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The Barbell Life

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We are bringing a new light to the “fitness podcast world.” It is a podcast based on Fitness, Family, Faith, & F-ilospohy.


139 - CrossFit and Conjugate System with Laura Phelps Sweatt  

We are joined today by pound-for-pound the strongest woman to have ever lived - Laura Phelps Sweatt. And we talk about incorporating powerlifting training (specifically the Conjugate System) into a CrossFit regimen.

138 - WFU Strength Coach Brandon Hourigan  

The head strength coach for Wake Forest football joins us to talk about how to get fast and strong - as well as building a team and getting athletes excited about training.

137 - Listener Questions Answered  

On this episode, we get to answer your questions on subjects such as bench frequency, DOMS, using conjugate programming for beginners, and more.

136 - Advanced Speed Training with William Bradley  

William Bradley joins us to discuss his protocols and strategies for getting people FAST. His methods are so revolutionary yet so much common sense - and they straight up produce results.

135 - Zach Even-Esh on the Evolution of His Coaching  

Zach Even-Esh joins us to talk about motivation, training environment, what it takes to build champion athletes, and how he has evolved over time as a coach.

134 - CrossFit Excellence with CJ Martin of CrossFit Invictus  

CJ Martin of CrossFit Invictus joins us to talk about how to be an excellent CrossFit coach and how to train to be an excellent CrossFit athlete. And we also get into how a more CrossFit-like approach may benefit weightlifters and powerlifters.

133 - Athletic Performance and Team Building with Justin Schwind  

Coach Schwind from the South Alabama Jaguars joins us to talk about turning football players into absolute beasts. We talk strength, speed, and injury prevention - as well as how to build a team mentality.

132 - Mindset and Performance w/ Nathan Hansen  

On this episode, we talk about the often neglected area of psychology and mindset when it comes to athletic performance. We talk about achieving the state of flow and maximizing our performance - in and out of they gym.

131 - Nutrition: Mistakes to Avoid; Strategies for Success  

Rebekah Tilson and Malcolm Moses-Hampton join us this week for another podcast on nutrition. We talk about the common mistakes people make when losing fat or gaining muscle - as well as real-world strategies for dealing with budgets, busyness, and boredom.

130 - Dr. Stuart McGill on Back Health and Proper Core Training for Strength Athletes  

Dr. Stuart McGill is widely acknowledged as the world's foremost expert on the low spine, particularly as it relates to athletes. He joins us on this monster of a podcast to talk about core training for athletes, back health, rehabilitation, and more.

129 - Mike Robertson  

Mike Robertson joins us to drop knowledge on strength, speed, athletic performance, powerlifting, weightlifting, assessment, injuries, movement, coaching, business, and more.

128 - Success in All Areas of Life with Congressman Ted Budd  

Congressman-elect Ted Budd joins us to talk about lifting, fitness, entrepreneurship, family, busyness, and how he fits it all in.

127 - Straight Reality about the Squat with Aaron Horschig  

On this episode, we talk with Dr. Aaron Horschig of Squat University about myths, controversies, and reality when it comes to the back squat.

126 - All about Nutrition  

Rebekah Tilson joins is to talk about nutrition: eating right, getting strong, losing fat, and staying on track through the holidays.

125 - Your Questions; Breaking through Plateaus  

Travis Mash and Chris Mason answer listener questions today on topics from smashing plateaus to bench press gains to integrating cardio and strength.

124 - Collegiate Strength & Conditioning with Eric Klein  

Eric Klein, head S&C Coach for the University of Minnesota Gophers, joins us today to talk about all of his protocols for turning football players into beasts on the field.

123 - Mental Strength with Danny Lehr of Caffeine and Kilos  

Danny Lehr joins us to talk about lifting, entrepreneurship, mistakes - and the power of mental strength.

122 - Two-Time Olympian Chad Vaughn  

A man who needs no introduction! Chad Vaughn joins us to talk programming, the smart ways to train youth, and how physical handicaps made him an Olympian.

121- Listener Questions Answered  

Coach Travis Mash and Coach Don McCauley get to your questions about programming, technique cues, and all things barbell.

120 - Jon North on his cardiac arrest  

Jon North joins us today for an open and honest discussion about his recent cardiac arrest, all that happened leading up to it, and how his outlook on life has totally changed as a result.

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