The Anime Show with Joey & AkiDearest

The Anime Show with Joey & AkiDearest

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YouTubers Joey the Anime Man and Aki Dearest join forces for an hour of anime. What’s hot, what’s not, what’s new and what should you be watching. If you love Anime, you need this.


Ep 16. New, upcoming anime; one written by Stan Lee  

This week Joey the Anime Man and AkiDearest are joined by special guest Soul (anime YouTuber: soulanimation), talking about upcoming anime; the good and the bad. There's an anime coming up this season called 'The Reflection' and it's been written by Stan Lee, and done by Studio Dean so the trio are super excited. For someone from the comic book industry to work on an anime, is huge. Seeing Stan Lee talk about anime is insane. If you're in to superhero comics, or just a fan of Stan Lee then you've got to check out this upcoming anime. Are you excited for it?

Ep 15. When did anime first cross over to the West (and WIN Oz Comic Con tickets)  

This week Joey the Anime Man and AkiDearest talk about when anime first crossed over, into Western markets, and whether that relates to anime being less violent now. Many people say when Studio Ghibli's 'Spirited Away' won an Academy Award, anime filtered into the mainstream but Aki and Joey don't necessarily agree. The duo think it was during anime's golden age, when Naruto and One piece came in - they're all over the West now. They're worldwide famous. Originally anime was really gory, and Aki thinks censorship in the West wouldn't have wanted blood in cartoons. The cartoons for adults was a new concept. When do you think it crossed over? PLUS, you can WIN a double weekend pass to Melbourne Oz Comic Con...

Ep 14. Japanese culture; there's more to it than just anime  

This week Joey the Anime Man and AkiDearest talk about Japanese culture, and how there's more to it than just anime. There's a lot of differences in cultures between Japan and America. In Japan, there are some towns that have a lot of anime, and one city is known for its anime, but the culture across the country is much more diverse than just that. Want to know the big cultural differences? Hit play!

Ep 13. Joey the Anime Man and AkiDearest get in-depth about cosplay  

This week Joey the Anime Man and AkiDearest delve deep into cosplay, even though Joey is pretty new to it. Joey talks about his first (and only) experience cosplaying, as Gintoki. What he finds hardest about cosplay is being hot and sweaty in a costume and wig. There are toxic people who take cosplaying too seriously and nitpick other costumes, both online and at conventions. The duo let us in on their predictions for the top three cosplay characters at upcoming anime expos. Who should Joey and Aki dress up as for the anime expo next month?

Bonus pod: all about WINNING an epic anime prize pack  

Prize includes a double weekend pass to Madman Anime Festival Brisbane, a double pass to see Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry (in cinemas from May 18), a 3-month AnimeLab Premium voucher and a DVD bundle with: Sword Art Online Vol. 1 Aincrad Part 1, Tokyo Ghoul Season 1, Love Live! The School Idol Movie, PLUS Evangelion: 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo – signed by Yuko Miyamura (Japanese voice actor of Asuka)! Go to to enter!

Ep 12. How to deal with the haters on YouTube  

Joey the Anime Man and AkiDearest talk about how they got started on YouTube, and how they deal with the negatives that come with a job they (mostly) love. Aki says some people's personalities change when they become successful YouTubers. She also says it makes her more self conscious, in her appearance and in what she says. YouTubers have to be careful with what they say, they have to hold their tongue more because the words sticks with them. There's a fine line in saying something to please your audience, and saying what you believe without losing your subscribers. They love their job and what they do but it's always hard to deal with the haters. The best and easiest way to deal with haters is to ignore them. It's still hard, but as soon as you give them attention, they've won. Do you agree?

Ep 11. YouTuber Gigguk talks anime nostalgia with Joey and Aki  

This week Joey and Aki are joined by a special guest; fellow YouTuber, Gigguk. The trio talk about anime nostalgia. Here's some thought starters: what was the first anime you ever watched and what was the anime that blew you world wide open? Joey, Aki and Gigguk answer these plus how they started doing their online channels, how anime and geek culture has become so accepted, if they could wipe a memory of watching an anime so they could experience seeing it for the first time again, what would they watch, and the anime that brought the kid out in them. What would yours be?

Ep 10. Disagreeing on anime; good or just annoying?  

This week Joey The Anime Man and Aki Dearest talk about disagreeing - quite often - about what they think of certain anime. The couple have been asked if it's annoying how often they disagree on things, but the duo think it's the complete opposite. They prefer disagreeing on things because it makes for more interesting discussions. They don't fight because of their differing opinions, they just have interesting conversations. The duo like it when others disagree with their opinions too, like their audience. They respect different  opinions about anime. Joey says some comments have changed his view on certain anime, which makes things so much more interesting. What's your opinion on the topics they've covered this week? Let them know on Twitter with the #SBSanime hashtag

Ep 9. The first anime to make you cry; Aki's was a bit 'weird'  

Joey The Anime Man and Aki Dearest talk about the first anime that made them cry. Aki doesn't cry much. Joey's was "Clannad"; he cried a lot. He used half a box of tissues. He was sitting at his desk with a closed mouth and tears streaming down his face. No words. No sniffling, just tears. Aki's first anime to make her cry was 'weird.' She cried in "March Comes the Lion." She cried because she felt so much for the character, even talking about it now is heavy for her. She also cried in "Monster Rancher." What was yours? 

