The Adam Blicher Show: Dissecting High Performance

The Adam Blicher Show: Dissecting High Performance

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Adam Blicher is an international award winning Tennis Coach. He has travelled to 20+ countries for tennis tournaments ranging from Tennis Europe & ITF Tournaments to Nordic- & European individual & team championships. In 2013 he was further more awarded Coach of the year – Junior Players by the Danish Tennis Federation. He has been an intern at the biggest Tennis Academy in Europe owned by Patrick Mouratoglou coach of World No. 1 Serena Williams. He is well known in tennis circles as he appeals both to the younger audience on Instagram & Snapchat as well as the more grown up part of the tennis world on Twitter with a shared follower count of more than 10.000 people. In this show he dissect & deconstruct the minds of world-class performers & leading specialist within the field of tennis. Listening to the show you will learn the tools, tactics & tricks that the masterminds of the biggest individual sport in the world uses to make their players perform at the highest level of the game.


Claudio “The Tailor” Pistolesi – 10 players to the top 100  

In this episode you are going to listen to Claudio Pistolesi. Claudio (@cpistolesi) is a former Junior World Champion & top 100 singles player. He has brought 10 players from the outside of top 100 to the inside & worked with players like Söderling, Hantuchova & Bolleli In this episode you'll get to know: The mentality of a professional tennis player When it's time to move on from a coaching relation How Claudio keeps updated every year Get to know more about Claudio by visiting, give a shout out on Twitter @cpistolesi or be one of more than a thousand people to follow Claudio Pistolesi Enterprise on Facebook. Enjoy the show!

Bob Brett – Lessons from a life on Tour  

In this episode you are going to listen to Bob Brett. Bob (@bobbretttennis) has been on the professional tour as a coach for more than 35 years, he has coached players like Becker, Ivanisevic, Cilic, Ancic & Sania Mirza In this episode you'll get to know: What’s going on inside of Bob's head when deciding to initiate a coaching realtion with a player or not The difference between top 20 & the rest Why the most valuable lesson Bob learned was getting fired And at last hang in there because Bob gives some very concrete and actionable advice for parents, players & coaches at the end of the interview. Get to know more about Bob by visiting Bob Brett School of tennis on facebook or follow @bobbretttennis on twitter Enjoy the show!

Johan Hedsberg – Developing the Player from the Personality  

In this episode you are going to listen to Johan Hedsberg. Johan has tried pretty much everything as a tennis coach & is currently the main coach of Swedish junior Mikael Ymer. In this episode you'll get to know: How to develop the player from the personality When to use point play vs basket drills What you need to do 1 day a month Get to know more about Johan by going to Enjoy the show!

Merlin Van de Braam – Demystifying Mental Toughness  

In this episode you are going to listen to Merlin Van De Braam. Merlin is excellent at demystifying Sport Psychology. He is currenty working for the LTA, has earlier been traveling as a coach on the ITF International Touring Team & as he holds a Masters Degree in Sports & Exercise Psychology Merlin is not just guessing when he guides us through the mental part of tennis. In this episode you’ll get to know: Where you start as a coach when you want to work on a players mental toughness The Four C’s of Sportpsychology (control of emotions, confidence, commitment, concentration) Merlin’s opinion on doing outbursts Get to know more about Merlin by going to TennisIcoach where you can read the published articles he has made. Enjoy the show!

What YOU don’t normally hear  

Hi guys. Decided to do a little mix of the stuff that is usually cut out from each & every episode. Stay tuned & listen to the edited version of Merlin Van De Braam demystifying Mental Toughness released on tuesday the 19th of January! Enjoy your weekend :)

Jeff Rothschild – Beating Jet lag, Dehydration & Cramps  

Jeff Rothschild is a registered dietitian currently helping out well established players on the ATP-tour like Mike & Bob Bryan as well as rising stars like Stefan Kozlov In this episode you'll get to know: How to beat Jetlag What causes dehydration & cramps & how to prevent it What to have in your bag as a competitive tennis player Get to know more about Jeff by going to or follow him in Instagram Enjoy the show!

Peter Smith – Serious Fun  

Peter Smith (@coachpetersmith) has led The USC Trojans to 5 NCAA Team Championships within the last 7 Years as the The Head Coach & he goes into great depth with the Competitive Environment that he is trying to create. In this episode you'll get to know: What the term Serious Fun means What 50 % of USC's Conditioning work look like How Peter manages to be a partner, coach & dad to his sons Get to know more about Peter by going to, check out his great Championships Videos at or have a sneak peak at Enjoy the show!

Mark Kovacs – Implementing Sport Science in Your Daily Practice  

Mark Kovacs (@mkovacsphd) Mark is the Michael Jordan of Sport Science & World Class at translating very complex science into applied information that coaches, players & parents can use. In this episode you'll get to know: How to conduct training sessions simulating match situations Why you should always look at groundstrokes & the serve from the ground up How you can learn from everyone if they meet 2 criteria Get to know more about Mark at & the iTPA at Enjoy the show!

