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Its a One-World After All  

Tolerance and inclusivity are great things until they aren't In this week's boralogue John looks at hypocrisy from the Left comparing reactions after the Arlington baseball field shooting with those following the Oklahoma City bombing in Everything we have been told by progressive elites for the past three decades about tolerance and equality have been ignored and violated by the very same progressives in recent years Globalists are always lurking around every corner pulling the strings on societal issues We welcome back historian and Former Senior Associate at the Department of Education Dr Dennis Cuddy www newswithviews com who note

Summer of 67  

We continue our year of anniversaries skipping the boralogue this week and jumping into a discussion on the th anniversary of the June War between Israel and several surrounding Arab states Dan Gordon www dayofthedeadlibertyedition com Captain in the Israel Defense Forces Reserves joins us and relates his stories from the Six-Day War of the events that led up to it and of the forces that would not be denied and discusses modern-day terrorism in the Middle East and America Despite real issues like lunatics shooting up ball fields in Virginia or multiple terror attacks in London the media and

Explosive State of Affairs  

The media caused significant climate change this week spewing hot air and doomsday claims following President Trump's announcement that the U S would be pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord In this week's boralogue John looks at how we got to this stark division over climate change and why the globalists are steaming mad at the President's decision What if the bomb that exploded in Manchester England a few weeks ago had been nuclear Is it easy for terrorists to build a nuclear device Robert Gleason www robertgleasonbooks com Author and Editor at Tor Forge Books provides startling details

Historical Fakery  

If the youth of today do not respect the laws and rights of this country what will the United States look like in the future In this week's boralogue John ties together several recent events and shows that there is a time and a place for rationed debate and decorum but millennials are not being taught this When arrogance and ignorance of laws and rights are allowed to flourish totalitarianism isn't far behind Fake news abounds but from where does it originate William Jeynes www cslbu edu Professor of Education at Cal State Long Beach looks at revisionist or fake

Luther Really Nailed It!  

There's the actual trip President Trump took to the Middle East and then there's the one the media reported he took In this week's boralogue John looks at the real narrative of the President's trip one of establishing meaningful and positive relationships with Israel and Muslim countries Meanwhile back home the Russia collusion narrative is failing so the liberals and the media are changing the talking point to that of obstruction of justice This year marks the th anniversary of Martin Luther's theses being nailed to the door of a church in Wittenberg Germany Peter Hammond www frontlinefellowship net Founder

Not So Civil War  

How much longer will the American people tolerate the constant onslaught of media hysteria regarding the Trump administration In this week's boralogue John looks at how the media is firing buckshot at President Trump hoping something will stick until a legitimate scandal comes along that they can sink their teeth into The problem though is you can't maintain Chicken Little status forever Eventually people will stop taking you seriously The nation is divided along separate ideologies Could this lead to another civil war Daniel Greenfield www frontpage com Journalism Fellow at the Horowitz Freedom Center joins us to discuss the

Anniversary Weekend  

It's a weekend of anniversaries Mary's first apparition at Fatima in the establishment of the state of Israel in and the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II in We forego the boralogue this week and jump right in to the program First years after a failed assassination attempt on the Pope we welcome Paul Kengor www visionandvalues org Executive Director of the Center for Vision and Values who discusses how Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan teamed up with others to bring down the Soviet Union and the best way to communicate with tyrants as the Pope did

America the Beautiful Fake News?  

The word 'truth' to the media has changed since November A word that was once thrown under the bus is now being praised In this week's boralogue John looks at how the progressive media once controlled the truth but are now under threat from alternative media outlets who are revealing what's really going on People are waking up to the fact that they're not getting the whole truth and the traditional media are forced to defend their propaganda America's youth are being taught that our history is full of nothing more than oppression and evil Duke Pesta www fpeusa org

Geopolitically Correct  

Language and words are important in today's political and theological debates but leftists are looking to shut down debate by changing the definitions of words In this week's boralogue John shows the devolution of free speech in Berkeley from the s through today We can allow people to speak as we do in a free society We can ban all speech as they do in totalitarian countries Or we pick and choose like we're doing now The Iran agreement in by the Obama administration has had problems from the outset Emily Landau www inss org il Senior Research Fellow at

Granddaddy of All Terrorist Groups  

Earlier this week former NFL player and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez committed suicide in prison In this week's boralogue John looks at suicide from a Christian perspective showing that we all need the right spiritual guideposts to get us through the rough spots It's up to us to fit into God's plan for us not the other way around As long as we have Christ as our guide we will be OK no matter what obstacles stand in our way What is one thing that a majority of terrorist groups around the world have in common Cynthia Farahat www cynthiafarahat

Living Hope  

Happy Easter everyone He is risen The world is in chaos including the age old battle between truth and falsehood In this week's boralogue John shows that Jesus through His death and resurrection has won that battle and is the Truth He may have died on that cross but He conquered death for all of us and is our living hope Our belief in that is crucial both now and for all eternity He is risen indeed There is a decline in Christianity within many Western European countries Will that decline spread west across the Atlantic Christian speaker and author

Pravda and Russia? Nyet.  

