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The Sword and Scale true-crime podcast is an immersive audio experience covering the underworld of criminal activity and the demented minds that perform the most despicable and unthinkable actions, proving that the worst monsters are very real. We cover true-crime stories, high-profile trials, unsolved murders and missing persons cases.


Sword and Scale Episode 86  

The 20 year anniversary of one of the strangest tales in modern American religious history is quickly approaching. On March 26th, March 26, 1997 Marshall Herff Applewhite led a group of 39 devoted followers to their final destination. In their minds they were headed to a spaceship following the Hale-Bopp Comet where they would be taken and transformed into perfect angelic alien beings, a state in which they would live forever. We're joined by Benjamin E. Zeller, Religious Historian and Author of the book "Heaven's Gate: America's UFO Religion."

Sword and Scale Episode 85  

There are few things more horrifying than the idea that your children can be taken from their beds, from their own home, while there's an adult sleeping inside, yet that's exactly what happened on the morning of Monday, Oct. 10, 2016 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We, as a modern society, have systems in place, technological marvels, to prevent and deter these things from happening. However, in this case, the very system that was used to try and rescue the children ended up leading to their deaths. This is the bizarre story of Amber Pazstor told through her own words. We're joined by Brett Thomas from WAYN-TV Newschannel 16, who interviewed Pazstor from behind bars to find out why she chose to perform this horrible series of actions. Subscribe to Sword & Scale so you never miss an episode: smarturl.it/scale Thank you to our sponsors: Blue Apron - Get 3 meals free on your first order when you visit them here: www.blueapron.com/monsters Casper - Get $50 off any mattress when you visit them here: www.casper.com/monsters Been Verified - Get a 5-day trial for just $1 when you visit them here: www.BeenVerified.com/crime Stamps.com - Get a free 4-week trial including postage and a digital scale when you use code MONSTERS www.stamps.com We'd like to hear from you. Find us on Twitter @SwordAndScale or Facebook.com/SwordAndScale, and please complete a quick survey at www.wondery.com/survey

Sword and Scale Episode 84  

There is a place that humanity has created where the rules of society mean nothing. This place is a void of laws and social norms. The scariest thing, is that there is a doorway to this dark place in every home, in some cases we carry this doorway with us day after day. It's a place called The Dark Net. In this episode we're joined by Jamie Bartlett to discuss this dark and sinister place, along with the human psychology that created it and makes it particularly nefarious. We also touch on the stories of William Francis Melchert-Dinkel who tricked a young girl into committing suicide for his own sick sense of entertainment. Mitchell Henderson, who was a young boy constantly bullied and ended up commiting suicide, but even in death he found no solace as an endless barage of trolls relentlessly mocked him and his grieving parents. We also talk about the extraordinarily disturbing case of Peter Scully, who's business enterprise No Limits Fun created such despicable works such as DAFU Love and Daisy's Destruction. Subscribe to Sword & Scale so you never miss an episode: smarturl.it/scale Thank you to our sponsors: Blue Apron - Get 3 meals free on your first order when you visit them here: www.blueapron.com/monsters Casper - Get $50 off any mattress when you visit them here: www.casper.com/monsters Been Verified - Get a 5-day trial for just $1 when you visit them here: www.BeenVerified.com/crime Stamps.com - Get a free 4-week trial including postage and a digital scale when you use code MONSTERS www.stamps.com We'd like to hear from you. Find us on Twitter @SwordAndScale or Facebook.com/SwordAndScale, and please complete a quick survey at www.wondery.com/survey

Sword and Scale Episode 83  

Love can be a wonderful thing. It can make the world around you seem like a magical place. But sometimes, love can go wrong. Very wrong. In this season opener we examine several cases where love failed and darkness took over culminating in various murder-suicides.

