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#29 - Natal Infraction  

There's batshit body horror fun this week, as Natasha Lyonne comes to terms with a bizarre pregnancy in ANTIBIRTH, plus ass-kicking action mayhem in the Hong Kong fist-fest SPL 2: A TIME FOR CONSEQUENCES!

#28 - Flaying Alive  

On this week's show we explore the dark fairy tale fantasies of Matteo Garrone's TALE OF TALES, and do battle with the FIVE DEADLY VENOMS with a review of the Shaw brothers' kung-fu classic.

#27 - Tears for Fears  

This week we plunge into the dark world of small-town murder and possession in the acclaimed Korean horror thriller THE WAILING. We also explore our (and your) favourite Brian De Palma set pieces, and reveal the winner of last week's CHOOSATRON vote!

#26 - Crimes of Fashion  

Nicolas Winding Refn returns with the controversial, darkly funny catwalk horror THE NEON DEMON, while Brian De Palma takes us back through his career in the acclaimed documentary DE PALMA. Plus the latest CHOOSATRON selections!

#25 - School's Out  

There's violence, drugs and prostitution in a school for the deaf this week in the acclaimed Ukranian drama THE TRIBE, plus a review of Norwegian disasterfest THE WAVE.

#24 - Apartmental!  

This week we plunge in the NYC apartment madness of Mickey Keating's black-and-white chiller DARLING, plus the fall-and-rise of Canadian metal god Thor in I AM THOR! Plus more of your INVITATION feedback...

#23 - Dinnerspace  

The dinner party from hell unfolds in the creepy horror thriller THE INVITATION, and we look at the winner of this month's Choosatron vote, the sleazy '70s psychodrama HOUSE ON STRAW HILL (aka EXPOSÉ). Plus your mail!

#22 - Flies Like Us  

We dive into our listener suggestion pile this week, and pull out the Indian revenge fantasy comedy EEGA, plus the highly experimental black metal mood piece A SPELL TO WARD OFF THE DARKNESS. Plus the Choosatron 3000 announces the winner of this month's cult movie vote!

#21 - The Italian Connection  

We return with a change to our previously advertised schedule, with a look at acclaimed Italian crime thriller SUBURRA. There's also a review of dark American indie drama BUZZARD, and the latest CHOOSATRON selection for you guys to vote on!

#20 - Deep Read (Part 1)  

Ben's away this week, so we dip back into the Mondo Movie archive with another 'cast from the past. This one's a little different - in March 2007 we did the first of two shows focusing on some of of our favourite and most influential movie books we had enjoyed over the years. Enjoy! Normal service resumes next week.

#19 - Cop Bland  

This week we look at the South Korean thriller CHRONICLE OF EVIL, and discuss some of the Korean cinema we've watched over the years. There's also a review of the documentary WELCOME TO LEITH, plus a fascinating update about Dan's attempts to make Thai sticky rice.

#18 - War Ensemble  

There's evil spirits and basement-dwelling ghouls in the snow-bound retro horror WE ARE STILL HERE, plus a routine operation goes horribly wrong for a squad of soldiers in the tense war drama KAJAKI/KILO TWO BRAVO.

#17 - Classic Mondo Movie: Carsploitation!  

Life has conspired against us, and we're not going to be able to record together until the end of the week. But we want to keep the shows coming, so this episode is another dip back into the Mondo Movie archive! Back in August 2007 we looked at a quartet of classic 70s car movies - DIRTY MARY CRAZY LARRY, DEATH RACE 2000, VANISHING POINT and TWO-LANE BLACKTOP. So hand over your pink slips, gun your engines and LET'S GO!

#16 - From Beer To Eternity  

There's Civil War drama and beer-soaked Aussie lunacy this week, as we tackle the recent period film THE KEEPING ROOM and the winner of this month's Choosatron vote, the disturbing classic WAKE IN FRIGHT. Drink up mate!

#15 - Into The Woods  

This week we face baby-snatching Irish demons in the woodland horror THE HALLOW, and bone-crunching Maori warriors in the historical action drama THE DEAD LANDS. Plus the winner of this month's CHOOSATRON vote!

#14 - Fainting By Numbers  

This week there's tragedy, turmoil and hysteria in the 60s-set psychological drama THE FALLING, and a battle over a severed foot in the stranger-than-fiction documentary FINDERS KEEPERS. Plus we announce the four choices for this month's CHOOSATRON 3000!

#13 - Who's Laughing Now?  

Ben made a flying visit to the UK last week, so for the firsttime in four years we sat together and recorded a podcast in thesame room! We look at the sad, darkly funny life of a touringcomedian in ENTERTAINMENT, and enjoy the home invasionslasher-with-a-twist HUSH. Dedicated to our friend and podcastinglegend Vince Rotolo.

#12 - One Take Wonder  

We return to our normal schedule with a review of the amazing one-take German crime drama VICTORIA, and the oddball horror comedy HE NEVER DIED, starring the great Henry Rollins...

#11 - Classic Mondo Movie - Giallo  

Ben's on holiday this week so we've delved back into the archives of our former podcast Mondo Movie to bring you some of our old (or indeed, young) - cult movie chat. It was May 2006 when we did a four week giallo festival on the show, so here are those reviews - DEATH WALKS AT MIDNIGHT, SEVEN DEATHS IN THE CAT'S EYE, THE FIFTH CORD and DEATH LAID AN EGG. Enjoy! Normal service resumes next week...

#10 - It's A Mad Mad Mad Maddin World  

On our latest show we dive into the mind of Canadian maverick Guy Maddin and his latest slice of psychedelic lunacy THE FORBIDDEN ROOM. We also ride into town to review haunting Franco-Italian western CEMETERY WITHOUT CROSSES

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