BedPost Confessions Episode 107  

"BedPost Confessions: Real Sex. Real People. Real Stories." editor Katharine Hale recalls achieving ecstasy through exhibitionism in “All is Not Lost.”

BedPost Confessions Episode 106  

In “Ask Me About My Orgasms,” Tessa Lancaster discovers benediction through gender transition.  

BedPost Confessions Episode 105  

How do you love? Shannon Ouellette from Prairie Confessions in Edmonton, Canada explains her polyamory in "Flying Alone Together."

BedPost Confessions Episode 104  

From a bible-drill winner to an out and proud MILF, Elle G’s story could be categorized under "that didn't go as planned."

BedPost Confessions Episode 103  

"I decided to give my pussy a second chance," Sophia O'Connor from BedPost Confessions Boulder explains.

BedPost Confessions Episode 102  

After gleaming what she could from porn, M Burger stepped outside of her comfort zone for more in “Everybody’s First.”

BedPost Confessions Episode 101  

"Why do my balls hurt?" and other puzzling questions about the mind, body, and heart are posed by Taylor Bailey in "No Kissing Please, We're Heteros."

BedPost Confessions Episode 100  

Jay Byrd shares a formative pre-teen experience in "How Can I Be Whut I Ain't." 

BedPost Confessions Episode 99  

A trans woman seeks time with a professional dominatrix, but not for reasons one may think. Told from the perspective of the domme, "Longing" reveals a unique and powerful bond that forms around trust, one hour at a time.

BedPost Confessions Episode 98  

From BedPost Confessions Boulder, a story about how Amsterdam's Red Light District forever changed one man's approach to sex. 

BedPost Confessions Episode 97  

In order to leave a sex drought, Nikki DaVaughn plunges into casual sex, but her summer of sex pitch is thrown by one man who gives it to her so good they agreed, "We're in trouble, aren't we?"

BedPost Confessions Episode 96  

Ericka Hart finds peace of mind and moves beyond "you are not my type" to find radical queer sex in "F**king My Blackness." 

BedPost Confessions Episode 95  

"I have this thing...." is how the conversation begins. "Tightly Wound," the personal essay and soon to be animated short film details Shelby Hadden's journey with chronic pelvic pain.

BedPost Confessions Episode 94  

What turns you on? What gives you that jolt of intrigue and desire in another? Julie Gillis ponders the erotic in "Road Trip."

BedPost Confessions Episode 93  

In lieu of sex with another, Jacob Dodson works concertedly to spice up his masturbatory life for the first time since puberty.

BedPost Confessions Episode 92  

Culture clashes, comedy, and the world's most dangerous ottoman: Ella Gale divulges about sex and dating as an expat in Yemen.

BedPost Confessions Episode 91  

Although Adam Maurer confidently came into his slut-hood with fun hooks ups and one night stands, it is when he opened up his marriage that things became more challenging. He reveals his evolution and all the feels in “Tramp: A Case Study.”

BedPost Confessions Episode 90  

Filled with laughter, trigger warnings, and the truth about being a woman, Ebony Stewart shares an excerpt from her one act show, "Ocean."

BedPost Confessions Episode 89  

Gender identity, expression, and conformity (or not), gender bias and assumptions, and when a body commands attention: Jami Shofner unpacks the tangles and excitements of gender and bodies in "Woman." 

BedPost Confessions Episode 88  

Sometimes you look up and realize you've become isolated. Christine Darling reveals an exciting, yet ultimately dangerous relationship that resulted in isolation and confusion in "Backhanded."

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