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Recorded from all over the globe, multiple time world champion pro wrestler, lead singer of Fozzy and New York Times best-selling author Chris Jericho rocks the podcast world with "Talk Is Jericho," his unique, weekly take on all things pop culture and life in general. Sit down with Chris as he interviews some of the biggest names in entertainment and discusses the minutia of wrestling, music, television, movies and twerking!! All-ages welcome. No ID required! - To access the entire Talk Is Jericho archive, go to Support "Talk Is Jericho" with your purchases through, click this link!


Slasher Films with Eli Roth  

Eli Roth returns to help you get your scare on as he, his brother Gabe, film editor Mark Goldblatt and Y2J talk slasher films! And that means you'll get plenty of slasher film history and trivia from Eli - starting with the first movies made in Italy to the death of the slasher movie in the early 80s (and the role the Reagan assassination attempt may have played in that) to the slasher resurgence in the late 90s. They offer up favorite flicks, favorite death scenes, and their favorite A-list celebs who got their starts in the genre! They're also talking the original "Halloween," "Friday The 13th," and "Psycho," and discussing directors like Dario Argento, Wes Craven, and Brian De Palma.


Smackdown Women's Champ Naomi brings the glow to TIJ! She also brings tons of road tales, Funcadactyls dance moves, and the story of how she went from Orlando Magic cheerleader to WWE champion! Plus, you'll hear about her WWE tryout, her season of the NXT TV show, what she learned in one 10-minute crash course from Norman Smiley, how "The Last Dragon" inspired her glow gimmick, and where she came up with the name, Naomi.


Breezango, Tyler Breeze and Fandango, make their TIJ debut, and bring the trials and tribulations of their tag team with them! Hear how they came together, who thought up the name, why they're often surprised by the Fashion Files and who makes the board, how they balance the comedy "haha" with wrestling skill, and who helped them most along the way (shout outs to John Cena, Nikki Bella, The Miz, and Road Dogg). You'll also find out about their respective roles in Southpaw Regional Wrestling, and when you may get new episodes! Plus, both share their WWE stories - from tryouts to NXT signings to main roster bumps!

Iron Mike Tyson  

Mike Tyson joins TIJ to talk about the time he nearly knocked Y2J out on Monday Night Raw, the 200 pigeons that live at his house, fighting Evander Holyfield, why Muhammad Ali is greatest boxer who ever lived, and what he thinks about the upcoming Mayweather vs McGregor fight. The Champ's also talking about his favorite wrestlers and matches, his upcoming second Broadway show, and his new podcast, "Bite The Mic." Plus, Ash The Fish Expert returns to talk about spear fishing on Maui!

In Search Of The Perfect Album with A7X Synyster Gates & Johnny Christ  

Avenged Sevenfold's Synyster Gates and Johnny Christ, along with Y2J, are in search of the perfect album! Here are the rules - every song on the album has to score an A- or better. And some of the albums up for debate include releases by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Guns N Roses, Michael Jackson, NOFX, and Weezer! A7X also weigh in on their own albums, and share some stories from their Summer on the road with Metallica!

Nia Jax  

Nia Jax makes her TIJ debut, and as you'll hear, for the record, she IS related to The Rock! You'll discover how The Rock helped Nia once she got signed at NXT, why she gave up her 10-year modeling career to pursue wrestling, what she learned from Dusty Rhodes, why she loves working with Bayley, and how she found out she was moving up to the main roster. Plus, Nia talks about her name, Beyonce inspiring her ring costume, and her surprise 4-way match at Wrestlemania!

Conspiracy Theories with Bo Dallas  

Bo Dallas is talking conspiracy theories on TIJ! He's a big conspiracy theorist, and has plenty to say about the moon landing, the JFK assassination, the pyramids of Giza, the illuminati, aliens, and even Bigfoot. Find out what he believes & why! Plus, he'll fill you in one of the creepiest conspiracy theories out there right now - Hollow Earth and the reptilian alien species said to live in the center of the Earth! And wait till you hear some of the very famous people who are rumored to be reptilians!

