WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins on Talk Is Jericho - EP293  

TJ Perkins is the first-ever WWE Cruiserweight Champion, but he's no overnight success! He's been wrestling for 18 years, and he's wrestled everywhere - New Japan, TNA, Mexico, and Ring Of Honor. He's received advice from the late, great Roddy Piper, made TNA's Dixie Carter cry on TV, tried hard to follow in Eddie Guerrero's footsteps, went broke & lived in his car in Florida, rode to shows in the equipment trucks sitting on the turnbuckles, and partially caused a riot at a match in a Texas border town.

Last In Line on Talk Is Jericho - EP292  

Original Dio guitarist Vivian Campbell got the original Dio lineup together after the passing of Ronnie James Dio. It was Viv, drummer Vinny Appice, bassist Jimmy Bain, and they recruited Andrew Freeman on vocals. They played some shows, had a great time, decided to record an album of all new material, but before they could really tour - they lost Jimmy Bain unexpectedly. So they asked former Ozzy Osbourne bassist Phil Soussan to join the band, and they soldiered on. And today, Vivian Campbell and Phil Soussan tell that Last In Line story. Viv's also talking about the early days of Dio, his relationship with Ronnie James Dio, finding that trademark Dio sound, and why he left the band (under less than amicable circumstances). Plus, Phil's talking about Ozzy and what it was like being a member of that band. And you'll finally hear the true story of "Hear 'N Aid" - the heavy metal community's answer to "We Are The World."

Impractical Jokers on Talk Is Jericho - EP291  

Brian "Q" Quinn and Salvatore "Sal" Vulcano, one half of TruTV's "Impractical Jokers" (and The Tenderloins comedy troupe) bring their shows' hijinks, mishaps, punishments, and comedy genius to TIJ! They take you on a behind the scenes trip through their favorite challenges, pranks, and public embarrassments. They've been busted by the NYPD (and mothers), and assisted by each other's wives & family members... and are sharing all the gory details! Plus, "Q" & Sal are huge wrestling fans, and in addition to having met Jericho many years ago (with a pic to prove it), they've also met Roddy Piper!

Don Callis aka Cyrus on Talk Is Jericho - EP290  

Don Callis aka Cyrus from ECW returns to TIJ for a solo shot... to talk about his many stops & starts at WWE including The Truth Commission and The Jackyl gimmicks, working creative with Vince Russo, doing color commentary with JR, and being a manager. He's also got details on the role Bret Hart played in his career, the Mohawk that ended his WWE run, his jump to ECW and the infamous Cyrus gimmick, the last days of WCW, and why the Lebanese police had to help him get out of Beirut.

The MMA Four Horsewomen (minus one) on Talk Is Jericho - EP289  

The MMA Four Horsewomen (minus one) - Marina Shafir, Shayna Baszler, and Jessamyn Duke - are huge wrestling fans & are frequently spotted at the PWG shows in LA. They talk about their love of wrestling, putting women's MMA on the map, meeting on The Ultimate Fighter, their missing fourth Ronda Rousey & what she's done for MMA in general, and some of their own best (and worst) fights.

Jimi Hendrix Remembered by Leon Hendrix on Talk Is Jericho - EP288  

Leon Hendrix, blood brother of the late, great Jimi Hendrix shares stories from their childhood... from their early days making music to the trouble they got into on the streets of their hometown to touring with Jimi at the height of his fame. Leon also talks about the day his brother died - what he believes really happened, and whom he believes is responsible. It's a fascinating look at the life of one of music's greatest guitar heroes!

Brooklyn Brawler on Talk Is Jericho - EP287  

Steve Lombardi aka Brooklyn Brawler spent over 30 years at WWE, and he did just about every job at the company - in the ring, behind the scenes, and developing talent! Brawler evaluated & worked with new talent, and he's the guy that Vince McMahon chose to have first matches with The Rock, John Cena, Owen Hart, Bret Hart, and Ricky Steamboat. Brawler spent two years traveling with Hulk Hogan, he wrestled the Ultimate Warrior for 47 consecutive nights, he nearly got in a biker bar brawl with Roddy Piper at his side, and he once took Andre The Giant home to meet his mom! And these are just a few of the stories that you're gonna hear in this incredible episode. Strap in! It's a whirlwind ride through 80s & 90s wrestling!

Ron Funches on Talk Is Jericho - EP286  

Ron Funches is super funny, and a super WWE fan! He's talking "Undateable" on Hulu and what it's like filming live. He's got stories about breaking into the comedy scene in Portland, Oregon, advice for dealing with hecklers, memories of the worst and best gigs he's ever done, and how he landed on the "Kroll Show" on Comedy Central. He's also sharing wrestling stories - from his favorite matches to his favorite wrestlers to the one legend he actually got to meet & the one he's hoping to meet! And there there's his love of Lucille Ball...

Supermensch Shep Gordon on Talk Is Jericho - EP285  

Supermensch Shep Gordon has been Alice Cooper's manager for 45 years, and wait till you hear how they met! He's also telling stories about the guillotine, the hangings, and the night Alice allegedly bit the head off a chicken! Shep's got crazy stories about John Lennon & Yoko Ono & spaceships, working with the beautiful Raquel Welch, and what it was like attending pro-wrestling shows at MSG with Debbie Harry from Blondie! And of course, he's talking about his new autobiography, "They Call Me Supermensch."

