Episode 455 - Amy Shostak  

Improviser Amy Shostak joins us to talk nude spas, unsubscribing from emails, and office Christmas parties.

Episode 454 - Amy Goodmurphy  

Comedian Amy Goodmurphy joins us to talk scary movies, Play-Doh, and little earthquakes.

Episode 453 - Paul Anthony  

Comedian Paul Anthony returns to talk telethons, The Crown, and Dance Academy.

Episode 452 - Katie-Ellen Humphries  

Comedian Katie-Ellen Humphries returns to talk swimming, pop princesses, and camera straps.

Bonus Episode - LIVE from Edmonton with Kathleen McGee  

Recorded live from CKUA on October 7th as part of Edmonton's Up + Downtown Festival with comedian Kathleen McGee.

Episode 451 - Phil Hanley  

Comedian Phil Hanley returns to talk crowd work, hockey, and ferry boats.

Episode 450 - Debra DiGiovanni  

Comedian Debra DiGiovanni returns to talk sugar substitutes, pumpkin carving, and Three Men and a Baby.

Episode 449 - Dave Merheje  

Comedian Dave Merheje joins us to talk border towns, diaper disasters, and auditions.

Episode 448 - Pat Kelly  

Comedian and Dave's co-author Pat Kelly returns to talk barbecue evasion, baby's day out, and electric toothbrushes.

Episode 447 - Steph Tolev  

Comedian Steph Tolev returns to talk skinny-dipping, mice, and gun games.

Episode 446 - Taz VanRassel  

Improviser Taz VanRassel returns to talk teen drinking, big ice, and Johnny Cash commercials.

Episode 445 - Kyle Bottom  

Comedian Kyle Bottom returns to talk fun proposals, hit and runs, and squeamishness.

Episode 444 - Charlie Demers  

Comedian and writer Charlie Demers returns to talk cartoon voice acting, sleepy intruders, and beard conventions.

Episode 443 - Morgan Brayton  

Actress Morgan Brayton returns to talk fan mail, Los Angeles, and scary malls.

Episode 442 - D.J. Demers  

Comedian D.J. Demers returns to talk about DJs, America's Got Talent, and his love for John Mayer.

Episode 441 - Chris Fairbanks  

Comedian Chris Fairbanks returns to talk Olympic diving, hip replacements, and hand stamps.

Episode 440 - Fatima Dhowre  

Comedian Fatima Dhowre joins us to talk dowries, square dancing, and double features.

Episode 439 - Aaron Read  

Improviser Aaron Read returns to talk farmers' lives, rich vandals, and fireworks.

Episode 438 - Caitlin Howden  

Improviser Caitlin Howden returns to talk about how cool smoking is, how cute babies are, and how dumb soccer is.

Episode 437 - Sean Proudlove  

Comedian and cab driver Sean Proudlove returns to talk taxi sex, minor league baseball, and evictions.

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