The List of Speewee  

Speewee returns with The List of Speewee, and the stories associated with it are just as detailed (and embarrassing) as his last appearance on the pod! Here are a few list items that get the Speewee storytelling treatment: icicles, sh*itman, sh*tpants, red dots, virginity, and the money shot. And NONE are what you think they are (they're worse)! On a more serious note, Speewee also has a new record out. It's actually the Dave Spivak Project and the album is called "West Of The Red," and he'll tell you how you can download a copy for FREE!

Benoit: 10 Years Later  

It's been 10 years since the horrific events of the last few days of Chris Benoit's life & the murder of his family & his own subsequent suicide, which Y2J has discussed in-depth on this very podcast. But today, Y2J is putting those last few days aside, and talking about Chris Benoit, the wrestler, with noted wrestling expert and journalist Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer. Dave not only covered Benoit's career from his early days in Calgary and Japan, but was also friends with him. And for many years (the late 90s & early 2000s), Y2J's career was tightly intertwined with Benoit's. So Y2J & Meltzer breakdown and analyze some of Benoit's matches, and many of the matches Y2J worked with him. It's a controversial discussion that is not meant to glorify Benoit or erase the despicable acts that defined the last days of his life.

Childhood Of Jericho - I Was Growin' Up Maaann!  

Do you want to know what Chris Jericho was like as a kid? Well, here's your chance! His two childhood BFFs (who also happen to be his cousins) Wise Cousin Chad and How's It Goin' Todd Holowatuk join TIJ to relive some of the fun! They used to spend the summers at each other's houses, take family vacations together (including wayward RV trips to the States), and attend more concerts than they can remember. They had horrible fake IDs that worked, and a couple of bar stories to prove it. They made their own comics, movie review mags (with some questionable ratings), and reenacted their favorite film scenes... and they're telling all those stories and MORE!


Everybody loves Kyng and you're about to find out why! Singer Eddie Veliz, bassist Tony Castneda, and drummer Pepe Clarke (that's the whole band) manage themselves, are 2 payments away from owning their touring van, shared a bus with Fozzy on the last leg of the "Judas Rising Tour," got some great advice from Megadeth's Dave Mustaine, were invited by James Hetfield of Metallica to play the Orion Festival, and count Clutch among their all-time favorite tours! They also have one big regret about their band name, and a great story about stealing their own record!

Sheamus And Cesaro  

An Irishman, a Swiss, and a Canadian walk into a hotel room in Japan and... this is what happens! Y2J sat down with WWE Tag Team World Champs Sheamus & Cesaro, and they talked about everything from the Best Of 7 program that got Sheamus and Cesaro first working together to their tag team chemistry to the tear-away suits and the kilts at Wrestlemania! They also share stories about their respective homelands, weird food encounters on the road, yodeling, and hanging out with Bono.

The Story of Stampede Wrestling with Ross Hart  

Ross Hart is the 10th out of 12 Hart kids, and sandwiched right in between Bret & Owen. He produced the Stampede Wrestling TV product in the 80s while his older brother, Bruce, was booker. But he was involved in the family-promotion long before becoming its TV producer! He used to drive the wrestlers around the territory to shows, and talks about the scary car accident in the Canadian Rockies that almost killed him, Davey Boy Smith, Chris Benoit, and Karl Moffat. He's also got stories about Dynamite Kid, Brian Pillman, Randy Orton's uncle, Barry Orton, and brother Owen's early days at Stampede. He talks about his dad, Stu, selling to Vince McMahon only to relaunch Stampede again himself when things didn't go according to plan, and Ross explains why Stu finally closed the promotion for good.

Corey Taylor #3  

Third time's a charm for Corey Taylor as the Stone Sour/Slipknot frontman returns to TIJ to talk about the latest Stone Sour album, "Hydrograd," the fabulous "Fabuless" video of Tubemen, his upcoming fourth book "America 51," and a musical influence that might surprise everyone. He's also talking about Stone Sour's near Wrestlemania appearance, and his own involvement in a recent Baron Corbin vs Samoa Joe house show match!

