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We are bringing a new light to the “fitness podcast world.” It is a podcast based on Fitness, Family, Faith, & F-ilospohy.


163 - Raising an Athlete with Crystal McCullough  

On this episode, we sit down with Crystal McCullough - the mother of our young phenom, Morgan McCullough. Crystal is a beast of an athlete in her own right, but we spent some really focused time talking about her strategies and methods for raising an athlete.

162 - USA Weightlifting Head Honcho Phil Andrews  

On this episode, we sit down with the CEO of USA Weigtlifting - Phil Andrews. We talk about new hires (like Pyrros Dimas), new young talent, and the future obstacles and opportunities for American weightlifting.

161 - Coach Joe Kenn of the Carolina Panthers  

On this episode, we have the honor of speaking with Coach Joe Kenn - head strength coach of the Carolina Panthers and the man many believe to be the best strength coach in the nation.

160 - Westside Inspired Weightlifting; Listener Q&A  

On this episode, we talk briefly about our new resource on Westside Inspired Weightlifting - and then we spend the rest of our time answering listener questions.

159 - Todd Hamer and the truth about lifting and strength coaching  

On this episode, Todd Hamer joins us to talk about his extensive career as a strength and conditioning coach - what he's done right, what he's done wrong, and what he's learned along the way.

158 - Adapting and Overcoming with Travis Pollen  

On this episode, we're joined by Travis Pollen. Although he was born missing on of his femurs, that didn't stop him from being a competitive swimmer, a personal trainer, and a fitness writer.

157 - Drugs in International Weightlifting with Sean Waxman  

Sean Waxman hops on the podcast to rant on the state of weightlifting in America and in the world - and how to solve the problems of rampant drug use.

156 - What Weightlifting Can Learn from Strength & Conditioning  

On this episode, we're joined by Spencer Arnold to talk about what weightlifting can learn from the culture of strength and conditioning.

155 - Ron McKeefery - Insights on Coaching and Strength  

On this episode, we talk with Ron McKeefery. He's not only an incredibly well-known and influential strength coach, but he's a successful business person and podcaster. And interestingly, business and podcasting has taught him a lot about how to be a better coach.

154 - Basketball Strength and Conditioning; Velocity Based Training with Ryan Horn  

On this episode, we talk to the incredibly smart Ryan Horn about athletic performance preparation for basketball players - as well as a fascinating discussion on velocity based training.

153 - Nationals Recap; Your Questions Answered  

On this episode, Coach Travis Mash and Coach Don McCauley talk about the ups and downs (and the lessons they've learned) from the Mash Mafia's recent competition at Nationals. We also get to your listener questions.

152 - Conquering Cancer and Inspiring Thousands with Denise Greenway  

On this episode, we get into the inspiring story of Denise Greenway. Just in her 20s, Denise has battled cancer multiple times on top of being a single parent, an entrepreneur, and a competitor.

151 - Andy Galpin on Advances in the Science of Strength  

Dr. Andy Galpin joins us on this podcast to talk about muscle fiber types, modern research, and potentially changing everything we know about the way the human body works.

150 - John Welbourn on Raising an Athlete  

NFL Veteran and Power Athlete Head Honcho John Welbourn joins us to talk about raising children from birth to adulthood in a way to challenge them physically and maximize their athletic potential.

149 - Bret Contreras  

Dr. Bret Contreras joins us to talk about the science of hypertrophy - as well as how science can (and should!) make us better coaches and athletes.

148 - Blood Flow Restriction Hypertrophy with Zach Long  

We sit down with Zach Long to talk about the insane results that come from blood flow restriction training for rehabilitation and for other purposes.

147 - Listener Questions about Muscle Gain and Getting Jacked  

On today's episode, we get to your questions about muscle hypertrophy and its influences on performance. We're also excited to announce the launching of Train Stupid and Mash Jacked!

146 - Travis's Training Partner Ox Mason on Bodybuilding, Strength, and Protocols for Older Athletes  

Here's one full of great stories and amazing knowledge bombs as Coach Travis's longtime training partner, Chris "Ox" Mason, talks with The Barbell Life. We talk about the power of combining bodybuilding and powerlifting - as well as new approaches to training now that Travis and Ox are getting older.

145 - From 112lb Weakling to NFL linebacker with Jason Trusnik  

Get ready for a solid dose of inspiration as Jason Trusnik shares his journey from a scrawny kid to a Division III player to the NFL.

144 - Coaching and Business Q&A with Zach Even-Esh  

After a recent seminar, the attendees had a great Q&A session with Zach Even-Esh, Don McCauley, and Travis Mash. Listen in to find out about the real world of coaching and business that no one talks about.

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