Introducing Hollywood and Crime  

Today, we're introducing Hollywood & Crime, from Wondery, the network of Sword & Scale. In 12 serialized episodes, host Tracy Pattin will uncover new evidence from the Black Dahlia case and several other murders of young women that happened around the same time in the entertainment capital of the world. The series explores the question, were these murders the work of a serial killer? Or were they committed by a series of lone wolves or copycats? To listen to the entire episodes 1, 2 and future episodes, subscribe today on smarturl.it/Hollywoodandcrime

The Gift Of Listening: A Holiday Special  

Why do we listen? If you ever wondered why you're so drawn to podcasts, this Holiday Special is just for you. I’m joined by the hosts of 15 other podcasts to talk about the gift and the power of listening. The world needs a lot more of it, that's for sure. Be the first to get the next Gift: Smarturl.it/giftoflistening In the New Year, resolve to listen with a special offer from our sponsor: Audible.com/Wondery Subscribe to all the Wondery shows today: A Storm of Spoilers: smarturl.it/spoilers Fall of Rome: smarturl.it/fallofrome Finding Mastery: smarturl.it/findingmastery FOUND: smarturl.it/foundp Juicy Scoop: smarturl.it/jscoop Mad About Movies: smarturl.it/madam Not By Accident: smarturl.it/notby Radio Drama Revival: smarturl.it/rdr Real Crime Profile: smarturl.it/realcrime Reality Life: smarturl.it/rlife Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape: smarturl.it/sca Star Wars Minute: smarturl.it/starwm Stories Podcast: smarturl.it/storiesp Story Worthy: smarturl.it/storyworthy Sword and Scale: smarturl.it/Scale Terms: smarturl.it/Termsp The Cleansed: smarturl.it/cleansed The Dark Tome: smarturl.it/thedarktome The Vanished: smarturl.it/thevan Thirty Twenty Ten: smarturl.it/Thirtytwentyten Tumble: smarturl.it/tumblek Tell your friends how to listen: Wondery.com/howto Download the Wondery Android app today: Smarturl.it/wonderyapp

Sword and Scale Episode 82  

When you dial those three numbers on your phone, you expect that someone will help you. However, as with all matters involving humans, sometimes things can go wrong. In this season-finale episode, we speak with 13-year emergency dispatch veteran Ricardo Martinez from the Within The Trenches Podcast. We talk about what goes into doing this job and what happens when the wrong person does it.

Year End Announcement  

We'll be at Front Page News on Crescent Ave in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday December 17th at 7pm. And we'll be celebrating the New Year with Owen Benjamin at Off The Hook Comedy in the Naples/Fort Myers Area on December 31st starting at 5pm and going on until the new year. Get your tickets at hugepianist.com... 6pm Show - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nye-6pm-show-comedian-owen-benjamin-tickets-28085721148 9pm Show - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nye-9pm-celebration-with-comedian-owen-benjamin-tickets-28085760265

Sword and Scale Episode 81  

This is the PARTAY episode! People love parties. Some people love parties so much that they're willing to do just about anything to have one. Tyler Hadley loved parties this much.

Sword and Scale Episode 80  

The stories we like to tell the most here are those of serial killers and homicidal maniacs. Those archetypes can be somewhat predictable, if not downright boring. We like to focus instead on everyday people, just like you and me, who find themselves suddenly in the midst of a monster. A monster who looks just like them. This is part two of the two part story of Phillip Markoff, a young and handsome Med student from New England, who came to be known as The Craigslist Killer.

Sword and Scale Episode 79  

You've been pulled over by a bevy of police cars and taken to an interrogation room. What happens next? In this two-part story, we'll first examine what it's like to be in the shoes of someone who has gotten themselves mixed up with the wrong end of the law, and next time we'll tell you what it is they did to put themselves there... 6dv7nye5

Sword and Scale Episode 78  

Halloween is a fun time of the year when we dress up like ghosts and goblins and attempt to scare each other with haunted houses and horror films. However the scariest things don't come with candy in plastic pumpkin containers. instead, the scariest things are all around us: People, and the depravity they are capable of. On this episode we tell two stories: one of a 10+ year old case and one of a 10 year old girl. Victoria Martens and Brianna Lopez were born to the wrong parents, and their short lives were filled with unimaginable suffering, but thanks to the actions of their parents, they will never feel any pain ever again. We also get a chance to talk to Joshua Zeman (Cropsey) and Rachel Mills stars of the new A&E docuseries The Killing Season which premieres on November 12th at 9pm EST.

