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TBTL (Too Beautiful to Live, if you were curious) is a daily weekday podcast from Luke Burbank and co-host/producer Andrew Walsh. It is about life. It is about current events. It is about popular culture. It is about Luke’s weight on that day. Luke, who also hosts the popular Live Wire variety show, started TBTL as a radio program in 2008 before transitioning to the world of podcasts in 2009. Luke, Andrew, and their loyal fans have been going strong ever since.


Too Beautiful To Live for January 20, 2017  

Too Beautiful To Live podcast

Episode #2298: Probably, Dude  

Luke and Andrew discuss their plans for inauguration day. One plan involves border security. The other involves eggnog. Plus, “fix-it cafes” are popping-up around the country. And Japanese bidet manufacturers have decided to create a universal bidet language. Special thanks to Brian Joyce and Jacqueline Justice for supporting today’s episode!

Episode #2296: More Names, Mo Problems  

Luke and Andrew discuss a "robot" lawyer helping people get out of parking tickets, why Rob Schneider is more complicated than you think, and why Andrew is reliving the French Revolution.Special thanks to Aisha Leapley and Suraj Adhikary for supporting today's episode!

Episode #2293: The Norwegian Wack Pack  

Luke is in Chicago, where his plan to take a photo with David S. Pumpkins has hit a snag. Andrew's attempts to make Google+ a thing are going south. And we learn that Norway has celebrity radio listeners.

Episode #2290: Snow Storm Of The Soul  

Luke spent the morning installing a bidet in his basement. Andrew accidentally pulls-off a time-shifting miracle. And a longtime listener explains why he sounds drunk.

Episode #2289: Not Today, Babyface  

Luke tries to convince Andrew that he doesn't have to miss the Seahawks playoff game this weekend, despite Andrew's plans for international travel. Also, big changes may be afoot for Conan O'Brien, and Andrew is dubious of another Chewbacca-related viral video. And, of course, we share some Music for Your Weekend.

Episode #2286: Elbow Deep In Zoodles  

Luke and Andrew are back and excited for a new year of fresh TBTLs! They discuss soup recipes, laser baldness helmets, pizza piles, and the John Wilkes Booth of dart championships. Plus, Carey joins the show to explain why Luke's new digital girlfriend may be ruining their marriage, and they wrap-up the NFL regular season with No Point Conversion.

Too Beautiful To Live for December 30, 2016  

Too Beautiful To Live podcast

Episode #2283: Are You A Member Of Our St. Lunatics Club?  

Andrew frightens Luke with his rental car horror story from Atlanta, and then they try to figure out why their Uber ratings are dropping. They also try to foment a robot revolution and attempt to solve a Home Alone mystery.

Too Beautiful To Live for December 28, 2016  

Too Beautiful To Live podcast

Episode #2281: City of Subdued Podcasting w/ Misha Collins  

Luke's neighbor Misha Collins (from "Supernatural" and "GISHWHES") stops by to chat about their new hometown, how meditation helped him stick with acting, and that time he visited Skywalker Ranch for a somewhat awkward chat with George Lucas (RIP Carrie Fisher).

Too Beautiful To Live for December 26, 2016  

Too Beautiful To Live podcast

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