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Liverpool FC through the eyes of match-going supporters, the award-winning Anfield Wrap podcast talks honestly and passionately about every game The Reds play home and away in the Premier League, the cups and European competition. Also covering LFC news, gossip and analysis, TAW has grown from two free shows a week in 2011 to a subscription package of circa 30 shows a month in 2016. More information at


Free Podcast: It’s Good To Talk…Or Is It?  

An Anfield Wrap with a difference today, all the transfer tattle is over on our subscription feed, with Rob Gutmann getting ridiculously excited about more potential ins to follow in the footsteps of Mo Salah. Here though, we’re doing something else in a podcast of two parts. First, I’m joined by Andy Heaton, Ian Ryan and Paul Senior and with Liverpool making two high-profile appointments off the pitch this summer in the shape of chief executive Peter Moore and head of club and supporter liaison officer Tony Barrett I want to discuss what we as fans want from Liverpool FC. How do we want them to act? What should it’s identity be? What would make it a de facto ‘good club’? I then speak to Simon Strachan, who is the co-founder of Gain Line – a sports analytics company - and along with his business partner Ben Darwin they have worked at the top level in rugby union. They’ve got some interesting theories that are now being applied across all sports, including football, in particular around squad stability and team cohesion. All this and more on this week's big show.

City Talk - One down, How many to go?  

Mohammed Salah has signed for Liverpool. But are we satisfied? Are we ever? Rob Gutmann is joined by John Gibbons, Craig Hannan and Gareth Roberts to discuss what Liverpool still need to do in the market to compete on all fronts this summer and to analyse the likelihood of the names currently being linked.

Mo Salah Reaction Special Preview  

As part of our TAW Player programming, we recorded a TAW reaction special to chat about the arrival of Mohamed Salah from Roma for a reportedly club record fee. Here is a five minute clip of the show - For the full 25 mintue recording as well a ton of other Liverpool content you can subscribe to TAW Player for only £5 a month here -

The Rider - Glastonbury Special  

It's our yearly Glastonbury Rider. Where people who are going and people who aren't tell you who to see and who to avoid at Worthy Farm. Two of our squad are actually DJing at Glastonbury this year. Try and guess who. I'll give you a clue. Mo Stewart rejoins the team this week. He runs down his weekends action and his plan of attack for work and play. Around Mo, Neil Atkinson, John Gibbons, Stephanie Heneghan talk clashes, must sees, early starts and weather reports. And the fact Neil is going for a fortnight. Whether you are watching it on the TV or in a field, have a brilliant Glastonbury with us.

Ticking Clock  

This week The Anfield Wrap looks into Liverpool's relative inertia to date, imagines what the squad could come to look like and plots the course through pre-season. Jurgen Klopp will want his players in, he always does, but can the club manage that? Hosted by Neil Atkinson and with Mike Nevin, Dan Morgan, Melissa Reddy and John Gibbons this is the current state of play for Liverpool FC.

Radio City Talk: The Damned Transfer  

Citytalk this week sees Neil Atkinson back from Utah and ready to take stock on the summer to date with John Gibbons and Gareth Roberts. What is happening with Liverpool's midfield this summer? And why has nothing happened yet? The three chat to Rod Dixon, theatre director about his forthcoming adaptation of The Damned United at the Unity Theatre and in the Edinburgh Festival.

The Rider: Conflicted Drunking  

Adam is in Spain, hopefully going to his own Gig of the Week, so Neil Atkinson, John Gibbons and Stephanie Heneghan get up on a Sunday to bring you nine great songs that are currently lighting our musical fires. They also talk about conflicting weekends, with Steph running and John drinking, John's holiday to Mykonos and all the usual tangents and nonsense.

The Anfield Wrap: Wrapping Up The Rumours  

ROB Gutmann hosts Gareth Roberts, Mo Stewart and Paul Senior as the panel try to make sense of the latest transfer rumours around Liverpool. Could the Reds really, somehow, actually be in for Kylian Mbappé? Could the much-wanted teenage Monaco star end up at Anfield or is it yet more eye-rolling clickbait? And what of Virgil van Dyke? Is that dead in the water now or is there some way Liverpool could kiss and make up with Southampton and get the defender kitted out in red? All the other talk, too – Salah, Oxlade-Chamberlain and more. Who will end up where and for how much? The Anfield Wrap – with you all summer, tattling on transfers, loving the Reds.

Radio City Talk: Interrupted Reading  

Neil Atkinson was intending on speaking to authors about their books exclusively on this edition of The Anfield Wrap on Citytalk. And then Liverpool decided to go to bits around Virgil van Dijk. So this show opens with Neil and John Gibbons talking about the mess Liverpool have got themselves in and the knock on effect of doubt around the club. From there though we get back to beach reading chatting to Daniel Fieldsend about "The European Game", Mark Douglas with "Inside The Rafalution", and Michael Calvin on his magnificent "No Hunger In Paradise".

The Rider: Primavera  

Steph Heneghan is remarkably chipper post festival with Neil Atkinson surprised and impressed. There is all the usual Wham, Bangers and a Gig Of The Me with Adam Melia. The songs are the business too. 9 crackers. Everything you need. A whole world of fun.

