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Liverpool FC through the eyes of match-going supporters, the award-winning Anfield Wrap podcast talks honestly and passionately about every game The Reds play home and away in the Premier League, the cups and European competition. Also covering LFC news, gossip and analysis, TAW has grown from two free shows a week in 2011 to a subscription package of circa 30 shows a month in 2016. More information at


The Rider - Posh Teas  

This week The Rider gets stuck into tasting menus, something host Neil Atkinson experienced for the first time over the weekend just gone. They also chat about inappropriate choice of bangers, The Good Fight and so much more. Adam Melia, Stephanie Heneghan and John Gibbons are all in top form. More? Gig of the week of course. And obviously the songs. The songs are something really rather special this week. Tracklisting: Lord Willing - Loneliness Is The Hardest Drug Future - Rent Money Skepta - That's Not Me (All Star Remix) Zebra Hunt - I Won't Blame You Cigarettes After Sex - K Noveller - Deep Shelter Lana Del Rey - Love Hers - Speed Racer Hater - Had It All The Little Kicks - Don't Get Mad Get Even

The Anfield Wrap: Jürgen Klopp’s Thinking Games  

GARETH Roberts, John Gibbons and Joel Richards are joined by sports psychologist and author Damian Hughes for an Anfield Wrap with a difference. What has Jürgen Klopp done to build a winning culture at Liverpool? What can leaders do when things go wrong? Damian's new book - out later this year - focuses on how winning and winning in style became engrained in the DNA at Barcelona and was fostered by Pep Guardiola. Are there any similarities with methods being employed by Klopp at Anfield? What challenges does he face? And should he be afforded time before judgements are made? All this and more in a bumper 83-minute free episode of TAW. Find out more about Damian at:

Sutton United and The Sun: An Indecent Proposal?  

Sutton United have reached the 5th Round of the FA Cup for the first time. On Monday night they play Arsenal in the biggest game in the club's history. However for many fans the occasion has been tainted by controversy, most notably for the decision to change their shirt sponsor for the game to Sun Bets. Dan from the Sutton United blog Gandermonium has written about the subject this week. He kindly joined us to talk about how fans have reacted to the decision and his own personal turmoil as a proud fan and volunteer at the club. You can read Dan's original piece here -

Radio City Talk: Klopp's Second Summer  

The Anfield Wrap on Citytalk this week has Sean Rogers and Ben Johnson joining Neil Atkinson to look ahead to the summer for Liverpool Football Club. What sort of plans with Jurgen Klopp be putting in place and what sort of plans should he put in place? Liverpool changed their shape this season - Klopp 433 being something we hadn't seen much of last year. Could he do something like that again? What sort of transfer moves should Liverpool be looking at making? Neil, Sean and Ben look at all the angles.

The Rider - Badly Wiggins  

A guest! We love a guest and this week The Rider is overjoyed to be Mike Carney from Bantam Lions to talk about his fabulous new album Short Stories and the making of that record and why he doesn't just released things. It's a fascinating insight into the creative process. What else? The usual wham with additional shout outs from Social Media's own Stephanie Heneghan. Adam Melia had a massive Saturday and John Gibbons did too. Neil Atkinson hosts and The Rider is in fine voice. The songs are the business. Are we recording?

The Anfield Wrap: Reds Too Hot For Spurs  

What a win for The Reds at the weekend and what an Anfield Wrap show we have for you. Looking at what worked and what needs to keep working for this Liverpool side are Stu Wright, Rob Gutmann and Paul Senior with Neil Atkinson keeping the pace and intensity up. Touching on Liverpool's fast start, Mane's quality and how playing that well leaves you hungry for more, The Anfield Wrap is the perfect end to a perfect weekend for Liverpool.

Radio City Talk: Putting The Sun In The Shade  

This week's Citytalk show on The Anfield Wrap has John Gibbons and James McKenna talking about: - Liverpool FC choosing to ban The Sun now. - FSG's status at the club. - Getting stuck into Spurs. We also have a conversation with Sean Rogers about what Liverpool can expect from Spurs. Neil Atkinson hosts and it should be one hell of a show.

The Rider - A Full House  

Everyone is in! Imagine the scenes. Neil Atkinson hosts John Gibbons, Stephanie Heneghan and Adam Melia as they get back to basics. There is all the news of Australia from Adam (they are alright, you know) more on Beyonce and Gaga obviously and news of birthdays and boredom. What else is there? Ten great songs as ever. The bangers are out. The Rider is quorate and celebratory.

The Anfield Wrap: Bloody Hull!  

Neil Atkinson was joined for a rather sober free podcast by Rob Gutmann, Paul Senior and Joel Richards. In what feels like a season ending defeat for Liverpool, the lads look at how Liverpool have found themselves in this mess what, if anything, they can do to pick themselves up.

Radio City Talk: Hull To Pay  

‘The Anfield Wrap on Citytalk this week sees Adam Smith, Melissa Reddy and Rob Gutmann look back on Chelsea but imagining how that impacts upon Hull City. Ben Finney also joins on the phone to talk about Hull and their new manager.’

