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TBTL (Too Beautiful to Live, if you were curious) is a daily weekday podcast from Luke Burbank and co-host/producer Andrew Walsh. It is about life. It is about current events. It is about popular culture. It is about Luke’s weight on that day. Luke, who also hosts the popular Live Wire variety show, started TBTL as a radio program in 2008 before transitioning to the world of podcasts in 2009. Luke, Andrew, and their loyal fans have been going strong ever since.


2235: Hola, Daddy Yankee!  

Luke joins the show from Puerto Rico, where his very loose grasp on the Spanish language is getting him into some awkward situations. He and Andrew also discuss balding, toupées and and Donald Trump's favorite catch phrase. Plus, a look at the worst or possibly best Seahawks game in this week's No Point Conversion.

2234: Everyday Profiteroles  

Andrew and Aaron "The Ace of Mace" Mason discuss Andrew's newly diagnosed "garbage anxiety." Plus, they read an email leaked exclusively to TBTL from the desk of a television editor. Also, a famous football player admits that everyone has been spelling his name wrong his entire career. And, of course, there's Music For Your Weekend!

2233: No Offense, Donovan  

Luke has fallen in love with New York City all over again. He tells Andrew about his adventures and about an amazing new app he discovered. Plus, more salad talk, what we could all learn from George H.W. Bush, and whether a North Korean chimp should quit smoking.

2232: This Is My Face, This Is My Bo-ody  

Luke is in New York, where he is enamored with the salad options. Meanwhile, Andrew has a questionable hip-hop-related joke that he can't let go of. They discuss one reporter's herculean attempts to track down Bill Murray.

2231: SeaTac Is For Lovers  

Andrew picks up Luke at the airport so they can go hat shopping in Seattle. True story.

2230: Radical Photographic Honesty  

Luke and Andrew discuss the great storm of 2016 that wasn't, then they compare their Sylvester Stallone impressions. Plus, we dig into the information that Facebook (and its advertisers) have collected on Andrew.

2229: Bald Move  

Luke joins the show from the offices of Live Wire Radio, where he's concerned that his co-workers will walk in on him podcasting. He and Andrew discuss Nancy Grace's headline-grabbing interview with some critical radio hosts. Also discussed: Luke's slow evolution into Royal Tenenbaum.

2228: Four Weddings And A LACer  

Luke joins Andrew at the law offices of Walsh, Walsh and Doormat to discuss "hick-hop", wedding disasters, and the unsung works of Steven Weber. Plus, Alex Trebek gets BOLD.

2227: You’re On Candid Podcast!  

Luke discovers a new bathroom-themed Halloween toy that may end up replacing Andrew on the show. Plus, dazzling deets on dog noses!

2226: Yaaas Larson!  

Luke takes the show into the kitchen, where he cooks corned beef while Andrew Googles ingredients for him. They also discuss why Chinese banks are hiring people to snoop around bathrooms. Oh, there's also a lot of Far Side talk.

2225: Tell ‘Em The Bone Sent ‘Ya  

Luke woke up with a pit in his stomach today and realized that Summer is truly, truly over for a long, long time. This naturally leads to an examination of the musical works of The Fabulous Thunder Birds and The Georgia Satellites. Also, America found an unexpected hero during last night's presidential debate.

2224: Pal Pens You  

Phyllis "The Fletch" Fletcher joins the show to talk about her recent reunion with her childhood pen-pal from behind the Iron Curtain. Plus, Andrew is having some some issues expressing himself lately. He and Phyllis also discuss nefarious actions by the Egg Council, secret hiding places in libraries, and Music For Your Weekend!

2223: A Hunger For The Tangney  

Tom Tangney joins the show to review some films, analyze Andrew's performance on KIRO today, and recall some of his fondest TBTL memories. Also, Luke checks in from a sad hotel room near the Seattle airport to explain how he ended up there.

2222: Sperry Mason  

Andrew is having a bad day, mostly because a beloved member of his family has been peeing in his closet. Luke tries to channel his inner Jackson Galaxy to help out. Then they discuss the fascinating world of sonic design as explored in a recent story by writer Jack Hitt.

2221: I’m A Maker, I’m A Taker, I’m A Midnight Jaker  

Luke and Andrew get on their media and debate whether a very successful anonymous author had a right to keep her identity hidden. Plus, why Luke will probably skip tonight's VP debate, and a letter from a listener that has Andrew hoppin' mad. (It involves toilets.)

2220: Whitespot Diamond-Boat  

We finally hear how Luke fared during his "surprise half-marathon" this weekend. Meanwhile, Andrew continues to manicure his Yelp portfolio, Luke has a huge revelation about eating food on the air, and Homeland Security has its eyes on Alabama Hill. Plus, Kim and Kanye's scary weekend, and why Australians sometimes have to light their toilet paper on fire. And stay tuned for an epic edition of No Point Conversion!

2219: Extreme Flomo  

It’s Luke and Andrew’s Friday, and they start the celebration a tad early, with talk of Pee Problems, Clown Crimes, and Prudish Pandas.

2218: Two Imitations, One Stone  

Luke got a speeding ticket on his way down to the law offices of Walsh, Walsh and Doormat this morning. He and Andrew discuss the difficulty of not saying "thank you" when a police officer hands you a ticket. Plus, the complications of maintaining law and order in Antarctica, and why you should never anger the elves.

2217: All What With Chris Who  

MSNBC's Chris Hayes joins the show to discuss how Bill Murray personally helped him throw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field. Plus, a public marriage proposal goes awry, and a very special baby is born - but don't call it a three-parent baby.

2216: If You Can’t Be With The CyberToomgas You Love, Love The CyberToomgas You’re With  

Andrew's recent online shopping trip leads him to incorrectly compare President Lyndon Johnson to third baseman George Brett. Meanwhile, Luke shares his opinions on the movies Elvis & Nixon and Grand Theft Parsons. Plus, Mike Birbiglia learns that you can never be sincere on the internet, and a new statue in Arizona helps Luke discover his new radio hero.

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