Jared Donaldson – The Story Of The Top Ranked American Teenager  

Jared is finishing 2015 as the top ranked American Teenager on the ATP Rankings & in this episode you'll get to know: Why he choose to go to Argentina at the age of 14 What it was like training with Roger Federer How Jared cope with the up's & down's as a tennis player Follow Jared's progress on Instagram @jared_donaldson Enjoy the show!

Chris Cagle – Being a Team in an Indivdual Sport  

Chris is Head of Women's Tennis at Penn State University. He has coached players to 3 out of the 4 Junior Slams & 2 players to Senior Slams. He has coached both men's & women's teams in Division 1 College Tennis & in 2009 he became the No. 1 ranked 30 year old singles player in America despite the fact that he wasn't able to qualify for a single nationals as a junior. In this episode you'll get to know: Why he choose to go into college tennis as a volunteer coach What's it like to be on a team in an individual sport + the 4 core values at Penn State The differences between working with a men's & a women's college team Follow pennstate on Instagram or go check out to learn more about the men's & the women's program. Enjoy the show!

David Grant – Don’t smoke the Money Maker  

David is an S&C Coach who earlier in his career worked alongside legendary Pat Etcheberry at the Harry Hopman Tennis Academy, Tampa. Among other players David has worked with Victoria Azaranka, Justine Henin, Martina Hingis, James Blake & Mardy Fish. In this episode you'll get to know: What smoking the money maker means Why Chest & biceps might be a secret weapon in tennis Why Tennis specific exercises might not be ideal Follow David on Facebook or go check out & sign up for his amazing weekly newsletter which DOESN'T try to sell you anything! Enjoy the show!

Dean Hollingworth – S&C Coach On Tour  

In this episode you'll get to know: Why recovery isn't just taking time off What Bouchard's recovery routine looks like Why you might learn more as a coach by teaching reg kids than high level ones Follow Dean on Twitter (Deaner99) or got check out to get to know more about current coaching opportunities. Enjoy the show! 03:42 World Team Tennis 05:26 Traveling on the Tour as an S&C Coach 07:05 What Dean learned 08:01 Most important skills as an S&C Coach 09:15 The rubber floor 10:48 How tennis is different 12:33 Keeping Eugenie healthy 14:07 Dynamic Warm ups 14:54 Not overtrained just under recovered 16:15 Recovery - Traning vs tournament 17:02 Comming off the court 22:15 Biggest waste of time/myth 23:20 How to know when athletes have mastered a drill 25:05 Books/persons 26:46 Talking less/coaching less 27:44 Example of specic cue 32:46 Testing 33.48 Testbattery 36:48 Advice 38:15 Caring for your athlete

Allistair McCaw – Setting Standards  

In this episode you'll get to know: - How to set standards in warm up, cool down & regeneration - How to manage dissapointments - How & when to evaluate performance Follow Allistair on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or go visit to get to know more about Allistair & current coaching opportunities. Enjoy the show! 01:40 Setting the standards 5:10 Warm up properly 09:00 Proper Cool down 10:30 Biking as recovery 13:25 Getting your athletes to do what you are woing on when you are not there 14:50 Regeneration part 16:15 The 1 percent’s 19:10 Opportunity time 21:40 What books to read for athletes 23:30 Moving on from mistakes 27:25 Timing of the evaluation of a match 29:00 The length of an evaluation 30:37 Confidence 32:05 Ranking’s U12 37:53 What to do with a nearly burned out player 39:35 Building the character 41:00 Reverse running 43:57: Tiebreak in the 5th set 45:15 Simplicity & people 46:24 Likeability, adaptability, accountability 47:30 Creating accountability 50:40 Inspiration 53:40 Nick Bollitieri 56:00 More & less important 58:10 Advices

Dominic King – Tennis from an S&C Coach’s Point of View  

In this episode you'll get to know: - The exact physical demands of tennis - When to specialize - What the truths are about kids & resistance training Make sure to visit to get to know more about Dom & current coaching opportunities. Enjoy the show! 01:30 Physical Demands of tennis 05:10 Most common tennis injuries 07:00 How to reduce likelihood 09:25 Mobility work 13:25 Cooling down 15:05 Good rolling 16:50 Cultural leader 20:00 Periodization 23:15 Where does the periodization start 24:05 Adjusting periodization 28:45 What to do at tournaments 31:40 Doing something at tournaments or not? 32:00 If there is no gym at cite 35:37 Spezialisation 39:37 When to Spezialize 41:59 Kids & physical training 48:36 Which Exercises to start with 54:06 Transfor to the court 55:45 Conditioning 1:00:45 Monitoring 1:06:15 Combat Sport & tennis 1:12:43 Number one skill set 1:12:26 Most valuable lesson learned 1:15:45 Biggest myth / waste of time 1:18:19 Biggest inspiration 1:21:20 What Dom has changed his mind about 1:24:00 Advice to coaches & players

