Story Club

Story Club


Each week, we bring you stories told live from the Story Club chair at the Giant Dwarf Theatre in Sydney.


#92. Rob Carlton - When You Are Ready To Sing  

When Rob Carlton is asked to audition for a musical, he has to face his complete terror of singing. 

#91. Michelle Brasier - Oh Cool, Life Experience  

Michelle Brasier used to long for hardship. She doesn't do that anymore.

#90. Benedict Hardie - It's Rare  

Benedict Hardie tells the story of his first love and first heartbreak: A beautiful bike from the tip.

#89. Penny Greenhalgh - The Old Times Cafe  

Penny Greenhalgh returns to the farm after leaving boarding school to find that she has become a Nowhere Boy (any relation to the biographical film about John Lennon is, Penny would like to emphasise, unintentional and unfortunate).

#88. Zoë Norton Lodge - Tequila  

Zoë has some bad news for you all about the seminal party song, Tequila. 

Also if you want to come to the event we talk about in the intro, you can get tickets here!  

#87. Cassie Workman - Mermaid  

Content Warning:

This episode contains discussion of suicide.

#84. J.R Hennessy - The Billionaire's Runaway Bride  

While working at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store, J.R Hennessy accidentally becomes embroilled in helping a woman realise her dream of becoming an erotic novelist. 

BONUS EPISODE: Vanessa Alexander - Bleed For You  

Vanessa Alexander stopped by to tell us about her new not-for-profit. Also....Power Rangers. 

More info at 

#83. Richard Glover - Doriath  

When his Tolkien-worshiping English teacher asked him to start keeping a diary, Richard Glover argeed. This, in retrospect, was possibly a bad idea.

#Zoë Norton Lodge - Business Is Hard  

Zoë Norton Lodge starts up a theatre company and begins to look for investors. The one she finds is...well, have a listen.

#81. Phil Spencer - Pike Basher  

Phil Spencer recalls his brief but glorious tenure as the front-man of ska-punk-emo supergroup 'Pike Basher'. 

#80. Mark Sutton - These Are The Places In Belgium  

Mark Sutton travels to Ghent, Belgium - on your taxpayer dime - to speak at a conference about his PHD on Bob Dylan. 

#79. Kirsten Drysdale - Always Read The Trip Notes  

Kirsten Drysdale returns from a trip to America with a grave warning. 

#78. Tom Walker - Keep Out, Just Torches  

Tom Walker hits a low ebb, recalls when he hit a lower ebb. 

#77. Ben Jenkins - Devoured By Wolves  

When he was a kid, Ben Jenkins was sent to a course for making friends. It was terrible. 

#76. Cathy Wilcox - The Space Between Two Christmases  

A lot can change from one Christmas to the next. 

#75. Jack Gow - The Sports Stars of Tomorrow  

Jack Gow makes a crucial error while being interviewed for the local paper. 

#74. Cameron James - The Hero Of Kotara  

At his time working at Hungry Jacks, Cameron James never got his photo up on the Valued Team Member Club board, but he did thwart a robbery - sort of. 

#73. Jordan Raskopoulos - Stop! (War)Hammer Time  

Jordan really likes Warhammer. In fact, she likes Warhammer so much that she went to Las Vegas for a Warhammer convention. You won't believe what happened next...

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