Stories from Nobilis Reed

Stories from Nobilis Reed


Nobilis Reed brings you a (mostly) weekly selection of stories, serials and excerpts that don't stop at the bedroom door...or the castle gate...or the airlock.


Episode 375 Interview with Julie Cox  

To put the icing on the Capricious cake, I'm presenting an interview with the author, Julie Cox.  Afterwards, we have some Capricious-related audio feedback.

Episode 374 Dungeon by Marjorie Greene part 2  

Part 2 of "Dungeon" by Marjorie Greene, narrated by Honey Rambler

The Dungeon shows what it can do.

Episode 373 Erotica a la Carte at Balticon 51  

Here is my recording of the Erotica a la Carte competition from Balticon 51.

This one has slightly different rules from previous iterations, which I think makes something of an improvement. Three writers competed in the "easy mode" event, where they were given twenty four hours to write their piece of flash fiction. In the "hard mode" event, they had little more than fifteen minutes.

All of the pieces were, I think you will agree, excellent work.

Capricious 65 and 66  

The conclusion of Capricious by Julie Cox.  

Episode 372 Art by Nobilis Reed  

The narrator for "Dungeon" is still having trouble, so for this week's Patron-funded episode I'm bringing you a fantasy BDSM story, titled "Art"


News and Announcements May 2017  

There's a lot of stuff going on, so I put together this short episode of news for everyone.  Including:

Status of the Nobilis Erotica Patreon campaign

Status of "Dungeon" narration

The end of Capricious

My schedule at Balticon

Podcast recommendations: Evolution: Angel and Managlitch City Underground

Capricious 64  

Luke and Sally make plans.  Well, they start to make plans. Other people finish them.

Episode 371 Circlet Press Retreat Readings  

Today's episode is a set of readings performed by the authors and editors attending last month's Circlet Press Editorial Retreat. 

Capricious 63  

Chapter 63 of Capricious by Julie Cox

This quest has rewards, after all.

Capricious 62  

Chapter 62 of Capricious by Julie Cox

Goodbye, August.

Episode 370 Mirror Mirror by Clarice Clique  

This episode is sponsored by Circlet Press. The story is "Mirror, Mirror" by Clarice Clique, which originally appeared in "Like a Queen," edited by Cecilia Tan and Rachel Kincaid. 

Listen through to the end for a coupon code you can use when you buy "Like a Queen" on the Circlet website.

Capricious 61  

Luke and Brent, in front of the Portal. 

No other way it could have come down.

Episode 369 Dungeon by Marjorie Greene Part 1  

This week, supported by our generous Nobilis Erotica patrons, I am proud to bring you Part 1 of "Dungeon" by Marjorie Greene, narrated by Honey Rambler.

Remember that your generous support allows me to pay authors and voice talent who make these stories possible!

Capricious 60  

In episode 60 of Capricious by Julie Cox, Luke finds himself running low on gas.

Episode 368 A Flicker of Torchlight by Cecilia Tan  

This week's episode is sponsored by Circlet Press.

"A Flicker of Torchlight" is coming out in The Ultimate Wired Hard Bundle and was written by Cecilia Tan. It's narrated by Nobilis Reed.


Capricious 59  

Chapter 59 of Capricious by Julie Cox

Luke gives it his all.

Episode 366 Parts by Kal Cobalt  

This week's story is "Parts" by Kal Cobalt, originally published in "Wired Hard 4" from Circlet press.  It's narrated by Nobilis Reed.

Capricious 58  

Chapter 58 of Capricious by Julie Cox.
Brent is escaping. Allison has an idea. So does Sally. Luke likes Sally's idea.

Episode 365 Skin Deep by Shanna Germain  

This week, our illustrious Patreon donors have enabled us to bring you a BDSM retelling of "The Beauty and the Beast" by Shanna Germain, read for us by Veronica Giguere.


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