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Korean Q&A - The “-음" and ”-ㅁ" Sentence Ending  

Are we there yet? No? How about now? Are we there yet now?


Today, Hyunwoo answers these 4 wonderful questions:

- What’s the difference between 이제 and 지금?

- Can you use an exclamation mark with the phrase “감사합니다"?

- What is the -음 ending?

- How do you pluralize nouns in Korean?


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One-Minute Korean: “You crossed the line."  

How do you say “You crossed the line.” in Korean? Teacher Jooyeon will introduce this very useful phrase to you in today’s video. You can watch more one-minute lessons here:

New TTMIK Teacher!  

My Coworker From Another Star…? Who is this strange person who just showed up in the office all of a sudden? It’s Cassie Casper, the newest member of the TTMIK team! You may have seen her in some of the TTMIK instagram posts already, but we’re here to finally introduce her to all of you. She will be in many of our videos from now on, so if you have any questions for her or suggestions for things you would like her to explain, let us know in the comments below!

If you’re curious about her, you can find more of her videos on her personal channel:

Look Inside - Real-Life Korean Conversations For Beginners (초급 한국어 대화책)  

Take a look inside our Korean speaking guide for beginners! It’s called “Real-Life Korean Conversations For Beginners” and after studying with it, you will be able to hold short but confident conversations in Korean.

Korean Q&A - 니가 [ni-ga] vs. 네가 [ne-ga] - How are they different?  

My mom said let’s eat the food you brought together! How do you say this in Korean? Learn the differences between my and our, ni-ga and ne-ga, and how to say “let’s” with Hyunwoo on today’s Q&A!

What’s the answer to the question above, you ask? “My mom said let’s eat the food you brought together” in Korean is…

우리 엄마가 네가 가져 온 음식을 같이 먹자고 했어! Did you guess it? If you enjoyed this video, and if you have suggestions for new videos, please let us know down in the comments! Happy studying~

Must-Know Words In Korean - Color Names (색깔)  

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? Maybe not, but after watching this video, you’ll be able to name them in Korean! With a voice like butter, Jooyeon will teach you some of the most basic color names in Korean, so sit back and relax while you study!

무슨 색이 제일 좋아요? What color do you like best?

If you enjoyed this video, and if you have suggestions for new videos, please let us know down in the comments! Happy studying~

Traditional Korean Percussion Music (사물놀이, Samulnori) - All That Gugak  

How can you possibly express the feeling of rain through music? The traditional Korean Samulnori group, U-so will show you! Learn about one of Korea’s deep rooted cultural traditions while you study Korean with the subtitles on this video.

You can find the full performance from this video here:

If you enjoyed U-so’s performance, check out more of their work and subscribe here:

What did you think of Samulnori? Have you heard Gugak before? What traditional music does your country have?

If you enjoyed this video, and if you have suggestions for new videos, please let us know down in the comments! Happy studying~

One-Minute Korean: “I told you so."  

How do you say “I told you so.” in Korean? Teacher Seokjin will introduce this very useful phrase to you in today’s video. You can watch more one-minute lessons here:

TTMIK Company Day at Sports Monster  

Jumping and climbing and...Guns?! Oh My! The TTMIK teachers show off their competitive spirit as they work their way through the various activities available at Sports Monster at the biggest shopping mall in Korea, Starfield! Who will be the ultimate champion, the one to win bragging rights for all time?  

The vast array of activities available at Sports monster range from climbing, to trampoline games, and even to karaoke! Which one do you think looks most exciting? Which of the TTMIK teachers are you rooting for?

If you enjoyed this video, and if you have suggestions for new videos, please let us know down in the comments!
Happy studying~

Listening Practice In Slow Korean - Unique Coffee Shops (이색 카페) [한국어 초급 듣기]  

From animal-themed coffee shops to cafes where you can make things, you can find a wide variety of coffee shops in Korea. Kyeong-eun will tell you about it, at a slow pace. You can also take our new video course with 6 stories in it and learn through detailed explanations!   

Listen & Repeat: The Korean Verbs Guide (audio + e-book)  

How often do you listen to something in Korean and repeat it out loud? It is a very good way to practice speaking and to get yourself ready for your next real-life Korean-speaking situation. We know that a lot of our students like to listen to audio material while they are on the go, and we just finished working on our first “Listen & Repeat” course, based on our popular book, The Korean Verbs Guide.

Get the audio course here:
How to use the audio course:
(It’s very simple. Just listen and repeat!)
Listen to each track and repeat everything out loud. You will be given a pause for each word and phrase. After hearing the English portion for each phrase, try saying the Korean translation before you hear the correct pronunciation by a native speaker. We recommend that you listen to everything at least twice over, so that you can say everything as comfortably and confidently as possible.

