Episode 475 - Evany Rosen  

Comedian and author Evany Rosen returns to talk book writing, chicken nuggets, and the It trailer.

Episode 474 - Amanda Brooke Perrin  

Comedian Amanda Brooke Perrin returns to talk tall actresses, dog surgery, and donut promises.

Bonus Episode - LIVE with Jon Dore from JFL Northwest  

Recorded live from the Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver on February 23, 2017. Photo courtesy JFL Northwest.

Episode 473 - Stacey McLachlan  

Performer and podcaster Stacey McLachlan joins us to talk MasterChef Junior, shopping sprees, and Irish stuff.

Bonus Episode - LIVE from Very Very Fun Day in Chicago  

Recorded live at Thalia Hall in Chicago as a part of Maximum Fun's Very Very Fun Day, February 11th, 2017.

Episode 472 - Craig Anderson  

Actor and comedian Craig Anderson returns to talk Bowling University, Real Housewives of Toronto, and David Foster.

Episode 471 - Alicia Tobin  

Comedian Alicia Tobin returns to talk dogs and fiddlers, dog eyes, and drunks in costumes.

It's week 2 of #MaxFunDrive 2017. Stop Podcasting Yourself is supported almost entirely through listener donations. maximumfun.org/donate

Episode 470 - Ryan Belleville  

Comedian and actor Ryan Belleville returns to talk YouTube families, chomps, bites, chews, and dumb movie trailers.
It's week 1 of #MaxFunDrive 2017. Stop Podcasting Yourself is supported almost entirely through listener donations. maximumfun.org/donate

Episode 469 - Kevin Lee  

Improviser Kevin Lee returns to talk heart surgeries, Sunday funnies, and drunk Netflix.

Bonus Episode - LIVE from Victoria with Sean Proudlove  

Recorded live at Alix Goolden Hall in Victoria on October 22nd, 2016 with guest Sean Proudlove.

Episode 468 - Jenny Toews  

Comedian Jenny Toews joins us to talk teen chauffeuring, Korean buses, and regulating heat.

Episode 467 - K. Trevor Wilson  

Comedian and actor K. Trevor Wilson joins us to talk bully parts, tiki bars, and tooth varnish.

Episode 466  

No guest this week as we talk about '80s monsters, human goths, and Riverdale.

Episode 465 - Tom Thakkar  

Comedian Tom Thakkar joins us to talk name changing, baby holding, and dime having.

Episode 464 - Scott Thompson  

Scott Thompson of the Kids in the Hall joins us to talk robotic/exotic pets, punk rock, and hair texture.

Episode 463 - Kathleen McGee  

Comedian Kathleen McGee returns to talk swinger parties, salt fights, and sex robots.

Episode 462 - Mark Little  

Comedian Mark Little returns to talk impossible missions, the new baby, and Canadian music icons.

Episode 461 - Christina Walkinshaw  

Comedian Christina Walkinshaw returns to talk about a certain type of puppetry, boring dreams, phone speaker etiquette.

Episode 460 - Nicole Passmore  

Comedian Nicole Passmore returns to talk karaoke songs, baby sizes, and pies in faces.

Episode 459 - Pete Johansson  

Comedian Pete Johansson joins us to talk Starbucks, gingerbread, and typing speed.

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