Storytime w/ 'Uncle Creepy' Ian McCall

Storytime w/ 'Uncle Creepy' Ian McCall

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"Storytime with Uncle Creepy" is the official podcast of UFC flyweight contender Ian McCall. On this podcast you can expect the unexpected as Ian welcomes his friends from many walks of life. "Storytime" is not your everyday podcast. So, grab a beverage, get comfortable, and get ready for a story!


Ep. 17: Mind Coach Vinny Shoreman  

"Uncle Creepy" Ian McCall is joined by mind coach Vinny Shoreman

Ep 16: Playboy Playmate Jessica Hall  

This week on "Storytime with Uncle Creepy" Ian McCall is joined by Playboy Playmate Jessica Hall.

Ep. 16: 'Storytime with Uncle Creepy'  

UFC flyweight Ian McCall keeps it chill on this week's "Storytime." On this episode he chats with producer TJ De Santis about a variety of subjects on his mind.

Ep. 14: Ian McCall Welcomes DJ 'C-Minus' to Storytime  

Ian McCall chats with DJ "C-Minus" on this edition of "Storytime with Uncle Creepy"

Ep. 13: Chuck Liddell Talks Mixed Martial Arts, Jon Jones, Fedor and More  

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell joined Ian McCall for this special edition of "Storytime with Uncle Creepy."

Ian McCall Gets Creepy with Three-Six Mafia Drummer Josh Villalta  

Three-Six Mafia drummer Josh Villalta joins "Uncle Creepy" on this edition of "Storytime with Ian McCall."

Actor and Stuntman Erik Audé Talks About His Time Served In A Pakistani Prison  

Ian McCall welcomes in Erik Audé in studio for another edition of "Storytime." Audé takes us through what it was like to spend time in a Pakistani prison for crime he says he didn't intentionally commit.

Ep. 10: BFF Show with Erik Apple  

Ian McCall welcomed his friend and former fighter Erik Apple to the show,

Ep. 9: Porn Legend Herschel Savage  

On this edition of "Storytime" Ian McCall is joined by porn legend Herschel Savage.

Ep. 8: Singer Songwriter Ceekay Jones  

This week Ian McCall shares "Storytime" with singer songwriter Ceekay Jones.

Ep. 6: Former UFC Strawweight Champion Carla Esparza, Bantamweight Ashlee Evans-Smith  

This week on "Storytime" Ian McCall welcomes in UFC fighters Carla Esparza and Ashlee Evans-Smith.

Ep. 5: The Dirtyheads' Jared Watson Joins Storytime w/ Uncle Creepy  

On this episode of "Storytime" The Dirtyheads' Jared Watson joins Ian McCall to share stories from the road, his thoughts on the power of positive energy, and an interesting story from inside of a Paris sex club.

Ep. 4: Pro Surfers Luke Davis and Dylan Goodale  

This week Ian McCall is joined by pro surfers Luke Davis and Dylan Goodale. The three gentleman share their thoughts on a weekend spent at Cochella.

Ep. 3: Professional Wrestling Icon Chavo Guerrero Jr.  

This week "Uncle Creepy" chats with his pal Chavo Guerrero Jr. Chavo discusses his journey through pro wrestling and the similarities to mixed martial arts.

Ep. 2: Professional Wrestling Legend Rob Van Dam  

UFC flyweight fighter Ian McCall chats with professional wrestling icon Rob Van Dam.

Ep. 1: 'Psycho' Mike Catherwood  

Ep. 1: 'Psycho' Mike Catherwood by Storytime w/ 'Uncle Creepy' Ian McCall

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