Story Club

Story Club


Each week, we bring you stories told live from the Story Club chair at the Giant Dwarf Theatre in Sydney.


#80. Mark Sutton - These Are The Places In Belgium  

Mark Sutton travels to Ghent, Belgium - on your taxpayer dime - to speak at a conference about his PHD on Bob Dylan. 

#79. Kirsten Drysdale - Always Read The Trip Notes  

Kirsten Drysdale returns from a trip to America with a grave warning. 

#78. Tom Walker - Keep Out, Just Torches  

Tom Walker hits a low ebb, recalls when he hit a lower ebb. 

#77. Ben Jenkins - Devoured By Wolves  

When he was a kid, Ben Jenkins was sent to a course for making friends. It was terrible. 

#76. Cathy Wilcox - The Space Between Two Christmases  

A lot can change from one Christmas to the next. 

#75. Jack Gow - The Sports Stars of Tomorrow  

Jack Gow makes a crucial error while being interviewed for the local paper. 

#74. Cameron James - The Hero Of Kotara  

At his time working at Hungry Jacks, Cameron James never got his photo up on the Valued Team Member Club board, but he did thwart a robbery - sort of. 

#73. Jordan Raskopoulos - Stop! (War)Hammer Time  

Jordan really likes Warhammer. In fact, she likes Warhammer so much that she went to Las Vegas for a Warhammer convention. You won't believe what happened next...

#72. Lewis Hobba - The Most Dangerous Game  

Lewis Hobba was never allowed to play video games as a kid. When he started gaming in his 20s, he learnt why.

#71. Rhys Nicholson - The Night Was Warm and The Goon Was Warmer  

On a moonlit night in Newcastle, Rhys Nicholson makes out with a stranger on a tennis court. 

#70. Penny Greenhalgh: Full Cindarella-ing  

Penny Greenhalgh's extreme makeover leaves her looking utterly remarkable for her first-ever hot date. 


#69. Mark Sutton: Resuscitate - $260  

Mark Sutton's cat is more vacant than usual, resulting in a record-breaking discovery. 

#68. Osher Günsberg - Grunting, Swatting and Flinching  

 Living alone and miles from home, Osher Günsberg moves off his meds and a bit too close to the edge.


#67. Bec Melrose - Your Totem Animal  

In the aftermath of a break-up, Bec Melrose takes a meditation course to deal with her newfound pain, only to discover the horrors of other people's problems. 

#66. David Cunningham - Anointed With Gravy  

A seemingly innocuous blog post from David Cunningham threatens to tear his family apart.

#65. Rebecca Shaw - Slip Slop Slap  

Rebecca Shaw gets a brutal lesson in politics at a very young age.

#64. Jessica Dettmann - The Chairs Are Gone  

Jessica Dettmann learns that her four-year-old daughter, when wronged, offers up cold and brutal retribution. 

(Jessica blogs, excellently, at

#63. Melina Wicks - Just Pretend To Be Normal  

Melina Wicks contronts a longstanding phobia with the aid of exposure therapy and an extremely dedicated therapist. 

#62. James Colley - Accidentally Lost a Train  

An obnoxious Christmas present helps James Colley preserve the memory of his grandfather.

#61. Allan Clarke - Pants Off, Red Dust  

Allan Clarke recounts a scorching day in Bourke where a hormone fueled tryst behind a rusty car goes horribly wrong. 

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