Swedish Startup Sessions

Swedish Startup Sessions


Swedish Startup Session is a project by Annika Lidne with interviews with Swedish Startups and entrepreneurs.


Curating life & fashion with Bloglovin  

Swedish social blog reader Bloglovin just got a sizable investment from American Betaworks along with former Glam CFO and Microsoft executive Bruce Jaffea  (more about the investment at GigaOm). It’s the first step to an even stronger international presence. Bloglovin already have fashion fans from all over the world using their service to follow their favorite fashion blogs.

I had a chat with CEO and co-founder Mattias Swenson on young entrepreneurs, the new force in aggregation and curation, and of course how you get a prominent company like Betaworks to invest in your startup.

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This is Bloglovin

Founders:   Dan Carlberg, Daniel Gren, Daniel Swenson, Mattias Swenson, Patrik Ring

Founded:  December 2007

Founding: Seed + Bootstrap 

CEO:  Mattias Swenson

Mission:  Make blog reading simple, beautiful and social

Offices: Stockholm, Sweden

Team: 6,5 people

Competitors: Google Reader, Flipboard, bookmarks

Sharing (startup) knowledge with Readmill  

Readmill is about to revolutionize how we read book through sharing of quotes, thoughts, notes and tips. THe company’s co-founder and VP of Happiness Henrik Berggren says it’s not about being social. When reading we don’t want to chat with friends about the book at the same time or getting disturbed by status messages of who is reading what. What we want is to share the reading experience, something quite different from being social when reading.

I sat down to talk with Henrik at the Next12 conference in Berlin. We talked about the disruption of the publishing industry, the disruption of books and about being a startup in hot hot Berlin. Henrik also have great tips on how to get funding for your startup!

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This is Readmill

Founders:  Henrik Berggren, David Kjelkerud 

Founded:  December 2010

Founding: 280 000 € by Christophe Maire, Alexander Ljung, Erik Wahlforss, Henrik Werdelin, Peter Read

VP of happiness (a.k.a CEO):   Henrik Berggren

Mission:  Making books shareable

Offices: Berlin, Germany

Team: 8 people

Competitors: Kobo, Findings, Subtext

Trippin' Startups with Ted Valentin  

Ted Valentin is one of the Swedish startup superstars. He’s created a host of map and aggregation sites as well as founded 24 Hour Business Camp, 24hbc. Currently he is working on the new social travelling app Tripbirds.

I sat down with Ted and talked about Tripbirds, entrepreneurship, startup funding, Seedcamp and the rocking Swedish startup scene. 

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This is Tripbirds

Founders:  Ted Valentin, Robert Kajic, Jonatan Heyman

Founding:  Index Ventures, Passion Capital, Creandum

Angels: Dave Morin (Path) Alexander Ljung & Eric Wahlforss (SoundCloud) Andreas Ehn (wrapp), Peter Read (UK angel)

CEO:  Philip Möjbro (not Ted Valentin as stated in the video)

Mission:  Get travel recommendations from friends.

Offices: Stockholm, Sweden

Team: 7 people

Competitors: Tripadvisor, Gogobot

Open source mobile app development with MoSync  

MoSync have since 2006 developed from a consulting firm to a startup in the mobile app space with an open source framework that can translate your code into something that works on almost any mobile phone under the sun. 

I sat down with CTO and co-founder Alex Jonsson to talk about open source, making mobile apps and why starting companies in Sweden gives you a beautiful life.

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This is MoSync

Founders:  Alex Jonsson, Tomas Uppgård, Tony Hartley, Henrik von Schoultz

Founding:  First as consultancy, 2 years of vc funding

CEO:   Tomas Uppgård

Mission:  Enable anyone to easily produce mobile applications, regardless of operating system, language or target device.

Offices: Stockholm, Sweden; Cluj, Romaina; Seoul, South Korea

Team: 21 people

Competitors: Marmelade, MonoTouch, Adobe, Rhodes, pure html5

Going global with Load Impact  

Few startups have the European Space Agency as their reason to be, but Load Impact is one. After getting commissioned to build a kick-ass load testing tool for earth to space internet connections, Load Impact had the perfect code base to turn it into an online performace testing tool. The startup went global from day one with the help of an angel investor and Hacker News.

I sat down with CEO and co-founder Ragnar Lönn to talk about the effects of slash-dotting, how to raise money and the importance of social networking.

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This is Load Impact

Founders: Ragnar Lönn, Christian Lövstedt

Founding: Angel investors.

CEO: Ragnar Lönn

Mission: To deliver the world’s best online-based services for performance testing.

Offices: Stockholm

Team: 10 people

Competitors: SOASTA, Keynote, Gomez, HP and a wide range of software products from smaller players. Direct competition in the online, DIY segment is limited, with only a few startups.

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