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'Strange' is an occasional podcast by 'The Dallas Morning News' where interesting people tell their true stories of an encounter with the strange. The show is produced and hosted by Arts & Culture editor Christopher Wynn and co-produced by Texas Theatre co-founder Jason Reimer.


Ep. 1 -  Virginia McAlester, Jeff Guinn, Merritt Tierce and Jeffrey Cranor  

In this debut episode, four Texans tell their true stories about an encounter with the strange. Author Virginia Savage McAlester reveals for the first time her chilling brush with the Boston Strangler. Investigative journalist Jeff Guinn takes us “creepy-crawling” with Charles Manson’s deranged Family. Novelist Merritt Tierce meets a very personal threat on her own front porch. And Jeffrey Cranor, co-creator of the hit podcast and novel, 'Welcome to Night Vale,' reminds us why we fear the woods at night.

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