Episode 484 - David Huntsberger  

Comedian and podcaster David Huntsberger joins us to talk science, piles, and old HBO shows.

Episode 483 - Christine Bortolin  

Improviser Christine Bortolin returns to talk dumb dogs, sunscreen, and pedicures.

Episode 482 - Matt Gourley  

Comedian and podcaster Matt Gourley joins us to talk Billy Joel, car hacking, and fidget spinners.

Episode 481 - Tanyalee Davis  

Comedian Tanyalee Davis joins us to talk roller skating, petting zoos, and the symphony

Episode 480 - Meags Fitzgerald  

Improviser and graphic novelist Meags Fitzgerald joins us to talk trapeze stuff, glue masks, and pedicures.

Episode 479 - Dino Archie  

Comedian Dino Archie returns to talk parallel parking, Fargo, and Canadian film.

Episode 478 - Ivan Decker  

Comedian Ivan Decker returns to talk beer leagues, being sick, and grown-up parties.

Episode 477 - Erica Sigurdson  

Comedian Erica Sigurdson returns to talk Japanese candy, Peppa Pig Live, and bird fear.

Episode 476 - Ron Lynch  

Comedian Ron Lynch joins us to talk magic, face toast, and birdseed.

Episode 475 - Evany Rosen  

Comedian and author Evany Rosen returns to talk book writing, chicken nuggets, and the It trailer.

Episode 474 - Amanda Brooke Perrin  

Comedian Amanda Brooke Perrin returns to talk tall actresses, dog surgery, and donut promises.

Bonus Episode - LIVE with Jon Dore from JFL Northwest  

Recorded live from the Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver on February 23, 2017. Photo courtesy JFL Northwest.

Episode 473 - Stacey McLachlan  

Performer and podcaster Stacey McLachlan joins us to talk MasterChef Junior, shopping sprees, and Irish stuff.

Bonus Episode - LIVE from Very Very Fun Day in Chicago  

Recorded live at Thalia Hall in Chicago as a part of Maximum Fun's Very Very Fun Day, February 11th, 2017.

Episode 472 - Craig Anderson  

Actor and comedian Craig Anderson returns to talk Bowling University, Real Housewives of Toronto, and David Foster.

Episode 471 - Alicia Tobin  

Comedian Alicia Tobin returns to talk dogs and fiddlers, dog eyes, and drunks in costumes.

It's week 2 of #MaxFunDrive 2017. Stop Podcasting Yourself is supported almost entirely through listener donations. maximumfun.org/donate

Episode 470 - Ryan Belleville  

Comedian and actor Ryan Belleville returns to talk YouTube families, chomps, bites, chews, and dumb movie trailers.
It's week 1 of #MaxFunDrive 2017. Stop Podcasting Yourself is supported almost entirely through listener donations. maximumfun.org/donate

Episode 469 - Kevin Lee  

Improviser Kevin Lee returns to talk heart surgeries, Sunday funnies, and drunk Netflix.

Bonus Episode - LIVE from Victoria with Sean Proudlove  

Recorded live at Alix Goolden Hall in Victoria on October 22nd, 2016 with guest Sean Proudlove.

Episode 468 - Jenny Toews  

Comedian Jenny Toews joins us to talk teen chauffeuring, Korean buses, and regulating heat.

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