Regression to the Mean  

The nerdiest episode ever. Dr. Krusher swings by with all types of nerdom. We discuss research methods, Rainbow Curses, doctorates and research papers. We also talk ASO, UCI, RCS... UPS, GPS, CVS... We finish it off with talk about 2016 kits. Suck it.

A Meatball in Cleats  

Drake, Star Wars, Syrian refugees, water shortages, Venezuelan poker games, post-season baseball, cocaine use and the UAE. Yup, another episode of the Speed Metal Cycling podcast.

Fragrance Doping  

The UCI World Championships were this weekend in Richmond, VA. All three of us were there, but we did not hang out together. We each had a job to do and we did it. Klaus was covering the event as media, Mike was there as a Rapha representative, SkullKrusher had a lot of beers to drink. In this episode we talk all about it and share our silly stories.

Electric Biker Gang  

The SkullKrusher is drunk and that's all you need to know. Oh, that and that we talked about the Vuelta and e-bikes.

Kenny Lofton Trivia  

Mike Spriggs swears he wasn't on a date. Nibali swears it was only 100m. Klaus swears he knows who Joe Dombrowski is. SkullKrusher's wife swears she knows nothing about pro cycling.

Pegasus Kick-Ass Wings  

World renowned bicycle racer Nate King joins the gang as a guest host, since Mike is MIA. The word on the street is that he was on a hot date. The guys wrap up the Tour and get into a serious topic (for once) toward the end of the episode.

That's a Long Lap Dance  

The SkullKrusher and Mike are joined by special guest Maiko, who hasn't been a guest in a long, long while. Together they discuss everything that has gone on in France on the last week; from squashed testicles to decaf tea.

Where Thibaut At?  

Mid-Tour de France recap, discussion of dental aesthetics, and a cocaine party. Rigoberto Uran does not come up during the episode at all. Like AT ALL.

Worst. Episode. Ever.  

The title says it all. We talk about the metric system. A lot.

Cultural Feedback Loop  

We start by talking about Mike breaking his chain and disposing of it rather than trying to fix it. From there we move on to hot police officers in Italy, the BAR test in the state of New York and, of course, we make fun of Amgen. The SkullKrusher tried to play a game with Mike and Klaus, but they suck at it and he quickly gives up. Dudes don’t look good in yoga pants.

Boot Scootin’ Boogie  

Klaus, Mike and Dan are back. We discuss the Tour of Romandie, that race in Turkey, vexillology, and make some predictions for the Giro and the Amgen (aka the ToC). We also talk about our new art competition. Dan tells a couple of awful jokes and Klaus hangs up on him. The rest is pretty much nonsense. As usual. Enjoy… if you can.

Physics Professors Love Recumbents  

Boston gets a good 5 minutes worth of chatter. Valverde gets 2 minutes. David Sedaris gets a few seconds. The rest is pretty much nonsense. As usual.

Kiss on my List  

Knee sex, the Rigodrone, Gogo, fan fiction, Paris-Roubaix, T-shirts made out of ovens and other assorted topics of interest to you and your family.

Soggy Baguette  

A very, very special VIP guest joins us to discuss podium misters, Paris-Roubaix odds and Alexander Kristoff

Shimano 105  

The Splendid Table, Guy Fieri, sushi restaurants in New York City, avocado recipes and some cycling.

Tour of Podunk  

We chat about the beginning of the “real” cycling season, make fun of Etixx, Betancur’s baby and as always: Chris Horner.

Signs of Opulence  

We discuss the coverage of the Tour of San Luis in excruciating detail and make fun of Paul Smith a little.

Tron Steak Mountain  

We review the 2015 kits in GREAT detail and Mike mocks Klaus for his pronunciation of the letter Z. 

Nothing to Talk About  

New kits, transfers, paychecks, vacation days and Chris Horner.

Bobby Brown Live!  

We celebrated our 100th episode with a live episode. We interacted with listeners and rambled on and on.

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