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Recorded from all over the globe, multiple time world champion pro wrestler, lead singer of Fozzy and New York Times best-selling author Chris Jericho rocks the podcast world with "Talk Is Jericho," his unique, weekly take on all things pop culture and life in general. Sit down with Chris as he interviews some of the biggest names in entertainment and discusses the minutia of wrestling, music, television, movies and twerking!! All-ages welcome. No ID required! - To access the entire Talk Is Jericho archive, go to Support "Talk Is Jericho" with your purchases through, click this link!


Rusev and Lana  

Handsome Rusev and Lana are doing their first podcast EEEVVEERRR and the only thing we can say is, "why did they wait so long?!?" They have amaze-ball stories about NXT, Dusty Rhodes, debuting at the Royal Rumble, and how they balance work and married life. You'll hear how Rusev discovered wrestling in Bulgaria, learned to speak English, and the odd jobs he worked when he finally got to America. Lana talks about growing up in Russia, dancing ballet professionally in NYC, and eventually moving Florida to try her hand at pro-wrestling (wait till you hear her WWE audition story)!

Wayne's World 25th Anniversary with Penelope Spheeris  

Happy 25th "Wayne's World," and to celebrate this epic anniversary, director Penelope Spheeris is here to share plenty of behind-the-scenes stories and tidbits about what it took to make this iconic film - from filming the "Bohemian Rhapsody" car scene to Alice Cooper's cameo to teaching Mike Meyers how to drive to Rob Lowe's comedic come-out! She's also got stories about Chris Farley, Donald Trump, and the film's overseas release! And Penelope is the woman behind "The Decline of Western Civilization 2: The Metal Years," so you better believe she's explaining how she got some of the biggest names in hard rock & metal (Lemmy, Ozzy Osbourne, KISS, Aerosmith) to take part in her incredible documentary! Party On, Penelope Spheeris!

TalkNShop Live In Mexico Presented by Talk Is Jericho  

The worst f*cking podcast ever returns with even more ridiculous conversation (and songs) about absolutely f*cking nothing! Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Chris Jericho and rotating fourth, Enzo Amore, tell Steve Austin stories (or maybe not), Wrestling Court stories (or maybe not), worst smelling in the lockerroom stories (or maybe not), and ugliest ring gear stories (or maybe not). Gordy Cannuck, Reptiley, Hell Yeah Man, and Finkel offer plenty of interruptions (as does the sold-out, live hotel room audience of 2). Double fist the f*cking cocktails (might be your only shot of comprehending this disastrous f*cking mess).

Living Colour  

The entire lineup of Living Colour - singer Corey Glover, guitarist Vernon Reid, bassist Doug Wimbish, and drummer Will Calhoun - join TIJ to wax poetic on music, culture, breaking boundaries and The Rolling Stones! They've got some of the best Stones stories you'll hear including how Mick Jagger helped them get their start. They're also talking CM Punk, "Cult Of Personality," the legendary CBGB's in NYC, and taking on the great Oprah Winfrey herself!

Devin Townsend  

Devin Townsend may or may not have possibly gotten Jason Newsted fired from Metallica back in the day. He may or may not have put Jay Leno's office telephone up his ass backstage at "The Tonight Show!" And he may or may not have taken a dump in Steve Vai's guitar case. If you want to know what's true and what's fan-fiction, you're gonna have to give this episode a listen! Can tell you this much though... he's got rock & roll stories like no other, he's wickedly talented, super funny, and still can't believe that he shares a Juno Award (the Canadian equivalent to a Grammy) with Chris Jericho.

My Best Friend Kevin Owens - Live In Toronto  

Y2J & his best friend Kevin Owens invaded Toronto during Survivor Series weekend,and put on a heck of a live TIJ! And now - that same show is coming straight to you! They tell some awesome stories about Kevin learning to speak English by watching Jim Ross call WWE matches, and old re-runs of "Friends", Kevin's training with Jacques Rougeu, Y2J's first contract with the "Hart Brothers Wetesting School," Kevin's early matches with Sami Zayn, Kevin's WWE championship, the creation of "The List," Bill Goldberg's WWE return, and how they became BFFs in the first place.

Shawn Michaels Returns  

Shawn Michaels returns to TIJ to talk about his new movie, "The Resurrection of Gavin Stone," whether or not he'd ever get back in the wrestling ring, his thoughts on NXT and the Performance Center, and his infamous first match against The Undertaker. He's also telling it like it is when it comes to the business, sharing tips for making it in pro-wrestling, and explaining why the angle he did with Y2J in 2008 wouldn't be something he could do "today."

This Was The XFL  

"This Was The XFL" is an upcoming ESPN 30 for 30 documentary directed by Charlie Ebersol, son of Dick Ebersol, who along with Vince McMahon founded the short-lived league! But for all the hype & fanfare surrounding the launch, and the spectacular public failure before the first season even ended, the XFL left quite a legacy miced players, sky cameras, and the ultimate fan experience. And those are some of the stories youll hear from Charlie, who was a teenager when his dad and Vince were getting the league going! Hes got great behind-the-scenes stories about some of the crazier XFL stunts like The Scramble! Charlie also spent a lot of time backstage at "Saturday Night's Main Event" hanging out with Hulk Hogan!

Haunted Collector John Zaffis on Talk Is Jericho - EP319  

Haunted Collector John Zaffis has a creepy collection of possessed pictures, dolls, and other items... many of which he received from his aunt and uncle, famous paranormal investigators, Ed & Lorraine Warren ("The Conjuring" movies are based on their cases). Hear some of the creepy tales behind the specific items, how John got started collecting in the first place, and why he's often called upon to assist with exorcisms! This is one scary episode you're not gonna wanna listen to alone!

