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Stanford Innovation Lab with Tina Seelig

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Stanford Innovation Lab is brought to you by the Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP). This series is designed to give you a taste of the topics we explore in our classes on innovation and entrepreneurship. Our host is Stanford’s Tina Seelig, who teaches courses across the university that empower students to be more confident, creative and entrepreneurial in life.


A Deep Dive into Silicon Valley's Diversity Challenges - Tracy Chou  

Diversity in tech has become a national conversation. In this episode of Stanford Innovation Lab, Tina Seelig speaks with software engineer and diversity advocate Tracy Chou. Tracy graduated from Stanford with degrees in electrical engineering and computer science, and was an early employee at both Quora and Pinterest. In this episode, Tracy talks about her own experiences as a woman in software engineering, what she has learned as she has explored this topic in depth, and how data can inform the conversation around diversity in tech.

The Future of VC is Here - Chi-Hua Chien  

What does the next generation of venture capital look like? In this episode of Stanford Innovation Lab, Tina Seelig speaks with venture capitalist Chi-Hua Chien. Chi-Hua started his career working in startups, and entered the VC world through roles at Accel Partners and Kleiner Perkins. He recently started his own VC firm, called Goodwater Capital. In this episode, he shares insights into the world of venture capital and how the industry is evolving.

From Chopping Eggplants to Cutting Water Use - Gabriel Parisi-Amon  

“The enemy of delivering a product is trying to deliver the perfect product.” In this episode of Stanford Innovation Lab, Tina Seelig interviews Gabriel Parisi-Amon, co-founder of Nebia, where he focuses on building breakthrough shower nozzles that are beautifully designed, create a luxurious experience, and use only 25 percent of the water. During this conversation, Gabe covers a diverse set of topics: from the differences between developing hardware and software, to the distinction between designing products and designing experiences.

Healing Broken Teams from Inside Out - Michael Terrell  

What is the number one cause for failure in early-stage startups? Team issues! In this episode of Stanford Innovation Lab, Tina Seelig interviews executive coach Michael Terrell. Michael is the founder and managing partner of Terrell Leadership Group, and co-author of The Inside Out Effect, which focuses on effective leadership. In this conversation, Michael shares his insights on effective team dynamics, his process for diagnosing team issues, and examples of how he works through team challenges.

Attracting the Constantly Connected Consumer - Clara Shih  

In a world where consumers are inundated with information, how can a company use social media to stand out? In this episode of Stanford Innovation Lab, Tina Seelig interviews Clara Shih, CEO and co-founder of Hearsay Social, and author of two books on social-media strategy. Clara discusses the history and future of social media, highlighting the opportunities many companies are missing in their own social strategies, and shares tips for getting the most out of social-media strategy.

How to Succeed by Failing ‘Ferrari Fast’ - Alberto Savoia  

People in Silicon Valley often talk about failing fast. But what exactly does that mean? In this pilot episode of STVP’s new podcast series, Stanford Innovation Lab, Professor of the Practice Tina Seelig interviews serial entrepreneur Alberto Savoia, who describes how to fail smart. Based on his experiences founding two companies, as well as his time at Google and Sun Microsystems, Alberto discusses different types of failure, and how specific practices can be used to fail faster and more efficiently using a concept he calls “pretotyping.”

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