Canadian Television Inquisition  

Happy Canada Day to all of Y2J's fellow Canadians! And in honor of the occasion, the Canadian rock band crew (they're mostly from Winnipeg, you idiot) has reunited to talk all things Canadian television (and sing a TV theme song or ten)! Brent Fitz, Todd Kerns from Slash & Myles Kennedys band, the Conspirators, Red Solo Cup Geoff, and honorary Canadian, Brian Slagel from Metal Blade Records have plenty of memories (well, not Brian so much) about Degrassi, The Littlest Hobo, Bizarre, The Beachcombers, and City Vision (and how it wrecked Y2Js music credibility in highschool). And you know there's more than one great rock story included in this inquisition and it may or may not involve AC/DC, KISS and/or Judas Priest. O Canada! Our home and native land! O Canada! We stand on guard for thee (and your killer TV shows)!

Baron Corbin  

The 2017 Money In The Bank champion, Baron Corbin, brings his bright blue briefcase, his plans for cashing it in, and his take on that game-changing ladder match to TIJ. He & Y2J are neighbors so he didnt have to carry the case far, but wait till you hear whose house hes living in, in Florida! Hes talking about his transition from the NFL to the WWE, training with Johnny The Bull, his first match at NXT (against Alberto Del Rios younger brother), the motivating advice he got from both Michael PS Hayes and The Undertaker, and the great story about how Triple H told him he was finally moving up to the main roster!

Ali vs Inoki - The Dawn of MMA  

Before there was Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor, there was Muhammad Ali vs Antonio Inoki! The forgotten fight happened June 26, 1976 at the Budakon Arena in Japan. Author & journalist Josh Gross wrote a book about the famous fight that gave rise to both Mixed Martial Arts and Sports Entertainment. He shares the stories he uncovered about how & why this fight happened, what got Vince McMahon involved, what the original finish was supposed to be and why it changed, and how fans and media reacted to it at the time.

Bruno Sammartino  

He's a legend, a pioneer, and held the World Championship for 12 years! Bruno Sammartinos on TIJ! It's an epic interview covering Bruno's childhood in Italy, including how he lived in a cave in the mountains for 2 years to escape the Nazis in WWII before finally emigrating to the United States. He explains how he discovered bodybuilding as a teen, when he first met Arnold Schwarzenegger, why he turned down the NFL & the Pittsburgh Steelers to wrestle for WWF and Vince McMahon, and how he became World Champ. You'll hear why he was blackballed from pro-wrestling, how he found his way back, what he thinks about his own WWE Hall of Fame induction, and how he ended up in a ring wrestling an orangutan! He's also sharing stories about some of his incredible matches with the likes of Ivan Koloff, Killer Kowalski, Bill Watts, and Larry Zbyszko.

Jose Mangin  

Jose Mangin is the Ambassador of Heavy Metal, and the man responsible for what you hear on SiriusXM's Liquid Metal channel! He was also the brains behind Ozzy's Boneyard at the personal request of Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne! He smoked weed with Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott as a teen, introduced Metallica at The Big Four show in NYC at the behest of James Hetfield, and got the best stage advice from Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. Hear how Jose went from being a chemistry major and future pharmacist to the modern day Eddie Trunk of the metal scene! And find out why Jose credits Howard Stern with changing his life!

Big Show Returns  

Big Show returns to TIJ, and this time he's telling stories about his short-lived boxing career, his WWE angle with Floyd Mayweather, The Undertaker's retirement, working with Hulk Hogan, the reason why his Wrestlemania match with Shaq didnt actually happen, putting together matches with Macho Man Randy Savage, what he loves about the WWE cruiserweight division, and why on earth he let Jinder Mahal bodyslam him! Show's also talking about his incredible 90+ pound weight loss, and his newfound abs! Hear the details of his diet, nutrition & workout plans, and what (or maybe "who") really motivated him to drop weight.

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