Ep 8. A guide to Japanese culture; it's not just about Anime  

Joey The Anime Man and Aki Dearest give their tips on getting the most out of Japanese culture when you visit Japan. Be open to the food, Japanese food is another world entirely. There's so much to explore. Find someone to help translate for you and help you get around. The train system is complex and there's unwritten rules; no one talks on their phones on the train because it's rude. Everyone stands to one side on an escalator. Subways are expensive; it's better to put money on an all-purpose card that you can use on all transport and on vending machines. Embrace the Anime (ie The Ghibli Museum) but don't limit yourself to Anime - there's so much more to experience. Any extra tips to add?

Ep 7. 9 famous bands who used Anime in their music videos (Kanye West was one of them)  

Joey The Anime Man and Aki Dearest talk about nine famous bands who used Anime in their music videos. Daft Punk was the first major hit to use animation, they collaborated with their childhood Anime hero to make the "One More Time" music video. Kanye West recreated Anime scenes in his video clips. Pharrell Williams' "It Girl" music video was Anime-inspired, and The Wkend made tributes to Anime too. What's your favourite Anime inspired MV?

Ep 6. The sad and inconvenient truth about the Anime industry  

Joey The Anime Man and Aki Dearest talk about "sad and inconvenient truth about the Anime industry" this week. Recently veteran animator (who worked on Naruto) Kazunori Mizuno passed away allegedly because of overworking. Joey and Aki discuss how overworking in the Anime industry is common because less animators are wanting to work in the industry and more episodes are being created. So there's more work for less people. There's a Japanese word, now in the Oxford Dictionary, that describes death by over work, which is "Karōshi." The duo discuss why animators are overworked, they think it has to do with online audience demands, less people buying DVDs and less people wanting to work in the industry. What do you think?

Ep 5. Attack on Titan (Season 2) Ep 1: 'Holy crap, it's an intense episode!'  

Joey The Anime Man and Aki Dearest talk, in depth, about Attack on Titan (Season 2)'s first episode (no spoilers here). The duo review the first of 12 episodes in the series. They love it, it's following the manga. Joey's tempted to spoil it (because he's read the manga) but he won't. It's loved by everyone; in the anime community and 'outside' of the community - they can't remember the last time an anime has had this much hype among such a broad audience. They're looking forward to the next ep. Have you seen it? What are your thoughts so far?

Ep 4. Who's your 'Best Girl'? Are Tsundere really the best girls in anime?  

Joey The Anime Man and AkiDearest talk about their Best Girls. Joey says you're allowed more then one; you can have multiple 2D girls in your life. His Best Girls are often ones who are cute but powerful and confident. He likes anime girls who have many hidden sides. Aki has multiple Best Girls, one being Haruko from Fooly Cooly. A lot of people like Tsundere; characters who are cold or hostile at first and then show a warmer side over time. The duo aren't sure they agree. Who's your Best Girl?

Ep 3. Death Note's Netflix live action is a bad idea, and why anime live actions usually suck  

Joey The Anime Man and AkiDearest need to talk about Death Note becoming a live action on Netflix. There was an online storm after the Trailer was released because a lot of people are pessimistic about it. Some are waiting 'til it comes out (in full) to cast opinions but Joey and Aki aren't so sure. Light has been made to look like a crack addict instead of the cool, slick character he was in the anime. The live action Director, Adam Wingard, worked on The Blair Witch Project reboot, which Joey hated. It only got 30% on Rotten Tomatoes, so others must've agreed. Makes Joey even less excited for the Death Note live action. The only redeeming feature is Willem Dafoe as Ryuk. Joey and Aki think most (if not all) anime live actions suck. What about you?

Ep 2. What is Slice of Life anime? Here's why you need to watch it...  

Joey The Anime Man and AkiDearest talk about Slice of Life anime, explaining what the genre is and why you need to watch it. Joey is hooked on Dragon Maid and is excited for Ancien and The Magic Tablet, Aki explains Room Mate anime; an immersive experience. The duo are looking forward to seeing Ghost in the Shell (whether it's good or not) and defend the casting of Scarlett Johansson. She's a fitting choice and they've done a good job with her costume. What do you think?

Ep 1. Does Samuel L. Jackson like anime? He likes Hentai too...  

Joey the Anime Man and Aki Dearest talk about Samuel L. Jackson's hilarious video asking if he likes anime, and the actor cheekily admits he likes Hentai too. The duo explain why we should all start watching anime, its nostalgia and false stigma about being just for kids.  Joey introduces us to the must-see anime movie adaptation coming to our screens soon - Blame, but no one's heard of it. Have you?

New podcast launching March 13  

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