Straight Talk with Ross Mathews

Straight Talk with Ross Mathews

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Featuring Ross Mathews as the go-to guy for anyone who needs a BFF to give them guidance, direction or a good ole' slap in the face, Straight Talk (Advice & LOL's from the Gay Best Friend You Wish You Had and Know You Need) might be the most interactive podcast ever. Tackling relationships and dating, friendship and beyond, no topic is off limits or too taboo.


Big Freedia and Mark's Big Surprise  

Mark has a big surprise! But FIRST! Big Freedia joins us to talk about her big bounce back. Plus, it's Valentine's day (week). Learn all the ways in which we love one another.

Lady Gaga...Literally  

Ross and Salvador thank you for your support during a difficult time. Plus, Ross tells the mother monster of all Lady Gaga stories and interviews himself TWICE. It'll make sense when you listen.

Ross on Ross, Nikki's Mouth, and a Big Surprise  

Ross goes on a date with...himeself!? Plus more of Pick Ross' Brain, a special guest, and a very BIG surprise for all Straight Talkers worldwide!

Pick Ross' Brain and Street Talk - EP141  

We have a few new segments to day-butt, specifically Pick Ross' Brain...where we get to pick his brain. Plus, Straight Talk Street Talk, AYSTM, and so much more!

Shart Tank with Skid Mark - EP140  

We all compete in the exciting new competition, Shart Tank with our judge and investor Skid Mark. See whose ideas get floated and whose get flushed.

Throwing Shade's Erin and Bryan, Will Bill No, and CJay's BDay! - EP139  

Throwing Shade's Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi join us once more only now they've got a brand new show on TV Land! Plus we play the brand new, great game that's ever been...Will Bill Know!? Plus it's CJay's Bday and we celebrate in style.

A Straight Talk Christmas Cele-bray-cion - EP138  

We celebrate the holiday with YOU and fun white elephant gift exchange! Fagsy stays for the festivity and cheer too! Merry Christmas to all our wonderful straight talkers and Happy Holidays!

Celebrate Me Homo Depot - EP137  

It's the first of our special holiday shenanigans and Hannah Hart joins us to talk about her book, her new movie, and her youtube fame. PLUS Sal's birthday, we're joined by Fagsy Malone, and so much more!

LIVE From San Diego! - EP136  

We're live with a whole exciting Straight Talk weekend in San Diego! We play a sexy secret santa, talk with medium James Van Praagh, a live Kiss Kiss and Tell, Are You Smarter Than Mark, and really so much more!

Skid Mark and Minute Shart - EP135  

We try to guess which pair of Mark's underwear he shat in while in Palm Springs! But not before we get some Number Two tales, talk to Cookie Olaphante, play Kiss Kiss and Tell and so much more!

A Very Sexy Willie Birthday - EP134  

It's Will's birthday and we celebrate with some erect--erotic gifts. We get a new write in poop story, play Kiss Kiss and Tell, AYSTM, and so much more!

Thanksgiving Gravy On Your Chest - EP133  

We celebrate Thanksgiving this week! Plus we talk a LOT about poop and Mark calls in with the exciting story of when he pooped his pants in Palm Springs. We also have a very special guest joining us in studio!

Psychic Char Margolis and Mark's Diaper Challenge - EP132  

Mark pees in a diaper and sits in it! But before all that gross goodness, psychic Char Margolis joins us in studio and blows everyone's minds! Plus He Said He Said, Black Attack, Minute Mark, Free Willy, and so much more.

Palm Springs Straight Talk Weekend - EP131  

We hit the road and take the show to Palm Springs for a weekend of fun and festivities including a live show at Toucans bar and the Palm Springs Walk of Stars ceremony to honor Ross and unveil his star!!!

Ross Mathews - Fortune Feimster - EP130  

Josh Wolf is back and our guest Fortune Feimster joins us for an interview and the rest of the show! She even faces off against Mark in AYSTM. Plus a great Nikki B trending and so much more!

Ross Mathews - Halloween Hot Flashes - EP129  

It's hot, hot, HOT in the studio today and we're all having Halloween hot flashes. We celebrate the holiday in style with Fagsy Malone and an exciting round of Kiss, Kiss and Tell. Plus an interview with Jim Burba & Bob Hayes about their book Smart Partners and their Broadway play "Disaster"!

Ross Mathews - Fran Drescher, THE NANNY! - EP128  

The one and only Fran Drescher joins us in studio for an extra special, extra long interview! She talks everything from The Nanny to her Health Seminar and her website, Cancer Schmancer. Plus we play Smarter Than Mark and Ross has decided he's going to start playing the Piano!

Ross Mathews - Bate Party and WhoWhaDoneSaidDat? - EP127  

Mark is an hour late but it's okay, we play an exciting and gross round of Would You Rather and an exciting round of Kiss Kiss and Tell about...Bate Parties. Also the new game, WhoWhaDoneSaidDatJoshRoss. Plus all your favorites!

Ross Mathews - Garth Brooks Karaoke and Nikki Almost Vomits - EP126  

Josh Wolf is back and tells us a VERY exciting Kiss Kiss and Tell. Plus a lot of listener mail and a fun new song about Blark's offensive behavior. Plus all the favorites, Nikki B Trending, What I Like About Now, Minute Mark, Black Attack, and Free Willy.

Ross Mathews - Josh Wolf and Super Salad - EP125  

Josh Wolf joins us in studio and we play He Said, He Said as he and Ross give out advice to callers. Plus, Ross invents his rapper persona! Salvador is with us for Salvador Says AND What I Like About Now. Also Nikki B Trending, Black Attack, and much more.

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