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Do you live in a city and wonder why it works the way it does? Talking Cities accesses the leaders creating, shaping and improving the cities we call home. Through candid conversation, find out how they are improving our economic, cultural and social epicentres.


Stephen Engblom on the value of urban analytics and virtual reality for city planners  

Stephen Engblom leads AECOM’s cities practice and is based in San Francisco. A qualified architect Stephen and his team are dedicated to innovative urban policy and development strategies that underpin world-class infrastructure that enhances the environment, equity, and liveability of our cities.

Mr Olympics, Bill Hanway, reveals the right way to hosting the world’s biggest sporting event and how technology is taking game day to the next level  

Bill Hanway is arguably the world’s leading sport stadium and precinct planner. Some of his project highlights include the Rio and London Olympic Games and the recently opened Golden 1 Centre, home to the LA Kings in Sacramento California. An architect by training, Bill is currently Executive Vice President and the leader of Global Sports at AECOM and holds a Master of Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

...goes global. Andrew Bui & David De Rosa discusses living in downtown LA, hyperloop and mobility as a service  

James is in Los Angeles, the home of over a dozen freeways. He discusses movement with two of AECOM’s leading thinkers, Andrew Bui and David De Rosa.  An experienced city and transport planner, David is working on a variety of projects including autonomous vehicles, high speed rail, light rail and Hyperloop. Andrew is at the forefront of integrating electric car and truck charging into existing roadways.

Housing affordability and health - Mark Steinert reveals his solution to two of Sydney's biggest issues  

Mark Steinert has been the CEO of Stockland since 2012, making a switch to property from his previous career in investment banking. Today, Steinert heads a team working on $20 billion of projects that will create new communities around the country.

David Pitchford lifts the lid on mega project delivery in cities  

David Pitchford currently Principal of the Right Pitch Consultancy was until recently Chief Executive of UrbanGrowth NSW. UrbanGrowth NSW’s mandate is to focus on large-scale urban transformation projects. Prior to this David was Head of Profession for UK Government Major Projects and advised Prime Minister David Cameron.

Clare Gardiner-Barnes talks automated vehicles, walkability and metros  

Clare Gardiner-Barnes is the Deputy Secretary, Freight, Strategy and Planning at Transport for New South Wales.  In her current role Clare is focused on delivering a safe and efficient transport system, keeping people and goods moving, connecting communities and supporting economic growth.

David Borger & Justine Kinch predict the future for Western Sydney, Australia's third largest economy  

David Borger and Justine Kinch endorse Western Sydney all the way.  David is the Western Sydney Director for the Sydney Business Chamber. Prior to this he served as a NSW State Government Minister for Roads and Housing and at just 30 was the youngest Lord Mayor of Parramatta.  Justine spearheads AECOM’s Western Sydney strategy. She is a Landscape Architecture who is passionate about developing high quality public spaces for urban renewal and transport related projects.

Ms Lucy Turnbull on being an urbanist and the importance of the female city  

James interviews Lucy Turnbull, successful Australian businesswoman and philanthropist with a longstanding interest in cities, technological and social innovation. In 2015 she was appointed Chief Commissioner of the Greater Sydney Commission, tasked by the New South Wales government to deliver strong and effective strategic planning for the whole of metropolitan Sydney.

Meet the people creating, shaping and improving the cities we call home  

Based in Sydney Australia, James Rosenwax, an unashamed urbanist and passionate place maker gets to know the people who are focused on the many challenges facing the world’s rapidly growing cities.  In season 1 we hear from; Lucy Turnbull, David Borger, Justine Kinch, Clare Gardiner-Barnes, David Pitchford, Mark Steinert and Stephen Engblom.

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