That American Life

That American Life

United States

An in depth, documentary style show putting a magnifying glass to all of the little scratches and dents in life. Join Ira Class every month as he tells you stories from little towns in Kentucky, to huge places you couldn't even measure how big they are.


S02 E02 : "She's Got Class"  

Ira goes to Full Scale University to meet a couple of app developers in a sorority that experiment with a new way of drinking.

S02 E01 : "Dentist In Memphis"  

Ira travels to Memphis Tennessee to interview a dentist that seems to have everything.  Except one thing.  Love.

S01 E05 : "RoboShop"  

Ira goes to Obamazon to investigate an offer for a free tablet.

S02 E03 : "Mr. Time"  

Ira goes back in time to reunite a pair of time-crossed lovers and to win back his iPad privileges.

S01 E04 : "Halloween Special"  

Ira goes to a haunted house, pees himself and gets to hear three spooky stories from across the country.  

S01 E03 : "Larryoke"  

Ira gets the courage to go into a karaoke bar on the corner of his street after his wife forbids him.  A new friend is made and Ira gets some insider tips on how to sing properly.

"Bottom Dollar" (short shorts w/Ira Class)  

Join Ira on his new mini episode podcast "Short Shorts".  This week Ira goes to meet a man named Lester who was recently laid off from his white collar job.  Lesters hasn't had much luck finding a new place to work, but he's discovered something that has changed his life forever.

S01 E02: "James And The Giant Punch" (w/special guest Yoni Wolf)  

Ira travels to West Virgina to meet a guy that raised $1200 on Kickstarter to take MMA classes.  

S01 E01 : "You Only Live Twice"  

Ira goes to Bloomington Indiana to interview two slam poets that are having some relationship issues. Ira thinks he can help, but he's gonna have to go undercover.

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