TalkN Shop Live In Australia presented by Talk Is Jericho - EP284  

Talk'n Shop Live in Australia - with the mad hosting skills of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson featuring special guests Chris Jericho and Jacko... along with the worst gimmicks on the indie wrestling scene. Hell Yeah Man and Sour Boy return. Gordie Canuck drops in, and Reptile (but you can call him Juan or... Panther) makes his debut. You can also thank Luke Gallows for ALL of the following hashtags: #ThingsYouCantUNhear #WorstPodcastEver #KeepItDown #ShitFaced (but not the kind you think)

James Ellsworth on Talk Is Jericho - EP283  

He's the hottest enhancement guy at the WWE! He's taking the internet by storm; he's got his own t-shirt; he's got his own motto ("any man with two hands has a fighting chance"); he's got no chin; and he's been beaten-up by The Miz on Smackdown! James Ellsworth tells his story on TIJ! Hear how he went from the indie scene to WWE, and what might be happening in his immediate future!

Meat Loaf on Talk Is Jericho - EP282  

Meat Loaf has one of the biggest selling albums of all time, "Bat Out Of Hell," and some great stories about making it, supporting it, and dealing with the fame that accompanied it. He's talking songwriting, collaborating with writer Jim Steinman, being an actor playing a singer, and losing songs to other famous vocalists (like Celine Dion & Bonnie Tyler). He's also sharing his brand new studio album, "Braver Than We Are," and why he thinks it's the best one yet. And he'll even explain why he did not like his now son-in-law, Scott Ian from Anthrax, when he first met him. Get your rock on with one of the greats (but don't call him a legend) - Meat Loaf's on TIJ!

My Best Friend Kevin Owens Returns to Talk Is Jericho - EP281  

Y2J's BFF and the first-ever (and longest-reigning) WWE Universal Champ, Kevin Owens, returns to talk about the past whirlwind 15 months! He's got stories about his move up to the main roster, one of the first things Vince McMahon said to him when he got there, how he found out he was going to be Champion, how he celebrated the momentous occasion, what John Cena did for Kevin's young son, and why Kevin has such great chemistry with Sami Zayn. Plus, Chris & Kevin break-down their first match together in San Diego.

Jesse Ventura vs the Presidential Election 2016 on Talk Is Jericho - EP280  

Jesse Ventura returns to TIJ to talk politics! He has strategy advice for Donald Trump, a theory on how to beat Hillary Clinton, an explanation as to why he didn't run himself, and whether a potential bid for the White House is still in his future! He's also weighing in on the debate to legalize marijuana, and updating us on his legal battle against American Sniper Chris Kyle.

Amusement Parks of America with Rhodes & Ryder on Talk Is Jericho - EP279  

Betcha didn't know that Cody Rhodes & Zack Ryder are big amusement park junkies! It's true! They do an annual VIP trip to Disneyland every New Year's, and have plenty of crazy stories about their experiences. They've got favorite rides, favorite parks, some folklore trivia, and tips for how to get the most out of every visit. You'll hear the story of Cody's first childhood amusement park visit, why Zack MUST sit in the back seat of the Radiator Springs Racers at California Adventure, and how Zack managed to get "cut-off" at Disneyland. Roll up your socks, stuff them into the bottom of your shoes, and make the height requirement for this one!

Danzig on Talk Is Jericho - EP278  

Holy sh*t! Danzig's on TIJ! Even bigger holy sh*t... Danzig's reuniting with the Misfits! He & Y2J talk Original Misfits, Rick Rubin, the "Mother" video, being banned from MTV, the New York music scene and CBGBs, Max's Kansas City where the Misfits got their big break, and Danzig's love of Elvis. They're also talking wrestling - from Superstar Billy Graham to Macho Man Randy Savage to the Wyatt Family.

Michael Sweet Returns to Talk Is Jericho - EP277  

Michael Sweet of Stryper fame returns to TIJ, and he's brought his new solo album, "One Sided War" with him! He's telling stories about the studio, the songwriting, and how Joel Hoekstra of Whitesnake ended up on the album. And it's the 30th anniversary of "To Hell With Devil" so Michael shares stories from that crazy time in Stryper's life including hanging with Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker, playing arenas, being initially banned by MTV, and how long exactly it took to do that hair before live gigs!

MTV's Johnny Bananas on Talk Is Jericho - EP276  

Johnny Bananas is probably the greatest heel in MTV reality competition show history! He just screwed over his partner in "The Challenge: Rivals III" to take it all! Yeah, he took the money & ran... ran right into pretty extreme reactions from fans, the production crew, his fellow castmates, and even his own mother! He's been on 13 different shows, won 6 of them, met The Miz, and has eaten more disgusting things than you can imagine. He's got stories about the challenges, the locations, and who's really friends (or not) behind the scenes.

Finn Balor Returns to Talk Is Jericho - EP275  

Finn Balor returns to TIJ just in time to talk about his upcoming Summerslam debut! It's his first WWE PPV and he's challenging Seth Rollins for Universal Championship. He's also talking about the Demon King, "Balloreen," the draft, his RAW debut, the advice he got on night one from Vince McMahon, why he thinks NXT is so popular and successful, and which main roster guys he'd love to get in the ring with. Plus, Ash The Fish Expert is back and talking KISS! He went to his first KISS concert and gives a detailed review of the experience!

Who's Hot & Who's Not with Team Tiger Awesome on Talk Is Jericho - EP274  

Team Tiger Awesome return to TIJ for "Who's Hot and Who's Not" and let's see if you can match the hashtag with their "hot" choices: #VerySymmetrical. #SweetArms. #SmellsLikeGarbage. #DenzelGretzky. Don't worry... the conversation digresses per usual and it won't take long for the rest of this to make complete sense: #WhatIsAChode (it's a regional thing in case you were wondering); #CocaineBang; #DrJohnsonsOpus; and #SuperDelegate.

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