Taking Stock

Taking Stock


Kathleen Hays and Pimm Fox speak with analysts and fund managers who advise investors on stock picks. Drawing upon Bloomberg news and data, timely investment strategies are analyzed and debated by the top minds on Wall Street. Breaking news,earnings reports and market updates round out an informative and compelling wrap-up to the day's action.


How Avis-Waymo and Hertz-Apple Partnerships Affect Driverless Future  

Alan Baum, principal at Baum and Associates, and Bloomberg Intelligence's Anand Srinivasan discuss how the Avis-Waymo and Hertz-Apple partnerships are gathering critical data for a driverless future. Tom Hoops, executive vice president and head of business development at Legg Mason, talks about how active managers have to step it up to remain relevant and how new active ETFs are key to the future. Bloomberg Intelligence's Josh Yatskowitz and Matthew Kanterman discuss Sprint's reported talks with Charter and Comcast on a wireless deal. Finally, Simon Ballard, a global credit strategist at Bloomberg in London, talks about Mario Draghi signaling that the ECB will be paring down its bond buying program.

GOP Needs a Return to Wishes of the Common Man, Olsen Says  

Henry Olsen, a senior fellow at the Ethics & Public Policy Center, talks about his new book, "The Working Class Republican: Ronald Reagan and the Return of Blue-Collar Conservatism." Mike Buchanan, deputy chief investment officer at Western Asset Management, tells Lisa Abramowicz why income investors need to look beyond traditional bond portfolios. Bloomberg’s Lynnley Browning says the corporate tax rate is likely to land at 28 percent instead of the historic 15 percent President Trump has promised. Finally, Bloomberg Gadfly columnist Lionel Laurent discusses news that Italy is committing $19 billion for Veneto banks in its biggest bank rescue on record.

Amazon’s Growth Boils Down to Two Words: ’Alexa Listening,’ Garrity Says  

David Garrity, CEO of GVA Research and a columnist at Investopedia, talks about the outlook for Amazon and how it could exploit its predatory pricing position. Alan McKnight, CIO of wealth management at Regions Bank, discusses current investment strategy and the disconnect between investor expectations and market realities. Jonathan Gruber, an Obamacare architect and economics professor at MIT, tells Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz why the Senate Trumpcare bill accomplishes nothing except a giant tax break for the wealthy. Finally, Thomas Black, an industrial reporter at Bloomberg in Dallas, talks about CSX CEO Hunter Harrison moving trains to be faster and on time, and the push for automation.

Trumpcare Bill Doesn't Age Well, Nisen Says  

Max Nisen, a Bloomberg Gadfly columnist covering health care, says the Senate Trumpcare bill doesn't age well. John Kilduff, a founding partner of Again Capital, tells Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz why oil will likely dip into the $30 range. Bloomberg's Michael Sasso and Deena Kamel discuss news that Qatar Airways is taking a state in American Airlines. Finally, Brendan Brown, chief economist and head of economic research at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities, talks about asset price inflation and how Trump and the GOP have squandered the opportunity to tackle monetary disorder.

Western Union's Looking at Digital Currency, But Not Ready Yet  

Odilon Almeida, the president of global money transfer at Western Union, discusses his outlook for the rapidly expanding role of digital global money transfer. Logan Mohtashami, a senior loan officer at AMC Lending Group, tells Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz why he doesn't anticipate any housing crash. Brendan Ahern, the chief investment officer at KraneShares, discusses the impact of China stocks winning MSCI inclusion. Finally, David Kudla, CEO and chief investment strategist at Mainstay Capital, talks about markets and investments, the Fed and where he's seeing value.

How The Shrinking Immigrant Pool Is Creating a Labor Shortage  

Bloomberg's Michelle Jamrisko tells Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz how the shrinking pool of undocumented immigrants is creating a growing shortage of agriculture workers in the U.S. Then, Vincent Piazza, a senior equity energy analyst and global sector leader at Bloomberg Intelligence, talks about oil prices and the EQT-Rice Energy deal. Simon Ballard, a global credit strategist at Bloomberg in London, discusses new issue volumes and why he sees red flags with investors chasing yield in sub-investment grade credits. Finally, Cory Johnson, an editor-at-large at Bloomberg and co-host of Bloomberg Markets, talks about Blue Apron's IPO and outlook.

Fed Won't Have Your Back, Salient's Hunt Says  

Salient's Ben Hunt talks about how the Fed's new "reaction function" to data won't be as investor-friendly as was before. Stephen Gandel, a Bloomberg Gadfly columnist, tells Pimm Fox why there's little reason to fear an "Amazonopoly" with the Whole Foods deal. Bloomberg IPO reporter Alex Barinka talks about Blue Apron's IPO and how the Amazon-Whole Foods deal may have impacted the offering. Finally, Bloomberg's Yalman Onaran discusses how easier bank stress tests could mean U.S. banks will put about $30 billion more cash in shareholder's pockets.

What Whole Foods Means for Amazon's Foray Into Food  

Bloomberg Gadfly columnist Shira Ovide talks about Amazon's deal to buy Whole Foods and what it means for Amazon's foray into food. Bloomberg's Katherine Chiglinsky discusses GE's $31 billion pension shortfall. Michael Rea, the founder and CEO of RX Savings Solutions, talks about news that Nevada is forcing drugmakers to reveal insulin pricing. Finally, Terrell Gates, the founder and CEO of private equity firm Virtus Real Estate Capital, discusses home prices and issues of quality affordable housing, as rental rates outpace real wage growth.

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