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The After Disaster

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The After Disaster is an extremely famous podcast overflowing with cannon blasts and machetes. No topic is off-topic and every topic is interrupted. The show is hosted by Loveline engineer Anderson Cowan, professional photographer Mike Carano, and all around ruiner-of-things, Tyler White.


AD #378: Where Idiots Dare  

Anderson has an apology to make, tar pits freak us out, and Anderson has a new way of communicating with homeless people.

AD #377: Deez Soup Nuts  

Where do organs and limbs go when the die? A finger for a weiner? What are super nuts operations? Can Mike name drop Paul McCartney again?

All this and more on this week's steaming garbage barge known as the After Disaster.

AD #376: A Gutsy Trip To The Moon  

Ignorance abounds when we talk space, Nate Dogg and, yes -- even take calls.

AD #375: The Sex Guy Cometh  

The Sex Guy is here. Plus Anderson, Anderson was terrified of Iron Maiden's mascot, and Mike's dad made him a weird ass bed.

AD #374: Bobcats and Gramophones  

Tyler had an accident at the Grammys, Mike has thoughts about self-love, and Anderson needs a Gramophone.

AD #373: Intergalactic Dino Dog Swap  

This episode has a real avant-garde opening and conclusion. Also, Mike listened to old episodes and is filled with regret.

AD #372: Moose Casting  

Anderson is casting for his new film, Mike "invents" a new job, and Tyler touches Anderson in the dark.

**Apologies for audio quality. Mike forgot the recorder so we had to record on our respective phones



AD #371: Jesus Christ BBQ  

This week: the dark web, new diets, slip n' slides, the lord above and some spicy debates.


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AD #370: Hell No, Dolly!  

We watched a documentary about men that dress up as female dolls and have a lot of thoughts. Like, A LOT of thoughts.

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AD #369: Cockroaches and Call GIrls  

We're in the dark. Literally.  Mike and Anderson have suffered the loss of two places they enjoy, Tyler was on the news, Jesus will give you free bees and Ali Wong is trying to destroy our show any way she can.


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AD #368: Modern Fart  

It's 2017 and we are that show. 

AD #367: 100% Chance of Pain  

Many people are saying 2016 was the worst year ever. What better way than to cap it off with an episode from the worst show ever.

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AD #366: The Juggernaughty List  

We've got the holiday spirit! Anderson's family was haunted by a sinister force at the zoo, Mike is trying to stay hip and TyTy witnessed a HORRIBLE crime -- but did he intervene?

AD #365: Math Emergency  

Tyler had an experience, Anderson is bad at "random drawings" and Mike has (another) massage story.


AD #364: Mike Bought A Hat  

Anderson is very angry and Mike bought a hat.


AD #363: SantaGate 2016  

Anderson went to Disneyland and while there, he let a Santa hold his baby. But was it an official Disney Santa? You be the judge.

AD #362: Thanksgiving 2016  

A little something to tide you over while you travel to your various dinners and familial obligations.

Mike messed up and used his good mic for Skype... but only recorded his shitty laptop mic. So, he sounds like ass. Sorry about that.

AD #361: Let's Just Play Kickball  

Drone accidents, traffic accidents, awful hockey fans,... and we eat some crow in an attempt to repair the damage our podcast has done to this great nation.


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AD #360: A Bigly Surprise  

Trump is president! What does this mean? Are we even qualified to talk politics? Too bad because it's basically all we talked about for 90 minutes.

Oh and TyTy is president of the AD now. Many people are saying the results were rigged but I think those rumors are "Sad!"


AD #359: Burning Manderson  
Anderson's ongoing bathroom saga, the history of tangerines, trolling in Seattle, and Mike... cares about baseball?!  

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