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Love her or hate her, but you can’t ignore the sassy, quick-witted Stassi Schroeder, star of Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules.” Never one to hold back on any topic, Stassi is here with a brand new weekly podcast, “Straight Up with Stassi’, a biting and hilarious look at the world and everyone in it, according to the Queen Bee herself.


Stassi's hungover stream of consciousness  

Stassi had a hangover day, but she also received a bedazzled Hidden Valley ranch dressing bottle & saw a Game of Thrones symphony... so all good. She's also answering some of your #askstassi questions.

Are we boring? Rachael O'Brien & Stassi feel old.  

Comedian bestie Rachael O'Brien and Stassi are out of the Hollywood loop, especially as single girls. They're sharing recent stories to prove it.


Kristen Doute is NEVER one to overthink anything (for better or worse). And this week she is joining Stassi to talk about a CORNUCOPIA of topics (There's The Bachelor finale, a Canada trip, a mysterious Amazon Prime vaginal/anal leakage protector... and yes, the nonsensical racism accusations). Drink up!

Actress Natalie Zea & Stassi mightttt be the same person  

The Detour's funny girl Nathalie Zea joins Stassi for some MAJE behind the scenes Hollywood talk. Not only are they both each other's doppelgängers, but they also share a SHIT TON in common. Both love white wine, both have a frank attitude & both don't remember how to give handjobs anymore.

Stephen McGee of Bravo's Summer House is in NYC with Stassi  

Stephen McGee is not afraid to shake things up! He joins Stassi in the NYC studios before they are off to shoot Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Listen as the two talk about everything including the Oscars, funerals, and of course The Bachelor.

Stefanie Ziev  

Life coach Stefanie Ziev explains how she got into being a life coach and what a life coach is. She then digs deep into Stassi's psyche. Dive in and find out who's sitting at the head of your table.

The Fashion Week from HELL w/ Taylor Strecker  

Part 2 of Stassi & Taylor take New York Fashion Week... Beware, it gets ugly.

Stassi & Taylor take NYFW Part 1  

Stassi is back for fashion week in NYC... and it's been kinda a half-disaster. Stassi and her east coast BFF, Taylor Strecker, can't ever get it together.

Beyonce, people who skip & Mischa Barton CRAY w/ Rachael O'Brien  

Stassi & comedian Rachael O'Brien are tearing everyone in pop culture a new one today. Everyone's asses must be on fire. Beyonce, really, with that photo?

Keeping it 100% real for the 100th episode w/ Jackie Schimmel  

It's Stassi's 100th episode and to celebrate, she had the realest wittiest podcasting bitch of them all: Jackie Schimmel. Stassi and Jackie have a love for each other that can only be compared to Mary Kate & Ashley (yep, Stassi and Jackie are two basic bitches).

Lauren Wirkus of Bravo's Summer House joins Stassi  

Lauren Wirkus is originally from Southern California but has been a fearless New Yorker for the past six years. She rules the finance world during the week, but weekends are all about Montauk! The two talk about everything...

Stassi Gets Online Dating Advice from Kyle Cooke???  

Stassi gives Kyle Cooke from Summer House the opportunity to redeem himself after last week's drunken fiasco on Vanderpump Rules. He gives her online dating advice while she gets to know Kyle's true self by playing "Would You Rather?"

It's 2017! With Annabelle DeSisto  

Welcome to the new year. Funny girl, Annabelle, is joining Stassi today... best part of the new year? The Bachelor has finally come back

Basic Witches w/ BOTH Sheena & Aberleigh  

In her first ever live podcast, Stassi enlists her health gurus in New Orleans to help her stalk someone. Stassi also has a new obsession that is affecting her life in more ways than one.

The day I was a Prisoner to Weed  

Stassi has maybe one of the worst days of her life... when she accidentally drinks a whole bottle's worth of tea weed.

Jax Taylor: Relationship advice from a self-proclaimed sociopath  

REWIND EPISODE – Liked what you saw of Stassi/Jax’s podcast interview on “Vanderpump Rules”? Hear the rest of the sociopath test and more here on “Straight Up With Stassi”.

Stassi & Kristina = 2 different dating worlds  

Stassi and Kristina Kelly are analyzing dating in 2016.

Reality Villains Unite! Stassi interviews Olivia from The Bachelor  

Olivia Caridi from The Bachelor joins Stassi as they discuss the harsh reality behind being a "reality villain"

Stassi & Taylor have the best night EVER  

Taylor Strecker joins Stassi in Los Angeles... and they are expanding on their crazy West Hollywood nights.

Stassi's Mom = Dating Advice Genius  

For this Thanksgiving episode, Stassi's mom is sipping her vodka soda in the late morning, and not holding back on what she thinks Stassi does wrong in her romantic life.

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