The Rider - Restart  

The Rider has all the chaos you get used to this week. And still no Adam. Has he left? has he been sacked? Thankfully we have the HR department in. Elsewhere Neil Atkinson, John Gibbons and Stephanie Heneghan work through the week's issues, much of which are terrifying and distract with some good songs. Some great songs in fact. Here they are: Missy - I'm Better Louis The Child - Love Is Alive (Ft Elohim) BNQT - Restart The Pale White - Reaction Pierre And Bastian - Sympa Luke Sital Singh - Killing Me SKOTT - Glitter & Gloss Dag - Benefits Of Solitude Migos - T-shirt

The Anfield Wrap: Groundhog Day  

The morning after Liverpool 1 Wolverhampton 2 John Gibbons is joined by Ian Ryan, Tim Smith and Craig Hannan to analyse where it went wrong for The Reds. We look team selection, approach, squad depth, form and why someone in a red shirt won't put a tackle in. We also look ahead to a massive Premier League game against Chelsea and what fans, manager and players can do to turn Liverpool's season around Ian is @ian1892t

Radio City Talk: Thrown To The Wolves  

What talk? Radio City Talk. Well Liverpool talk. Tons of it about the Reds. Gareth Roberts, Joel Richards and Andy Heaton drag the ashes of Southampton at home one last time. Then Melissa Reddy rings in from Jürgen Klopp's press conference, Richard Hobbs from Wolves Fancast is on about how they can get a point before the room looks forward to Saturday lunchtime's game.

The Rider - Wham!  

The songs are all bangers this week. All killer. No filler. Except the wham. Which gets talked up. As does aborted stargazing, Chinese Supermarkets, The Doomsday Clock (now out of date). Neil Atkinson hosts with John Gibbons and Stephanie Heneghan all do the business. Tracklisting: Loyle Carner - The Isle Of Arran Wiley feat Ghetts - Bang Kelly Lee Owens - Anxi (feat. Jenny Hval) Maggie Rogers - On + Off Vitalic - Waiting For The Stars Skytone - Lonely Holiday Arcade Fire featuring Mavis Staples - I Give You Power Ronika - Principle Perry Brown - Stable Love

Cup Of Tea: The Daniel Sturridge Question  

GARETH Roberts, John Gibbons, ESPN’s Liverpool FC reporter Glenn Price and Rob Gutmann have an unscripted chat about the Reds’ number 15. Was the striker’s performance against Southampton in the League Cup semi final another signal that his time at Anfield could be coming to an end or should we be more patient with the goalscorer? Has Sturridge’s game changed or is he too conscious of trying to impress Jürgen Klopp? And with Sturridge now 27, and among Liverpool’s top earners, can either party afford for him to be a squad player? Cup of Tea is just one of our subscription shows under the TAW Player podcast package. For £5 per month you will have access to 30 new Liverpool FC shows per month. For more information go to:

The Anfield Wrap: Shambolic  

What can be said about Liverpool's defeat to Swansea? It's as much therapy session as podcast with Rob Gutmann, Paul Cope and Chris Maguire. Three men in search of meaning, in search of encouragement, in search of finding a way to put a smile on host Neil Atkinson's face. It is another which isn't safe for work. It may not be safe if you are operating heavy machinery. It isn't safe for anyone but we have to start somewhere. There is a look ahead to Southampton also included. It's The Anfield Wrap. It's meant to hurt.

Radio City Talk: Liverpool v Swansea - A Must For Momentum  

The Anfield Wrap on Radio Citytalk this week has a fabulous discussion around young players with Mike Girling and Rob Gutmann, gets into the manager's options for the next four games and has a look ahead to Swansea. It was also has Guto Llewelyn letting us in on how Swansea's season has been going. In a word: badly.

The Rider - Swanning Off  

No Adam Melia again. He's Swanning off around the globe. Gets slaughtered in his absence obviously. He and you would be disappointed otherwise. So there are nine tunes and nine helpings of wham. What tunes. What wham. It shows no sign of abating. Atkinson, Gibbons, Heneghan. The Stock, Aitken and Waterman of wham. Come aboard. Tracklisting: Uniiqu3 - Tic Tac (feat. Lambo) Julia Michaels - Issues Bonobo - No Reason (feat. Nick Murphy) Dan Croll - Away From Today Yelle - Ici & Maintenant (Here & Now) Floorplan - Tell You No Lie Diplo - Waist Time Ellie Herring - Wheels On Lydia Ainsworth - The Road

The Anfield Wrap: Unbowed  

Travelling to Old Trafford and missing half their first choice back four to face a Manchester United enjoying a run of NINE consecutive wins and in the best form since the Champagne Socialist shuffled upstairs.....and yet, and yet, a draw still felt like a defeat. Joining Neil Atkinson to talk through the most intense clash between the sides in recent memory was Gareth Roberts, John Gibbons and Ben Johnson for an hour that begins with sober reflection and ends in outright defiance and the best rallying call this side of 2017. You can sign up to TAW Player below -

The Rider - Negative Feedback  

Everyone in the same room - YES! The Rider are all together and happy to be all together. We have talk of Golden Globes and negative feedback. We have ten great songs. We have Adam about to leave again to go to Australia. We have all the fun of the fair. It is The Rider at its best. Please pass along. Tracklisting: Oddisee - Things Ribongia - We Run Tings Dirty Projectors - Keep Your Name His Clancyness - Dreams Building Dreams Ten Fe - Twist Your Arm Bantam Lions - Checkout Your Mind Georgia - Feel It Blood Orange - Augustine Midnight Magic - I Gotta Feeling SOHN - Hard Liqour

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