan-Philipp Sendker and Elin Olofsson - Speaking of Stories  

Authors Jan-Philipp Sendker from Germany and Elin Olofsson from Sweden talk about why it's important to write about love in these difficult times. They also discuss German stereotypes and why Jan-Philipp got a sudden urge to go to Burma, even though he barely knew where it was.

#3 Meg Wolitzer and Jenny Nordberg - Speaking of Stories  

Authors Meg Wolitzer, from USA and Jenny Nordberg, from Sweden, on why society is so stuck on good girls and bad boys, Swedish saunas in New York apartments, marriage as a long conversation and why Jenny has been angry ever since reading Meg’s book, "The Wife".

#2 Denise Rudberg and Caroline Kepnes - Speaking of Stories  

Authors Caroline Kepnes from USA and Denise Rudberg from Sweden talk about writing bad characters, how to handle writer’s block, social media addiction and changing clothes with Madonna.

#1 Jens Lapidus and Ryan Gattis - Speaking of Stories  

Authors Jens Lapidus and Ryan Gattis about depicting gang culture, the glorifying of violence and about that Scarface poster, found on so many walls.

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