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Liverpool FC through the eyes of match-going supporters, the award-winning Anfield Wrap podcast talks honestly and passionately about every game The Reds play home and away in the Premier League, the cups and European competition. Also covering LFC news, gossip and analysis, TAW has grown from two free shows a week in 2011 to a subscription package of circa 30 shows a month in 2016. More information at


The Rider: A Dab Hand  

The Rider is a full house. Neil Atkinson hosts as John Gibbons, Stephanie Heneghan and Adam Melia play ten great songs and talk all sorts of wham about the Top 40 being in real trouble, going to Devon and small plates. As ever, the songs, the songs... Tracklisting: Bill Botting And The Two Drink Minimums - Feeling Sad Again Soulwax - Missing Wires VILDE - High Horse Oh Pep! - Doctor Doctor The Aces - Stuck Slow Decades - Broadcast TCTS - Do It Like Me (Icy Feet) Chilly Gonzalez ft Jarvis Cocker - Tearjerker Broen -

Ronnie Moran: Mr Liverpool  

Today, Ronnie Moran passed away at the age of 83. He worked consecutively at Liverpool Football Club under nine different managers, from player to assistant manager and many more roles in between. The list of honours Liverpool won in that time speaks for itself. After a short intro of tribute from John Gibbons and Neil Atkinson we bring you audio from Phil Thompson, Alan Kennedy, Roy Evans and Phil Thompson at the launch of the new book about Ronnie Moran, recorded just a few weeks ago. RIP Ronnie

Honours Even At The Etihad  

Breathless, chaotic and ultimately, a point gained rather than two lost. Neil Atkinson is joined by Melissa Reddy, Adam Smith and Mike Nevin to try and make some sense of the tear up between Liverpool and Manchester City. The Reds once again proved they can go toe-to-toe with the best and have set themselves up with more than a fighting chance for the top four run-in.

Radio City Talk: Two Massive Games  

Citytalk this week has Neil Atkinson focusing on the battle for top four and the importance of the next two games. He is joined by John Gibbons, Adam Smith and Karl Coppack and the four talk through how Liverpool's season is now defined by the next eight weeks. Neil and Heather Carroll talk about Liverpool Ladies, the Spring Series and the 5th Round FA Cup clash against Everton this weekend. Sean Rogers offers his tactical insight into the City game before John, Adam and Karl let us know what they expect from this Liverpudlian weekend.

The Big Reveal - Jamie Carragher On......  

Jamie Carragher joins Neil Atkinson to talk about Xabi Alonso's Liverpool career. The pair go through Alonso's career at Liverpool and beyond but also talk about other aspects of the game, such as Emre Can against Burnley and what happens when central defenders lose their spring. Jamie is as honest and candid as ever about his former teammate. It is a fascinating conversation which acts as a great primer for the TAW Player interview with Xabi Alonso. That will be released at 4pm on Friday 17th March. TAW with Xabi Alonso. And here is Jamie Carragher - £5 a month? A bargain for all the quality… You can sign up here -

The Rider - Lincolnshire  

No Stephanie Heneghan this week. A massive blow but Neil Atkinson, John Gibbons and Adam Melia soldier on regardless with lots of big talk about Lincolnshire and listing places and that. All the AAA content Steph would no doubt love. There is also prep for the 2011 awards ceremony to have had next week. Should be a bit special. But what is definitely special is the songs. They are belters. Absolute belters. Gig Of The Week is back as well. Berlin, just FYI. The Rider - all over the parts of the country other podcasts and motorways don't reach... Tracklisting Auva - Pretend Clock Opera - Whippoorwill Blond - Fat IDER - Face On Red Rackem - Wonky Bassline Disco Banger TT The Artist - F It Up Superorganism - something for your MIND Dude York - Love Is Stevie Parker - Without You

Cup Of Tea: Total Eclipse Of The Sun  

Gareth Roberts and Neil Atkinson are joined by Paul Collins and Kevin Melvin from the Total Eclipse Of The Sun campaign to talk about how it started, the progress so far and what's next in the group's push to get The S*n out of the city of Liverpool, Merseyside and further afield.

The Anfield Wrap: A Lovely Drop Of Claret  

Liverpool were abject against Burnley. Liverpool took all three points against Burnley. Liverpool deserved their win against Burnley. To discuss all of these sentences and others Neil Atkinson is joined by Paul Senior and Johnson with Ian Salmon making up the rest of the panel. The joy of winning ugly is discussed. The question of Philippe Coutinho mooted. The problem of Emre Can debated. And how have Burnley only got themselves two points on the road? Everything you need here for The Reds this week. Well almost everything. For the rest go to

Radio City Talk: Reds Too Hot For Burnley?  

Neil Atkinson is joined in the studio by Ian Ryan, Alison McGovern and Rob Gutmann to wonder about Liverpool's consistency and look forward to Burnley. Sean Rogers joins Neil Atkinson to do something similar. How will Burnley approach the contest? What should The Reds do? John Gibbons and Josh Sexton look into Liverpool FC's efforts with local schools. It is a full show. Up the Reds...

The Anfield Wrap: Jürgen's Infuriatingly Brilliant Reds  

Liverpool - As infuriating and painfully predictable as they are, at times, brilliant. Neil Atkinson is joined by Rob Gutmann, Gareth Roberts and Charlotte Campbell as the Red's stomped all over Arsense Wenger's Arsenal with a dominant display of 'We're better than you and we're going to show you' football'. From the limpness of Leicester City to the annihilation of Arsenal. Can't we do this every week?

