Stories Podcast - A Free Children's Story Podcast

Stories Podcast - A Free Children's Story Podcast


On the Stories Podcast, we perform a new story for your children every week. The stories range from retellings of fairy tales like Snow White to classic stories like Peter Rabbit and even completely original works. Everything is G rated and safe for all ages. The perfect kids podcast for imaginative families. Whether you’re driving with your children or just want to limit your kids’ screen time, Stories Podcast delivers entertainment that kids and parents alike will love.


Soft: The First Dog (Part 1 of 3)  

Recommended for ages 7 and up, here's the ancient story of how the first dog was tamed. A young girl, a fierce wolf pup, hardship, friendship and more, all set in 15,000 BC. Thanks for listening! Support the show at

Peter and Penny Rabbit (Easter Weekend 2017)  

An updated take on the classic story of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. This time around, his sister Penny is along for the ride, giving more gender representation and a fun new dynamic on this timeless tale. Support the show at!

Big Beautiful Walls  

In a strong young tree, some squirrels are arguing about whether or not to let in their neighbors in need. Walls are built, hearts are broken, and lessons are learned. Support the show at

The Wind and the Sun  

The classic fable of the wind and the sun, updated with some fun songs. Ultimately you'll learn that you get further with kindness than with violence! Support the show at

Mick Munter Monster Hunter: The Leprechaun  

Mick Munter, the legendary Australian Monster Hunter, has come to America to find a Leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day. Weird Australian slang and some St. Paddy's magic. Support the show at

Bright Bright Feathers  

A parrot in the city meets some new friends. The friends want to change him, but he learns the hard way that you can't make everyone happy. Support the show and get ad-free episodes at


The classic story of Rapunzel, the girl with the long hair stuck way up at the top of a tower by an evil witch. Includes fun songs and an updated ending. Thanks for listening! Support the show at!

Amazing Grace: Machine of Government (Part 2 of 2)  

The thrilling conclusion! This time, Grace is out to stop a galactic mega-corp from destroying a moon to build their sub-light pipeline. Join Grace Green, Princess of Space and Eco Ranger, as she tackles the Bakken group on the mysterious moon of Dakato.

Amazing Grace: Machine of Government (Part 1 of 2)  

Amazing Grace is back. This time, she's out to stop a galactic mega-corp from destroying a moon to build their sub-light pipeline. Join Grace Green, Princess of Space and Eco Ranger, as she tackles the Bakken group on the mysterious moon of Dakato.

Saint Valentine of Rome  

The strange but true tale of the origin of Valentine's Day. It all started way back in the third century with a Christian Bishop named Valentine and a Roman Emperor who wanted to outlaw love. Support the show at

Captain Kimorent the Cormorant  

A weird sea shanty about a pirate ship full of birds. All kinds of birds. The captain is a cormorant though. Why? Because it went best with captain. Also, he already had the hat. Support the show at

The Fox and Crow  

A short take on the classic fable about the cunning fox and the vain crow. The moral of the story? Don't be fooled by flattery. Support the show at

Nian the Beast  

The story that inspired the tradition of Chinese New Year. Nian the Beast has been terrorizing a small village, and it's up to one young girl and a wise old man to save the day. Support the show at

The Cat Who Caught the Moon  

Koo the cat thinks that the moon is a particularly tasty looking mouse. Will she be able to catch it? Listen and find out! Support the show at

Thor in the Land of the Giants  

It was late in the great halls of Asgard. The gods were sleeping...or at least, most of them were. Thor, God of Thunder, strongest warrior to ever walk on earth or in the heavens, was having an argument with Loki, god of fire, and cunning trickster. It had started off innocently enough, but Loki knew just how to get Thor angry. In fact, it was one of his favorite games. “Sorry Thor, but you’re wrong. It is much better to be clever than it is strong.” Support the show at

The Brilliant Firefly: Reborn Part 4 (of 4)  

Jillian Jayes has become something greater than herself, but has she bit off more than she can chew? Find out in the conclusion to Book 1 of The Brilliant Firefly, our serial superhero story! Support the show at Thank you all for listening!

The Fairy's New Year Gift  

Two kids are given a strange gift one New Year's Eve. We take the beautiful (but largely forgotten) fable by Emilie Poulsson and update it for a modern ear. It's the perfect story for kids (and adults) on New Year's Eve!

Dinosaur Christmas!  

It's a Dinosaur Christmas! T-Rex just wants to open her present, but with her big head and little arms, she's having a lot of trouble. Will she find some friends to help her? Will Christmas be saved? (Yes.) Support the show at and have happy holidays!

The Gift Of Listening: A Holiday Special  

Why do we listen? If you ever wondered why you're so drawn to podcasts, this Holiday Special is just for you. Stories Podcast host Amanda Weldon is joined by the hosts of 15 other podcasts to talk about the gift and the power of listening. The world needs a lot more of it, that's for sure. Be the first to get the next Gift: In the New Year, resolve to listen with a special offer from our sponsor: Subscribe to all the Wondery shows today: A Storm of Spoilers: Fall of Rome: Finding Mastery: FOUND: Hollywood & Crime: Juicy Scoop: Mad About Movies: Not By Accident: Radio Drama Revival: Real Crime Profile: Reality Life: Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape: Star Wars Minute: Stories Podcast: Story Worthy: Sword and Scale: Terms: The Cleansed: The Dark Tome: The Vanished: Thirty Twenty Ten: Tumble: Tell your friends how to listen: Download the Wondery Android app today:

The Raven Steals the Light  

Our telling of the classic Haida (from the Pacific Northwest) story, Raven Steals the Light. As far as fairy tales go, this is a strange one, but very interesting too! Support the show at or leave us a review on itunes.

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