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Iyagi Season 2 Ep. 5 / 디저트 / Sweet Treats  

Some people say that there are 2 stomachs, one for your meal and one for dessert. Which of the TTMIK teachers has a separate dessert stomach? Tune in to today’s episode of Iyagi Season 2 where Kyunghwa and Jooyeon discuss desserts and snacks, which desserts they like and which they don’t, and their experience with foreign desserts. Do you know all of the desserts they name? What are some common desserts in your country? Which sweet treat is your favorite?

How to Learn Korean For Free  

How can I learn Korean for free? This is a common question especially among new learners, and the answer is not as difficult as you think! This is the whole foundation of why Talk To Me In Korean was created and we want to see you succeed! We understand many of you may be in tight financial situations or in difficult life stages that may make studying a new language very difficult. Don’t worry, We’ve got your back!


Biggest Shopping Mall In Korea - Starfield in Hanam  

In today’s video the Ladies of TTMIK explore the biggest shopping mall in Korea, Starfield in Hanam! Come along with Joo-yeon, Kyeong-eun and Kyung-hwa as they walk around the different floors of this enormous shopping complex and comment on their surroundings while speaking Korean with natural conversational flow. Be sure to listen well!

This mall is huge and you can find everything from Korean fashion, western fashion, interior products, electronics, toys, and more! Can you believe there are even 2 Starbucks coffee shops inside the mall? Maybe by the time you make it to the 2nd one you will be so tired, you’ll need another pick-me-up? We can only guess.

Have you ever been to Starfield? Did you see the whole place in one day? Did you have a favorite shop? If you enjoyed this video, and if you have suggestions for new videos, please let us know down in the comments!
Happy studying~

Iyagi Season 2 Ep. 4 / 학창 시절 놀이 / Games of Our Youth  

Listen to a natural conversation between two native Korean speakers about games they played as children.

How could the TTMIK teachers have used erasers and paper to play games? And what on Earth is a Bang-bang? You can find out by listening to today’s episode of Iyagi Season 2 where Kyunghwa and Seokjin share stories of the games and activities they enjoyed when they were young children. Do any of them sound familiar to you? Did you have similar games in your country? What are some different games that you played as a child?

Cultural Differences: Korea Vs. France  

Today, Joo-yeon and Kyeong-eun meet with the TTMIK intern, Asya, to talk about the cultural differences between France and Korea. What differences has she noticed? She tells us interesting facts about France….but what do poop and kisses have to do with it?!

아시아 씨 한국말 잘 하죠? Asya speaks Korean well, doesn’t she? By following along with our videos and lessons, you can improve your Korean, too! Follow along and try to find some words or expressions you haven’t heard before.

Cultural differences are fun to talk about; what are some differences in Korean Culture and your country’s culture? What are some Korean culture points that surprised you? What are some unique customs or phrases from your home country?  Let us know in the comments :)

We love to hear from all of you listeners out there, so if you enjoyed this video, and if you have suggestions for new videos, please add that down in the comments, as well!
Happy studying~

Korean Q&A - Why Is ㅅ Pronounced as [ T ]?  

Today we’re going to answer some questions we have received on twitter about your thoughts and worries. But wait a second…..who is that guy? What is he doing in our office? Oh, it’s just Billy from Go! Billy Korean. He’s going to answer your questions today, and boy does he do a good job! If you liked this video, be sure to check out his channel, Learn Korean with Go! Billy Korean:

Walk The Talk - 상암(Sang-Am) Digital Media City  

TTMIK Summer Sale 2017 (June 20 - July 4)   We want to show you around Seoul and many other parts of Korea more often through videos, so we tried out this new format for a video, with our good friend Alex Sigrist.    Listen to Alex's radio show on TBS eFM:    Follow Alex's adventures on his YouTube channel: 

THANK YOU! (We will stop receiving donations.)  

We are extremely grateful for all the love and support we have received over the years. When we first started the site, our only focus was to just help people learn Korean; we didn’t have any products to sell or advertise. And as we started publishing more and more lessons, many people wanted to help us through donations. So instead of just taking donations, we decided to also offer some perks.    But we’ve now reached a point where we are creating enough revenue through the sales of our various products and services that it doesn’t “feel right” to receive donations on top of making profits. Hence this video.    Thank you very much everyone who has supported us through donations over the years, and also through spreading the word about what we do. You are truly awesome.   We will continue working hard! 정말 감사합니다!

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