The Basement Yard

The Basement Yard

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The Basement Yard is a podcast ran by me, Joe Santagato. I would write a long description about what this podcast will be about but I'm not even sure.. Enjoy!


My Friend Stole A Car  

On this episode, I have @JohnnyPetrop on to talk about some things.. a lot of things.. don't read this please.

Let's Talk Politics... Kinda  

On this episode, I'm talking about my injury, the presidential race, and more! Do you actually read this stuff?

How People Get Famous  

I have @itsAhmeddd on to talk about some things. I forgot what they were. Sorry..

Marco's Big Debut  

On this episode, I have my friends @AntVino & @M.Gonzo28 on to talk about Marco's trip to NO & other stuff.

Meeting One Of My Childhood Heroes  

On this episode with @AntVino, I talk about how it was working with The Rock. We also talk about some other stuff but I forgot what it was, I'm tired. Cut me some slack. Ok bye.

Sober Joe's Inspirational Thoughts  

On this episode, I just went completely off the rails and gave a long inspirational speech.. or at least I hope it was inspirational.

You Can Break Your Penis  

On this episode, I have @KeithSantagato & @AntVino on to talk about new YouTube rules, Miami, broken penis' & more.

Blackout Keith Strikes Again  

On this episode, I'm talking about the VMAs, Madden, & a brand new blackout Keith story.

Don't Pregame And Podcast  

On this episode, I have my buddies @RalphieSpamps, @Frank_Alvarez80, & @D91Emigholz on to talk about my first live show. We also drink the entire time. BLUE APRON:

Crippled Joe's Inspirational Thoughts  

I'm all alone with my half working leg & my inspirational thoughts... hold on to your damn seats.

Ahmed's Life Is In Shambles  

On this episode, I have @AntVino, @KeithSantagato, & @ItsAhmeddd to talk about some stuff.. Dude idk, i hate these descriptions. I really do. This is taking forever to upload so I just keep typing. Okay bye.

I'm Uglier In Person  

On this episode, I'm joined by @AntVino to talk about PokemonGo, our trip to CT, & more!

Lucky Charms Drives Me Insane  

I'm all alone today to talk about the Bachelorette, Lucky Charms, & more

5 Miles From The Spotlight  

I'm with @ericdalessandro today to talk about his new movie, his acting career, and how awful YouTube is..

Peeing Your Pants & Pokemon Go  

So @AntVino & @KeithSantagato are back to talk about peeing your pants, PokemonGo & other things.

The 4th Of July Episode  

I have @LambVM10 & @AntVino on to talk about the 4th of July & other nonsense.

Pterodactyl Porn Is Real  

My buddies @its_ferg4, @ItsAhmeddd, & @KeithSantagato are here to talk about some weird things..

So I'm Crippled Now..  

I fucked up my ankle & now I can't walk .. which means I also can't write descriptions for podcast. Okay bye.

What The Hell Happened In Vegas?  

We just got back from our trip to Vegas.. I can't really type anymore bc my eyes hurt. Enjoy.

Sixth Base On The First Date  

I'm joined by @ItsAhmeddd, @AntVino, & @KeithSantagato to talk about how far is too far on the first date..

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