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SPECIAL: The Future of Tech's Message...  

In this special episode, join me, Nate, for an explanation of how the show will develop this year and how you can help. I am announcing that we will become a Patreon-supported show in 2017 and there are some great things you can expect if you're willing to support us! PATREON:

Hey! Teachers! Leave Them Bodycams Alone: TM 86 Extended Version  

In this preview of an extended version of Tech's Message, Nate and Ian discuss the trial by teachers in two UK schools of bodycams for monitoring of in-class activity; they discuss the Government's move to offer new school classes that focus on cybersecurity and defense; they discuss the news that in future, Brits accused of certain crimes may be able to plead guilty online and pay a fine through a website rather than go to court; and they take things lighthearted for a while and discuss Tech's Message listeners' favourite vintage phones of all time. This special extended episode contains bonus content and outtakes. It's almost as if we have some news to announce soon...

They See Me Roamin', They Not Chargin': TM 85  

THIS WEEK ON TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian discuss Sky television not losing the Discovery network (briefly) before delving into detail on the European Commission's agreement to cap roaming charges across the 28-nation bloc it oversees; plus we have a special feature with WIRED's Liat Clark to discuss her feature about the proposed UK legislation to ramp up the barriers between web users and commercial pornography websites; we explore what Shell's move to install electric vehicle chargers at its UK petrol stations might mean for the fuelling station of the future; and we detail how Wi-Fi phone calling works as mobile network Three switches on the feature for its customers. (Here's Ian's link to's guide to using the service.)

Lucy in the Sky with Broadband: TM 84  

THIS WEEK ON TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian discuss Sky's pledge to get rid of satellite dishes in future; the UK's part-government funded scheme to send warning emails to British illegal downloaders; Tesco's new contactless payment system; and several of your emails and tweets.

If You're Appy and You Know It Raise Your Price Bands: TM 83  

THIS WEEK ON TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian discuss Theresa May's tiny but important references to the UK's post-Brexit tech and innovation landscape; Apple's price hike of UK App Store prices; the UK Government's move to follow banks into the world of Voice ID as an alternative to other digital authentication methods; and BT's own price hikes, entry into the Wi-Fi repeater market and nuisance call management -- the triple triad of British Telecom stories! Plus some brief transgressions into the economics of Freddo bar pricing.

You Turn Me Off, I'm an FM Radio: TM 82  

THIS WEEK ON TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian discuss ​the BBC's future moves to reinvent the iPlayer as a full-on TV service rather than just a catch-up system; they talk about why the UK won't for some time be following Norway's move to shut down its FM radio network (along with some history lessons about FM itself in our country); they look at how the European Commission's recent proposals for website cookies and ad blockers might affect you; and we examine the UK price of Nintendo's new Switch console and compare it to the last generation's consoles, including the Wii, to see how the Japanese company's strategy has shifted over the last decade.

If You Liked It, You Should've Put Alexa On It: TM 81  

THIS WEEK ON TECH'S MESSAGE Nate is joined by senior editor Andrew Hoyle to discuss some of the trends from this year's Consumer Electronics Show. Regular co-host Ian Morris also calls in with a couple of reports about BMW's automated driving systems and LG's paper-thin television. In the news we discuss Tesla's move to wait a couple more before before driving up its prices in the UK; the NHS's decision to trial the startup health company Babylon's AI-assisted diagnosis tool; recent figures that show the dominance of digital and streaming services in the British entertainment landscape; and what we're going to be using voice-activated assistants like Amazon's Alexa for in our homes of the future.

When You Were Sweet, 2016: A Year in Review TM Special  

THIS WEEK ON TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian discuss heir favourite stories from the year of 2016 and what they might tell us about tech in 2017. Tech's Message survey link:

For Yahoo The Bell Tolls: TM 79  

THIS WEEK ON TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian discuss how BT and Sky broadband customers may be affected by this week's reveal of a major Yahoo hack; plus the news that a 17-year-old boy was slapped on the wrist for the recent TalkTalk hack; how Super Mario Run performs on the London Underground (poorly); the launch of the BritBox TV streaming service for Americans hungry from British television shows; plus your emails and feedback. Tech's Message survey link:

Who Cares Baby, I Think I Wanna Mario: TM 78  

Nate and Ian discuss the BBC iPlayer's move to support 4K Ultra HD content starting with Planet Earth II in HDR; plus Samsung's Galaxy Note7 recall process takes another turn in which the UK is being treated quite differently to the US; Sky gets approached for complete takeover by Rupert Murdoch, so we look at why and how this might affect the UK's media landscape and Sky's broadband and TV customers; and as Super Mario Run prepares to jump onto iOS worldwide, we look at how the game's always-on internet connectivity requirement might affect players in Britain. Plus your feedback and emails. Tech's Message survey link:

Sexting And I Know It: TM 77  

Tech's Message survey link: THIS WEEK ON TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian (briefly) discuss the UK's Investigatory Powers Bill receiving royal ascent; the next move the movie and music industry is going to clamp down on illegal British downloading; how Jeremy Hunt thinks social media companies should prevent kids from sending sext messages; how MPs think websites should block porn for all unsuitable age groups; Sky's exciting new mobile phone network and why it could whip competitors into offering a comparable good deal with data allowances; plus your emails and feedback.

