Swedish Football Mafia

Swedish Football Mafia

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Swedish Football Mafia is a football podcast by three football-obsessed comedians, Al Pitcher, Adeel Faqih and James McKie. Every week they discuss the events in World Football in their own, special way.


#172 PL League is ALIVE and is Bååths search over?  

Adeel And Kunal have Footballer Anders Bååth back for transfer update and discuss the ifs and buts of world football

#169 - Slapomania  

Adeel Faqih and Kunal Chopra discuss the weekend's football and slapping. Lots of slapping.

#168 - Youthful Dreams  

Adeel Faqih and Kunal Chopra are joined by Hammarby U19 player Samuel Ivarsson Larsson and the discuss the ins and outs, ups and downs of football this week.

#167 - Searching for a Shitty Club  

A bumper episode featuring Adeel Faqih, Kunal Chopra and special guests, comedian Martin Soneby and former Gefle IF captain Anders Bååth. The boys discuss possible rule changes, looking for another club and more general nonsense.

#166 - Where are all the Indians?  

Adeel Faqih is joined by Kunal Chopra and they look at the world of football this weekend.

165 - Par Doos Last Stand  

Join Al Pitcher and Adeel Faqih as they review the events of the week in world football.

#164 Pacman eating eggs until Guiness calls  

Just listen and Enjoy. Capische?

#163 - China in your Hand  

Al Pitcher and Adeel Faqih are joined by Kunal Chopra and they discuss all the events of the weekend in football and a hell of a lot more.

#161 - Ben Richards, Adolf Einstein and that git Pele  

Adeel Faqih and James McKie are joined by comedian and Leeds fan Ben Richards and the trio discuss the events of the weekend, plus a load of other nonsense.

#160 - Return of the Malin  

ArsenalSweden vice-chairman Malin Hägg returns to join Al Pitcher and Adeel Faqih to finally bring some common sense to the SFM podcast.

#159 - A Need for Weed pre Champions League  

Al Pitcher and Adeel Faqih give you the latest red-hot football chat.

#157 Shaving Private Adeel  

Just Listen. DO IT!

#155 - Pardooooo  

With the International break finally out of the way, we can get down to the proper football. Al Pitcher and Adeel Faqih look at the weekend matches and friend of the pod, Alan Pardooo, gets the once over.

#154 - Steve Bruce Looking Alright  

Join Al Pitcher and Adeel faqih as they look at the internationals from the weekend and of course the usual nonsense.

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