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Do you believe in John Hughes, day-glo colors, Han shot first, new wave music, Reaganomics, lip syncing on American Bandstand, standing in line for concert ticket wristbands, Alex P. Keaton, American Top 40 long distance dedications, and the existence of music videos on MTV? Then this podcast is for you.


Stuck in the '80s Episode 378 (9.25.2016)  

Dane Butcher, the master of ceremonies onboard The '80s Cruise, joins us to talk about the 2016 trip and to give us the scoop on the 2017 voyage. Plus, full seggies and a new finale idea.

Stuck in the '80s Episode 377 (9.11.2016)  

Lots of time to record, so little news to talk about. Wait. Strike that. Reverse it. 

Stuck in the '80s Episode 376 (8.21.2016)  

Eighties pop princess Tiffany joins the show to talk about the early days of MTV, why she's coming back to the '80s Cruise in 2017 and the reason she never went to prom in the '80s. Plus full seggies!

Stuck in the '80s Episode 375 (8.7.2016)  

We discover four more '80s classics that weren't originally from the '80s. Plus the craziest podcast time machine letter to date. Guest hosts include Just Drew and Gayle in DC. 

Stuck in the '80s Episode 374 8.1.2016)  

A Stuck in the '80s moment in time. Brad and Spearsy reflect on possibly the most important moment in '80s pop culture history.

Stuck in the '80s Episode 373  (7.20.2016)  

Are you planning on seeing the new Ghostbusters movie? Brad, Jen and Spearsy did on opening weekend and give their report. Plus, full seggies. 

Stuck in the '80s Episode 372 (7.3.2016)  

You won't believe the movies that SOME hosts think are bad. Be ready to sound off after listening to Brad, Drew, Jen and Steve on this week's weird topic. Plus full seggies and news about '80s In The Sand, a new '80s vacation to Punta Cana in 2017.

Stuck in the '80s Episode 371 (6.18.2016)  

We wrap up some news this week on Highlander, Ferris Bueller and more. Plus, we reveal the Theme Nights for the 2017 '80s Cruise. And another podcast time machine letter for reader mailbag.

Stuck in the '80s Episode 370 (6.5.2016)  

Spearsy, Brad, Drew and Jen each pick a personal fave album that turns 30 years old this year. Plus a mysterious fan letter recently uncovered after sitting at the bottom of our inbox for six years!

Stuck in the '80s Episode 369 (6.3.2016)  

Steve and Brad try out a new format for album reviews - starting with ABC's new record "Lexicon of Love II." 

Stuck in the '80s Episode 368 (5.28.2016)  

Top Gun is 30 years old?!? Guess it's time to buzz the tower with special guest "Jeff in Cuba." Let's decide once and for all whether this movie lives up to its hype. 

Stuck in the '80s Episode 367 (5.11.2016)  

Everyone's favorite Valley Girl, Deborah Foreman, is back to talk about the 30th anniversary of April Fools Day and her adventures with online dating. Warning: This show contains some profanity that, while adult in nature, was far too cute for us to bleep.

Stuck in the '80s Episode 366 (4.30.2016)  

How do you take the life of an artist like Prince and condense it into a podcast? You can't. But with the help of Brad in LA, Dr. Dim and Jen with One N, we still try to drown the tears by standing in the purple rain.

Stuck in the '80s Episode 365 (4.23.2016)  

So much new to cover! Plus, we have the saddest Podcast Time Machine letter ever. And we have a fresh new "Let's Get Trivial" seggie with Eric from Cincinnati. And Spearsy forgot to ask him about chili! 

Stuck in the '80s Episode 364 (4.03.2016)  

We honor new renditions of classics by Modern English, The Cure, Hall & Oates, Young Fresh Fellows and more in this episode, which features the first appearance of guest co-host "Gayle in DC." And just you wait for the saddest reader mailbag letter ever.

Stuck in the '80s Episode 363 (3.20.2016)  

We have a new seggie starting this episode - Let's Get Trivial - and if you play along with us, you'll have an edge for next year's trivia sessions on The '80s Cruise. Also, news on AC/DC, a Beetlejuice sequel, Ghostbusters and Ferris Fest. Plus, the long-awaited answers to the seggies from way, way back in February.

Stuck in the '80s Episode 362 (3.6.2016)  

The first ever The '80s Cruise might be over, but it went out with a bang. We review Naked Eyes, Wang Chung, Jessie's Girl and give you the scoop on the 2017 cruise.

Stuck in the 80s Episode 361 (3.5.2016)  

We review Movie Costume Night, Richard Marx and much on the final day of The '80s Cruise.

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