Perry Saturn Needs Your Help! on Talk Is Jericho - EP318  

Perry Saturn has been to hell and back, and is a bit down on his luck, but trying hard to put his life back together! He is clean and sober after kicking a drug habit that left him homeless, digging through the trash for food, and working for his dealers as a debt collector in order to support his own habit! He's speaking candidly about battling his demons... and turning his life around. He's also telling some incredible wrestling stories from his days with WCW and WWE - what it was like working for Eric Bischoff, why Perry, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit all left WCW at the same time, what the WWE lockerroom was like when they first got there, and how he ended up wearing a dress after a match with Y2J.

Kenny Omega & Cyrus are Wild In Winnipeg on Talk Is Jericho - EP317  

TIJ gets Wild in Winnipeg... with Kenny Omega! Y2J & Don Callis (aka Cyrus) get Kenny talking about his crazy blow up doll match, the time he wrestled a 7-year old girl, the improv videos he shoots with The Young Bucks, and going through a crystal chandelier! You'll also hear about Kenny's decision to leave WWE developmental, his transition from cruiserweight to heavyweight at New Japan Pro Wrestling, and his rise to main event status at the Tokyo Dome for Wrestle Kingdom 11. Plus, he does have a career end goal, and if you listen carefully, you just might hear it!

Kenny G on Talk Is Jericho - EP316  

Kenny G holds the Guinness Book Of World Records for longest single note played on a saxophone! He played that note for 45 minutes! He's telling that story, remembering his make or break moment on Johnny Carson (complete with a "you'll never work in this town again!"), and sharing the stories behind his professional music debut (he was in highschool), opening for Whitney Houston, his Starbucks connection, and how he became so dang big in China!

Cheap Trick on Talk Is Jericho - EP315  

Cheap Trick's charismatic, baseball-cap wearing founding guitar player, Rick Nielsen, and the band's new drummer Daxx Nielsen (who also happens to be Rick's son) are telling rock & roll stories like you wouldn't believe! Rick played and recorded with John Lennon, attended Sir George Martin's memorial service, got drunk with Slash, ate tacos with AC/DC's Bon Scott, and amassed a wicked guitar collection! Daxx remembers the first time his dad took him to see Pearl Jam, shares what it was like drumming for surf guitar legend Dick Dale, and explains how he ended up drumming for his dad's band.

Norman Smiley on Talk Is Jericho - EP314  

Everyone at the NXT Performance Center loves Norman Smiley, and you're about to find out why! He and Y2J go waaaayyyy back to Jericho's time as Lion Heart in Monterrey, Mexico. Hear what Norman did for Jericho, what happened at their first match together, how they became such good friends, what they miss about their fellow friends and wrestlers Eddie Guerrero and Art Barr, and why everyone lived at the Plaza Madrid in Mexico! Norman's got stories about Konnan, Vampiro, and his old tag partner, Negro Casas. He remembers his jump to WCW, what inspired The Wiggle and the scream, and how Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara talked him into working hardcore.

Teddy Hart on Talk Is Jericho - EP313  

Teddy Hart has some incredible stories about his famous wrestling family - from living with his grandfather Stu Hart to growing up around both Bret and Owen Hart. He's also talking about his own troubled childhood and his experience with drugs, gangs, and the Calgary police! You'll hear about the real fight he had with CM Punk while they were both at Ring of Honor, why things didn't work out for Teddy at WWE, and how he feels about a possible career comeback!

Bobbie Brown on Talk Is Jericho - EP312  

She's one of the hottest video music stars of the 90s, and probably best known as the Cherry Pie girl in Warrant's "Cherry Pie" video! Bobbie Brown's on TIJ! Hear stories from the making of the video, what it was like being married to Warrant frontman Jani Lane! Bobbie also dated Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, and got her first big break on Star Search! Plus, she recently starred in Steel Panther's "Live From Lexxi's Mom's Garage" film!

Power of Music with Seth Rollins & Sami Zayn on Talk Is Jericho - EP311  

Seth Rollins & Sami Zayn join Y2J to talk some music! Listen in as they break down favorite bands, first concerts, first albums, music movements that literally created lifestyles (like grunge), Metallica, punk rock & Rancid, Iron Maiden, and meeting their musical heroes.

Lars Ulrich on Talk Is Jericho - EP310  

He's finally here! Metallica's Lars Ulrich! And he's talking about "Hardwired To Self Destruct," Metallica's songwriting chemistry & personal relationships, his drumming style, and that first Metallica house in the Bay area! He's also telling stories about Cliff Burton and Cliff's influence on Metallica's musical style. You'll hear what's different about the way the band tours theses days. And... Lars is a walking-talking wikipedia of obscure British metal groups, and he just might introduce you to your new SECOND favorite band!

Darkness Radio on Talk Is Jericho - EP309  

Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis from the popular paranormal show, "Darkness Radio," bring their creepy tales and haunted stories to TIJ! Discover "Bloody Bones Man," "The Black Eyed Kids," and Peppy The Lake Monster. They also discuss exorcisms, outer-body experiences, and whether Big Foot may actually be a ghost.

World's Loudest Podcast on Talk Is Jericho - EP308  

It's the World's Loudest Podcast in celebration of the World's Loudest Month - the month of May... when you get the three biggest rock festivals in North America - Carolina Rebellion, Rock on the Range, and Northern Invasion! Gary Spivack and Clay Busch of Danny Wimmer Presents, the promoters behind all three, have plenty of details, insider knowledge, personal band stories, and a full reveal of the headliners and line-ups for 2017! Get your rock on & crank those earbuds for this one-of-a-kind look at three of rock's biggest festival scenes.

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