Oprah Wasn't Built In a Day  

Oprah Winfrey is a phenomenal example of why if at first you don't succeed, it's important to try again. But that's easier said than done for girls.

Mothers of Invention  

Cristen and Caroline discover the American history of women inventors and why the patent gender gap has been so challenging to close.

Fighting Shirley Chisholm  

Cristen and Caroline detail the life and legacy of 'Fighting' Shirley Chisholm, the Brooklyn educator and presidential candidate ahead of her time.

The Ghost of Phyllis Schlafly  

How did Phyllis Schlafly disrupt second-wave feminism and the Republican Party? Cristen and Caroline uncover this conservative icon's unlikely rise.


Cristen and Caroline look at the history of using feminism to sell products to women and whether advertisers' intentions matter.

Why Yogurt Loves Women  

Cristen and Caroline get to the bottom of why yogurt is one of the most gendered foods in grocery stores.

Uber Privilege  

Cristen and Caroline take a look at sharing economy privilege and why collaborative consumption leaves out the people who most need its services.

Sex Objects in the Sky  

Cristen and Caroline discuss the original stewardesses, how sex sold airline tickets and flight attendants' fight for professional recognition.

The Menstrual Cups Revival  

Menstrual cups have been around as long as tampons, so why are our periods just now getting to know them?

Period Tracker Apps  

Cristen and Caroline explore period-tracking apps' effectiveness and dig into one developer's claim that infertility is just an 'information problem.'

Pantsuit Power Dressing  

Cristen and Caroline trace the history of the power suit and ask why such a seemingly simple fashion has the power to embolden and enrage.

Feminist Fight Club  

Author Jessica Bennett inducts listeners into the Feminist Fight Club, her new (wo)manual for battling a sexist workplace.

Lunch Ladies  

Cristen and Caroline trace the history of lunch ladies as part of the nutrition, labor and Civil Rights movements.

Justice for Janitors  

Justice for Janitors is a podcast from Stuff Mom Never Told You about the men and women earning a living through custodial services.

Welfare Queens  

Ronald Reagan made 'welfare queens' a household epithet during his unsuccessful 1976 presidential campaign. Considering the 20th anniversary of so-called welfare reform, Cristen and Caroline examine the deeper origins and implications of the racist, classist welfare queen stereotype as well as the surprising history of how welfare was originally for white ladies.

Women's War with Heroin  

Cristen and Caroline trace why heroin is more popular among suburban, white women than ever before.

Mad Women, Part 2  

Cristen and Caroline spotlight the discrimination and harassment that complicates the ad industry's relationship with women and people of color.

Mad Women, Part 1  

In the early advertising industry, career-minded white women were copywriters, department heads and even agency owners. But their very mission of selling products to women helped erect the industry's glass ceiling. Cristen and Caroline talk trailblazers, monetizing femininity and the whiteness of early ad industry in part one of Mad Women.

Unicorn Legends  

The associations between unicorns and all things feminine is nothing new, but where did it come from? Cristen and Caroline dive into unicorns' history as goddesses' pets, symbols for Christ and the stars of Lisa Frank trapper keepers.

Finding Lisa Frank  

Lisa Frank is a real person, and she has a stable of sad unicorns and wilted rainbows hidden away in her closet. Cristen and Caroline explore Lisa Frank's rise to girlhood fame and descent into corporate chaos.

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