Free Podcast: Jurgen's Project?  

Neil Atkinson hosts Rob Gutmann, Dan Austin and Glenn Price to talk about Jurgen Klopp's talk around the project, Peter Moore's talk around the money and all the talk around the transfers. There is also a long chat about the likely shape of Liverpool's midfield next season in the week of Jordan Henderson's five year anniversary of signing for Liverpool. There are now a new set of question marks around Henderson to do with his fitness. It's a great show, the summer looked forward to. What are we here for...

Radio City Talk: 125 Years Of The Mighty Reds  

Neil Atkinson hosts a special edition of The Anfield Wrap to mark Liverpool's 125th Birthday on Saturday. First he is joined by Gareth Roberts to talk about why the club is special, its identity and how it was shaped by European competition. Gareth than shares his best memories as a Red before a string of contributors do the same including Mari Lunde, Mike Nevin, Adam Smith, John Gibbons, Philippa Smallwood, Paul Senior and Rob Gutmann. Up the landmark-reaching Reds. Happy birthday, LFC xxx

The Rider: Bob Not Dave  

Primavera, old Microsoft characters, a virtual running club. The Rider has it all this week. Everything you could want. The hungry four are Neil Atkinson, Stephanie Heneghan, Adam Melia and John Gibbons as they run all around the houses while repeatedly delivering absolute bangers. The songs are the business, the wham effervescent. The Rider delivering yet again. Carly Rae Jepsen - Cut To The Feeling Slowes - Anymore Winston Surfshirt - Ali D Francois & The Atlas Mountains - Grand Dereglement Lauv - I Like Me Better Jessica Says - Oliver Selena Gomez - Bad Liar The Japanese House - Saw You in a Dream Mac DeMarco - On The Level The Popguns - So Long

Liverpool's Season  

Neil Atkinson hosts our first Season Review on The Anfield Wrap with Paul Senior and Melissa Reddy. What went well for The Reds and what could have gone better? How did the season feel? All three give their views on the campaign and what will happen going forward. And then Mel offers a transfer update! 80 minutes on a Sunday? It's The Anfield Wrap.

Radio City Talk: Buyers Club  

Neil Atkinson hosts as Rob Gutmann, Karl Coppack and Ian Ryan go through the outrageous sums of money Liverpool are being quoted for players this summer. What pressure does this put on Liverpool's budget? The four also look ahead to the FA Cup Final and wonder where Arsenal find themselves now.

The Rider: As We Go Along  

The Rider was recorded prior to tragic events in Manchester but starts with Neil Atkinson, Stephanie Heneghan and John Gibbons having a conversation about that. The show itself is our most on the hoof show we have done which must sound staggering to the regular audience. But it is true. To the extent we don't have a tracklist for you, though we do have 9 excellent songs to listen to. And then all the usual - two very hungover men chatting to one clean living woman. And building a playlist for a man running a marathon. He'd best finish it. The Rider. Hanging in there.

Free Podcast: Champions League We're Having a Laugh  

Neil Atkinson is joined by John Gibbons, Gareth Roberts and Ben Johnson to analyse Liverpool's 3-0 victory against Middlesbrough. We discuss the performance of The Reds, what it means to get back into The Champions League and what we have to look forward to this summer.

Radio City Talk: Shit Or Bust  

This week on Radio Citytalk Neil Atkinson talks to James McKenna, Steve Graves and John Gibbons about the importance and nature of the game against Middlesbrough. It's a huge occasion for The Reds and one they need to win. Neil is also joined by Heather Carroll and former England International Sue Smith to talk about The Spring Series and how the women's game is going from strength to strength. While he is in, James McKenna has a chat with us about the disbanding of the LFC Supporters Committee also. Sunday though is the focus - one game from a summer looking forward to the Champions League. Can Liverpool accomplish their mission...

The Rider: There's A Dolphin In The Mersey  

What dolphin? What? What on earth is going on? The Rider this week has 10 great songs, of course it does, but it has some of the finest collection of wham known to man. Everything you pay for in one place. Beyond Dolphins there is loads of stuff about weekends, about music, about life. This is like life. Neil Atkinson, John Gibbons, Stephanie Heneghan and Adam Melia rattling through. Tracklisting Lady Leshurr - Juice J Hus - Common Sense Kasper not Kasparov - Mechanical Turk Jade Imagine - You & I courtship. - Sunroof Fazerdaze - Lucky Girl En Vogue - I'm Good Goldlink - Meditation Joan Shelley - Where I'll Find You Charlie Cunnigham - You Sigh

The Rider: In Pieces...  

The Rider this week comes separately and late. Apologies for the latter but not for the former. Adam Melia and John Gibbons hold up one side of the bargain with Stephanie Heneghan at the other end and we hear about how brilliant the Disco Festival was from all quarters. The songs are marvellous. The hosting by Atkinson nearly as good. What more do you want? On time. You want it on time. Soz... Songs: Djustin - Dancing Phoenix - J-Boy Swimming Tapes - Cameos The Imagineers - If I See You Again Drab Majesty - Dot In The Sky Slotface - Magazine TLC - Haters LCD Soundsystem - Call The Police Haim - Want You Back Blaenavon - No One Else in Mind (ft Soko)

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