One-Minute Korean: I've changed my mind. [TalkToMeInKorean]  

In this video series, we introduce useful Korean words and phrases through compact one-minute lessons.

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Korean Sentence Relay - Will This Story Make Sense? 한국어로 문장 이어가기!  

샤이니(Shiny) is a well-known English teacher in Korea who recently started her own YouTube channel ( https://goo.gl/6rcR8p ). She joined us in a fun little challenge of sentence relay. Hyunwoo, Shiny and Jooyeon will take turns to pick one Korean word and then form a sentence, AND make the flow of the story make some sense.

Playtime with My Daughter - Reading Together (2 years 10 months) - 아이와 함께 책 읽기  

민송(Minsong) is teacher 경은(Kyeong-eun)’s daughter, who is about 2 years and 10 months old. She is making a lot of progress in learning to speak her mother tongue(Korean), so we will share some mother-daughter moments with you through videos.

Do This One Thing to Keep Improving Your Korean  

You can't really say one single method is better than all the other learning & practice methods, but if we were to pick just one way to continue improving your Korean, we would pick "writing in your journal in Korean every day."

Only diaries?
Of course this can be done not only in a journal but also on social media or in video format (e.g. on YouTube). The basic idea is that as long as you keep doing this regularly (ideally every day), you will quickly and naturally find words and grammar points that you do not know yet, and since journal entries are about your day-to-day life, you will become more curious to know these things than when you study with sample phrases in a book.

How do you start?
Just start by simply writing down whatever you can think of in Korean. Single-word entries are fine too. Gradually you will feel the want and need to form longer and more complete sentences as you spend more time thinking about things you want to say in Korean. It's quite simple.

What if I don't know a certain word or a grammar point?
You can easily look up words in online dictionaries (we recommend http://endic.naver.com ) and also look up grammar points and sentence patterns in our curriculum page ( http://talktomeinkorean.com/curriculum ).

Give it a try and you will love finding what you don't know and also the experience of being able to write things you couldn't before!

TTMIK Book Giveaway (21 Textbooks!!) + Ask TTMIK Teachers  

We answer some questions we received from you guys about the team!

New Year’s Day in Korea vs. the UK (한국과 영국의 새해 첫날 문화 비교!) - TTMIK Culture Chat  

How do you celebrate New Year’s Day in your country? Let’s find out how things are different in Korea and the UK. 한국과 영국에서는 새해를 각각 어떻게 기념할까요? 고탱과 에밀과 함께 이야기 나눠 봤습니다.

Look Inside - Korean Phrasebook For Travelers (한국어 몰라도 한국 여행 갈 수 있다!)  

Our newest textbook is for travelers who are planning a trip to Korea but don't have a lot of time to study Korean. You can get your copy at http://mykoreanstore.com

Funny Conversation With My Baby Son (세살 아들과의 재미있는 대화)  

In today's Story Time episode, teacher Hyunwoo(현우) tells you a funny interaction that he had with his 2.5-year-old son. The video is subtitled in both Korean and English for your learning!

How Is Christmas Different Between Korea vs. USA? (TTMIK Culture Chat)  

How do you normally celebrate Christmas? We tried comparing the Christmas culture in Korea and USA. 한국과 미국의 크리스마스 문화에는 어떤 차이가 있을까요?

News Keywords in Korea (한국의 핫이슈 키워드) Ep. 6  

Learn with 5 keywords that were commonly used in the news headlines in Korea over the past couple of weeks! 한국의 뉴스 헤드라인에 지난 1-2주 동안 자주 등장했던 핫이슈 키워드들로 공부해 보세요.

Korean Buzzwords: [ㅇㅇ]앓이 & 기승전[ㅇㅇ] (Sick For Someone? Story’s Conclusion?)  

Watch more videos in this series on our website:

In this video, Hyunwoo and Jaemin discuss the expressions [ㅇㅇ]앓이 and 기승전[ㅇㅇ]. 앓이 is literally translated to “being sick” or “being sore” and it is usually used to describe your feelings for someone that you really like, usually a celebrity. 기승전[ㅇㅇ] originates from the original expression 기승전결, which menas “introduction, development, turn, and conclusion,” used to talk about the development of a story. So if someone keeps talking about something no matter what the topic of the conversation was, you can say 기승전 and add whatever the topic is after it. 

How I Learned Korean - Theresa (Jamaica) & Justine (France)  

Previous interview (with Min-gyu from the USA)



Theresa from Jamaica and Justine from France share how they learned to speak Korean fluently.


자메이카에서 온 테레사 씨와 프랑스에서 온 저스틴 씨가 그동안 한국어를 어떻게 공부했고, 어떤 방법을 이용해서 실력을 키웠는지에 대해서 주연 선생님과 이야기를 나누었어요.

How Being 30 Years Old Changed Me (서른이 되어서 달라진 점들)  

Kyung-hwa says that she experienced quite a few changes this year when she turned 30 years old. 

Korean Buzzwords: 아재파탈 & 성지순례 (Ajeossi Fatale? Pilgrimage?)  

In this video, Hyunwoo and Jaemin discuss the expressions 아재파탈 and 성지순례. 아재 is a friendly term that refers to 아저씨 (married middle-aged man), and 파탈 comes from the French expression "fatale." So 아재파탈 refers to a man in his middle age who is very (even fatally) attractive. 성지순례 originally means "pilgrimage" but on the Internet, people use 성지순례 to describe the visit to a blog post or a social media post that correctly predicted the future. 

One-Minute Korean: I am stuck in traffic.  

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Learn how to read and write in Korean

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Spanish Language Challenge with Christian Burgos  

Here is another fun language challenge! This time it’s a Spanish Language Challenge!

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Last Day Of Winter Sale 2016  

We are having a winter sale! Get 15% off all of our books and e-books (until December 8).

Downsides of the Oppa, Eonni culture in Korea  

There are many upsides to the Oppa, Eonni, Hyeong, Nuna culture in Korea, but of course there are also downsides. Hyunwoo mentions a couple of them. What do you think? 

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