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This critically acclaimed podcast from Oscar nominated hosts Matt Watson and Ryan Magee pushes the limits of humanity and searches for what it means to be alive. Nah, it's two friends who have a YouTube channel talking about whatever they feel like.


31. 2016 Wrap Up  

It's the last episode of SuperMegaCast in 2016. We give a lot of updates and talk about what's in store for 2017!

30. The Great Outdoors  

Tucker took us on a hiking trip.

29. We Don't Know What To Name This One  

Or what to put in the description.

28. Thanksgiving  

Eat some turkey or ham.

27. We Got Detained  

The hours spent in jail changed us.

25. Madea (w/ Ding Dong and Oney)  

We'll take your complaints down below.

24. Trick or Treat  

Ryan and Matt come up with a way to keep all your halloween candy this year.

23. A List of Questions  

We go down a list of questions and answer them. simple.

22. Locker Room Talk and a Bowl of Soup  

The boys talk about more stuff.

21. Ming  

A homeless guy sings to Ryan and Matt talks about hurricanes.

20. Nixon, Cults, and Jennette McCurdy  

In this episode of our podcast we talk about Nixon's love for the homos, drop the N word and Matt shares his story of when he met Jennette McCurdy.

19. YouTube Heroes  

conversations ha

18. Mile High  

Plane stories! Yeah!

17. Only 90's Kids  

we talk about fast food and other stuff like the iphone 7. haha topical!

16. YouTube Demonetization Hype!  

Are you ready to listen to two grown men share their opinions?!

15. Fast Food Chronicles  

We talk.

14. Popular to Contrary Belief  

We skipped a week and now we're back. Find out why.

26. President Donald J. Trump  

Trump. It happened.

13. Explicit Content  

We get beeped a lot in this one and talk about North Korea.

12. From Nostalgia to Trump  

We get political.

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