Do you find yourself perplexed by goings on in the political world In this week's boralogue John looks at inconsistent media coverage with the Trump-Russia collusion and Susan Rice unmasking stories showing that behind every double standard is an underlying single standard that holds up to logic The single standard emerging is that the media are nothing but shills for the Democrat Party How does the mania about Russia today compare with the Red Scare in the s Columnist and author Diana West www dianawest net points out that while there's much ado about nothing today there really was a

Attached by the Strings  

The election came and went the inauguration came and went executive orders came and went and the sky has not fallen In this week's boralogue John revisits Saul Alinksy's 'Rules for Radicals' to explain the media and political hysteria since Donald Trump's win last November Instead of reporting straight news the elitist media drive fear and confusion forward proclaiming 'Chicken Little' at every turn Receiving vouchers to a school of your choice sounds like a great idea but is it really Retired educational consultant Robert Davis www brassfactory org looks at vouchers and the governmental strings attached to them and

We Dont Need No Education Department  

After this week's terror attack in London the usual uproar about who was responsible began In this week's boralogue John looks at how the West has gradually weakened itself refusing to see or talk about the real enemy while adherents to sharia law have preyed on those weaknesses to grow bolder and stronger in attacking us We need to identify our enemy defy political correctness and stay quiet no longer Why are so many education elites opposing school choice If public schools are so great there shouldn't be anything to worry about Vicki Alger www independent org Research Fellow at

Me and My Shadow Government  

What are the crises plaguing America today If you follow the media the answer is Russian collusion wiretapping and tax returns In this week's boralogue John looks at the real looming crises we face including an economy plagued by unsustainable borrowing and courts ruling according to politics and not the rule of law But fear not God is ultimately in control Deep state operatives inside the U S government still loyal to former president Obama are doing their best to sabotage current president Donald Trump Kenneth Timmerman www iran org President and CEO of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran

Bounds of their Habitation  

What is causing the divisiveness in America John is on the road for this week's boralogue talking to normal everyday folks about what's going on in our country From oppressive taxation to inept bureaucracy John shows that it's not down to earth people causing the problems we face today it's elites in Washington fighting for the status quo that continues to keep us divided First amendment freedoms are under attack and those who have fallen victim are fighting back Jeremy Dys www firstliberty org Senior Counsel at First Liberty Institute examines several court cases including a member of the military

The Wacky World of Judicial Activism  

If the Constitution is supposed to protect us from dictators and fascists why are anti-Trumpers so anxious In this week's boralogue John shows that those who are worried about a fascist takeover of America by Donald Trump aren't turning to the Constitution for help because they have spent the last years reshaping it to say whatever they want it to say A living breathing document of relativistic truths offers no protection for anyone How did our Constitution morph from its original meaning to what we are seeing today Daniel Horowitz www conservativereview com Senior Editor at Conservative Review joins us

Double Your Standards Double Your Fun  

A kerfuffle erupted this week involving President Trump Sweden and the media In this week's boralogue John looks at the media double standard in how they treat Republicans versus Democrats as well as how political correctness has kept what's really happening in Sweden from being reported One culture is refusing to assimilate into another and as a result crime has increased This is a fact no matter who says it If your speech goes against politically correct mantras in Sweden you could be charged with hate speech that is unless you are an imam Writer journalist and activist Judith Bergman

Hands Off My Assets!  

President Trump recently met with sheriffs from around the country to discuss among other things civil asset forfeiture In this week's boralogue John shows why the President's decision to endorse forfeiture is wrong looking at its history from good idea to money-grabbing corruption Upholding the Constitution must return to policing How does newly appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions link to civil asset forfeiture Prominent forfeiture attorney Brenda Grantland www brendagrantland com points out that despite the increase of thousands of cases each year made possible by Sessions' proposals in the Senate drugs and crime have not decreased A whistle-blower has

Will the Real Fascist Please Stand Up?  

President Trump's inaugural speech was labeled dark and his recent executive order on immigration is considered by many as unconstitutional In this week's boralogue John looks back at FDR's 'dark times' speech and Bill Clinton's speech advocating for tighter immigration and stronger borders Was there a constitutional crisis then No Is there a crisis now No It's all hyperbolic rhetoric Those who frame the debate and control definitions control the information Thomas Lifson www americanthinker com Editor and Founder of American Thinker discusses Google's attempt to influence the masses by redefining 'fascism' as a right wing movement as well as

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