Sword and Scale Episode 77  

The idea of leaving the hustle and bustle behind, and disappearing into the woods to live off the land, can be appealing. Yet few of us would actually attempt to give this idea any more than a fleeting thought. In this episode we examine three cases of people who dropped off the face of the planet to indulge this bizarre way of life, and each one of them was a criminal. The stories we'll discuss are Christopher Thomas Knight, Colton Harris-Moore and the most famous hermit of all Ted Kaczynski.

Sword and Scale PLUS Episode 5  

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we are releasing this latest Sword and Scale PLUS Episode, which deals specifically with the topic of domestic violence, to the public. If you enjoy the show, please consider donating at Patreon.com/SwordAndScale. Just $5 a month gets you the entire catalog of PLUS Episodes, along with raw interviews, the 2015 Secret Episode, and commercial-free episodes of Sword and Scale.

Sword and Scale Episode 76  

Finally, an update episode! This one fills in the details of what has happened with the Justin Ross-Harris, Holly Bobo and Aaron Hernandez cases, with special guest Cathy Ruson from CourtChatter.com. We also get schooled by a listener on crucial pieces we missed in the Andrea Yates story. We talk to friends of the Blancharde's who knew them best, and cap off the show with a living legend in the field of true-crime: none other than former host of Dateline's To Catch a Predator, and new host of Crime Watch Daily, Chris Hansen.

Introducing Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape...  

A preview of Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape, an audio drama told week after week – featuring stories about crime, love, mystery or conspiracy. Subscribe to it on iTunes: http://apple.co/2cYVwcX or Wondery.com/secretscrimes

Sword and Scale Episode 75  

This is a bizarre tale. Part gruesome murder tale, part love story. Yes, you read that right.. None of of the Gainesville Ripper story makes much sense, but it made an entire university of 30,000+ students panic and leave their studies and futures behind, for the sake of their personal safety. This story also challenges our ideas of what crime-journalism is and should be. "Guilty until proven innocent?" ...that's not a well-recognized concept these days. And the media and public are quick to judge those on the periphery of the story as well. Sometimes their judgements are right, but sometimes they can equally be misguided.

Sword and Scale Episode 74  

The border town of Brownsville, Texas is one of the poorest places in the continental United States. Wracked by crime in the form of drug-use and prostitution, this small town, in the middle of nowhere, is also the home of many historical structures. One such structure was located on 805 E. Tyler Street, and it housed a horrific triple-murder which changed the community of Brownsville forever. We are joined this week by Laura Tillman, author of the book The Long Shadow of Small Ghosts: Murder and Memory in an American City. Guest actors on this episode also include comedian Owen Benjamin and his wife Amy. This episode was brought to you by Blue Apron. Get three delicious free meals with free delivery today by visiting BlueApron.com/Monsters.

Sword and Scale Episode 73  

A subset of our audience really has an issue with episodes that feature any crimes being done to children. That's understandable, since they are the weakest and most vulnerable members of our society. But there are cases, however rare, where the "monsters" are the children themselves. In this episode we explore three cases in which children killed, seemingly for the sheer pleasure of it. Beware though, you may not ever want to have children after this episode.

Sword and Scale Episode 72  

A recurring question in the criminal justice system is whether the death penalty is moral, right or just. Everyone seems to have a fairly strong opinion regarding it, but almost no one has any any first-hand experience with the process. The idea that such a severe punishment to be conducted in secrecy, behind closed doors, may seem archaic and somewhat medieval. In this episode we talk to a man named Dr. Bill Kimberlin, who did something few others would. He actively attempted to attend an execution, and in fact has seen three of them conducted. He also has extensive knowledge of the death row system in the state of Ohio and describes the cushy life that the worst criminals in our society enjoy. We also revisit the Rodney Reed case and get an update on its state of limbo a full year after we first reported the story to you.

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