Sunday Business Show

Sunday Business Show


Conall O Morain brings you the latest financial and political news, interviews and advice.


Available Table  

This new Irish app could solve a lot of restaurants and diners headaches, you can’t find a table for dinner, last minute plans.

Jeweller Grads  

Its one of the lesser heard job choices but it could be one that is of interest to many listeners. We ask what’s involved in becoming a Jeweller.

Cork Incubator Kitchens  

Food startups, artisan producers and expanding food businesses in Cork will benefit from a new initiative, Cork Incubator Kitchens, established by Cork County Council.

Goldfish - “Sack the Suit” for St.Vincent de Paul  

Goldfish's have decided to run a charity campaign called Sack the Suit.It encourages other companies to ditch rules that require staff to wear formal business clothes.

Shines Seafood  

Husband and wife team John and Marianne launched Shines Seafood in April 2015 to bring Albacore tuna to the Irish retail sector for the first time.

Business behind the brands  

Stephen Hall joins Conall for this weeks business behind the brands.

The Irish Cocktail Festival  

Oisin Davis, Founder of Great Irish Beverages joined Conall in the studio to talk about the upcoming Irish Cocktail Festival.

Google Shopping  

Alan Coleman, CEO of Wolfgang Digital joined Conall to talk about Digital Marketing and Google Shopping, which is soon launching here in Ireland.

Unlocking Happiness at Work  

Plasticity Labs, Co-Founder Jennifer Moss spoke to Conall about her new book "Unlocking Happiness at Work".

IRUPA - The Tackle Your Feelings Campaign  

Conall is joined by Irish rugby star Jack McGrath, along with Elaine Hayes and Créde Sheehy-Kelly to talk about the IRUPA's important "Tackle Your Feelings Campaign".


Darren Solan from Safetwist spoke to Conall about their patented safety lock, which was developed for parents to keep their children safe.

Business Behind The Brand - TK MAXX  

Bernard Swords joins Conall in the studio to look at the business behind the brand of TK Maxx.

Goos3d and their Dare To Care Challenge  

Martin Meany, founder of Goos3d spoke to Conall on his Nokia 3310 as his Tech business have taken on a Dare To Care Challenge and given up smart phones for a month!

Kyle Lane - Upcycled Furniture  

Joanne Condon who owns Kyle Lane, a furniture store in Clonmel talks to Conall about the businesses latest fundit project for book furniture.

The Solution to Snoring - Nasal Medical  

Martin O' Connell, co-founder of Nasal Medical talks to Conall about their award winning product, which may be able to stop his snoring!

Business Behind The Brand - Deutsche Bank  

David Holohon joins Conall to look at the business behind the brand of Deutsche Bank.

ISME Chief Executive Mark Fielding Bids Farewell  

Mark Fielding Chief Executive of the joins Conall in the studio to say his goodbyes ahead of his upcoming retirement after working for the organisation for over 16 years.

Galvin Mensware Tullamore  

Conall catches up with TeamSBS regular Paul Galvin whose business just won Best Customer Experience and Best Independent Menswear Store at the Draper Independent Awards.

Would you re-locate to Canada for a job and some land?  

Heather Coulombe put an ad up on Facebook offering people a job and two acres of land if they relocated to Nova Scotia and has received over 30,000 applications!

Barbercut Festival  

Sam Donnelley and Keiron Black join Conall to talk about the fashionable Barbercut Festival, which is coming to Dublin.

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