SUCCESS Insider is a weekly podcast to engage, educate and inspire emerging leaders and success seekers. Hosts Josh Ellis and Shelby Skrhak, from the SUCCESS editorial team, will keep you up to date on the latest trends in personal empowerment, entrepreneurship and career development, discussing books, ideas and news that you should hear. They’ll chat with special guests, including authors, industry experts, business leaders, trendsetters our own SUCCESS staff and all-around successful people. It’s the show to power your next breakthrough!


EP33.5: Stand Up for Beliefs  

Today we’re motivating you to stick to your guns. Sometimes, whether you’re dealing with difficult people at work or you see injustice in the wild, you’re challenged to stand up for what’s right. Here are four ways to help you do just that.

EP33: Healthy Living Equals Successful Living  

Why is your health such a big part of your success? Josh and Shelby answer that question on this week’s episode. They interview one of the founders of Quest Nutrition, Tom Bilyeu and they share a few steps to a healthier you.

EP32.5: Asking for More  

Enjoy these three quick tips on how to ask for more money - whether from your boss or your clients - and get it.

EP32: Tips for Better Decision Making  

How to make a decision is the topic of this week’s episode. Josh and Shelby discuss the November cover of SUCCESS magazine, featuring FOX News Channel’s Megyn Kelly and share a clip from this month’s SUCCESS Talks interview. Our hosts test the theory of automating small decisions to make head room for big decisions, and share Zig Ziglar’s tips for making a good decision.

EP31.5: Facing Fears  

Shelby shares a personal story of how facing our daily fears is hard no matter our age.

EP31: The 5 Most Common Strengths  

Is it better to work on your strengths or your weaknesses? Josh and Shelby debate that topic in this week’s episode as they dive into Gallup’s StrengthsFinder assessment and reveal the 5 most common talents. Plus, they speak to Deluxe’s Amanda Brinkman about the Small Business Revolution that’s highlighting the strengths of entrepreneurs across the country.

EP30.5: Power of Discipline  

Enjoy these words of wisdom from Jim Rohn and learn the power of discipline has to transform your life.

EP30: Why We are Better Together  

Today we explore the power of our natural instincts as social creatures. Josh interviews Simon Sinek about his new book Better Together and the deeper meaning it has to business and life. And we follow that with a discussion on the power of cohesive connection in reaching our goals in life and business.

EP29.5: Habits for Resiliency  

Practice these 4 habits to improve your resiliency and help you stay cool under pressure.

EP29: The Art of Mentorship with Kevin O'Leary  

On this week’s episode we reveal a secret to success: having a mentor. Learning from others and developing deep, valuable relationships is key to any success. Josh and Shelby sit down with Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary to find out how he mentors the entrepreneurs he invests in. On the subject, we also pull a clip from the archives of the personal development icon Jim Rohn. And we discuss the ways, once you find a mentor, that you can put their time and knowledge to good use.

EP28.5: Stay Sharp  

Improve your brain's sharpness and help prevent brain aging by following these 5 simple guidelines.

EP28: The Best Ways to Find Your Inner Courage  

Winston Churchill once said, “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” We encourage you to sit back and listen this week as October cover gal Sophia Amuroso explains about how she lives each day in a courageous way. Shelby and Josh share ways they have been courageous and have a few tips for living boldly, plus author and expert Margie Warrell explains how exercising courage makes you stronger.

EP27.5: Improve Your Mindset  

When we change our mindset to one of growth, we change the course of our lives. Do these 5 simple things every day to quickly and easily improve your mindset.

EP27: How to Ask for What You Want  

Do you have a hard time asking people for things? Whether its in life or business negotiating your way through the world and asking for things is crucial. On this episode Shelby and Josh share ideas on ways that you can get what you want in your career and a formula for asking for things in a SMART way. Plus we hear from Leadership editor John Addison on how great leaders encourage their team to stand up for themselves. 

EP26.5: Effective Habits  

Here's a quick brush-up on the 7 habits of highly effective people as outlined by Stephen Covey.

EP26: How to Push Yourself to Greatness  

You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them and beyond. This week Josh and Shelby take a closer look at what it takes to push yourself to be the best. They talk with Mike Graff, executive editor of Charlotte Magazine who recently pushed himself more than he ever thought possible by hiking alone, with no training, on one of the country’s most challenging trails. And we hear from Jeff Vrabel who broke a Guinness World record and how the process changed his perspective on things.

EP25.5: Love Yourself First  

If you're feeling down on yourself, enjoy this quote from the late Lucille Ball about loving yourself.

EP25: Secrets for a Happy Brain  

The Dalai Lama once said that, “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” Shelby and Josh set out to prove the Dalai Lama right, starting with Josh’s decision to just be happy, a discussion about what makes for a happy brain and an interview with best selling author and positive psychologist Shawn Achor about strategies for intentional happiness and the power it has to bring about big change.

EP24.5: Crush Self-Doubt  

The moment you find yourself trapped in your head, overwhelmed and stewing in doubt, there are three things you can do to stop wallowing and move forward.

EP24: The Daily Habits of the Most Productive People  

Ever wonder how your coworker gets so much done in so little time? They know the secret to being your most productive self. In this episode Josh and Shelby talk with productivity expert and author Laura Vanderkam about taking advantage of your weekends and how tracking your time can be a difference maker. Plus they share the three myths that are killing your productivity, and what you can do to overcome your limited time.

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