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Stu Feiner

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Stu Feiner is considered the innovator of the sports service industry since 1982, and since then has gone on to pioneer the industry by: creating the first nationwide tv commercial ever accepted by ESPN in 1984 spending $45,000 during the NBA playoffs; creating a sports section in the newspaper USA Today in 1985 that he ran half and full page ads and spent 3 million a year for; Being the first to ever use 900#s to sell sports information in 1988 and generating over 50 million dollars; Opening the first nationwide scorephone operation in 1988 giving scores odds lines injuries weather reports on free local phone #s in 200 cities across the country; and being the first to have a sports information website in 1994 and writing over 10 million dollars before the year 2000. Stu's business was featured in the movie Two for the Money, where Al Pacino played Stu in the movie, Rene Russo played his wife and Mathew Mcconahay played a disgruntled employee. Al Pacino, Mathew Mcconahay, and Jeremy Pivin were on my show in that movie. Since that time, Stu Feiner has grown to become the #1 social media sports advisor expert in the world, with enormous followings on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, where for free over the last 2 years Stu has predicted 11 of the last 13 major championship winners.


Sourced With Stu Feiner - Episode 6 - Source's Casino Scores  

In the sixth episode of Sourced, Stu recounts three of his most amazing winning gambling escapades. First he tells of when his third son Ryan is born, Stu is blazed, and ready to take Atlantic City for all its worth. The second tale is how Stu gambled to make payroll in secret flights to Atlantic City. Finally, a Vegas story you wont even believe.

Sourced With Stu Feiner - Episode 5 - Craig Carton's Demise and Dangerous Wagers on 1986 Mets  

In this episode Stu Recaps Craig Carton's demise following the reveal of his alleged Ponzi Scheme. In addition, Stu also addresses Sid Rosenberg and how his demise cost him Mike Francesa's job. After Stu recounts how he almost was killed by the Irish Mob for his wagers on the Mets during the 1986 World Series.

Sourced With Stu Feiner - Episode 4 - Football Kickoff and Mafia Tales  

In episode four of Sourced, Stu recaps the state of both the NFL and College Football as we launch into the first week of play. After giving you a short rundown of some early feelings and his Super Bowl prediction we move to another epic story of his business’ beginning. Shocking tales of the Mafia and how Stu survived in the early 80s.

Sourced With Stu Feiner - Episode 3 - Taj Mahal Tales and Mayweather vs McGregor  

In his third episode of Sourced, Stu Feiner continues to tell some pee-your-pants, hilarious tales from his days losing his biggest money at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino. After recapping one of his most embarassing moments he turns to tonight’s UFC main-event and the fight everyone is talking about. Listen in to hear Stu’s opinion on who he thinks will win in the Mayweather vs McGregor match up.

Sourced With Stu Feiner - Episode 2  

In his second episode of Sourced, Stu Feiner recounts some of his experiences with the Trump Casino Empire in Atlantic City in the 1980s. In this particular tale we learn about Stu’s idolization of The Who’s Keith Moon, especially his destructive behaviors towards hotel rooms and how he emulated the rockstar. In the end he tells of his first and only arrest at the hands of Donald Trump himself!

Sourced With Stu Feiner - Episode 1  

Go inside the world of Stu Feiner in this first edition podcast

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