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The Taggart and Torrens Podcast


Taggart and Torrens Episode 97  

This week we start 2017 with two new games, Trailers and Debatin’ with Joe & Gino.

Taggart and Torrens Episode 96  

It’s our Christmas spectacular! We play some classic TnT festive tunes and we play the annual Holiday Hum-off!

Taggart and Torrens Episode 95  

This week we talk about the Frigg Off Peckers Tour, play some classic 95 jams and play a game called Workin Hard or Hawksley Workman?

Taggart and Torrens Episode 94  

This week we talk about the Frig Off Peckers Tour, have a hashtag contest called #WhatMeatloafWouldntDo and we play another game of Lyric or Lie?

Taggart and Torrens Episode 93  

This week we react to the Trumpty hump and play a couple new games, Caninetyanity Lookin’ Mafk and Hello.

Taggart and Torrens Episode 92  

This week, Gord teaches Bernie about hip hop, we play In The Booth the Halloween edition, plus Andrea hears The Weeknd in her apartment.

Taggart and Torrens Episode 91  

This week Andrea has a big date on Sugar Daddies.org and we play the bahd created game, Vanelli or Vanilli! Plus a segment called, Get A Job!

Taggart and Torrens Episode 90  

This week we play a brand new singing game, In The Booth! Its Jer’s turn at the 1990 jams, and Jono tells us about a bahd that jerks off horses in PEI!

Taggart and Torrens Episode 89  

It’s our Thanksgiving spectacular! We give thanks and talk about Crunch Crunch Trump while celebrating 1989!

Taggart and Torrens Episode 88  

This week we play Plot or Not, another edition of Who’s This Canadian Mafk, and we have some fun with David Foster! 

Taggart and Torrens Episode 87  

This week we play a new game, Who’s this Famous Canadian Mafk? Plus we check in on Gord & Bernie!

Taggart and Torrens Episode 86  

This week we play Lyric or Lie? Plus we guess who’s on the darts in Top Gun, and our 1986 jams!

Taggart and Torrens Episode 85  

It’s week 2 of Jono’s jams in 1985, we play a new game, Vanelli or Mrs. Vanelli’s, and Andrea n’ Them go to the Ex!

Taggart and Torrens episode 84  
This week is Jono’s first pick of the jams with 1984 tunes and we play two new games, Rio or Brio with the Vanelli bros, plus a nameless game!

Taggart and Torrens Episode 83  

This week Gord meets his new neighbour, Drake! We hear more about dolphin romance, plus a new episode of Andrea n’ Them!

Taggart and Torrens Episode 82  

This week Jono tells us about a shady granny and we play two fresh games, Canadian Law or Naw? and Horny Handles!

Taggart and Torrens episode 81  

This week we hear about a crazed dolphin, play the Top 5 Salesman Jams and play a new game called, Reno or Beano!

Taggart and Torrens episode 80  

This week we crack into some 1980 jams, check in with Gord & Bernie, and we have a new episode of Andrea n Them!

Taggart and Torrens episode 79  

This week is an All Star episode of your faves! Montreal Sexpo’s night at Popular Girl, Gord and Bernie, plus Andrea n Them!

Taggart and Torrens episode 78  

This week its our Canada Day Spectacular! We listen to some Oh Canada fails, play a game called, Lake or Fake? plus we create a new sponsor!

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