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The Basement Yard

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The Basement Yard is a podcast ran by me, Joe Santagato. I would write a long description about what this podcast will be about but I'm not even sure.. Enjoy!


Should Children Have iPhones?  

On this episode, I have my buddies @M.Gonzo28 & @Its_Delgado on to talk about if we think giving our future children technology is a good idea or not. We also talk about other stuff.. idk.. just listen.

No Jerking Off For 30 Days  

On this episode, @ItsAhmeddd & I talk about the NOFAP Movement & attempt it ourselves.

A Massage Gone Wrong  

On this episode, I have @KeithSantagato & @AntVino on to talk about weird massage experiences, our worst fears, & more!

Oh No, Not Again  

I have @KeithSantagato on to talk about Christmas & his new YouTube channel.

Uber Ratings & Dick Molds  

On this episode, I have my buddy @GregDybec on to talk about his new book "The Art Of Living Other People's Lives" which is available Jan 3rd in stores & online. We also talk about a lot of other things.. it gets weird. Preorder here: My Merch:

The Blackout Is Back Out  

Merch Store: On this episode, I'm joined by @AntVino & @KeithSantagato to talk about the Secret Santa Party, Keith's new blackout story, & weird pornos.

Who Sh*t On Keith's Floor?  

On this episode, I have my brother @KeithSantagato on to talk about the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Christmas Shopping, & a mysterious pile of poop.

The Orange Titty Party  

I have @AntVino on to talk about our drunken weekend & the upcoming festivities.

It's Almost Thanksgiving..  

I have my buddy @LambVM10 on the show to talk about Thanksgiving and the idiotic day that is Black Friday.

Important Conversations And Dildos  

I really hate that I have to type things here. The title is my description of the podcast. Hi Mom.

The Delusional Generation  

On this episode, I'm talking about the worst parts of YouTube. That's it.

Don't Have Sex In Your Car  

On this episode, @AntVino comes on to talk with me about Halloween and other things. That's all I got.

Tim Delaghetto Is In The Basement  

I have @TimothyDeLaG on to talk about his 10 years on YouTuber & other things!

My Friend Stole A Car  

On this episode, I have @JohnnyPetrop on to talk about some things.. a lot of things.. don't read this please.

Let's Talk Politics... Kinda  

On this episode, I'm talking about my injury, the presidential race, and more! Do you actually read this stuff?

How People Get Famous  

I have @itsAhmeddd on to talk about some things. I forgot what they were. Sorry..

Marco's Big Debut  

On this episode, I have my friends @AntVino & @M.Gonzo28 on to talk about Marco's trip to NO & other stuff.

Meeting One Of My Childhood Heroes  

On this episode with @AntVino, I talk about how it was working with The Rock. We also talk about some other stuff but I forgot what it was, I'm tired. Cut me some slack. Ok bye.

Sober Joe's Inspirational Thoughts  

On this episode, I just went completely off the rails and gave a long inspirational speech.. or at least I hope it was inspirational.

You Can Break Your Penis  

On this episode, I have @KeithSantagato & @AntVino on to talk about new YouTube rules, Miami, broken penis' & more.

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