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Straight Up with Stassi

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Love her or hate her, but you can’t ignore the sassy, quick-witted Stassi Schroeder, star of Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules.” Never one to hold back on any topic, Stassi is here with a brand new weekly podcast, “Straight Up with Stassi’, a biting and hilarious look at the world and everyone in it, according to the Queen Bee herself.


Stassi & Taylor have the best night EVER  

Taylor Strecker joins Stassi in Los Angeles... and they are expanding on their crazy West Hollywood nights.

Stassi's Mom = Dating Advice Genius  

For this Thanksgiving episode, Stassi's mom is sipping her vodka soda in the late morning, and not holding back on what she thinks Stassi does wrong in her romantic life.

Stassi meets her idol Rachel Zoe  

When Stassi first started her podcast, Rachel Zoe was THE person she made as a goal to have as a guest. Two years later: IT'S ALL HAPPENING, & the meeting excedes her wildest dreams.

Matt Cutshall: Vine Star & Most Eligible Bachelor  

Matt Cutshall has shot to fame with his Vines. He is an actor, he's been a musician & Stassi loves to brag that their friendship goes WAYYYY back.

Stassi and Taylor Strecker in NYC  

Stassi is joined by Taylor Strecker in the NYC studios. Now is your chance to be like a fly on the wall and listen as the two besties talk about dating, their experiences in New York, and so much more

Nigel Barker  

Nigel Barker joins Stassi live from the NYC studios.  Barker is best known for his participation as a judge on the reality show America' Next Top Model. He talks to Stassi about dating, photography, his book, his radio show, and so much more!

Ask Stassi: Stassi needs y'alls advice  

Stassi is answering your questions and giving her (sometimes) not so sound advice...

Life updates & plastic surgery talk with Kristen Doute  

Stassi and Kristen are giving each other life updates and digging into the Hollywood plastic surgery trend...

Stassi records her phone conversation with her best friend  

Stassi decided to record a phone conversation with her BFF/health guru Sheena Mannina. Just two friends being candid catching each other up on life.

Ask Stassi: How to look your hottest with less than a month to do it  

Stassi is answering your questions and giving her (sometimes) not so sound advice...

How dating has changed w/ Kristina Kelly  

Three years ago, dating was very different for Stassi. Now that she is back out there, she is comparing how the game has changed. Kristina Kelly joins her to hear all about it.


Emma freaking Roberts in Stassi's home? Their union was even more magical than Stassi could have hoped, & Stassi is now officially Emma's Chanel slave for life. True love, Scream Queens style.

Stassi, Katie & Kristen AKA "The Witches of Weho"  

The "Vanderpump Rules" female bestie threesome is treating this podcast episode as if it's their personal diary. Nothing is off limits...

Stassi prepares for a natural disaster and bids farewell  

There's been an earthquake warning for the state of California, and Stassi is slowly losing it. Earthquakes are one of Stassi's greatest fears, so she decides to do a journal stream of consciousness episode on her thoughts in case she gets swallowed up my the earth.

Stassi & Rachael do Charleston  

Stassi & Rachael had made "cyber-friends" with some of the cast of Southern Charm, & they took it upon themselves to fly across the country to Charleston, South Carolina on a whim. Hear about the Vanderpump Rules meets Southern Charm love fest...

Dating Disorders & Eating Disorders w/ Amberleigh Carter  

Stassi's favorite witch doctor, Amberleigh Carter, joins her to explore eating behaviors and dating behaviors.

Dating REALNESS w/ Stassi & her bestie Sheena Mannina  

Stassi's best friend from home, Sheena Mannina, is her polar opposite. She's an energy healer, a wellness center/juice bar owner & health genious. So when Stassi talks about her dating life, Sheena has new insight.

Stassi, Katie & Tom honeymoon together in Bora Bora  

Stassi wanted to have a Whora Whora experience in Bora Bora. Instead, she learned that single people aren't allowed there. Tom and Katie join Stassi to divulge all of the deets.

Stassi meets one of her idols Kristin Chenoweth  

Stassi has the opportunity of a lifetime when she interviews one of her idols, Kristin Chenoweth. The two get into Kristin's new album, her one woman Broadway show, and what it's like the be single. Lots of bonding going on... Stassi & Kristin are like long lost sisters.

Single Stassi in NYC w/ Taylor Strecker  

Stassi is having her "summer of yes", she just crashed a honeymoon & now she is in NYC with her east coast bestie and radio host Taylor Strecker.

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