Tapestry from CBC Radio

Tapestry from CBC Radio


CBC Radio's Tapestry is a weekly exploration of spirituality, religion and the search for meaning, hosted by Mary Hynes.


Tapestry podcasts during the summer  

A special message from Mary Hynes about Tapestry podcasts during the summer.

Faith Tested: stories from Fort McMurray and Birmingham, Alabama  

Lucas Welsh serves Fort McMurray as both a firefighter and a pastor. What he witnessed in one job made him question the other. And a feature conversation with Dr. Willie Parker, an obstetrician in the southern United States who believes he has a moral dut

Reclaiming Indigenous Spirituality  

Papal decrees, poisoned water, and a look at reclaiming indigenous spirituality.

Recommending Love Me  

Host Mary Hynes recommends the new CBC original podcast Love Me.


Musician Snatam Kaur talks about the healing power of sacred chants and Lauretta Santarossa gives us a tour of her secret garden dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Stories of Perseverance and Grit That Go Way Off Script  

Paralympian John Maclean on his journey to walk again, and musician David Newland on his search for his birth father.

New Truths from Old Books  

A second look at ancient texts dispels myths about Mary Magdalene and provides new insight into ancient Egyptian beliefs about life and death.

Stories from the battlefield and the ballpark PODCAST Version  

Stories from the battlefield: what Harjit Sajjan, Canada's Minister of Defence has learned about life, and Stacey May Fowles on the healing properties of baseball.

This Party Has Soul  

The spiritual sides of four musicians: Prince, Kanye West, Beyonce and Shad.

Behind the headlines  

Tapestry looks more deeply at two stories that made the news. Timothy Schmalz talks about his 'homeless Jesus' statue. Jeff Goodes looks at how Peterborough reacted to the fire-bombing of its only mosque.

Welcoming Refugees.  

Tina Grimberg fled Ukraine as a teenager more than three decades ago. Now she's a rabbi whose congregation is welcoming a family from Syria. Plus a conversation with Parker Palmer about entitlement, Trump, and breaking down walls.

Tapestry - Buffy Sainte-Marie  

Buffy Sainte-Marie is usually asked about a lot of other stuff: her career in music, her Academy Award, her life as an activist. But what does Buffy Sainte-Marie believe in?

Religion doesn't cause religious violence - a conversation with Rabbi Sacks  

Rabbi Sacks won the 2016 Templeton Prize for his book, "Not in God's Name: Confronting Religious Violence." This award is given annually to someone who has made a profound spiritual contribution to the world.

Tapestry - From Mount Olympus to the Airport Chapel  

Baynard Woods on the modern worship of ancient Greek gods and a portrait of the chaplain at the Ottawa airport.

Tapestry - Against Intolerance  

Parker Palmer, Diane Moore and Artists without Barriers

Spiritual Self Meet Sexual Self  

Interviews with KD Miller and Rev Trisha Elliot

Tapestry - Rethinking addiction and mental illness  

The messier aspects of human behaviour as we investigate ways people are rethinking mental health, addiction, and what falls within ‘normal’for the human brain.

Tapestry - Spark Joy  

Showing your socks the love? Marie Kondo & her decluttering tips echo the Shinto tradition of Japan - and it's no coincidence.

Journeys to a New Life  

The life journey of Thupten Jinpa, translator to the Dalai Lama; and Khari McClelland's road trip to find the soundtrack of the Underground Railroad.

Tapestry - The Truth Show  

Scientist and Evangelical Christian Katherine Hayhoe talks about climate change in Texas. Musician Craig Cardiff gathers "Books of Truths" at his gigs.

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