Snooper Trooper Theresa May's Gonna Find You: TM 76  

THIS WEEK ON TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian discuss news that the controversial Snooper's Charter is all but set to become law in Britain. We will discuss a broad overview of what this law means, how to protect yourself from it and of course warning signs all of us need to be mindful of in order to protect of right to privacy in future. We also discuss the slightly amusing story of the NHS reply-all fiasco that plagued the health service's email servers this week. And Amazon brings a Spotify rival to the UK, Plusnet launches a compelling budget mobile network and Three gets hacked. Plus a discussion of your emails.

Unexpected Hack in The Banking Area: TM 75  

THIS WEEK ON TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian discuss ​Tesco bank's hack, wireless broadband for Scottish islands, BT's next-gen fibre for mainland Britain, WHSmith's move to sell videogames again, and more. Plus your feedback and emails. Thanks for getting us to 150 reviews in the UK iTunes store!

Virgin Mobile Goes 4G, Admiral's Facebook Discount SNAFU: TM 74  

THIS WEEK ON TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian discuss Virgin Mobile's move to offer 4G to its customers with a couple of intriguing features that separate it from the rest of the market; plus insurance group Admiral gets blocked by Facebook for trying to offer discounts to drivers that seem less risky based on what they post to social media. Plus great feedback from listeners moved to write in with their opinions about last week's show about letting UK residents roam on other networks when they have no signal from their own carrier.

Apple's UK Price Hike, BT's Next-Gen Phonebox, Defending GAME's VR Fee: TM 73  

THIS WEEK ON TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian discuss ​Apple's new MacBooks but also the coincidental price hike for existing models in the UK. (Ian has also written about Apple's price controversy this week.) Also discussed: BT's next-gen replacements for the iconic red phone boxes; proposals to allow British mobile phones to roam on other local networks when outside of their contracted coverage; and we discuss reasons why videogame store GAME's move to charge people to try PlayStation VR is not as bad as some blogs made it out to be. Plus your feedback and emails.

Amazon's UK Broadband, Sky Mobile Launch, Uber's English Exam: TM 72  

THIS WEEK ON TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian discuss Amazon's potential move into the UK broadband market; Sky's forthcoming move to being a mobile network in Britain; the news that Uber and other minicab drivers in London will have to pass an English text (and we have some sample questions to quiz you with); why the price of music streaming services in the UK might still be too expensive for many people; and drone racing comes to European television in 2017. Plus your emails!

SPECIAL: How The UK Felt Samsung's Note 7 Recall Disaster (Part-Dramatised)  

THIS WEEK ON A SPECIAL TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian look specifically at how the UK consumer market was affected by Samsung's unprecedented recall of over two million Galaxy Note 7 handsets. What have our local networks been saying or doing to help the issue? How has the recall affected those in the UK who'd ordered a device? We'll hear from affected users, discuss Royal Mail's move to ban people from using its network to return phones to Samsung, how the recall has differed between the British Isles and the rest of the world; and we'll hear from fellow consumer technology commentators Stuart Miles, founder of; and Rhiannon Williams, technology correspondent for the i newspaper.

Apple and Battersea Power Station, iPlayer Logins, TalkTalk fine, Google Pixel: TM 70  

THIS WEEK ON TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian discuss Apple's move to Battersea Power Station for its London operations. We look at the history of the derelict site and how it's been approached time and time again, unsuccessfully, for renovation. Will Apple have better luck? Plus the BBC iPlayer will soon require logins and links to license fee payers' registered postcodes in order to get a login. TalkTalk was fined a record £400,000 for lax security that led to the hacking of one of its customer databases. Google reveals its plans to build its own high-end Android smartphones under the Pixel brand, so we look at where these products fit in the rest of the UK's phone market. Plus what's going on with the Fling social network, which has been seen to delve into the realms of user-created smut. Tech's Message is a weekly audio download from London-based technology journalists Nate Lanxon and Ian Morris. Hear a discussion based on the week's most interesting UK technology news, and other irreverent takes on tech issues deemed important for British ears to hear.

Don't panic: Holiday  

Tech's Message will return in a couple of weeks after Nate and Ian finish having holidays and travelling to other countries for work. Stay tuned and have a wonderful September. We'll be back in the first week of October.

Europe’s New War on Messaging Apps Explained, UK’s Smart Meters Explored: TM 69  

THIS WEEK ON TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian discuss ​the new proposals from the European Commission to bring in new laws to govern so-called “over-the-top” messaging services, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. In short, it’s been suggested they should be subject to the same restrictions and scrutiny as telecoms operators. We explore what this could mean, should it ever come into force. We also examine the UK’s energy smart meters and how the technology will work (and, perhaps more importantly, how it’s going to cost or save you money). Plus brand new Apple Watch 2 rumours and your emails.

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