Tell 'Em Steve-Dave

Tell 'Em Steve-Dave

United States

Podcast by Bryan Johnson, Walter Flanagan, and Brian Quinn


#346: Granny Comfort  

Q's tips, Walt mellows out, Bry goes to Wildwood. Music: QuarterBurn - DeathKlock

#345: #NOTOKAY  

Q's back from San Diego, Walt grouses like he's Bry, Bry dispenses sage advice to those who live close to the ground. Music: Forneus - The Nine Gates Of The Kingdom Of Torment

#344: Ann Landahs  

Q dispenses advice, Sage overreaches. Music: Silent Descent - Breaking the Space

#343: Meet the Progressives  

Walt buys two toilets, Q fears for new New York, Bry mourned the death of the bikini car wash. Music: Dangerfields - Embers

#342: The Rebranding of Baron Von Flanagan  

Q doesn't get the laffs, Bry definitively states what it means to be 'the biggest fan'. Walt plans a solo career. Music: Nopium - Wanting

#341: Ghost Puss  

Q tries to get arrested in Paris. The TESD brand takes to the sky. A reincarnated Walt is still going steady. Music: Relative Blood - #4

#340: Love Warrior  

Who amongst the guys is a perfectionist? Walt's lack of cow milking skills makes him feel inadequate. Conflicting opinions on Wonder Woman. Music: El Beasto - Feed the Kraken

#339: Flanny Got Fingered  

Bry vs Q, Q vs Walt, Walt vs Bry, Arbor Day vs Cinco De Mayo. Music: GRAYSON X - A Beautiful Nightmare

#338: Fevered Morphine Dreams  

Walt & Q demand a kinder, gentler, Bry. A final update on GoT boy's love life. Walt wants to get on some dumb list by any means necessary.Music: Bastard and the Crows - The Fall of John Adams High

#337: Kwigleeuh  

Murder most foul, past lives most lived & Stargate most boring. Music: Language of the Mad - Life

#336: Mushken  

Walt sympathizes with Lil Bow Wow, Bry sympathizes with Kendall Jenner, Q sympathizes with Steve Harvey. An all new game show debuts. Music: Score of All Things - I Am Dead Inside

#335: Prince Q  

Sage gets married, Walt suggests an unorthodox method of fighting terrorists. Are prison boyfriends acceptable? Music: Boom Child - I Want to Shift Your Sister

#334: Shave and a Haircut  

Bry & Q make the headline on Hollywood's top news sites, Hitlearn something new, Bry goes to dinner with the Flanagans. Music: Famous Fred and the Creatures Unknown - Ganda

#333: Sunday Jeffosauraus  

Bry talks about a self-proclaimed haunted bar, did dinosaurs pitch in to build the pyramids? Music: Aurora Blue - Stay

#332: Bloody good time  

Bry talks of a budding fear of bathtubs, super crappy food and overflowing urine troughs at the 2017 Edinburgh Comic Book Men panel. Music: Kyle Sammond - Ride

#331: Is there a Doctor in the house?  

Bry's brother Erik, a fancy pants doctor, offers up some psychological breakdowns. Music: Scott E. Wells - Damn Near Twenty

#330: Try the Veal  

The boys welcome a superstar guest. Walt reconsiders a tap dancing career. Music: Galactic Polecats - Necro Girlfriend

#329: Log Box  

Bry, Walt & Q consider a 'Deliverance' remake, Bry gets into (another) altercation, 2 Live Crew vs 1 middle-aged Jew. Music: Chayser - My Three Suns

#328: Take a Blow  

Bry and Walt are joined by the smartest man in the room. Bry is not invited to a kid's birthday party. Music: Concentric Circus - Pareidolia

#327: The Human Corn  

Walt insinuates Bry's teflon coating may be scratched. Bry and Q go to Hollywood. Fat Newz.. Music: Ramskull - Hector

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