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TBTL (Too Beautiful to Live, if you were curious) is a daily weekday podcast from Luke Burbank and co-host/producer Andrew Walsh. It is about life. It is about current events. It is about popular culture. It is about Luke’s weight on that day. Luke, who also hosts the popular Live Wire variety show, started TBTL as a radio program in 2008 before transitioning to the world of podcasts in 2009. Luke, Andrew, and their loyal fans have been going strong ever since.


#2390 You Don't Come To Hollywood Without An Air Horn  

Andrew's friend Beverley tell us what happened when she visited an old-timey German-themed restaurant in Australia (spoiler alert: Racism!) We also get a sample of the newest podcast from MPR, and Luke survives the rough seas of Lake Washington.

#2389 The Frenchman's Gondola  

Luke stops by the offices of Walsh, Walsh and Doormat to discuss the parking situation in Wallingford and Luke's new involvement in a top secret operation. Plus, Music For Your Weekend introduces Andrew to the world of Baltimore Club music.

#2388 My Dogs Are Diet Barq's-ing  

Luke joins Andrew at the studios of Walsh, Walsh and Doormat to debate which Gallagher is the best Gallagher - Leo or Ron. Plus, Texans can now hunt pigs from hot air balloons (but that doesn't make them think they're better than you.) And Luke and Andrew recount their harrowing MPR almost-disaster.

#2387: Soft Talk After Dark  

Luke is back! He and Andrew reminisce on the glory days of computer screensavers (with a little help from the, ahem, Paris Review.) Plus, a longtime TBTL listener gets big props on national TV. And more dazzling deets on the prince of Thailand.

#2386 Knee Deep In Monkey Business  

Phyllis "Fletch" Fletcher and Steve Scher of KUOW fame join the show to celebrate World Turtle Day and to discuss Steve's very serious brush with death.

#2385: TBTL-O From The Other Side  

Nick Jarin of the NW Nerd Podcast joins the show to talk about a sandwich war raging in Western New York and why thousands of digital bunnies -- some with mustaches and monocles -- will never wake up again.

#2384 By Roadies, For Carnies  

Luke, Andrew and The StuBot gather at American Public Media to discuss Stu's upcoming dance recital. They also call Luke's wife, Carey, to address Luke's paralyzing fear of carnival rides. And Maria Bamford delivers a commencement address for the ages

#2383 The Dingus Crown Affair  

Luke and Andrew meet up in "Studio P" in St. Paul and spend literally the entire show trying to think up a funny name for one of the segments... they do not succeed. (Yep, it's one of *those* episodes.)

#2382 Hamble Brags  

Live on tape from a storage room at American Public Media, it's a Wednesday afternoon edition of TBTL! The StuBot joins Luke and Andrew to discuss a Home Depot heist that could have gone so well, if only the perpetrator were named Shannon. Plus, are the boys ready for a week of fund raising at Minnesota Public Radio?

#2381 Cult-De-Sac of Personality  

Luke learns something very surprising and somewhat concerning about his online behavior. Andrew realizes he's been leaving food on his lips for too long. Conan O'Brien's writers may have stolen a bunch of jokes. And we welcome our new TBTL sponsor, Vinegar Dogs.

#2380 Party In The Front, Practical In The Back  

Luke and Andrew delve into The Mystery Of The Naked Man On The Shark and also respond to some recent criticisms of their podcast.

#2379 Lemmings Of Regret  

Luke and Andrew try to solve a public bathroom-related mystery that has Andrew a little upset. They also dissect the dazzling details regarding the Wendy's chicken nugget kid. And we hear about what may be the worst dentist in the world.

#2378 A Passion For Pranking  

Luke and Andrew try to solve a public bathroom-related mystery that has Andrew a little upset. They also dissect the dazzling details regarding the Wendy's chicken nugget kid. And we hear about what may be the worst dentist in the world.

#2377: Skateboards Don't Grow On Christmas Trees  

Luke's childhood skateboarding dreams are finally coming true, while Andrew's adult dream of rollerblading continues to elude him. Plus, Southern Comfort, aka "Andrew's Special Make Out Juice" updates their recipe.

#2376 Bellingham Backwoods Beauty  

Andrew broke the law this weekend, then returned to the scene of the crime. Luke wants details. Plus, the dubious origins of Fidget Spinners, the hot toy craze sweeping the nation.

#2375 When Harry Met Swaggy  

Luke finally finds a whiz-bang tech product that even he won't buy. He and Andrew also try to help a listener who finds himself in a very embarrassing situation.

#2373 Arby's: We Have Some Rules!  

Andrew puts Luke's knowledge to the test with an impromptu quiz. They also discuss a study that says your cat may actually like you and they fret over the details of their Austin road trip. Plus, Andrew regrets a comment he made on the internet.

#2372 FourFiveSeconds To Wildlife  

Luke has a crazy new toilet seat that lights up at night. He and Andrew discuss that and an exposé about wildlife photos that aren't so wild after all.

#2371 Wagon Wheel Sensibility  

Luke joins Andrew from an undisclosed location to announce details of the live June 10th show in Austin! Plus, a man honors his dead friend by flushing him down the toilet(s), and a guy in Oregon is fined for casually referring to himself as an "engineer."

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