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Tangentially Speaking with Dr. Christopher Ryan

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Would you like to hang with a smart dominatrix, famous comedian, bank robber, drug smuggler, famous health guru, scientist, author or Italian prince? Here's your chance. Tangentially Speaking is dedicated to the idea that good conversation is spontaneous, organic, revelatory, and free to go down unexpected paths with unexpected people.


230 - Michael Shermer (Author, Skeptic, Atheist)  

Michael Shermer casts a doubting eye on most of what he sees. Maybe all of it. He's the founding editor of Skeptic magazine, writes a column for Scientific American, and is the author of several books, most recently Skeptic: Viewing the World with a Rational Eye.

229 - ROMA 14  

The anti-Valentine's Day episode. What is love? Should we have kids? What about a three-way marriage?

228 - Allan Havey (Actor & Comedian)  

Allan has enjoyed a long career as a standup comic and actor. You may have seen him in Mad Men, The Man in the High Castle, Hail Caesar!, and anywhere top notch comics are found.

227 - ROMA 13  

In which I rant about the usual: Carrie Fisher, Karl Marx, Matt Le Blanc, micro-aggressions, love, sex, passion, and despair.

226 - Robert Clarke (Cannabis Expert)  

Robert Clarke is one of the world's foremost cannabis experts and author, most recently, of Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany (together with Mark D. Merlin). We met by chance in Hanoi in 2003 and have been friends ever since.

225 - Bryan and Patrick (Bike Across the US)  

Patrick and Bryan are brothers who rode bicycles across the US, from Massachusetts to LA. Their trip is documented at livehigh.org.

224 - Kelly Hennigan MacNiven (Neuroscientist)  

Kelly is a postdoc at Stanford. She's using fMRI to investigate whether cognitive processes may help predict relapse after addiction treatment. But we talk about everything from free will to hallucinogens to how the brain generates the feeling of having a mind.

223 - Elena Argento (Indian Sex Workers & Hallucinogens -- corrected file)  

Elena is a graduate student at UBC in Vancouver. She spent four months researching sex workers in India, and is now focussed on the therapeutic potential of hallucinogens.

223 - Elena Argento (Sex Work & Psychedelics Researcher)  

Elena is a graduate student at UBC in Vancouver. She spent four months researching sex workers in India, and is now focussed on the therapeutic potential of hallucinogens.

222 - AJ Leon (Misfit, Inc.)  

A.J. walked away from a corner office on Wall Street because he realized that his life was inauthentic. Since then, he's been on a roll. He founded Misfit—one of the most enigmatic, admirable hunter-gatherer enterprises around. His life is full of travel, love, passion, and positive energy. Plus, he's brilliant, good-looking, and dances like a Cuban. F*ck that guy.

Music: "Distinto," by Orishas; "Lekela Muadi," by Tshala Muana.

221 - Peter Suedfeld (Psychology of Isolation)  

Dr. Suedfeld is a Holocaust survivor whose research is focused on how people experience extreme, unusual, challenging, and traumatic events and environments -- including arctic explorers, astronauts, and prisoners.

220 - ROMA 12 (Hypernormalisation)  

A bit of a critical look at Adam Curtis's film, Hypernormalisation, and a few totally unqualified responses to listener's emails.

219 - Jake Johannsen Blowin' in the Wind  

World-famous Jake and I sit in his kitchen, talking about the importance of dicks and complaining about leaf blowers. And other stuff, too.

218 - Neil Strauss on the Sofa  

Neil Strauss is the author of 8 bestselling books and was music critic for Rolling Stone, the Village Voice, and the New York Times. We're chilling on his sofa.

217 - ROMA 11  

Emails, most of the "should I stay or should I go" variety.

216 - Ted Slingerland (Ancient Chinese Philosophy)  

Professor of Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia and author of Trying Not to Try: The Power of Spontaneity, Slingerland has a uniquely informed perspective on the biggest questions we all face.

215 - Georgina Haig (Actress)  

I met Georgina on a plane. Long before the seatbelt sign had gone off, I knew I was going to enjoy chatting with her all the way to LA. Getting to know this smart, funny, candid, and quirky woman, the hours flew by. She agreed she'd appear on my podcast a few weeks down the road--once she'd finished shooting a film. I doubted she'd get around to it, but true to her word, she found some time for this wide-ranging conversation about fame, beauty, Hollywood, Australia, and what it's like to make a living pretending to be someone else.

214 - Wade Davis (Ethnobotanist, Author, Explorer, Photographer)  

Wade Davis is an extraordinary guy. He's wandered into nearly every corner of this planet, published a slew of fantastic books (several of which have become films), studied hallucinogenic plants in the Amazon, explored voodoo rituals in Haiti, and tells the best shit-knife story you'll ever hear. 

213 - ROMA 10  

The tenth episode of Ranting Out My A$$. 

212 - Brian Norgard (Tinder)  

Brian is one of the top dogs at Tinder. He invited me to headquarters in Hollywood, where we had this candid chat about technology, business, dating, and the future of all of them.

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