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Tara and Johnny

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Figure skating legends, turned commentators, now pop culture icons but more importantly, best friends. Enjoy the ride with Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir on NBC.


Ep. 31: Bride Brain  

In this episode, Tara and Johnny discuss Tara's bride brain, their time at the Beverly Hills Dog Show, Tara's car troubles in Charleston and more

Ep. 30: La La Land  

Tara and Johnny discuss pitch meetings for their variety show, Tara's dog Dublin, Johnny's thoughts on Los Angeles and more.

Ep. 29: Goldaversary, Aruba and Worst flying experiences  

Tara and Johnny discuss Johnny's trip to Aruba, share some of their worst flying stories, talk about being one year out from the Pyeongchang Olympics and more.

Ep. 28: Florida, Gaga and a Late Night T&J show?  

While in Orlando, Tara and Johnny talk about being a house guest, Lady Gaga's Super Bowl halftime show, their idea for their own late night show, Johnny's stalker and more.

Ep. 27: Hazards of cake tasting; Experiencing Legoland  

Tara and Johnny discuss Tara's wedding cake tasting and dress fitting, their time at the U.S. Figuring Skating Championship in Kansas City, including a trip to Legoland, and Paul Rudd.

Ep. 26: T&J Take Kansas City  

Tara and Johnny discuss the stresses of packing, make their predictions for the U.S. Figuring Skating Championship, explain how they prepare for a figure skating competition and more.

Ep. 25: Crash dieting and a dive bar DJ  

Tara and Johnny discuss crash dieting, Tara's wedding planning, the upcoming U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Johnny's night out and more.

Ep. 24: Making out in Montana; Wizarding World of Harry Potter  

Tara & Johnny talk about their New Year's Eve parties & resolutions for 2017. On Tara & TodKap's secluded holiday getaway in Montana they spent an good portion of the time taking make-out selfies & posting them to social media. Plus, Johnny discovers the wonderful world of Harry Potter.

Ep. 23: Year of the Rooster  

Tara joins us from her Montana Chalet hideaway where she is spending the holiday with ToddKap and her parents, while Johnny shares his Christmas morning with his folks. T & J discuss their big plans for New Years Eve & looking ahead to 2017 & as Johnny likes to say The Year Of The Cock, T&J get awesome news from Producer Jason, & they check in on social media to share listener comments.

Ep. 22: Baby It's Cold Outside  

Tara & Johnny are all set for the Christmas Holiday. Tara develops a new eating habit and Johnny went to China to perform for Chinese television all the while having to wear a surgical mask throughout his whole trip there because of the poor air quality. Plus, T&J give their Christmas wishes to all of the podcast listeners.

Ep. 21: Our Health, Holiday Plans  

After battling horrible holiday illnesses for the past couple weeks, Tara & Johnny are back, talking about their sickness the only way they know how. On a lighter note, the duo reveal their holiday plans. Tara is going to Montana where it is 20 below & Johnny to China, but not after getting the run around at the Chinese Embassy.

Ep. 20: Mommy holds court; Todd Kap makes an appearance  

T&J are going a bit batty with their crazy schedule in Stamford. The kids give us an behind the scenes look at the National Dog Show, which will air on NBC on Thanksgiving Day. Plus Todd Kap joins the podcast to clear all the misconceptions of who he is, & Johnny holds court at hotel lobby bar.

Ep. 19: Ready for the Holidays  

T&J are together again Stamford doing their NBCSN duties..T&J talk about their plans for the upcoming Thanksgiving. They reach back in their memory banks and talk about their toys they had as kids, plus Poor Tara shares her story on how her Mom would get her toys from Toys R Us during Christmas time.

Ep. 18: The evolution of #MommyHatesIt  

T&J return from Stamford after broadcasting the Rostelecom Cup in Moscow event for NBCSN and their fans were rather upset they couldn't find them, so they took to social media with the hash tag #MommyHatesIt. Plus T&J discuss how excited they are to do the National Dog Show for NBC on Thanksgiving Day.

Ep. 17: Meet the new Johnny Football; Missing house keys and Taco Bell  

T&J return from Stamford after broadcasting Skate Canada for NBCSN on Sunday morning. Later that day, it dawned on Johnny that he should to train to become a NFL kicker. Meanwhile Tara got picked up from the airport from Todd-Kap & they made a stop at Tara's fave Taco-Bell.. But on the way home Todd-Kap realized he forgot forgot the house keys.

Ep. 16: Night Terrors in Chicago; Learning about the Cubs  

T&J return from an eventful Skate America 2016 just outside of Chicago. The lack of AC in Tara's hotel room caused her to have night terrors, & Johnny went nuts over the construction in hotel that began at 7am, plus the duo learn about the Cubs in the World Series.

Ep. 15: Surviving Hurricane Matthew; Johnny visits Los Angeles  

Tara talks about her terrifying time in South Carolina during Hurricane Matthew. Johnny goes LA, & nutty ways to heal yourself when you are an athelete.

Ep. 14: Johnny's social media sabbatical; Bike riding; Parents and technology  

Tara is in South Carolina & Mommy Lipinski is bugging Tara to go bike-riding at 5am, T&J crack on their parents & technology, & Johnny takes a Social Media Sabbatical over the weekend & can't take it.

Ep. 13: T&J Inside Lingo; Will you be my bridesman?  

Tara & Johnny talk about their inside lingo, how Tara asked Johnny to be her Bridesman, fall decorating during a LA heat wave, Johnny's moving day, and nightmares.

Ep. 12: Shoe swap in Stockholm, Montana, and Johnny's haircut  

Tara and Johnny detail their respective vacations-including a shoe swap in Stockholm and a horse wandering off in Montana, plus Johnny explains his process for his new haircut.

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