Tell 'Em Steve-Dave

Tell 'Em Steve-Dave

United States

Podcast by Bryan Johnson, Walter Flanagan, and Brian Quinn


#333: Sunday Jeffosauraus  

Bry talks about a self-proclaimed haunted bar, did dinosaurs pitch in to build the pyramids? Music: Aurora Blue - Stay

#332: Bloody good time  

Bry talks of a budding fear of bathtubs, super crappy food and overflowing urine troughs at the 2017 Edinburgh Comic Book Men panel. Music: Kyle Sammond - Ride

#331: Is there a Doctor in the house?  

Bry's brother Erik, a fancy pants doctor, offers up some psychological breakdowns. Music: Scott E. Wells - Damn Near Twenty

#330: Try the Veal  

The boys welcome a superstar guest. Walt reconsiders a tap dancing career. Music: Galactic Polecats - Necro Girlfriend

#329: Log Box  

Bry, Walt & Q consider a 'Deliverance' remake, Bry gets into (another) altercation, 2 Live Crew vs 1 middle-aged Jew. Music: Chayser - My Three Suns

#328: Take a Blow  

Bry and Walt are joined by the smartest man in the room. Bry is not invited to a kid's birthday party. Music: Concentric Circus - Pareidolia

#327: The Human Corn  

Walt insinuates Bry's teflon coating may be scratched. Bry and Q go to Hollywood. Fat Newz.. Music: Ramskull - Hector

#326: The Atomic Lantern of Love  

Bry marches in a peace rally, Valentine's Day philosophies. Music: Grady Seasons - Supervisor

#325: Ignorance is Holy  

Bry, Walt & Q talk to a guy with more experience in exorcism than anyone else they know. Music: Dug Free Man - Break It

#324: The Verdict  

The stunning follow up to Brian Quinn's trial by fire...ants. Should he stay or should he go now? Music: Jamie Coon - Forgive Me

#323: My Cousin Quinny Part II  

Q is put on trial by fire...ants for crimes against Reddit. Music: Lo-fi Fun Factory - Pull yourself together

#322: My Cousin Quinny Part I  

Q is put on trial by Fire...ants for crimes against Reddit. Music: Waco Band: Agitation

#321: Slip 'n Slide Orgy  

Q's impending trial, Gay animals, Reddit douches, listener problems. Music: Melon Tiger: She Only Lies

#320: Hey, hey we're the Jokers!  

Walt & Bry issue a sexy 100 day challenge, Mid-life dream cars vs mid-life reality hoopties, Sunday Jeff loses his passion for collecting. Music: Greg Rekus: Never Satisfied

#319: Nostradummies  

Past quatrains are reviewed. Bry goes full Rupert Pupkin. Music: VaultsOfExtoth & JSarge - Lure of The Kissing Skull

#318: Q'z Brewz  

2016 in review, American treasure Steve Martin, Q dreams of becoming the 2nd Baron on TESD. Music: 3 Parts Dead - My Mistake

#317: This is Why!  

Q steals Walt's thunder, Rogue One, Bry discovers why he's not a doctor. Music: Sunday Greg - Sunday Jeff He is the best

#316: Grasshead  

Walt proves his metaldom at a young age. Bry brings a Christmas tale of abject shittiness. Music: Dug Free Man - Getting Close

#315: Woe is Q  

Q faces a catastrophe, Bry faces a minor bump in the road, Walt is shamed. Music: Floorian - Spinning Time

#314: Impressing the Prof  

The Prussian Kissing Skull dishes out cheers & jeers. The guys present their senior thesis to Professor 5. Music: We Scare Nightmares - I, Narcoleptic

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