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Hands Off My Assets!  

President Trump recently met with sheriffs from around the country to discuss among other things civil asset forfeiture In this week's boralogue John shows why the President's decision to endorse forfeiture is wrong looking at its history from good idea to money-grabbing corruption Upholding the Constitution must return to policing How does newly appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions link to civil asset forfeiture Prominent forfeiture attorney Brenda Grantland www brendagrantland com points out that despite the increase of thousands of cases each year made possible by Sessions' proposals in the Senate drugs and crime have not decreased A whistle-blower has

Will the Real Fascist Please Stand Up?  

President Trump's inaugural speech was labeled dark and his recent executive order on immigration is considered by many as unconstitutional In this week's boralogue John looks back at FDR's 'dark times' speech and Bill Clinton's speech advocating for tighter immigration and stronger borders Was there a constitutional crisis then No Is there a crisis now No It's all hyperbolic rhetoric Those who frame the debate and control definitions control the information Thomas Lifson www americanthinker com Editor and Founder of American Thinker discusses Google's attempt to influence the masses by redefining 'fascism' as a right wing movement as well as

Postmodernism Circling the Drain  

Can fake news alternative facts and postmodern relative truths all exist simultaneously Of course not In this week's boralogue John shows that postmodernists for years have denied absolute truth but are now proclaiming the reality of alternative facts and fake news Alternative facts could be flagged as lies but if truth is relative who gets to determine what's true It's a rickety narrative that threatens to torpedo the postmodernist ideal Why are we seeing postmodern thought take such a hit following Brexit and Trump's election as President David Ernst www thefederalist com Board Member of the Robertson Foundation for Government

Break the Narrative  

A half century ago liberals espoused many ideals that today are found among conservatives In this week's boralogue John shows how socialist progressives have successfully infiltrated the Democrat Party allowing in part American values to shift far to the left Their narrative is falling apart and in order to break it liberals of old and conservatives of today need to speak out while there's still time Politically correct narratives still run rampant on college campuses stifling free speech and discouraging dissent Robert Oscar Lopez www cogwatchpodcast blogspot com Humanities Professor at Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary describes his time at Cal

Patching Things Up  

A feeling of unease swept through the economic forum in Davos Switzerland this week populism is on the rise In this week's boralogue John shows how the middle class is burdened from Keynesian economics how we got to this point and President Trump's daunting task to try and patch things up Brexit the Italian referendum and the Trump election are big indicators at how the world feels The elites in Davos though continue to be surprised After a second boralogue on now-former president Obama's failing Middle East policies John welcomes back Bill Koenig www watch org Head of World Watch


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