Story Club

Story Club


Each week, we bring you stories told live from the Story Club chair at the Giant Dwarf Theatre in Sydney.


#70. Penny Greenhalgh: Full Cindarella-ing  

Penny Greenhalgh's extreme makeover leaves her looking utterly remarkable for her first-ever hot date. 


#69. Mark Sutton: Resuscitate - $260  

Mark Sutton's cat is more vacant than usual, resulting in a record-breaking discovery. 

#68. Osher Günsberg - Grunting, Swatting and Flinching  

 Living alone and miles from home, Osher Günsberg moves off his meds and a bit too close to the edge.


#67. Bec Melrose - Your Totem Animal  

In the aftermath of a break-up, Bec Melrose takes a meditation course to deal with her newfound pain, only to discover the horrors of other people's problems. 

#66. David Cunningham - Anointed With Gravy  

A seemingly innocuous blog post from David Cunningham threatens to tear his family apart.

#65. Rebecca Shaw - Slip Slop Slap  

Rebecca Shaw gets a brutal lesson in politics at a very young age.

#64. Jessica Dettmann - The Chairs Are Gone  

Jessica Dettmann learns that her four-year-old daughter, when wronged, offers up cold and brutal retribution. 

(Jessica blogs, excellently, at

#63. Melina Wicks - Just Pretend To Be Normal  

Melina Wicks contronts a longstanding phobia with the aid of exposure therapy and an extremely dedicated therapist. 

#62. James Colley - Accidentally Lost a Train  

An obnoxious Christmas present helps James Colley preserve the memory of his grandfather.

#61. Allan Clarke - Pants Off, Red Dust  

Allan Clarke recounts a scorching day in Bourke where a hormone fueled tryst behind a rusty car goes horribly wrong. 

#60. Phil Spencer - The Boylads  

Phil Spencer discovers that reinventing himself in Glascow is going to be more difficult than he first thought. 

#59. Patrick Lenton - Thwacked With The Baton of Adulthood  

Patrick Lenton does not have a good track record with animals. 

#58. Nakkiah Lui - Tragedy  

The less you know about this story going into it the better, but the one thing you should know is that it is very very very not safe for work, kids or the faint of heart.

#57. Mark Sutton - Other People Are Even Worse  

In a story that is both entertaining AND educational, Mark Sutton discovers an extremely important fact about glowsticks. 

BONUS EPISODE: Osher Günsberg - If You Ever Find Yourself Living With A Ghost  

In this special episode, we bring you Osher Günsberg's story from our Halloween show last year. WIth musical accompaniment by Benny Davis.

#55. Kate Mulvany - He Shall Be Called Hammerstein  

Kate Mulvany's luxurious get-away to Byron Bay (baaaahron) gets derailed by some illicit muesli.

#54. Eddie Sharp - It's Okay, I'm Not A Bad Man  

When a witch tells Eddie Sharp that he is going to find love in Melbourne, Eddie Sharp believes her, seting into action a disasterous chain of events. 

#53. David Cunningham - Camp Awful  

David Cunningham relives the horrors of school camp as he learnt the facts of life inside an undersized fibreglass Uluru.

#52. Phil Spencer - Zip Zop Zap  

Phil Spencer stages a production of Waiting For Godot with a group of homeless people in Glasgow and is called a 'ballbag' many times. 

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