Straight Up with Stassi

Straight Up with Stassi

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Love her or hate her, but you can’t ignore the sassy, quick-witted Stassi Schroeder, star of Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules.”


Stassi Needs a Diaper  

Stassi has friends' Alex Stafford & comedian Rachael O'Brien as guests to discuss Stassi's romantic vacays with women that end up in her pissing her pants. The girls are also here to warn women about dating with a story that involves the Ramada Inn & a Daddy Yankee impersonator. Dont ask questions, just listen.

Breakups Require A Nanny  

Stassi isn't doing so well, but at least Bachelor in Paradise has started. Zack Wickham joins her to divulge...

Stassi is in a Mexicoma  

Stassi is officially the real life Carrie Bradhsaw.... she explains why with comedian Rachael O'Brien

Dreams Suck Ass  

New besties meet old besties with Kristen Doute & Alex Stafford joining Stassi to talk about her weird ass dream, nightmares, & The Bachelorette.

Campaign: Stassi for leader of Earth  

Stassi thinks she should be the leader of Earth: Her campaign? Every citizen will have access to any & every film/tv show (but not for free, obvs). Hashtag never forget how we can't even buy "Now & Then" or "French Kiss" unless we own a DVD player.

Stassi may have broken her ribs...  

Comedian Rachael O'Brien is helping nurse Stassi back to health... not.

What was Stassi like in high school?  

Stassi has one of her best childhood friends, Alex Stafford, on the podcast to divulge the dirty truth about Stassi as a teenager. Try not to judge... okay, who are we kidding, judge away.

A therapy session with Stassi  

Malala Yousafzai & Ava Gardner have inspired Stassi to inspire you.

Shit got real on a haunted ship for us basic bitches  

Stassi is joined again by comedian (& bestie) Rachael O'brien. They just spent a night on the haunted Queen Mary ship for Rachael's birthday, and Stassi has realized she's officially not as tough as she thought.

Stassi & Rachael w/ red wine at 10:00 am  

Stassi & Rachael are drinking red wine at 10:00 am because of Paris withdrawals. Rachael gets Stassi a ranch fountain for her birthday. And they both realize they've never been proposed to because they are too butch.

Stassi gets postmate shamed  

Stassi lets her stream of conciousness go, as she explains getting postmate shamed over and over.

Woman to woman w/ the incredible transgender activist, Billie Lee  

This woman's extraordinary journey will make you think twice the next time you think you've had a rough day.

Your childhood crush impacts you forever  

Stassi is joined by her funny insightful friend Zack Wickham to tak about childhood crushes, and how we are impacted by things unknown.

The Police Bust Stassi  

Stassi had a wild night... and the police were there for it.

Stassi & Katie Maloney & Margaritas  

Stassi & Katie Maloney go off on gambling, eating habits, Riverdale & the origin of their SUR lives. Random AF.

A new relationship status- comic Jaclyn Marfuggi joins Stassi today for good reason  

Stassi's favorite Jersey Girl, comedian Jaclyn Marfuggi, joins her to gossip about The Bachelorette, weddings & more. Stassi discusses her new relationship status.

Stassi & Katie Maloney discuss the SUPERNATURAL  

Stassi enlists her bestie, Katie Maloney, to dive into all things supernatural, Europe-related & gossipy ;)

Dating horror stories w Rachael O'Brien  

Stassi and her comedian bff, Rachael O'Brien, are getting into their dating qualms. Would you rather your partner ghost or be up front?! And let's not forget Southern Charm.

Stassi almost gets her finger cut off  

Stassi has been sick at home for the week and is using it as an excuse to share a few updates: including a big one about the Los Feliz Murder House. Oh, and she almost got her finger cut off today.

Stassi Takes Europe  

Stassi goes IN on her European girls trip with this stream of consciousness episode. She channeled her inner Maie Antoinette, visited dead people in the catacombs, developed a fear of birds & lost her luggage.

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