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TBTL (Too Beautiful to Live, if you were curious) is a daily weekday podcast from Luke Burbank and co-host/producer Andrew Walsh. It is about life. It is about current events. It is about popular culture. It is about Luke’s weight on that day. Luke, who also hosts the popular Live Wire variety show, started TBTL as a radio program in 2008 before transitioning to the world of podcasts in 2009. Luke, Andrew, and their loyal fans have been going strong ever since.


#2429 This Party's Going To Be On The Hook!  

Luke, Camero Kev and their friend Newman join the show from a moving Kia Optima on their way to the lake for a boys weekend. Andrew is back in Wallingford, pretending it's okay that he wasn't invited. They discuss the haircut Luke gave himself last night and the gross truth about chlorinated swimming pools.

#2427 Low T For The Tillerman  

Things get a little gross on this episode as Luke discusses his unpleasant physical reaction to cotton balls, Andrew imagines jumping into a vat of mustard, and a listener shares a kombucha story that you won't soon forget.

#2427 Stop Naming Knights!  

Luke and Andrew discuss the cool new film “The Disaster Artist”, which is based on the terrible old film “The Room”. Plus, the votes are in for the next round of Song of The Summer. And! The return of A Song of Ice and Spoilers, in which the guys forget character names and try to figure out the best way to get The Mountain to synergistically lean-in to really nail his latest Thrive Report.

#2426 I'm Your Muppet  

Luke is overjoyed to be back in Bellingham, but Andrew has some serious questions about their puppet-related text exchange over the weekend. Speaking of puppets, the voice of Kermit The Frog has been fired, and he is not taking it well.

#2425 To Catch A Walshator  

Andrew explains why he got kicked out of the kids section at the library. Luke has a new Game of Thrones fan theory involving a college basketball coach. And the NFL isn't buying the "kombucha defense".

#2424 It's "Purple Drank In My Prayer Cup" O'Clock Somewhere  

Luke is in Chicago, where he's eating other peoples' octopus dinners, running into baseball MVPs, and starting a war on children. He and Andrew also discuss a man who was reportedly trapped inside an ATM. And, of course, Music For Your Weekend!

#2423  Pizza Crimes And Misdemeanors  

Luke and Andrew finally discuss the story of a woman's controversial interaction with a naked child in a vegan restaurant. The story has a name, but I refuse to type it here.

#2422 Nothing Ketchup On A Nothing Hot Dog  

Luke and Andrew listen to your Song of the Summer nominations and pick the top 16 songs that will compete for TOP HONORS (and no actual prizes.)

#2421 Now THAT I Can Get Into!  

Luke and Andrew listen to your Song of the Summer nominations and pick the top 16 songs that will compete for TOP HONORS (and no actual prizes.)

#2420 Kulshanately Optimistic  

Luke and Andrew announce plans for the 2017 TBTL Summer Picnic! Plus, Andrew has an identity crisis as he says goodbye to his old car, and Luke deals with the fact that his dog tried to drown him.

#2419 Oasis Of Back-Handed Compliments  

Luke tells a story he is extremely embarrassed about, but Andrew refuses to edit it out of the show. Plus, Andrew gets a new catch phrase, a criminal defies all odds with a prison break, only to get caught ordering a pizza, and we hear another Song of the Summer nominee in Music For Your Weekend!

#2418 Dinking Around On Our Boop Boops  

Luke had an opportunity to help a neighbor this morning, but he passed it up. He's not feeling super great about that, and Andrew isn't helping. Plus, an old photo from 1937 might prove that Amelia Earhart survived her plane crash. And we learn about about our nation's great capitals - from the Frog Jump Capital of Ohio to the Barbed Wire Capital of the World.

#2417 Bros Ice Trucking Bros  

Luke is not ready for the holiday weekend to end, so he broadcasts today's show from the pool at Burbank Springs. Andrew, meanwhile, is dry and indoors at his Wallingford studio, where he's upset over the way he treated a listener recently.

#2416: With Tears In Our Eyes And Giggles In Our Hearts  

Luke and Andrew try to retroactively fix yesterday's show with their patented Post-Spoof Technology. They also get trapped in a complicated web of time and space in which baseball games get very randy, apparently.

#2415: Brewster's Millions 2: The Swede Smell Of Success  

Luke finally meets his long lost relatives in Philadelphia and learns something new about himself. Andrew has a hot dog story to end all hot dog stories (we hope). And a photographer explains how he was able to capture a lovely photo of Governor Chris Christie and his family enjoying a holiday at the beach.

#2414 People In Bro Houses Shouldn't Throw Hot Wings  

Luke witnesses some Skyjinx first hand and almost Skyjinxes himself. Andrew may be ready for the Shark Tank stage. And people SERIOUSLY need to stop bungee jumping. Plus, another Song of the Summer nominee is debuted in Music For Your Weekend!

#2413 Unicorns, Waterfalls And The Occasional Chip-Which  

Luke checks in from Philadelphia, the land of cheese-steaks, community pools, and sometimes-depressing shoe stores. Fortunately, his mom, Susie, is an expert on all of those things, so the guys call her up. Plus, was Andrew at the center of a major conspiracy involving unicorns, waterfalls, and The Children of Ohio as a kid?

#2412 Knee-Deep In The Stop Down  

Luke needs help being a "fictional dude." Andrew remembers the time someone tried to force him to quit TBTL. An IKEA bowl accidentally sets grapes on fire. And TBTL offers an examination of "rheumy" vs "rummy."

#2411 A Sense Of Hoplessness  

Luke and Andrew get a visit from a large talking bunny, and for once, it's not an alcohol-induced hallucination. Plus, Luke is anxious about an upcoming BBQ with relatives he's never met, and Andrew has some Hot Takes on Sensible Toy Crossbow Ownership.

#2410 Smoke Gets In Your Xyz  

Luke spends the weekend eating honeycombs and sleep medication. Andrew tries to grill his anxieties away at a BBQ. An airline pilot tells his passengers to start praying when they run into trouble. And a listener has a run-in with a ghost, maybe.

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