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172 - Eat Your Shoe  

This is one of the episodes we have a hard time writing anything about. We talked about the upcoming Vuelta a España, mostly. We talked about stages worth watching, making Mike write them down in his calendar. SkullKrusher shared the strategy he thinks Orica should use to win the race and then mansplains the term "hump day" to Mike. All that, plus we make our picks.

171 - The Chicken Carnival  

We are all super proud that we got this one done well within the hour. We celebrated with non-alcoholic champagne after we were done recording. We talked about everything, from Elvis wall clocks to WalMart and Larry H. Miller. Also in there we mention the Tour of Poland, the Euro Championships, the Tour of Utah, the mess that is the Vuelta a Colombia, the Vuelta a Burgos and Game of Thrones. New friend of the podcast, Juan Antonio Flecha makes a small appearance as well.

170 - It Runs in your Genes  

SkullKrusher is on vacation, but proves his dedication to the podcast (once again) by joining the rest of the peeps from an RV park near Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state. That's dedication, people! Topics include, but are not limited to: Beer, tiny houses, hotel ice machines, farts, burps, "Fabian" Aru, women's cycling, the Tour de Trump, Cascadia, Mike's dating life, Craig's List and Rigoberto Uran's future.

169 - Natalia's Gramma is a Poseur  

We talk about movies forever; like for a long, long, long time. But not good movies, or artsy movies, or even block busters. No. We talk about Keanu Reeves movies and White Chicks. Oh well... we also talk about the Tour, but it's mostly the SkullKrusher screaming about how much he hates everything and how the Tour has been really boring and how he hates cancer research. Natalia laughs a lot, Klaus interrupts everyone and Mike says very little. You know, the usual. 

168 - Yo Qué Voy A Saber, Güevon!  

We are giving you 13 extra minutes so you can start this week extra annoyed! This is the second episode in a row that we use umlauts in the title. Also of note, we are back to using Helvetica on the episode images. Anyway, in this episode we discuss Strava, feed zones, Sean Kelly and a marching band, the Tour, the Giro Rosa, Hans the eagle, Elbowgate, Armgate (a.k.a. Arugate), but most of all we discuss how awesome Rigoberto Urán is.

167 - Kraftwerk Really Are From Düsseldorf!  

It's not often that we use an exclamation mark at the end of an episode title. Actually, we have not idea if that's true at all. Well, as it turns out Kraftwerk did meet and start making music together in Düsseldorf NOT in London, as the 'Krusher states in the episode. Anyway, Mike is MIA, once again, but joins the Colombians in spirit as they discuss the first three days of the Tour de France. Four, if you count the Grand Départ in Düsseldorf. And some other stuff.

166 - Hans  

Natalia is back! But now we lost Klaus. Oh, well. We talk about traveling and Swiss names. We try to convince Mike that watching the Tour can be fun and he should try it. We make our picks and basically jinx everyone in the race.

165 - Brought to You by HBO  

If you thought last episode was bad, hold on to your suck-orama hats, 'cuz this one is a doozie. Thankfully, SkullKrusher has the sense to cut it short. Wow. Wow... that's all we can say. *Eagle sound effect*

164 - Titanic  

We finally sunk the podcast. Mike predicts this will be the last episode. Believe us, it's so bad, it might just be. SkullKrusher is suffering from a bad throat infection, but that doesn't stop him from being as loud, obnoxious or opinionated as ever. Natalia loses her cool over Royalty, Klaus goes on about Leica cameras... That's all after we sorta talk about the Hammer Series and the Dauphine. It swirls downward after that... quickly. SkullKrusher sings, too. It's bad. Really bad.


Giro wrap up, so you know there will be a lot of poop talk, which is different than the usual bullshit we talk. Poop vs. Bullshit, na'mean? Also, Klaus makes fun of the main commentator for Colombian TV. Poop.

Lance Made America Great Again  

We get incredibly personal and uncomfortable with the SkullKrusher's first story. Truly cringe-worthy. Ugh. Then we talk about that HBO mockumantary, some other stuff and we do a Giro trivia game. Then, after 40 minutes, we finally talk about the race.

161 - Don't Be Afraid of the Tiger's Skin  

Between the Giro d'Italia (the 2nd Grand Tour), the men's Tour of California (the 4th Grand Tour), and the women's Tour of California (the 6th Grand Tour), we have plenty of BS to talk about. And do we ever! Talk BS, I mean. Also, SkullKrusher blows a gasket over Patrick Dempsey. Geez, this dude cares about the weirdest shit. Seriously, bro, calm down, you're gonna give yourself an aneurysm!

160 - Struggling to Keep His Pecker Up  

We review the first three stages of the Giro. We also discuss Luka Pöstelberger, the alleged Ewan/Gaviria rivalry, Dennis Rohan, Bob Jungels, Nibali, G. Thomas and lots and lots and lots of pecker talk

159 - Good Vibes Only  

A little Romandie, a little Yorkshire, a lot Red Hook Crit. Giro predictions and that's about it.

158 - ¡Muñeco!  

With the last weekend of the Ardennes classics behind us, you'd think we'd have plenty of cycling to talk about, right? Well, SkullKrusher rants about driverless cars, tells the story of Hachikō the dog, Natalia goes on and on about social media, Klaus interrupts everyone and all the while, Mike remains his quite self. We do, eventually, get to discuss La Flèche Wallonne, and Liège–Bastogne–Liège, both men's and women's. The classics season is over. Sad.

157 - Let's Talk About the Podium  

Between SkullKrusher's announcements, Natalia's social media round-up and a conversation about podium girls/guys, it takes a while for the actual cycling talk to commence. What else is new. Finally, we start talking about the Tro-Bro Leon, but the analysis is interrupted by more talk about podiums and podium etiquette. We discuss both Amstel Gold races and come to the conclusion that they were both awesome and that the new route seems to have worked out. We make our predictions for La Flèche Wallonne  and Liège–Bastogne–Liège. The whole episode only had one microphone snafu. We'll take it.

Bonus ep01  

The SkullKrusher "sits down" with Gregg Betonte, co-owner of TV Motos International, a company that supplies races with motos for TV, of course. Not only is Gregg the boss, but he's also a camera guy. He shared plenty of insight with us. Enjoy the bonus episode! 

156 - Shaking a Can of Peanuts  

We announce the launch of our Patreon campaign, we read some emails and Instagram stuff and then we discuss Paris-Roubaix. After that the SkullKrusher disappears and the other three have to finish the episode on their own. That's how we roll.

155 - A Second Jacketer  

Tour of Flanders 2017, what else do you expect? Oh, we are launching our Patreon site next Sunday right after Paris-Roubaix!

154 - Monkey Town  

We discuss the Volta Catalunya, Dwars door Vlaanderen, the E3 Harelbeke, Gent-Wevelgem, and we look forward to the Tour of Taiwan (ok, we only mention it in passing), The Three Days of De Panne, the GP Miguel Indurain and we make predictions for the Tour of Flanders. Pretty much all cycling this episode. Sorry.

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