Radio City Talk: Arse About Face  

Neil Atkinson hosts as Philippa Smallwood and Paul Senior talk through Liverpool's summer conundrums and how last summer played out. They also have a chat about Wenger and Arsenal. Sean Rogers is in to talk about how Arsenal will approach this game and what Liverpool should think to do and then Paul and Philippa have their own ideas about how The Reds should go about Saturday evening's game.

The Rider - Everything But The Truth  

Another guest and we are so excited. Author Gillian McAllister in is to talk about her debut novel Everything But The Truth. It's an excellent novel and she opens up about her process and the ideas between the public and private spaces which sit behind it. You can find it here: What else? Well Gilly gets stuck into the whole show in John's absence, chatting about OJ Simpson, the wind and award ceremonies with Stephanie Heneghan and Adam Melia. And the songs. What a week. Stormzy's new album is out and opening and there are nine other crackers to go along with it. The Rider - literature is it now... Tracklisting: Stormzy - Cold On Hold - The XX Surfer Blood - Snowdonia The Cardigans - 03:45 No Sleep Middle Kids - The Edge Of Town James - Moving On Calvin & Frank – Slide Hercules And Love Affair - Controller (feat Faris Badwan) Walk On By - Thundercat ft Kendrick Campfires In Winter - Ischaemia

The Anfield Wrap: Out Foxed, Out Thought, Out Fought  

Hello darkness my old friend. Liverpool were dire at Leicester and the panel on The Anfield Wrap aren't holding back. Joel Richards, Melissa Reddy and John Gibbons were all at the King Power Stadium and saw how awful The Reds really were. How bad was that? Every aspect let the side down. But how and why? What should happen next? It's a big inquest into a terrible night for Liverpool, hosted by Neil Atkinson. It's an essential if unpleasant listen.

Radio City Talk: Liverpool To Outfox Leicester?  

Neil Atkinson is joined for a rare live Citytalk by Joe Watson, Mo Stewart and Joel Richards to talk about Liverpool's visit to Leicester and The Foxes club sacking their manager late on Thursday evening. Neil is later joined by Sean Rogers to discuss the matter further. There is also a clip of Lucas Leiva's interview with Andy Heaton and Gareth Roberts. If you want here more go to [insert link].

The Rider - Posh Teas  

This week The Rider gets stuck into tasting menus, something host Neil Atkinson experienced for the first time over the weekend just gone. They also chat about inappropriate choice of bangers, The Good Fight and so much more. Adam Melia, Stephanie Heneghan and John Gibbons are all in top form. More? Gig of the week of course. And obviously the songs. The songs are something really rather special this week. Tracklisting: Lord Willing - Loneliness Is The Hardest Drug Future - Rent Money Skepta - That's Not Me (All Star Remix) Zebra Hunt - I Won't Blame You Cigarettes After Sex - K Noveller - Deep Shelter Lana Del Rey - Love Hers - Speed Racer Hater - Had It All The Little Kicks - Don't Get Mad Get Even

The Anfield Wrap: Jürgen Klopp’s Thinking Games  

GARETH Roberts, John Gibbons and Joel Richards are joined by sports psychologist and author Damian Hughes for an Anfield Wrap with a difference. What has Jürgen Klopp done to build a winning culture at Liverpool? What can leaders do when things go wrong? Damian's new book - out later this year - focuses on how winning and winning in style became engrained in the DNA at Barcelona and was fostered by Pep Guardiola. Are there any similarities with methods being employed by Klopp at Anfield? What challenges does he face? And should he be afforded time before judgements are made? All this and more in a bumper 83-minute free episode of TAW. Find out more about Damian at:

Sutton United and The Sun: An Indecent Proposal?  

Sutton United have reached the 5th Round of the FA Cup for the first time. On Monday night they play Arsenal in the biggest game in the club's history. However for many fans the occasion has been tainted by controversy, most notably for the decision to change their shirt sponsor for the game to Sun Bets. Dan from the Sutton United blog Gandermonium has written about the subject this week. He kindly joined us to talk about how fans have reacted to the decision and his own personal turmoil as a proud fan and volunteer at the club. You can read Dan's original piece here -

Radio City Talk: Klopp's Second Summer  

The Anfield Wrap on Citytalk this week has Sean Rogers and Ben Johnson joining Neil Atkinson to look ahead to the summer for Liverpool Football Club. What sort of plans with Jurgen Klopp be putting in place and what sort of plans should he put in place? Liverpool changed their shape this season - Klopp 433 being something we hadn't seen much of last year. Could he do something like that again? What sort of transfer moves should Liverpool be looking at making? Neil, Sean and Ben look at all the angles.

The Rider - Badly Wiggins  

A guest! We love a guest and this week The Rider is overjoyed to be Mike Carney from Bantam Lions to talk about his fabulous new album Short Stories and the making of that record and why he doesn't just released things. It's a fascinating insight into the creative process. What else? The usual wham with additional shout outs from Social Media's own Stephanie Heneghan. Adam Melia had a massive Saturday and John Gibbons did too. Neil Atkinson hosts and The Rider is in fine voice. The songs are the business. Are we recording?

The Anfield Wrap: Reds Too Hot For Spurs  

What a win for The Reds at the weekend and what an Anfield Wrap show we have for you. Looking at what worked and what needs to keep working for this Liverpool side are Stu Wright, Rob Gutmann and Paul Senior with Neil Atkinson keeping the pace and intensity up. Touching on Liverpool's fast start, Mane's quality and how playing that well leaves you hungry for more, The Anfield Wrap is the perfect end to a perfect weekend for Liverpool.

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