Steve Johnson Sr. – USTA High Performance Tennis Coach & father of a Professional Tennis Player  

In this episode you'll get to know: How a football is an essential part of learning the serve Why staying in college was the most difficult thing for Steve Johnson Jr. to do What being the "Big dog" means & how to do it Make sure to visit to get to know more about Steve & current coaching opportunities. Enjoy the show! 01:30 Being a Parent & Coach 4:10 College 5:30 What Steve got out of college 07:15 What it takes to be on the Tour 08:30 How tennis builds character 10:30 How a football teaches the serve 11:30 How Steve Sr’s role changed when Jr was 16 13:30 Peter Smith 17:36 Being a big dog 26:10 Tennis must go in the calendar first 29:30 What do you need to sacrifice as a family 32:15 The importance of loosing 35:30 How to manage the disappointment of losses 39:15 Number 1 skillset for a parent 40:50 Defining roles 42:15 Most valuable lesson learned 44:30 How it is dealig with losses today for Steve Sr 47:40 How things would change if rankings was like in golf 49:10 What Steve believes that everyone else think is crazy 49:45 Quality over quantity 50:45 How hard it is to be on tour 52:45 The reasons of the many routines 56:15 Advice to the coaches

Andrew Moss – How to determine Mental Strength by a number  

01:37 Reason to start cleaning the lines 04:07 The clutch index 08:07 Isner, Raonic & Karlovic 08:52 Bautista Agut 09:52 Fognini 11:07 Berdych 13:37 How you can use the clutch index 15:22 Mistaken close with lucky 21:27 Break through age 28:07 Allocation of prize money 32:07 Grand Slam seedings 37:27 What needs to change in order for the trend to change 40:32 Does it benefit the sport with the big stars? 43:07 What Andrew has changed his mind about in the last couple of years 44:57 IPTL 47:27 What has become more important for Andrew 50:51 What needs to change in order for more data to be available Website Cleaning the lines blog

Per Bastholt – Physio of Azarenka & Berdych and former Manager of The Medical Services Team, ATP  

00:30: From Medical Services team until Tomas Berdych 07:30 Team Azarenka 15:10 Team Berdych 21:10 Typical training day 28:00 Typical Match Day 32:40 Neuro warm up 37:00 The game has changed 39:00 Gluten free diet 42:10 Advice on Gluten Free diet 44:15 Person & books inspired the most 46:30 What has become more/less important 48:55 Per’s advice 53:10 KT-Tape Get in touch with Per: Homepage: Facebook: KT Tape Europe Twitter: @KTTapeEurope

Kenneth Carlsen – Former Top 50 ATP & Coach Of Davis- & Fed Cup  

How is life on tour? What is the most vital skill as a player on the professional tour When did you know about your strengths & weaknesses What it was like being 3 in the world as a junior approaching senior tennis How do you learn to handle the pressure Davis cup & Fed Cup Captain Preparation for ties Building a tradion Biggest myth in tennis Supercoaches why is that a trend? Most Valuable skill as a coach Coaches who are not able to play themselves Kenneth’s advice Players will break through earlier

Nestor Bernabe – Former Pro, Hitting Partner for Henin & Academy Owner  

01:30 Thoughts on Rafa’s win against Dr. Ivo 03:10 From playing professionally to be a hitting partner for Justine Henin 08:30 Carlos Rodriques 11:00 Hugo Varela 12:25 Teaching how to understand the game 15:20 Ugo’s leadership 17:20 What Nestor’s colleagues say 19:15 Ruben Meza 21:40 Number one skillset for a tennis coach 26:30 Ensuring communication + Andy Brandi 34:30 Playing level of a coach 41:30 Differences between USA & Argentina 48:20 American junior development 53:00 What Nestor believes that everyone else think is crazy 57:10 Biggest waste of time 62:30 Long term development 65:30 Less important/more important 69:30 Advice for young coaches Social media Handles Facebook: Nestor Bernabe Twitter: Nestortennis Instagram: Nestortennis

Cameron Moore – Tour Coach  

01:15 How Cameron ended up as a tour coach 03:00 What Cameron likes about being on the tour 04:15 What are you looking for in players 07:15 Contracting with players/parents 07:30 Redflags when talking to parents 11:30 Role of the coach 13:30 The player role 14:40 Creating the environment where the athlete strives 16:40 Creating the trust with a player 18:10 The number 1 skill set 19:30 Difference between coaching boys/girls 26:10 Coaching method with great effect 28:35 Most valuable Lesson 31:00 Coaching is more than tennis 32:40 Biggesst inspiration 35:30 Ensuring learning Social media Twitter: Coach_cameron Facebook: Cameronmooretennis Instagram: Cameronmooretennis Homepage:

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